“Operation Golden Lily” and the Secret Legacy of the Black Eagle Trust

“The financial, banking and economic shadow world…is the dirty little secret of the Western economy. It is a form of money creation that is effectively unchallenged by any form of oversight or accountability as we understand it.” – David Guyatt (former London banking insider and researcher)

Gold Warriors Book

In addition to keeping you abreast of some of the more marginalized, ignored, or outright censored stories happening in these heady times of political subterfuge, it is important to understand that conspiracies, false-flag operations, and other skullduggery doesn’t happen in a geo-political vacuum. Indeed, in order to have any kind of grasp on just what is going on in the world today, it is essential that you learn from history. Obviously, I’m not talking about the over-simplified and whitewashed state propaganda that you were forced to learn in school but rather what these schools (even at the university level) always conveniently leave out of the curriculum. You might call what I’m about to discuss a form of “revisionist history” but really…it’s just good old fashioned history that has been covered up and is conspicuously absent from the textbooks. However, understanding this “suppressed history” becomes crucial, if we are to understand what is happening today, and it is necessary in providing the oft-neglected context through which we may eventually begin to see why global affairs have taken on a particular flavor and shape. So, with that in mind, let us begin our brief lesson in occult history.

This story begins in the ancient world during the Han Dynasty in Greco-Roman times when the countries of the Middle East and Europe were connected to countries of the Far East through an extensive network of trade routes, which (in terms of the most coveted good of China) was known as the Silk Road. Indeed, countries such as Cambodia, Indonesia, India, and especially China were rich in exotic spices, prized goods such as porcelain made items, and of course ornate silk-spun textiles among other beautiful rarities bought and traded in the ancient world. The primary method of payment for all of these goods and universally accepted even today was silver and gold, and over the thousands of years that this extensive trade was taking place…China was able to accumulate vast treasures of silver and gold in addition to precious gemstones. Needless to say, this did not go unnoticed by the aristocracy of Europe (particularly Great Britain), who sought to take Asia’s riches by hook or crook. Using the naval fleets of the East India Company, Britain indeed was able to addict millions of people (including much of the Chinese elite) to opium, in what have come to be known as the “Opium Wars“. Remember, this was a time when the British Admiralty was the most powerful military force in the world and when as the saying went…the “Sun Never Sets on the British Empire”.

Most historical accounts of WWII recall the looting of Europe by the Nazis. However, what few bother to describe in any depth is the vastly more extensive looting of treasures by the Japanese army in the Asian and Pacific Rim countries. Immediately prior to WWII, the British government were already meeting with envoys from Imperial Japan in an effort to use the Japanese in proxy war against China and other Southeastern Asian countries. Soon, what were initially short-lived skirmishes between Japan and China would break out into full-blown warfare in the 1930s. So, before the US entered the war in 1941 after the bombing of Pearl Harbor, the Japanese had already decimated much of Southeast Asia, including the particularly brutal slaughter of at least 350,000 men, women, and children in the Rape of Nanking…the then capital of China in 1937.

It was also during this time that Emperor Hirohito had given specific orders to one of his brothers, Prince Chichibu (aka Yasuhito), to plunder every conquered country of as much wealth as they could lay their hands on. Japanese spies had previously penetrated the 13 Asian countries they would come to conquer with such stealth and penetration as to practically all but guarantee Japanese success, given that they had mapped out which banks, churches, monasteries, mining operations, corporations, temples, museums, crime syndicates and elite families to hit and torture (if need be) to maximize their profits. This was all ordered under the ultra-secret “Kin No Yuri”, otherwise known as “Operation Golden Lily”. Check out the short (under 10 minutes) video entitled “Golden Lily: A Secret History” that describes much of what is to follow in this article. Also, keep in mind that all but a handful of high-ranking Japanese generals and officials knew the full extent of Operation Golden Lily’s undertaking.

Prince Chichibu

Shortly after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, Prince Chichibu and others involved with the plunder of Asian wealth began to ship it to the Philippines once Japan had fully conquered and occupied the islands. During the course of the next four years, a massive tunneling project began wherein the gold, diamonds, silver, and other vast looted treasures of the Far East were buried throughout the islands thought to number around 175 different sites. Each site was duly noted and designated with a number signifying a number in billions worth of Yen. So, for instance, you would see a site labeled “777” as meaning there is at least 777 billion in Yen worth of gold, jewels, and treasures buried here. Some would have more or less, but this amount was not atypical. Now, at the time the Yen was trading at about 3.5 to 4 to the US dollar, which means that 777 billion Yen would be worth about $200 billion in 1945 US dollars! Try multiplying that by 170 times, and you get $34 trillion dollars! Adjusted for inflation of 1194.8% using an accurate inflation calculator, this comes out to nearly 13 times that at $440.3 trillion dollars!! This is such a staggering large sum as to literally confound the mind to even conceive of it.

The idea was to store the treasures in the Philippines until it could be moved to Tokyo after the war was won. However, Japan soon found that the tide of the war had shifted decidedly in America’s favor, and a US naval blockage prevented the gold from being moved onto the Japanese mainland. The decision was made by General Yamashita, the man in charge of the Imperial Army and a principle figure in leading Operation Golden Lily, to blow up the entrances to the mine shafts, caves, and tunnel complexes where the plundered Asian treasures were ensconced. The Japanese leadership was ruthless in orchestrating this operation, quite often blowing up or shooting civilians, prisoners of war, and even Japanese soldiers that were involved in the excavation inside the underground caverns, so as not to leave any witnesses that might come looking for the sites later on.

After the US military forces led by General Douglas MacArthur defeated the Japanese Imperial Army in the Pacific campaign, wild tales of unimaginable buried treasure in the Philippine islands began to spread throughout the vast Allied spy network up the chain of command. From there, Severino Garcia Santa Romana and then Captain Edward Lansdale (who was working with the OSS) were tasked with finding out the locations of these treasure sites. Having captured General Yamashita, it was thought too unseemly and uncouth to press such a high-ranking commanding officer too hard on the whereabouts of these sites. So, General Yamashita’s personal chauffeur, Major Kojima Kashii, was tortured instead. Maj. Kashii ended up leading Santa Romana and Lansdale to some of the treasure sites, who in turn led General MacArthur to inspect them.

Eisenhower Inspecting Looted Gold

One must remember that in 1944, 44 nations met in New Hampshire and signed the Bretton Woods Agreement, which was ostensibly an effort to rebuilt the financial economies of the world in the aftermath of WWII. However, by 1945 President Harry Truman had been made aware by General Dwight D. Eisenhower, Douglas MacArthur, and other high-ranking staff just how vast was the wealth plundered by the Nazis and the Japanese throughout the war (much of which was now in Allied hands). As a result, several things occurred which are very pertinent to understanding the management of what can be called “off ledger black gold” that are used to fund covert operations, steering of national elections, bribery of political statesmen, narcotics trafficking, assassinations, and wars of every imaginable kind among other things. So, for instance, using this stolen gold the International Monetary Foundation (IMF) and World Bank were set up and used a means of controlling the Third World through unsecured loans, which, once they inevitably failed to be paid back due to outrageous interest, could be used as leverage in hijacking a country’s natural resources for Western-dominated multinationals. This has been discussed in explicit detail by John Perkins in his excellent book Confessions of an Economic Hitman. The legacy of Golden Lily doesn’t end there, though.

An estimated account of the total amount of wealth looted by the Nazis throughout Europe and the Japanese throughout Asia is said to total some 280,000 metric tons of gold, not including jewels, diamonds, and other treasures! This why President Truman, along with a small elite core of individuals that included Secretary of War Henry Stimson, set up what has come to be known as the “Black Eagle Trust”, named after the Nazi eagle of the Third Reich. It is this same eagle symbol that can be seen stamped onto gold bullion bars melted down from stolen European gold and stored in secret vaults. Following WWII for the next several years, this vast plundered fortune was moved out of Germany, Japan, and the Philippines into at least 172 different bank accounts spread out to some 42 nations with one of the largest of these known as the M-Fund. This particular slush fund was named after the “M” of General William Frederic Marquat, one of Gen. MacArthur’s most trusted confidants. According to the excellent and highly revealing article The Off Ledger, Occult Economy, these shadow slush funds have been used to:

– “Bribe statesmen and military officials as well as to buy elections the world over. One way in which this has been accomplished is through the massive amounts of campaign funding received by politicians throughout the Western world to ensure that the right people get into positions of power, i.e. those who will watch out for the interests of the bankers and the money holders (the heirs to the thrones of the Rothschilds, Rockefellers, and J.P. Morgans of the world).”

– “Create a global policy of implementing Western capitalism and fighting communism [now perpetuating the seemingly never ending phony “War on Terror” in a preemptive divide and conquer strategy]. While this may seem to many to be a noble cause, it is deeply flawed, as in actuality it has created an enormous rift between Russia/China and the US/EU/Japanese alignments, and it has left most of the rest of the world in a perpetual state of poverty with little power to influence global affairs.” [My words]

– “Potentially as part of a massive cover up involving a false-flag operation on September 11th, 2001 intended to cover up the clearing of $240 billion dollars in securities bonds covertly created on September 11th, 1991 to fund a covert economic war [known as Project Hammer] against the old Soviet Union, during which unknown Western investors bought up much of the previous Soviet industry with a focus on oil and gas. News reports have also surfaced that in the wake of the attacks, massive amounts of gold disappeared from the World Trade Centers’ basement vaults, which may ultimately link back to the Black Eagle Trust.” [My words] *Note: Unfortunately, the original “Off Ledger, Occult Economy” article mentioned above has been removed from the web shortly after I posted this. However, the good news is that I do have a saved and a printed copy. Many thanks goes to the author of that article for whom much of this article and the one to follow would not have been possible along with these great pictures!

Philippine Gold

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