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Monsanto (Evil Inc.) Gains Immunity from Judicial Lawsuits in US Despite Provable Health Risks and Putin Believes it Could Lead to WWIII

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Stop genetically modified organism(s) – GMO. Read comments! (Photo credit: artist in doing nothing)

One of the most scandalous (in quite a long list of scandals) things that Barack Obama has done during his tenure as the presidential puppet of this corrupt corporatocracy is to sign H.R. 933, which contains a very lethal provision that’s become known as the Monsanto Protection Act.

This Senate agricultural appropriations bill was sponsored by long-time Monsanto beneficiary, Missouri Senator Roy Blunt, based as he is in the same state as Monsanto’s headquarters in St. Louis. What this insidious rider does is forbid the judicial system from intervening on a citizen’s behalf by precluding the planting or sale of genetically modified organisms GMO seed or awarding punitive monetary damages incurred as result of illness from the ingestion of GMO crops. This provision (whose only other parallel is vaccine manufacturers) stands up as law even if it has been determined that GMO toxic garbage is the culprit in a jury or judge trial.

Even though many people petitioned Obama not to sign this bill until this provision was taken out, he went ahead and signed it anyway against the peoples’ outcry. By my account given the extremely detrimental harm that GMO crops cause, this is a treasonous and impeachable offense but is likely to pass without much notice.

The only peer-reviewed study that looked at the effects of Monsanto Bt-Corn on lab rats during a 2-year period that wasn’t sponsored by the biotech industry was one that was completed in France in 2011 that showed a definite major increase in cancerous tumors, organ disorders, infant mortality, and death rates than non-GMO corn. However, good luck getting the mainstream media to discuss this study seriously even though it the most important study about the real effects of GMOs ever released, especially when you consider than US universities haven’t been allowed to test GMOs past 3 months on average.

We have recently seen with the “March Against Monsanto” that there is now a populous worldwide backlash against this evil company that produced such carcinogenic substances as the Vietnam era defoliant, Agent Orange, and whose extremely expensive and lethal GMO seeds have caused an epidemic of Indian farmer suicides in recent years due to the biotech giant bankrupting the small farmer in that country. Unfortunately, the US FDA and USDA are heavily corrupted by Monsanto and the biotech industry, in general, that includes DuPont, Bayer, and Syngenta.

Back in 1994 when the issue of patenting of life came before the Supreme Court, the vote was 5 to 4 in favor of allowing the patenting of life (seed) with one of the deciding votes cast by former Monsanto attorney, Clarence Thomas. Of course, he failed to recuse himself (as he obviously should have), and now we’re in a giant genetic experiment that is contaminating the entire earth and has potentially dire consequences for the basic integrity of our food.

The author of the book Seeds of Destruction, F. William Engdahl, was able to ferret out the slick P.R. move that Monsanto is making in relation to the EU putting up resistance against the importation of GMO seed when their spokesperson claims that they don’t want to push GMOs where they aren’t wanted. However, we know that this is an obvious lie, especially given that US ambassadors push countries to accept GMOs despite public opposition acting as Monsanto lobbyists for the foreign market of big biotech. This was amply demonstrated by many of the Wiki-Leak cables. So, you can bet that they aren’t giving up on Europe anytime soon but will likely regroup and come up with a different strategy perhaps using the WTO and their ties with the EU through Bilderberg to break the stalemate.

Russian President Vladimir Putin was reportedly furious with Secretary of State John Kerry during a recent visit to Moscow about the US using deadly neonicotinoid pesticides that have been linked to colony collapse disorder of the honey bees, which we must have to pollinate at least 1/3rd of our food crops. He was also extremely angry at how deep in the pocket of the biotech industry Obama administration officials are to companies like Monsanto. Clearly, GMO crops are being used as a strategic military asset in the overall weaponization of food, and Putin threatened that this would eventually lead to war if it wasn’t halted as much of it already has been by the EU.

It is quite sobering and sad to consider that it takes someone like the autocratic Vladamir Putin to state what should be obvious to everyone right now, Monsanto and the other biotech companies are killing Mother Earth. And, for earth’s sake and ours, these companies and the extremely toxic GMOs must be abolished.