Secret Legislation Being Drawn Up to Prevent Evidence into Sandy Hook from Being Made Public

The state’s attorney staff and the governor’s office of Connecticut are secretly working on drawing up legislation that would prevent valuable police evidence into the Sandy Hook shooting from reaching the public domain in what can only be described as an obvious miscarriage of justice and violation of the “public’s right to know”. According to the Hartford Courant (see link below), some of the information that is being suppressed from release in an upcoming bill would prevent photographs, videos, and 9/11 calls made during the Sandy Hook shooting from being made available to the public, as is our collective right under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) once a crime is no longer under active investigation. Making the absurd claim that it helps protect the families from further injury, the state legislature of Connecticut and governor’s office are acting to further deny the public’s right to know what really happened on December 14, 2012 at the Sandy Hook elementary school in Newtown, when there are still many unanswered questions that remain. This is all taking place, meanwhile, when there is circumstantial evidence that the accused 20-year-old kid, Adam Lanza, wasn’t the real shooter and was merely the scapegoat in an elaborate hoax. And with respect to the idea that it was a hoax, there’s further evidence that some of the so-called aggrieved parents, like Robbie Parker, were nothing more than actors, who were used in a ruse against the American public as part of the Obama administration’s on-going psychological warfare against private gun ownership.,0,2316671.story

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