Jeb Bush and the Murder of CIA Drug Smuggler Barry Seal

Jeb Bush and the Murder of CIA Drug Smuggler Barry Seal

I was recently privileged to come across the excellent journalistic skills of Robert Morrow, who has been kind enough to share some of his research with me. So, although I can’t take credit for this juicy nugget of para-political reportage, I gladly pass it along in the hopes that it reaches a much wider readership. I encourage you to comment on it regardless of your opinion about it, since I’d like to get some feedback as to what people think of the story.

This substantial blog post details the mysterious murder of long-time CIA contract narcotics smuggler and informant, Barry Seal, who was killed by what NBC News claimed to be Columbia cartel assassins. However, the story of Barry Seal

Barry Seal

Barry Seal (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

and his murder run a lot deeper than an informant hit, as this article and a documentary entitled In Search of the American Drug Lords describes. It involves Seal’s intimate involvement and knowledge with cocaine trafficking into Latin America as part of the CIA’s clandestine arms and drug smuggling operations that were at the core of Iran-Contra and continued on past 1986, when Seal was murdered with George H.W. Bush’s personal phone number still in his pocket.

As Michael Levine (ex-DEA) agent stated on the Phil Donahue show– “The drug war is a fraud, and the US has no intention of winning it.” It is, however, extremely profitable in funding covert operations, political assassinations, coups, blackmail, and other black budget ops that remain free of congressional oversight to the extent that there is any as they wind their way through innumerable front companies, accounting labyrinths, and money laundering schemes that major banks are only too happy to comply with corrupting every element of society along the way.

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