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Pentagon’s Previously Secret Project into the Study of UFOs is Revealed

Bigelow Aerospace

It’s a brand new year, and the Para-Political Journal is here to usher it in with an interesting Exo-Political story that has been getting a lot of positive buzz lately. I speaking of course of recent revelations as revealed in the New York Times and Politico Magazine that from 2007-2012 there was a secret government funded project called the “Advanced Aviation Threat Identification Program” (AATIP) whose ostensible mission was the scientific collection and analysis of UFOs. It was created by then Senator Majority Leader, Harry Reid (Nevada-D) along with Senator Daniel Inouye (Hawaii-D) and Ted Stevens (Alaska-R) under the direction of the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) and allocated some $22 million, which by bloated Pentagon monetary standards is tiny. However, it’s still a substantial sum given by a government that has for the last 50 years claimed that there was nothing to the UFO phenomenon, when the Air Force closed Project Blue Book down. We’ve only learned about the project from a career intelligence officer, who worked as the lead on the project named Luis Elizondo. Much of the money for the project went to Robert Bigelow, who runs a huge private aerospace company called Bigelow Aerospace and a para-normal investigatory organization called N.I.D.S. (National Institute for Discovery Science). You might remember this later organization from its fascinating investigations into the infamous “Skinwalker Ranch”, which Las Vegas news anchor and occasional host of the popular nighttime radio show Coast to Coast AM, George Knapp, has also discussed and written about.

George Knapp News Anchor

The question is- “What exactly does this ultimately mean or signify in the realm of Ufology?” So far, at least, we don’t yet fully know the answer as the voluminous reports that were supposedly composed during the course of the project’s research haven’t yet been released to the public for scrutiny, and I’m somewhat leery that it ever fully will be quite frankly. Naturally, this would be a real shame to the potential value that this scientific data represents to the field of Ufology in perhaps learning about the phenomenon outside of the usual rumor-mongering or ridicule context in which it quite often resides. However, one shouldn’t be all that surprised if that is the fate of the final reports, since even Luis Elizondo claimed he quit due largely to the excessive secrecy that government agencies have surrounded themselves with in dealing with this issue. For any serious researcher, this is real problem that isn’t going away anytime soon and it usually takes legal action to pry information out that almost always isn’t worth the time and money necessary to do it. My personal hunch about it, as some of you may have already read about in my article on the Secret Space Program Conference, is that the real action is in the private sector. In other words, if the US has indeed recovered ET craft going at least as far back as the Roswell, New Mexico crash of 1947 and Aztec, New Mexico crash of 1948 as declassified FBI documents seem to suggest, it would be well-connected and sophisticated private corporations that would ultimately be tasked with reverse engineering the technology for covert utilization and weaponization before it eventually filtered down into the public domain on a limited basis.

Aztec UFO Crash

Certainly, whether you believe Col. Philip Corso’s thesis as described in his book “The Day After Roswell” that certain high-technologies we’re familiar with today like integrated circuit chips, night vision, and fiber optics were seeded by ET technology recovered from the Roswell crash or not, were these events to have occurred…it would be the private sector with heavy contract ties to the military that would be tasked with the R&D of these technologies as that is what they’re designed to do in the first place. Interestingly enough, Bob Bigelow is reported to have specially altered and/or expanded his storage warehouses due to his possession of certain metal alloys thought to have come from UFOs. I would agree with other commentators about this story that were this indeed the case…this would clearly be the most important evidence in confirming the existence of an extraterrestrial source for the phenomenon. Before he died back in 2014, I felt that one of the most important researchers in abduction research was Dr. Roger Leir, who I had the opportunity to meet and speak with at the Bay Area UFO Conference. At the conference, he gave an excellent presentation regarding his extensive research into strange foreign objects that he had removed from people over the years that believed they had been abducted and subsequently experimented upon. Check out the talk he gave at the International UFO Congress back in 2012. These foreign objects found in the hands, feet, and other parts of the body of abductees are usually called “alien implants” and have very anomalous characteristics as Dr. Leir soon found in his research post-surgical removal. So, for instance, these metallic implants (often as tiny as a pencil lead or BB) would be surrounded by a biological membrane in an area with significant nerve tissue, thereby overriding the body’s natural tendency to create inflammation in its rejection of a foreign object. In testing the metallurgy, he determined that they often had isotopic ratios of elements not available on this Earth and was even able to pick up certain Hertz frequencies emanating from the implant. I took copious notes during his lecture, but you can also read about it in his books on the subject such as “The Aliens and the Scalpel”. Dr. Leir was a very humble and open-hearted man, and he will definitely be very hard to replace in the study of alien implants given his tireless dedication and expertise.

Dr. Roger Leir

While some people like David Jacobs sees the abduction phenomenon as an extensive hybridization program of the “Grays”, as they’re known in the alien abduction literature, others like Steven Greer see the entire phenomenon as orchestrated by a highly secret and sophisticated government agency in order to create a climate of fear within the general population so that they can eventually simulate the conditions for a false-flag alien invasion. This scenario was supposedly told to Carol Rosin, who was a close confidant to former Nazi rocket scientist Werner von Braun. Let’s not forget that it was Nazi scientists like von Braun brought over to the US under Project Paperclip, who created the Apollo V-2 rocket program that would eventually carry US astronauts to the moon in 1969. Or, so we’re told. There’s a lot of conspiratorially-minded people out there, who question whether we ever did go to the moon. Without getting into that particular controversy too deeply at least for now, I find it interesting that what few people talk about are the reports by some of the Apollo astronauts of seeing strange UFOs in their various flights and other weird alien-like structures within our own solar system even. I personally think that whatever the astronauts saw up there spooked them plenty and may explain why NASA hasn’t gone back to the moon since 1974, assuming of course they ever did in the first place, since they found out it was already occupied and they weren’t welcome. Apparently, the Russians got the same message via various incidents in their history.

Edgar Mitchell on the Moon

Without digressing too much further, we’re still left with a rather interesting footnote in Ufology with the discovery of the government funded AATIP that initially would seem to indicate that the Pentagon views UFOs as a potential threat. Certainly, UFOs being seen flying on numerous occasions over ICBM sites would have sparked an investigation even if, as Robert Salas has pointed out, they appeared to be shutting down our nuclear weapons capacity to prevent a nuclear holocaust rather than cause one. Whenever NORAD or FAA radar picks up an unidentified blip on their screen, there is a natural tendency to be both curious and fearful, especially given how fast UFOs have been known to fly. Military jets are scrambled, but they’re clearly no match in their feeble attempts to intercept. In conjunction with the recent revelations about the AATIP, an organization set up for greater UFO disclosure called “To the Stars Academy of Arts and Sciences” founded by former Blink-182 musician Tom DeLonge also released a video shot back in 2004 off the coast of San Diego of a F/A-18 that spotted an oblong-shaped UFO. It makes me wonder- “How many more videos like this one are still being suppressed from disclosure?” Fighter pilots are sworn to secrecy and security oaths by their respective branches and rarely discuss what they’ve seen even in retirement. Even commercial pilots, who have sightings, are threatened to keep quiet by the airlines, the pilots association, and shadowy individuals of unknown intelligence origins known to debrief these pilots and scare them into perpetual silence.

Fortunately, however, more witnesses and whistle-blowers are coming out about what they’ve seen as they enter the winter of their years in many cases. One of the authors of the New York Times piece, Leslie Kean, documented some of the most important of these cases in her book given that it focused on very credible airline and fighter pilots along with witnesses as high up the military chain-of-command as General. When you add to that list esteemed members of the academic and scientific community, it becomes increasingly difficult to dismiss the entire phenomenon as a misidentification of the planet Venus or flocks of birds as various debunkers have tried to do over the years. So, does this revelation of a government funded project to research and analyze the threat assessment posed by UFOs constitute “disclosure”? Not really. But, it certainly constitutes a kind of “confirmation” that there is still an interest (despite the denials) of this particular phenomenon within the Congress, unacknowledged intelligence community, and certain members in the Pentagon given that, while the funding dried up for the project in 2012, the research and analysis is on-going according to Luis Elizondo who’s gone on to join DeLonge’s circle at “To the Stars Academy of Arts and Science”.

Grey Alien Face


Inside the Secret Space Program and Breakaway Civilization

Secret Space Program 2015 Poster

It’s been about 2 months since I’ve last blogged, which is quite a while (even for me). However, as we leave 2015 behind and enter 2016, I wanted to stretch the boundaries a bit as to what I normally talk about on Para-Political Journal and discuss a topic that I don’t typically deal with, namely the subject of the “Breakaway Civilization” and the “Secret Space Program” that I believe is currently in existence.

During Halloween weekend of 2015, I had the great pleasure of attending a conference held in the town of Bastrop (a short distance southeast of Austin) during what appeared to be a 50 year flood. Fortunately for myself and the other some 300 or so attendees, it wasn’t a total washout, though. And, it ended up being one of the better conferences that I’ve ever attended. I’m talking about the “The Secret Space Program Conference“. For those who weren’t able to attend, however, you can watch all the speaker presentations by going to:

Sign up for a Vimeo account, and then use the Free Promo Code:   1C8W_K_U1B6c1BOME

Just what is the “Secret Space Program”, and what exactly does it entail? According to renown researchers like Ufologist, Richard Dolan, there is good evidence to suggest that at least since the 1960s and perhaps even earlier (if you include the Nazi lore of advanced aerospace development) that NASA is merely a cover for the really advanced space program that operates outside of legislative and judicial oversight and constitutes part of what has been called the “Breakaway Civilization”. In other words, the technological advancements that the US was able to achieve from capturing and reverse engineering certain ET craft such as the saucer(s) that crashed near Roswell, NM back in July 1947 have enabled the creation of what Exopolitical researcher, Michael Salla, calls a “Second Manhattan Project” in order build a fleet of very advanced spacecraft capable of intersteller flight, the building of many underground bases on the Earth connected via maglev trains, and the creation of bases on the Moon, Mars, and perhaps other planetary bodies for military and mining purposes.

Die Vril Nazi Flying Saucer

I understand how completely outlandish this might seem upon first glance, particularly to those who are new to Ufology and Exopolitics. However, there are some rather tantalizing clues out there that this is exactly what is going on in some of the most classified sections of the secret government. Olav Phillips, who wrote the book The Secret Space Age, spoke extensively about a very curious and fascinating so-called mockumentary that was aired on British TV back in June of 1977 called “Alternative 3“. The program caused a firestorm of controversy and has since been described as the “most dangerous program” to ever air on television. It was subsequently never aired again. The content of the program played out like an in-depth serious news broadcast that discussed a number of strange anomalies taking place and what was the likely scenario as to what was going on behind the scenes.

Alternative 3 Lunar Pic

The basic premise was that certain governing elites were very worried that the Earth was going to soon become uninhabitable due to global warming, and they had to do something about it were they to survive the future natural disasters that would surely ensue. From this was developed three potential alternatives to deal with the problem. The first plan involved using nuclear weapons to blow holes in the upper atmosphere to let the heat out. This was thought to be too dangerous due to the radioactive fallout and was scrapped. The second alternative involved building massive underground bases on the Earth, which according to Richard Sauder in his books was done in earnest. However, the final alternative was to leave the Earth completely and begin building various inhabitable colonies on the Moon and Mars. This was called Alternative 3, and it was thought to the best course of action for long-term survival. The show then went into the conspiratorial realm by discussing the disappearance of a number of high-ranking scientists, doctors, and engineers thought to have been kidnapped for the very purpose of staffing the necessary professionals needed in these underground bases and space colonies for survival in what was called a “brain drain”.

While it was later reported to be a hoax show originally set to air on April Fools Day, Olav and I believe that there were kernals of truth in the broadcast, which if viewed correctly in the context of a “limited hangout” will give you an inner glimpse of the thinking of the secret government. After all, the US did explode nukes in the upper atmosphere blowing away whole chunks of the ozone layer in the process and no doubt adding to the radioactive detris that encircles the globe. They’re also using frequency ionospheric heaters like the HAARP facility in Alaska to manipulate weather patterns and tinker with the ionosphere as has been amply demonstrated by author Dr. Nick Begich and others, who have researched what is officially called geo-engineering. When you add chemtrails to this already very volotile mix, you can see why Olav referred to this as Alternative 1.5. If you’re so inclined, you can read his powerpoint presentation here.

Heat Signature for Hurricane Rita

In terms of Alternative 2, most of the information concerning nuclear-powered boring machines and DUMBs (Deep Underground Military Bases) connected by high-speed maglev trains has gone black, since the 1970s. However, in spite of the virtual blackout of official documentation available to the lay researcher, there are still some excellent clues that the technology exists to do it and the trillion plus dollars siphoned off in black budget money every year in the US could fund projects just like these. So, for instance, R.M. Saller proposed an underground rail network in a RAND study conducted in 1972. There have also been whistle-blowers working as contract truck drivers, who have described seeing massive fleets of 18-wheeler trucks being sent into the side of mountains for mysterious construction projects that they weren’t allowed to ask questions about. These are the kinds of massive engineering projects that would easily dwarf those of Mount Weather and NORAD in terms of how deep they go and how expansive they are.

Tunnel Boring Machine

In terms of the funding mechanisms in place for such massive projects that would likely be contracted out to companies like Bechtel and Halliburton, we know for a fact that the money exists in what are called “Special Access Programs” (SAPs) for those with a “need to know” in the very shadowy world of the black budget. Just how much money are we talking about here? One clue actually came from Donald Rumsfeld, who as Secretary of Defense under George W. Bush, testified before a Congressional Committee back in September 10th, 2001 that according to some estimates the DoD couldn’t account for some 2.3 trillion dollars in defense spending! Of course, we all know what occurred the following the day that would completely vanquish any hope that Rumsfeld’s shocking statement would ever be followed up and investigated further. That’s too bad, really, because I’m sure it would have led to some very fascinating discoveries about the breakaway civilization that has remained largely hidden for the last 60 years.

One of my absolute favorite persons on the planet, who deals with this subject of the black budget and spoke at the “Secret Space Program Conference”, is Catherine Austin Fitts. She is currently a very well-respected financial consultant and researcher, who you can read and listen to at Catherine was also in the unique position of being the Assistant Secretary of HUD (Housing and Urban Development) during the first Bush presidency when she came across major accounting fraud in her job at HUD. When she pressed for answers as to why HUD allocated money was apparently being siphoned out of their budget and going missing, she was told to back off and forget about it. She continued to push and quickly found herself being attacked on a trumped up fraud case, which she was finally able to beat after years of agonising struggle and near bankruptcy. The crux of what she discovered, though, remains as valid today as it was back then. As Michael Salla details in his book Exposing U.S. Government Policies on Extraterrestrial Life:

“The 1949 CIA Act comprised additions to those sections of the 1947 National Security Act that dealt with the creation of CIA. The 1949 CIA Act gave a Congressional stamp of approval to the creation of a ‘black budget’ as the following sections make clear:

…any other Government agency is authorized to transfer to or receive from the Agency such sums without regard to any provisions of law limiting or prohibiting transfers between appropriations [emphasis added]. Sums transferred to the Agency in accordance with this paragraph may be expended for the purposes and under the authority of sections 403a to 403s of this title without regard to limitations of appropriations from which transferred.”


In addition to having the legal authority to go into any government agency and siphon money from their budget, we also know that the CIA has been involved with “off the books” raising of money through extensive narcotics trafficking among other nasty ventures, based on the excellent research of people like Peter Dale Scott, Michael Levine, Alexander Cockburn, Michael Ruppert, Gary Webb, and Rodney Stich among others. Also, let’s not forget the trillions in gold bullion (much of which the US was able to steal) held in secret slush funds that was captured via “Operation Golden Lily” by the Japanese looting of Southeast Asia during WWII that I discussed in previous articles of mine, which is occasionally called the Black Eagle Trust.

Next, let’s turn our attention to “Alternative 3” and the possibility of the secret building of colonies on the Moon and Mars. First of all, it should be mentioned (as it was at the conference by Olav Phillips) that the US Army had drawn up plans for a lunar base as early as 1959 called “Project Horizon”. It was to cost some $6 billion and be operational by December 1966. The US Airforce had their own version of a lunar base drawn up called “Project Lunex”, which would cost some $7.5 billion and was set to be operational by 1968. Both of these projects were to have offensive as well as defensive capabilities. The USSR even had their own plans for a strategic lunar base called “Project Zvezda“. All of these plans, we are naturally told, were scrapped. But, given how early we and the Russians were clearly thinking about the feasability of manned lunar bases all the way back in the 1950s, are we to believe that nothing has been done to make it a reality in the last 66 years? These projects could have easily simply slipped in the black, and I seriously doubt neither country would take advantage of the clearly very strategically-positioned Moon by now, especially given how our technological wherewithal has advanced lightyears compared to what it was then.

Project Horizon

From my standpoint, it’s ridiculous to think that rocket technology is somehow still the state-of-the-art, given that the Nazis had the V2 rocket back in the 1940s. And yet, that’s what NASA and JPL would have us believe. No wonder many people say NASA is an acronym for “Never A Straight Answer”. What I find interesting is that even some of the Apollo astronauts have advocated for the existence of a much more mysterious universe than what NASA presents for public consumption. Edgar Mitchell, for instance, is a staunch believer in extraterrestrial life as well as former Apollo astronaut Gordon Cooper and Buzz Aldrin. There’s circumstantial evidence that all of the Apollo Missions were closely followed to the Moon by UFOs, which were referred to as “bogies” in the official Apollo 11 transcripts that are now available.

Edgar Mitchell on the Moon

Just exactly what they saw on their way to the Moon and once they landed (assuming of course it wasn’t all faked as some have concluded) they won’t say on the record, as I surmise they’d probably be killed were they to divulge these kinds of closely guarded secrets. Since practically all of them were high-level Freemasons, it’s certainly not hard to see how they’ve been trained in knowing how to keep a secret. And, I suspect that the secret they’re expected to keep is why the US discontinued the Apollo missions by 1974 and never (officially) went back on a manned mission to the Moon. According to “Disclosure Project” head, Dr. Steven Greer, the astronauts were “warned off the Moon” by an ominous group of UFOs resting atop a nearby crater, which spooked the hell out of the astronauts and no doubt the NASA brass as well…at least for a while.

What has happened since then is the $64,000 question that few bother to ask let alone attempt to answer. However, it makes sense that the US along with Russia, NATO, the EU and now China would be busy weaponizing space and pushing into the far reaches of the solar system. The US (and to a great extent Russia) given its technological superiority would have fully developed much more advanced aerospace systems by now, in all likelihood involving what’s known as anti-gravitics and the utilization of “zero-point” energy for deep space exploration. The quasi-government/corporate nexus of deep black SAPs would ensure its secrecy from all except those with a “need to know”, and I wouldn’t be surprised if some of David Paulides’ missing people he discusses in great depth from our National Parks were used in “batch assignments” for slave labor in mining colonies on the Moon and Mars as this kind of labor would likely be needed at some point. Far fetched, you say? Perhaps. However, one of the most telling statements comes from a man with impeccable bona fides and one, who would definitely be “in the know” were something like this taking place. I am speaking about the former head of Lockheed Skunkworks, the division of the largest aerospace corporation that deals with the most advanced projects this country develops. Before he died, the former head of Lockheed Martin Skunkworks, Ben Rich, said this:

“We now have the technology to take ET home.” He was also reported to have said, “We have things out in the desert that would make George Lucas drool, but it would take an act of God to bring them out into the public.”

Ben Rich of Lockheed Skunkworks

Click to access la5354ms.pdf

Is Tiny “Atacama Humanoid” Proof of an Extraterrestrial?

Dr. Steven Greer of the Disclosure Project recently released a new movie entitled “Sirius“, which explores his efforts to break the UFO secrecy embargo and achieve energy independence from the oil, coal, and nuclear cartels. However, undoubtedly the most fascinating thing featured in the movie is something called the Atacama Humanoid that was discovered in Chile back in 2003 and subsequently obtained by Greer’s team. Based on very preliminary reports from a renown geneticist working with Greer in obtaining DNA of the approximately 6 inch humanoid, it is said to not be a hoax and definitely an unknown biological entity of some sort. The Atacama desert in Chile, where this strange little fellow was supposedly found, is said to have a long history of UFO sightings going in and out of the foothills of the mountains there. So, the big question on everybody’s mind is- “Could this really be evidence of an extraterrestrial?” Only time will tell for sure, but it sure as hell looks like a tiny alien corpse to me. Check out the link below for an initial report of the Atacama Humanoid.