The Primacy of Honest Discourse and the Failure of the American Mind to See Beyond Itself

Aldous Huxley Propagandist Job

While there is no shortage of juicy para-political stories floating around in the digital netherworld of the worldwide web, I wasn’t exactly sure which one was calling out to written about the most. And, there wasn’t anything (in particular) that I was passionate about covering in the recent weeks since my last post. One could argue that my peculiar regard for conspiracies had reached a point, where the usual suspects aren’t nearly as interesting as they had been prior to my having discovered them. However, novelty is a tricky trail to follow, given the obvious pitfalls that befall the erstwhile researcher in attempting to make a case where specious evidence is available. I’d much prefer to set the standard for what future historians might come to regard as cutting a swath through the matrix of media lies, propaganda, and subterfuge than fall for easy sensationalism or the faddish addiction for controversy.

Granted, nobody (myself included of course) has a monopoly on truth, and it is my fervent desire that this blog be a forum for politically-sensitive ideas, philosophies, neglected nuggets of history, and other aspects of para-political thought that probes some of the darker corners of geo-politics, skullduggery, mind-control, conspiracies, and secret societies that have largely remained hidden from public scrutiny. Unlike the corporate-controlled media and alphabet governmental agencies that I cover, I welcome peoples’ comments, ideas, criticisms, suggestions, and radical departures from so-called acceptable public discourse. Before the late, great comic Bill Hicks died- he had pitched an idea about a television show to the UK that he wanted to call the “Counts of the Netherworld“. It would provide a sort of Socratic salon, where he and a good friend of his would discuss various ideas that deviated from the social norm. Knowing Bill, it would have been philosophic, counter-cultural, satiric, and no doubt funny, given Bill’s obvious witty comedic talents. Alas, it was not to be…and Bill Hicks succumbed to pancreatic cancer in the early part of 1994. As I sit at the bohemian coffee shop, Spider House, the song “Only the Good Die Young” plays appropriately over the speaker system. Indeed, in so many incidences, this has played out as essentially true over the centuries…particularly if one considers the Dionysian archetype. The “Queen of Conspiracy” even made an excellent case that the early deaths of 1960s rock stars and counter-cultural icons such as Jimi Hendrix, Phil Ochs, Mamma Cass, Janis Joplin, Jim Morrison, and others of that era were killed as part of a government plot called “Operation Chaos” to neutralize the more radical elements of the hippie movement from challenging the status quo and US institutions.

Before you think this rambling discourse mere lazy journalism, though, allow me to implore you once again to consider a few relevant issues, which are germane to anyone who would be a seeker of truth, albeit in the subjective sense. Great and profound truths need not be too complex, as Zen and the aphorisms of Confucius will attest. However, neither are they simplistic. More often than not, truth appears quite suddenly like a radiant gem shining among gray rocks under the light of focused attention, where prior to said attention it wasn’t even noticed. Is this not the role of the academic scholar? Unfortunately, his diligent studies are often too narrow and specialized to see anything except fossilized bones studied under the microscope of an eye that is just as often fogged, as William Blake said in his quote about the “mind fogged manacle”. This statement relates to what we have been conditioned to believe. And, it is this conditioned mindset that is so cluttered with so-called authoritative thoughts from parents, teachers, celebrities, corporate spokesmen, media talking heads, politicians, scientists, and other conditioned minds that keep us collectively regurgitating what our particular cultural civilization wants us to regurgitate. Pretty soon, our conditioning becomes so complete, so thorough, so ingrained into what we call our personalities that we become walking caricatures of television/movie characters…animated mannequins or mechanical animals.

Why is this important? It’s important for quite a lot of reasons, but for one thing…it’s important to the extent that any deviation from the norm is sharply beaten down not merely by government agencies spying on our every move (though that can happen) but ourselves. In other worlds, we become our own policemen, our own NSA, our own bullies promoting nothing so much as the sterile, unimaginative, conformity of the status quo. We are then, quite literally, in a conspiracy against ourselves…namely our own uniqueness of attitude, of ideas, of behavior, or anything else that constitutes our soul-given character. This homogenization is then easily manipulated by the propagandists, the corporate hucksters, the fear-mongering media, the psychiatric brain butchers, and the agents of political and psychological repression in whatever way they choose to direct and mold it. As the Minister of Propaganda for the Nazi Party, Joseph Goebbels, said- “The bigger the lie, the better the chance that people will believe it.” Lies, fear, diversion, misdirection, manipulation, and other techniques of psychological control become the currency of the state and the means to political repression in more ways than ordinarily thought of.

So, for instance, the very word “conspiracy” has been demonized to such an extent in the minds of the public by the media framing it within the context of “crazy theories” that it is rare to find an individual, who has escaped this mechanism of this linguistic pejorative to recognize what is actually being said on their merits. Even the objective pretensions of mainstream science has been shown, on occasion, to be subject to political and corporate ulterior motives. Just look at the obvious collusion of the FDA swearing off on GMOs as being considered equivalent to normal produce as just one example of this corrupt collusion taking place, despite plenty of evidence to the contrary. However, to question science’s often reductionist ideological bias, greed-driven considerations, technocratic leanings (and hence anti-environmental bent), and myopic compartmentalized and often militaristic focus is to invite cries of communist, luddite, and probably even terrorist in these post-911 days of fear-based hysteria.

Science, for all the good that its done, has on the whole failed the human race for these very reasons however. Let’s not forget that medical science (despite its laudable advancements in emergency care) kills around a million people a year, if you factor all the unnecessary surgeries, hospital super viruses, misdiagnosis of illnesses, body destroying radiation and chemo treatments for cancer patients, and deaths from all the prescription drugs out there given how toxic these drugs actually are. And, our energy science hasn’t advanced all that significantly in the past 100 years given our current dependence on oil (that wars are fought over), coal (that pollutes our air and waterways), and nuclear power (that thanks to the Fukushima catastrophe could spell the end for millions of people globally just as it already has for the Pacific marine life).

Are these facts of history the mere result of the fallible but always genuine striving of the human race to improve civilization, or are there more nefarious considerations afoot? While it has been said that “to err is human”, one might rightly ask- “how many times must we err about the same things before we realize that it goes beyond human err and into what we could call a conscious desire to keep the human race enslaved, broken, fragmented, fearful, sick, and under the thumb of those handful of powerful men that make the real decisions that will affect the lives of billions of people often to their detriment?” Most people, on average, therefore are generally well-meaning. They want to live happy, prosperous lives, take care of their families, and all the rest. However, as well-meaning and good intentioned as they might be, they have failed to enlighten themselves about just about everything outside their own banal and superficial lives. They sense an overall failure in their given institutions, but they can’t quite figure out why. And, they’re generally not that interested in figured it out through focused study and certainly not by organizing an alternative. They are often disenfranchised by the systems that govern their lives, but this alienation lead them stupid addictions be it alcohol, drugs, pornography, food, etc.

In other words, there is never a comprehensive accounting of not only their own purposeless lives but also the aimlessness by which society leads its collective lives. Instead, the newer generation cares for nothing save itself and its gadgets, as I’ve alluded to earlier in my comments about gadget fetishism. It needs constant entertainment, anxiously seeks further diversionary thrills, and can’t really focus all that well on building a solid framework by which to grow a viable base of knowledge whether of a practical, esoteric, or spiritual nature. It wants nothing so much as to gratify its appetites and vices, but it has lost its sense for community, for principles, for wisdom, for eloquence, for a shared ethic and purpose by which to evolve both individually and collectively as an intelligent species.

This is, from my standpoint at least, quite a disturbing trend that I see only getting worse before it gets any better (assuming of course that it ever does). I want nothing to do with it and doubt that I ever did. In a very real sense, I am at an impasse wherein the desire to want to fulfill the epitome of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs of self-actualization that necessitates playing a purpose-driven role within society has given way to feelings of despair in the future should we fail to gain our collective bearings. Alas, I will continue the best that I can to aid in the betterment of my fellows, while attempting to keep my cynicism to a minimum. But, I wonder if people can even be saved this late in the game or perhaps more profoundly whether or not they even should be.

Bill Hicks

Bill Hicks (Photo credit: Morgacito)

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