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Scientology, Cult Sociopathology, and the Many Masks of the Hollywood Elite

“We are all tattooed in our cradles with the beliefs of our tribe; the record may seem superficial, but it is indelible. You cannot educate a man wholly out of the superstitious fears which were implanted in his imagination, no matter how utterly his reason may reject them.” -Oliver Wendel Holmes

Going Clear Scientology Book Cover

Recently, I’ve been reading a book that I’d been waiting to pop up on a Half Price book shelf, ever since I saw the author speak at a book signing event a couple years ago. The title of the book is Going Clear: Scientology, Hollywood, and the Prison of Belief by local Austin writer, Lawrence Wright. At one point, the book shot to #4 on the New York Times Best Sellers List for Non-Fiction, which is an astounding achievement for a book that digs deeply into a notoriously litigious and quite often dangerously vindictive cult. Now, award-winning director, Alex Gibney, has turned it into a documentary to air on HBO. Scientology has targeted just about any investigative reporter, whether they hailed from the National Inquirer, Newsweek, or Time Magazine with libel suits, harassment, intimidation, surveillance, and any number of other tactics from their bag of dirty tricks. So, it is with admiration and amazement that such a high-profile author as Lawrence Wright, who had previously won a Pulitzer for his book The Looming Tower about the 9/11 hijackers wrote this detailed account of Scientology. As he said during the talk I saw, he has been primarily interested in the nature of belief systems (particularly fanatical and fundamental styles of belief) that cause them to go to extreme lengths, including willing to die, in order to promulgate them the world over.

As you’re probably aware, it all began with an eccentric, insatiably driven, prolific author, and charismatic megalomaniac/conman by the name of L. Ron Hubbard, who was the infamous founder of Scientology just as he’s spoken of as a god by Scientologists, ever since he died back in 1986. This sea-faring adventurer was a voracious writer of stories of all kinds, an experimental technological tinkerer, con artist, a womanizer, and could be a tyrannical perfectionist willing to smash to bits all who dared get in his way or unwilling to do things his way. With any controversial figure, it’s extremely difficult to separate the man from the myth, the fact from the legend, especially when much of the myth and legend was printed by L.R. Hubbard himself. The truth, however, often lies somewhere in the middle between the demi-god that Hubbard was fashioned into by the church and the complete degenerate asshole that his staunch enemies would paint him as. However, by most accounts, L. Ron Hubbard was his own worst enemy in the end, when you fully consider the sordid saga of his rise to notoriety through a kind of ruthless paranoia and perfectionism that was able to create a fanatical following among his people. This handful of followers were no doubt taken by his cocksure bravado, imagined self-importance, and desire to clear themselves of their own characteristic shortcomings through the so-called E-Meter auditing sessions that they felt would eventually “clear them of suppressive behavior” (SP) as Hubbard called it. Plus, the radical experimentation with novel and bizarre religious beliefs were at their peak in the late 1960s and early 70s when the church of Scientology really took off in terms of numbers.

L.Ron Hubbard

However, according to L. Ron Hubbard’s own son, Scientology was merely another scheme and ruse of Hubbard’s to make money by starting his own religion…or at least what passed for one using its own unique abbreviations and linguistic mysticisms in their lavishly furnished offices around the world. Hubbard’s particular pseudo-psychological psychobabble was tailor made for those wannabe actors, screenwriters, directors, singers, and entertainers of all stripes trying desperately to gain an edge over their formidable competition to become “known” in showbiz. Scientology was new, high tech, glamorous, hip, and above all knew how to cater to the shallow insecurities of Hollywood celebrities, who would eventually become its biggest spokesmen over the years. Naturally, if you actually rise through the OT ranks in order to gain their so-called secret wisdom to learn what Scientology claims is the origin of humanity to OTIII, it’s absolutely hysterical as the awesome show South Park depicted it. However, even the fearless satirical show of South Park would pay the price of losing Issac Hayes (who played Chef) given that he was a Scientologist along with Comedy Central and the creators of South Park, Trey Parker and Matt Stone, being spied upon for a potential smear campaign that is like trying to smear shit on snot.

Now, we know that the church of Scientology uses coercion, threats, intimidation, beatings, blackmail, and even imprisonment in what’s known as the Rehabilitation Project Force (RPF). In what was a watershed moment for the church, a major raid was conducted by the FBI in 1977, when they learned about what is known as Operation Snow White. Just what, exactly, was Operation Snow White? Apparently, on April 20th, 1973, L. Ron Hubbard wrote a secret order codenamed “Snow White”. Its goal, in part, was to find as many damning files in government intelligence offices that it felt was being used in order to suppress the church from further expansion. Hubbard tasked the Guardian’s Office with this special mandate that included intelligence gathering, filing lawsuits to intimidate opponents, and attacking mental health professionals. According to the book Going Clear, in just “a few years, as many as five thousand Scientologists were covertly placed in 136 government agencies worldwide. Project Grumpy, for instance, covered Germany, where the Guardian’s Office was set up to infiltrate Interpol as well as German police and immigration authorities. In addition, there was a scheme to accuse German critics of the church of committing genocide. Project Sleepy was to clear files in Austria; Happy was for Denmark, Bashful for Belgium, and Dopey for Italy.” Given how extensive were the operations against Germany, it’s little wonder that the government moved to ban them at one point from the country for being a subversive cult rather than a religion.

Seven Dwarfs Target Game

Wright continues with, “Projects Witch and Stepmother both targeted the UK, the source of Scientology’s immigration problems. Project Hunter was the United States, where Scientologists penetrated the IRS, the Justice, Treasury, and Labor Departments, the Federal Trade Commission, and the Drug Enforcement Administration, as well as foreign embassies and consulates…” They also infiltrated several newspapers that were critical of Scientology in the past including the Washington Post. It didn’t end there, however, as Wright describes how- “In an evident attempt at blackmail, they stole the LA IRS intelligence files of celebrities and political figures, including California governor Jerry Brown, LA mayor Tom Bradley, and Frank Sinatra. Nothing in American history can compare with the scale of domestic espionage of Operation Snow White.” [Italics my emphasis]

When the FBI raided what was called the Scientology’s Advanced Org building in Los Angeles, they were shocked at what they found down in the darkened corridors of the basement. As Wright describes it, “They found a warren of cubicles, each occupied by half a dozen people dressed in black boiler suits and wearing filthy rags around their arms to indicate their degraded status. Altogether, about 120 people were huddled in the pitch-black basement, serving time in the Rehabilitation Project Force. The ranks of the RPF had expanded along with the church’s need for cheap labor to renovate its recently purchased buildings in Hollywood. The federal agents had no idea what they were seeing. Within moments, a representative of the church’s Guardian’s Office arrived and began shouting at the agents that they were exceeding the limits of their search warrants. Seeing that the Sea Org members posed no threat to them, the agents shrugged and moved on. It is instructive to realize that none of the Sea Org members consigned to the RPF dungeon took the opportunity to escape. If the FBI had bothered to interrogate them, it’s unlikely that any of them would have said that they were there against their will.”

They were what you could truly call “dyed in the wool” believers and would therefore never leave. However, even if they wanted to leave, fear of reprisal and severe punishment by the church hierarchy was often enough to prevent them attempting escape. Once L. Ron Hubbard died in 1986, the current head of the church took over and is certainly the most feared of all in the church hierarchy…David Miscavige. According to whistle-blower accounts of Scientology by defectors, Miscavige makes up for any lack of charm and charisma that L. Ron Hubbard had through his penchant for sadistic terror and unpredictable rage at his underlings. Although he showed sociopathological behavior early on (at one point even beating up his Pre-Clear auditor when he was only 13-years-old), David advanced quickly through the ranks of the Sea Org due to his energy and commitment to Scientology. He credited the church with curing his asthma, even though it really never did. Regardless, he joined the Sea Org at 16 and was thought to have filled the spot that might have typically been reserved for Hubbard’s son Quentin. Wright aptly describes Miscavige (who you can see in a very rare interview back in 1992 on Ted Koppel’s Nightline) as, “tough, tireless, and doctrinaire.”

David Miscavige Photo

However, most of the public knows Scientology not by its head figure, David Miscavige, or even by its patron saint and founder L. Ron Hubbard but rather by some of their more glassy-eyed followers that have achieved a degree of fame. The most conspicuous and fanatical follower is, of course, Tom Cruise. Probably next on that list would be John Travolta, who began going to Scientology before he became a household name with TV sitcoms like “Welcome Back Kotter” and movies like “Saturday Night Fever”. Besides these two, however, are many other celebrities of varying degrees of fame, who have walked through the doors of Scientology at one point or another. Some of those that kept coming back and no doubt spending a small fortune in the process were such notables as Priscilla Presley, Kirstie Alley, and director Paul Haggis. Scientology, like Hollywood, breeds the in the murky waters of the desire for omnipotence and its attendant self-importance and vanity. Both are, likewise, a carefully crafted illusion that reflect nothing nothing except perhaps the hollow desperation of their respective beliefs.

Scientology Time Magazine Cover

The Academy Awards are emblematic of the vacuousness of fame where actors’ innate need for admiration and attention, given to a politically select few decided upon by other actors and directors, make up the Academy. The pomp and sanctimonious gala is mediated through the exchange of little golden idols called Oscars that represent in miniature what the actors hoped to be all along, the object of worship for millions in this country and the rest of the world. For Scientology, the illusion of its promise takes on a far more dangerous imprimatur beginning with its students signing a contract for “a billion years of service” to the church of Scientology. At what point, one may ask, does the illusionary masks worn by both thespian and Scientology alike become the master of the persona and not merely another face fitting the function of the occasion?

One of the stranger phenomenons that I’ve noticed is actors affiliated with Scientology being in a disproportionate number of movies where the mask has been a major motif. Think about it. John Travolta in the movie “Face Off”. Tom Cruise in “Vanilla Sky”, “Mission Impossible”, and the incredibly beguiling “Eyes Wide Shut”. All had depictions of masks as literal and symbolic manifestations within the movie that were key elements in the plot. What might be the significance of the mask symbolism to those within Scientology, given what we know about its inherent duplicity and ability to hide from public scrutiny behind the celebrity faces that make up its roster of adherents? Hollywood, as we’ve come to learn from former child actors like Corey Feldman and his late best friend Corey Haim, hides a dark secret behind the glitz and glamor in front of the camera. As a previous post that I wrote alluded to an interview Feldman gave and perhaps elaborates in his autobiography “Coreyography”, there are a few major Hollywood moguls, directors, and actors that are known to be pedophiles. He wouldn’t comment in terms of names, but there are some clues as to who they might be that were we to follow up on them might lead us to their door. At that point, as the FBI clearly isn’t going to do anything about it, we might as well give “To Catch A Predator” a call.

Putting the Mask On

The Order of the Skull and Bones and the Pathology of Elitism in American Life

Skull and Bones Brotherhood of Death

It’s been a long time since my last article, and there’s obviously a lot going on in the news (as ever). However, before we can even begin to understand the insanity of world events and geo-politics, I think that it’s important to focus on some of the more powerful characters and organizations whose decisions have global consequences. Para-politics or what some have dubbed the “conspiratorial” version of history, as opposed to the more standard accidental version of history, has always been concerned with certain powerful families, bloodlines, secret societies, etc. So, periodically I’m going to cover some of these shadowy groups, rogue confabs, powerful families, and various secret societies.

Perhaps I should preface this by saying that “not all secret societies have sinister purposes”. So, for instance, I personally don’t believe that members of the Order of the Golden Dawn, the Odd Fellows, the Rosicrucians, or even the vast majority of the Freemasons are “evil” or “have sinister designs” against the public at large. In fact, quite the opposite is true in many cases where lodges such as the local Shriners, Elk Club, or Scottish Rite Freemasons are engaged in philanthropic endeavors such as funding children’s hospitals and raising money for various charitable causes. Their work is to be commended. However, there are some that do have ulterior motives that could be labelled as sinister and who couldn’t care less about charitable efforts but rather only support other members, often to the detriment of others.

And, perhaps none is more infamous in that regard in this country than the “Brotherhood of Death”…otherwise known as the Order of the Skull and Bones. First, we should look at a bit of the history of Skull and Bones and trace its legacy up to the present day, where it’s members (usually no more than about 800 members alive at any given time) are virtually guaranteed success in their chosen fields. Historically, we know that the Skull and Bones Society was founded in 1832, and it was officially incorporated by the Russell Trust Association (named for William Huntington Russell) in 1856. Even today, the Russell Trust Association (RTA) practically owns Yale University, much of New Haven, Connecticut, and through fellow Bonesmen have controlling interests in many of the country’s financial institutions. According to historical accounts, the old wealth gained by the Russell Family was largely through international finance and through opium trafficking into mainland China. Previously, I discussed a bit of this history in my article dealing with “Operation Golden Lily and the Secret Legacy of the Black Eagle Trust” that mainly dealt with Japan’s looting of Asian treasure during WWII. But, before Japan’s rape of Nanking, there was British colonization and political subjugation through the opium dens that even had the Emperor hooked at one point.

William Huntington Russell

So, keep that in mind in regards to Skull and Bones. During the 1830s, William H. Russell traveled to Germany and became involved with a fascist “Death’s Head” Germanic secret society that some have speculated was a remnant of the Illuminati, which was also born in Bavaria in 1776 by a former Jesuit named Adam Weishaupt. The Order of the Illuminati were a so-called Enlightenment era secret society interested in the abolition of all religion and sought to infiltrate the lodges of Europe and even America in their goal of establishing a “One World Government” under their control and direction, of course, as “perfected and illuminated individuals”. Unfortunately, the very word “Illuminati” has become synonymous with a catchall scapegoat for all things conspiratorial. Be that as it may, even though mainstream historians consider the Illuminati as having gone extinct by 1787, it is possible that they continued under other names and absorbed themselves into various masonic lodges, which is what George Washington warned against in his commencement address to the nation.

The Skull and Bones was therefore a chapter of a sinister Germanic “Death Cult” secret society (of which we know very little about) that researcher, Anthony Sutton, simply called “The Order”. To elaborate further, Skull and Bones is known as Chapter 322 (32 stands for the year it was founded and the last 2 stands for the chapter number), which would imply that there are other chapters of the same organization. Are there other chapters of “The Order” elsewhere? Chapter 323? 324? 325? etc? While one can’t say for certain, I don’t doubt that they do (in all likelihood) exist. To gain a greater understanding of just what this “Order” is and it’s agenda, I highly recommend you listen to the author of America’s Secret Establishment: An Introduction to the Order of the Skull and Bones Society, Anthony Sutton, speaking in a rare television interview about this very subject before he died.

Introduction to the Order of the Skull and Bones book coverSecrets of the Tomb

Alexandra Robbins in her book Secrets of the Tomb, David Icke, Jim Marrs, and Ron Rosenbaum, who writes for the New York Observer, have pretty well all either stated or alluded to the idea that Skull and Bones is a kind of eugenics-inspired elitist society that functions as a springboard in funneling specific bloodlines into positions of power that one could liken to “the Eastern Establishment”. In other words, even though Skull and Bones only taps 15 students during their Junior year at Yale to be members, those who do accept and complete their initiation into the society invariably go on to become some of the most powerful and influential people in the country. We’re talking senators, supreme court judges, media moguls (Henry Luce founder of Life Magazine), captains of industry, high ranking members in the intelligence agencies particularly CIA, and even US presidents (William Howard Taft, George H.W. Bush, and George W. Bush). On this last point, we even had a situation back in 2004 where both presidential candidates were Bonesmen, John Kerry (class of 1966) and George W. Bush (class of 1968).

Bush and Kerry Both Bonesmen

Unfortunately, practically nobody in the mainstream media ever called attention to this rather shocking fact, with one of the sole exceptions being the late Tim Russert on his morning show. And, on both occasions, Russert’s questioning was simply laughed off and not really dealt with. How can you have two members of the same elite secret society running the US presidency and still think that you live in a constitutional republic, where your vote actually counts for something? Just where do you think their true allegiances lie? With the public? They always consider themselves Bonesmen first and foremost before American or Christian ever enter into the equation, assuming they ever do.

Now, let’s consider the kind of men that are forged inside the ominous brown sandstone building known as “the tomb” cryptically situated on the Yale University campus. While there’s a lot that remains unknown about what exactly takes place inside the tomb and during their macabre hazing rituals, those that have broken the Omerta code of silence about Skull and Bones have told stories of skeletal remains decorating the inside of the tomb, of scream inducing psycho-dramas, and a kind of ritualized brainwashing of members as superior that must use war and terror to manipulate the masses. Prescott Bush, grandfather of George W. Bush, even went grave digging with fellow Bonesmen and absconded with Geronimo’s bones that are still thought to be hidden somewhere at Skull and Bones’ Tomb headquarters.

Skull and Bones Tomb

Along with being morbidly obsessed with death, Skull and Bones is also virulently fascist, racist, and misogynistic…even though they have finally started begrudgingly letting in a few minorities and women. However, former Bonesmen and arch conservative personality, William F. Buckley, spoke out against letting women in because he felt it would inevitably lead to “date rape”. Plus, it’s doubtful that most women would have the stomach for things like circle jerks, mud wrestling, and mock sacrifices that are reported to be taking place inside the Tomb. In one example of a kind of sexual “confessio” called “connubial bliss”, new members must give an accounting of all of their former sexual partners and ostensibly all the juicy details, while they lay naked in a coffin. In another psycho-drama, neophytes are yelled at and abused by Bonesmen, who force them to kiss skulls and perform mock ritual killings. Ron Rosenbaum (who secretly recorded this particular scene on top of nearby rooftop) has talked about some of these psycho-dramas being performed with Bonesmen dressed up as the “Devil”, the “Pope”, and a “Don Quixote” type character.

According to Anthony Sutton, Skull and Bones have adopted a Hegelian and Machiavellian philosophy, wherein they see themselves as “superior” to the rest of mankind and must dominate, control, subjugate, and manipulate the masses in order to rule effectively. This is done with what David Icke calls the strategy (Problem-Reaction-Solution) or what Sutton refers to as (Thesis-Antithesis-Synthesis). The idea is to cause a problem (thesis) in order to get a reaction (antithesis) from the public so that you can bring about the solution (synthesis) that you had designed to incorporate all along. A good example of this strategy at work is with the so-called “War on Terror”, which is complete misnomer and sham from the start predicated on the false-flag event of 9/11.

Without delving into the specifics of the 9/11 inside job that I’ve covered (and will again) in explicit detail, after the Cold War ended…the National Security State needed a “new enemy” to bring about the goal a total global fascist state. And, by any standard of measurement, this is exactly what’s happening that (I maintain) is by design done covertly using the very methodology and strategies that I’ve been outlining. Skull and Bones represents an extremely telling case study and model example of the pathology of elite stratagems, which lead to the kind of greedy, bigoted, parasitic, corrupt, and supremacist attitudes that eventually spread to a societal level. This is the real legacy of Skull and Bones and secret societies like them. And, from my perspective, it is symptomatic of what I would call a cancer on the body politic, which ends up destroying not only the host but itself right along with it.

Skull and Bones Old Group Photo





Stanley Kubrick’s Genius, “Eyes Wide Shut”, and his Artistic Legacy 15 Years After his Death

Imagination of Stanley Kubrick

For me, today is an auspicious and important anniversary. That is because today (March 7th, 2014) marks the 15 year anniversary of the tragic and mysterious death of the man that many consider to be the greatest film director ever (myself included), Stanley Kubrick, who died on March 7th, 1999. Given what an enormous artistic influence Kubrick has been on me and the countless others that admire and respect his work, I felt compelled to write a few words in commemoration and in memory of his superb body of work and of the man himself, whom even the legendary Orson Wells once quipped- “has always appeared as some kind of giant to me.”

The $64,000 question that I suppose those for whom Kubrick has remained either a puzzling enigma or simply just another director might very well ask, “Just what was it that made Stanley Kubrick so unique in the annals of filmmakers?” Were I to have to give a short declarative answer to what is sure to be a much more complex answer, I would have to say that (for me), “Kubrick was unique precisely because he was a purist and perfectionist of the movie medium, for whom film was not merely a commercial commodity for Hollywood escapism so much as an art form in its own right…collaborative, to be sure, in the sense that all the elements had to come together under the exacting eye of the director whose aesthetic vision must predominate.” Ultimately, it is (or rather should be) the director of a picture that has final cut, and for it to have integrity and/or unadulterated merit as a work of art should not be meddled with by producers, third-party hatchet re-writes, test audiences, or the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA). And, for the most part, Stanley Kubrick maintained a rather unique relationship with Warner Brothers, wherein his films weren’t unnecessarily meddled with, particularly after his arguments with Kurt Douglas in the shooting of “Spartacus”. This is why in practically every film that followed…Stanley Kubrick was able to direct, shoot, write, and edit films his way more or less.

Clearly, “Lolita” posed some problems for him with the MPAA, in terms of how much he could show audiences in the early 60s, which were more restrictive sexually than they are today especially as it was in the Vladimir Nabokov novel. You can learn more about Nabokov’s thinking with regards to his controversial masterpiece, Lolita, by reading the Playboy interview he had with Alvin Toffler. However, certainly by 1971 and the release of the ultra-violent subversive movie, “A Clockwork Orange”, these earlier strictures had given way to the more libertine experimental artistry of the 70s and what I consider the true “Golden Age” of cinema with the freedom afforded by studios such as United Artists, which allowed the filmmaker far greater leeway in making movies his/her way prior to the blockbuster gold rush that began with Spielberg’s “Jaws” and Lucas’ “Star Wars” two years later in 1977.

Clockwork Shadows

In analyzing the Kubrick mystique, we can see that is wasn’t necessarily the subject matter that he chose (that while variable would inevitably touch upon similar themes of existential alienation, Murphy’s Law like contingencies, and dehumanization such as that brought about by control and war as depicted in “Full Metal Jacket”). What always stands out as the most dynamic characteristic of his oeuvre is the nature of his masterful cinematography technique. For the uninitiated, this technique will perhaps be unconscious, but it is there nonetheless guiding the eye shot by shot in every mise-en-scene. It is there in the long tracking shot through the trenches of WWI in “Paths of Glory”, in the perfect symmetry of the enigmatic black monolith in “2001”, in the dynamic steadi-cam work following Danny on his trike as he rides through the labyrinth-like hallways of the Overlook Hotel in “The Shining”. So much of Kubrick’s choices in cinematography and skillful use of sound compel the viewer into rapturous attention and (on occasion) into a dreamy trance-like state due the languid, decadent, and richly-hued color palate that Stanley Kubrick uses in his pictures.

Kubrick's Odyssey Part 2

This was particularly evident in his last movie, “Eyes Wide Shut”. It is this swan song of Kubrick’s that I would like to focus on in particular, since it is my belief that Stanley was releasing certain key aspects of the power elite (primarily in the scenes involving a sinister secret society) that got him into very hot water with the same. This has been speculated about on certain websites like Vigilant Citizen, and in order to have a proper understanding of just what is taking place…a working and cogent knowledge of occult ritual, symbolism, mind-control, music, history, and human psychology are all going to be exercised. So, given that this is merely a ode to the memory of Stanley Kubrick, I won’t delve into the entirety of my symbolic and theoretical analysis of this film but rather mention but a few elements that will point towards just how deep this rabbit hole goes.

EWS Official Movie Poster

First, let’s consider the names. “Eyes Wide Shut” is based on the novella Traumnovelle and deals with the inherent artifice and falsity of marriage and a sexual odyssey of sorts that results from an admission of sexual desire by the woman played by Nicole Kidman in the movie. However, the title makes no logical sense were one to stop with this nominal plot outline and appears as a kind of linguistic paradox. You want to complete the phrase “eyes wide open”, but if they’re open…how can they also be shut? Again, Kubrick is employing paradox, not simply as trickery or in the Zen sense but, to inform the audience as the proceedings that follow, insofar as they will “look” at the sumptuousness of the movie (especially with regards to the explicit sexuality), but they will not “see” beyond this to the heart of what is actually being relayed about the thin veneer of civilization’s masks that people wear in so-called polite society behind which lurks the raw pursuit of greed, power, and lust. The Hartfords are being initiated.

Bill Being Led to Where the Rainbow Ends

This is my take on it, and I’m not presumptuous enough to think that my word is final or even wholly correct. However, I merely suggest it as something to consider, particularly when you watch the Red Cloak character confront Bill Hartford at the Somerton mansion. Now, look at the characters, and you’ll see that the almost caricature nature of their persona is by design in order to act as symbolic stand-ins for what Kubrick intents to say about the falsity and pathology of consumer society in using a young, beautiful, “well-to-do” couple living on the Upper West Side of New York City. Clearly, Nicole Kidman’s character, Alice Hartford, is the more complex and sexually honest of the two, and that is why she is named “Alice” as in the Lewis Carrol heroine Alice in Wonderland. She’s the one that will lead her husband, played by Tom Cruise, out of his rigid, patriarchal normalcy and stodgy bourgeoisie lifestyle and into one that must, by necessity if their marriage is to survive, become more thoughtful and self-examined. In the “Eyes Wide Shut” special features section on the DVD, you can watch Tom Cruise, Nicole Kidman, and Steven Spielberg speak about their memory of Stanley Kubrick. Tom Cruise comes off as fairly self-absorbed (as he usually does), Spielberg is naturally very complimentary but rather boring, and Nicole Kidman (to her credit) is the only one that shows what I would characterize as real genuflection and heart-felt emotion for the loss of Stanley Kubrick, who had become something of a father figure for Kidman. This will perhaps become important in a future article but for now, take note.

Bill Hartford is the one whose eyes are “shut” to the sexual fantasies of his beautiful wife’s inner psychic depths as well as to the covert and dark power that lies behind the wealthy clientele of this rather boorish doctor’s house calls to Eastern Establishment aristocracy men like Ziegler. Incidentally, Ziegler (played by the late Sydney Pollack) means “Mason”. Could Kubrick have used this character as a leitmotif in order to depict the dangers of Freemasonry? In the case of the Bill Hartford character, he is totally materially-oriented and uses the power of his wallet to impress upon others his “status” as a doctor to open doors at every turn and pay the “Bill”. However, for all his money and success, his wealth is but a pauper’s pittance compared the opulence of the super elite that he comes into contact with at the private masked orgy. Again, symbolism is predominate throughout, and he ends up fearing for his life (and that of his family’s), when he tries to pursue his nocturnal discoveries the following day.

Caricature in Triplicate

Kubrick, as always, gives no easy answers as to what it all means. What exactly happened to the girl that stepped in to “redeem” him? Why is the costume shop owner pimping his daughter out to cross-dressing Japanese men after having acted so outraged at catching them initially? And, just who (as Ziegler puts it) are these “not just ordinary people”? All is left for the audience to attempt to decipher for themselves, as it ought to have to, in order to finally open their eyes to what is really taking place. Also, there are questions concerning the final film not yet being completed. Given that Kubrick showed a “work in progress” to Warner Bros. execs 4 days before his death and was still editing the film when he died, we can be fairly certain that the movie wasn’t completely finished, and (unfortunately) we’ll never know what the completed film would look like. We do know that the MPAA apparently forced Warner Bros. to install CGI people into the orgy sequence in order to garner an R rating, which is an obvious desecration to the film that was released without the CGI tampering for the European market.

Usually, you go into a movie with preconceived biases, expectations, and the barest attention needed to see everything you need to with the typical formulaic Hollywood fare. They’re usually at least somewhat entertaining, perhaps comfortingly sentimental, and fairly predictable, with the mind getting no more of a workout than if you were playing checkers. Contrast that with a Stanley Kubrick film, where you are confronted by a master film craftsman, a multi-layered storyline with often unsympathetic characters, and a gorgeously-composed film that nonetheless sometimes utilizes an unnerving use of color, sound, and camera work and hides more than one can perceive upon a first, second, third, and maybe even fourth glance. That is surely the lasting legacy and testament of Kubrick’s idiosyncratic style, wherein you go in thinking checkers and end up having to play 3-D chess.

Kubrick Face at Time of Death

The Primacy of Honest Discourse and the Failure of the American Mind to See Beyond Itself

Aldous Huxley Propagandist Job

While there is no shortage of juicy para-political stories floating around in the digital netherworld of the worldwide web, I wasn’t exactly sure which one was calling out to written about the most. And, there wasn’t anything (in particular) that I was passionate about covering in the recent weeks since my last post. One could argue that my peculiar regard for conspiracies had reached a point, where the usual suspects aren’t nearly as interesting as they had been prior to my having discovered them. However, novelty is a tricky trail to follow, given the obvious pitfalls that befall the erstwhile researcher in attempting to make a case where specious evidence is available. I’d much prefer to set the standard for what future historians might come to regard as cutting a swath through the matrix of media lies, propaganda, and subterfuge than fall for easy sensationalism or the faddish addiction for controversy.

Granted, nobody (myself included of course) has a monopoly on truth, and it is my fervent desire that this blog be a forum for politically-sensitive ideas, philosophies, neglected nuggets of history, and other aspects of para-political thought that probes some of the darker corners of geo-politics, skullduggery, mind-control, conspiracies, and secret societies that have largely remained hidden from public scrutiny. Unlike the corporate-controlled media and alphabet governmental agencies that I cover, I welcome peoples’ comments, ideas, criticisms, suggestions, and radical departures from so-called acceptable public discourse. Before the late, great comic Bill Hicks died- he had pitched an idea about a television show to the UK that he wanted to call the “Counts of the Netherworld“. It would provide a sort of Socratic salon, where he and a good friend of his would discuss various ideas that deviated from the social norm. Knowing Bill, it would have been philosophic, counter-cultural, satiric, and no doubt funny, given Bill’s obvious witty comedic talents. Alas, it was not to be…and Bill Hicks succumbed to pancreatic cancer in the early part of 1994. As I sit at the bohemian coffee shop, Spider House, the song “Only the Good Die Young” plays appropriately over the speaker system. Indeed, in so many incidences, this has played out as essentially true over the centuries…particularly if one considers the Dionysian archetype. The “Queen of Conspiracy” even made an excellent case that the early deaths of 1960s rock stars and counter-cultural icons such as Jimi Hendrix, Phil Ochs, Mamma Cass, Janis Joplin, Jim Morrison, and others of that era were killed as part of a government plot called “Operation Chaos” to neutralize the more radical elements of the hippie movement from challenging the status quo and US institutions.

Before you think this rambling discourse mere lazy journalism, though, allow me to implore you once again to consider a few relevant issues, which are germane to anyone who would be a seeker of truth, albeit in the subjective sense. Great and profound truths need not be too complex, as Zen and the aphorisms of Confucius will attest. However, neither are they simplistic. More often than not, truth appears quite suddenly like a radiant gem shining among gray rocks under the light of focused attention, where prior to said attention it wasn’t even noticed. Is this not the role of the academic scholar? Unfortunately, his diligent studies are often too narrow and specialized to see anything except fossilized bones studied under the microscope of an eye that is just as often fogged, as William Blake said in his quote about the “mind fogged manacle”. This statement relates to what we have been conditioned to believe. And, it is this conditioned mindset that is so cluttered with so-called authoritative thoughts from parents, teachers, celebrities, corporate spokesmen, media talking heads, politicians, scientists, and other conditioned minds that keep us collectively regurgitating what our particular cultural civilization wants us to regurgitate. Pretty soon, our conditioning becomes so complete, so thorough, so ingrained into what we call our personalities that we become walking caricatures of television/movie characters…animated mannequins or mechanical animals.

Why is this important? It’s important for quite a lot of reasons, but for one thing…it’s important to the extent that any deviation from the norm is sharply beaten down not merely by government agencies spying on our every move (though that can happen) but ourselves. In other worlds, we become our own policemen, our own NSA, our own bullies promoting nothing so much as the sterile, unimaginative, conformity of the status quo. We are then, quite literally, in a conspiracy against ourselves…namely our own uniqueness of attitude, of ideas, of behavior, or anything else that constitutes our soul-given character. This homogenization is then easily manipulated by the propagandists, the corporate hucksters, the fear-mongering media, the psychiatric brain butchers, and the agents of political and psychological repression in whatever way they choose to direct and mold it. As the Minister of Propaganda for the Nazi Party, Joseph Goebbels, said- “The bigger the lie, the better the chance that people will believe it.” Lies, fear, diversion, misdirection, manipulation, and other techniques of psychological control become the currency of the state and the means to political repression in more ways than ordinarily thought of.

So, for instance, the very word “conspiracy” has been demonized to such an extent in the minds of the public by the media framing it within the context of “crazy theories” that it is rare to find an individual, who has escaped this mechanism of this linguistic pejorative to recognize what is actually being said on their merits. Even the objective pretensions of mainstream science has been shown, on occasion, to be subject to political and corporate ulterior motives. Just look at the obvious collusion of the FDA swearing off on GMOs as being considered equivalent to normal produce as just one example of this corrupt collusion taking place, despite plenty of evidence to the contrary. However, to question science’s often reductionist ideological bias, greed-driven considerations, technocratic leanings (and hence anti-environmental bent), and myopic compartmentalized and often militaristic focus is to invite cries of communist, luddite, and probably even terrorist in these post-911 days of fear-based hysteria.

Science, for all the good that its done, has on the whole failed the human race for these very reasons however. Let’s not forget that medical science (despite its laudable advancements in emergency care) kills around a million people a year, if you factor all the unnecessary surgeries, hospital super viruses, misdiagnosis of illnesses, body destroying radiation and chemo treatments for cancer patients, and deaths from all the prescription drugs out there given how toxic these drugs actually are. And, our energy science hasn’t advanced all that significantly in the past 100 years given our current dependence on oil (that wars are fought over), coal (that pollutes our air and waterways), and nuclear power (that thanks to the Fukushima catastrophe could spell the end for millions of people globally just as it already has for the Pacific marine life).

Are these facts of history the mere result of the fallible but always genuine striving of the human race to improve civilization, or are there more nefarious considerations afoot? While it has been said that “to err is human”, one might rightly ask- “how many times must we err about the same things before we realize that it goes beyond human err and into what we could call a conscious desire to keep the human race enslaved, broken, fragmented, fearful, sick, and under the thumb of those handful of powerful men that make the real decisions that will affect the lives of billions of people often to their detriment?” Most people, on average, therefore are generally well-meaning. They want to live happy, prosperous lives, take care of their families, and all the rest. However, as well-meaning and good intentioned as they might be, they have failed to enlighten themselves about just about everything outside their own banal and superficial lives. They sense an overall failure in their given institutions, but they can’t quite figure out why. And, they’re generally not that interested in figured it out through focused study and certainly not by organizing an alternative. They are often disenfranchised by the systems that govern their lives, but this alienation lead them stupid addictions be it alcohol, drugs, pornography, food, etc.

In other words, there is never a comprehensive accounting of not only their own purposeless lives but also the aimlessness by which society leads its collective lives. Instead, the newer generation cares for nothing save itself and its gadgets, as I’ve alluded to earlier in my comments about gadget fetishism. It needs constant entertainment, anxiously seeks further diversionary thrills, and can’t really focus all that well on building a solid framework by which to grow a viable base of knowledge whether of a practical, esoteric, or spiritual nature. It wants nothing so much as to gratify its appetites and vices, but it has lost its sense for community, for principles, for wisdom, for eloquence, for a shared ethic and purpose by which to evolve both individually and collectively as an intelligent species.

This is, from my standpoint at least, quite a disturbing trend that I see only getting worse before it gets any better (assuming of course that it ever does). I want nothing to do with it and doubt that I ever did. In a very real sense, I am at an impasse wherein the desire to want to fulfill the epitome of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs of self-actualization that necessitates playing a purpose-driven role within society has given way to feelings of despair in the future should we fail to gain our collective bearings. Alas, I will continue the best that I can to aid in the betterment of my fellows, while attempting to keep my cynicism to a minimum. But, I wonder if people can even be saved this late in the game or perhaps more profoundly whether or not they even should be.

Bill Hicks

Bill Hicks (Photo credit: Morgacito)

Was the Washington D.C. Navy Yard Shooter, Aaron Alexis, a Target of Mind-Control?

Aaron Alexis and the StateIt’s been a long time since I’ve blogged about anything (a whole month in fact), as I’ve been busy working on a book project for a friend of mine. However, a hell of a lot has happened in just that short amount of time, and one thing in particular is literally screaming at me to write about it. Needless to say, were I to not blog about it, I would be remiss in my duties as a journalist covering para-political subject matters. I’m speaking of course of the Aaron Alexis shooting at a Washington D.C. Naval Yard, where Alexis shot and killed 13 people before finally being shot himself. To say that this case smacks of a mind-controlled MK-ULTRA-like shooter would be something of an understatement. But, I’m sure most people will believe whatever ABC, NBC, CBS, and CNN tells them to think about this 2nd largest shooting on a US military base after Ft. Hood. However, as I’ll show, even the mainstream media is having a hard time ignoring the “truth” about this particular case, even if they have usually marginalized (if not ignored) the most important facet to understanding the story.

First, we should ask ourselves- “Who was Aaron Alexis? And, more importantly, why did he go on a murderous rampage with a 12-guage Remington shotgun against fellow civilian contractors?” By most accounts, Aaron Alexis was described by those that knew him as something of a loner and a somewhat angry man, who lived in Ft. Worth prior to taking his fatal trip to Washington D.C. Although he was given an honorable discharge from the Navy in 2007 for various low-level and seemingly innocuous infractions, on the surface (at least) it didn’t appear that he was the walking time bomb that he would eventually become. After all, he was a practicing Buddhist, which is the only religion that’s never started a war. So, what could cause a 34-year-old black man, who adhered to the peaceful tenets of Buddhism to suddenly snap? As Secretary of Defense, Chuck Hagel, is now admitting…there were plenty of warning signs that weren’t acted on. And, later when Alexis was no longer a naval reservist but instead working for a computer systems contractor called “The Experts”, he still had a “Secret” level security clearance and a valid I.D. card for entering the base.

According to Alexis, he got into a verbal altercation with a strange man at the airport, and he later told the Newport, Rhode Island police that he was subsequently being attacked with an electronic beam weapon of sorts, hearing voices, feeling vibrations, etc. The people that are attacked and electronically harassed by various frequency-generating devices have come to be known in the murky world of para-politics as “Targeted Individuals” and (despite media obfuscation and denial) some form of electronic mind control has been in existence, since at least the late 1930s when Dr. Jose Delgado was experimenting with remote controlling a bull implanted with an implantable brain chip. He would go on to write the rare, early classic book on the field called Physical Control of the Mind: Toward a Psychocivilized Society, which Zbigniew Brzezinski adopted for his Machiavellian political philosophy in Between Two Ages: America’s Role in the Technetronic Era. The mind-control experiments, gleaned from the work of men like Jose Delgado and Nazis such as Joseph Mengele the infamous “Angel of Death” who ended up escaping justice to live in Paraguay, went towards training guys like Dan Mitrione and Larry Layton (both of whom were known agents for the the CIA) in brainwashing and controlling future stooges working in close connection with the CIA such as the cult leader Jim Jones.

Aaron Alexis also visited the ER of a VA hospital in Newport, Rhode Island on August 26th three weeks before the shooting at the D.C. Naval Yard ostensibly for insomnia. According to the LA Times, the Newport Police Department even warned the Navy in Newport on August 7th that Alexis was a security risk, since he was claiming to be “hearing voices” and “hallucinating”, due to unseen people following him that were using a “microwave weapon” on him. He was known to be put on psychiatric medication at the time. If you remember correctly, one of the Columbine School shooters, Eric Harris, was also on an anti-depressant drug, Zoloft, (later prescribed Luvox that was in his system at the time of his death), and it is an open secret that known side-effects from many of these anti-depressant drugs include “aggression”, “depersonalization”, “hallucination”, “mania”, and “psychosis”. So, what role did psycho-pharmaceutical drugs, Alexis was taking, play in this shooting? We might not ever know, but it certainly does add yet another twist to the story. The use of pharmaceutical drugs in brainwashing and creating unwitting accomplices in violent acts is not as far fetched as it might initially appear, given the history of psychiatry and their role in just these kinds of programs in the past such as Ewen Cameron’s mind-control brainwashing experiments on patients in a Canadian hospital under the auspices of the CIA’s MK-ULTRA program.

We might also ask- “Why was the Capital Police Containment and Emergency Response Team (CERT) that are a well-trained and heavily armed security force protecting the US Congress told they couldn’t enter the Naval Yard, when they were less than a minute away from the gate?” One would assume that during an emergency such as this, particularly one so close to the sensitive nexus of governmental power as Washington D.C., that any bureaucratic red tape of law enforcement jurisdiction wouldn’t have stood in the way of CERT being allowed to take out Alexis and potentially save numerous lives in the process. However, they were told to stand down by the Capital Police Chief. Why? Also, it was reported by the media that the communications between the various law enforcement agencies weren’t working during the time that Alexis was killing people with a shotgun. Again, we are asked to believe that this was also just a mere technical failure.

However, the “smoking gun” to me was the fact that Alexis was reported to have scrawled the words “Better off this Way!” and “My ELF” on the stock of his shotgun. And, as I’ve already alluded to in this post, ELF clearly stands for “Extremely Low Frequency”. The Obama Administration has been voraciously attacking the 2nd Amendment and pushing for more “gun control” legislation, and this gives them that much more ammunition to restrict gun ownership…if you’ll pardon the pun. So far, we’ve had a series of “shooter incidents” including the Aurora Joker shooter (a patsy for an assault by other unknown masked characters), the Sikh Temple shooting, and the Sandy Hook school shooting (that based on my investigation might not have even taken place…and certainly not in the way that we’re being told).

Also, keep in mind that this was all going on in Washington D.C. during the political backdrop of heated debate over the chemical weapons attack on civilians in the town of Ghouta near the Damascus region of Syria that Obama was quick to blame on Syrian president, Bashar al-Assad. So, what better way to divert congressional opposition (so to speak) into an attack of a sovereign nation than to stage a psy-op attack in the nation’s capital in order to garner sympathy for this idiotic unilateral attack? Looking deeper into this, however, it becomes clear that it wasn’t Assad’s government at all that attacked the civilians but rather the Al-Qaeda rebels themselves that used the sarin gas on the town, and themselves in an accident, that killed about a dozen of the jihadists. These chemical weapons were given to them by Saudi Intelligence and specifically by Prince Bandar, who acts a liaison for the the Saudi Royals and the US State Department.¬† Fortunately, Syria has some powerful allies…foremost of among whom is Vladamir Putin of Russia, who wrote a New York Times editorial about why the US should exercise diplomacy in regards to Syria. Sometimes, it might very well take a tough bully like Putin to put another bully like Obama and the US world police army in check. And, if there’s one thing I’ve learned over the years, it’s that you should never play chess with a Russian, especially when the geo-political stakes are this high and your reason for attacking is based on a lie.

Classic Banned TV Documentary “Conspiracy of Silence” is a Must See

The next logo of Discovery Channel from 1995-2000.

The next logo of Discovery Channel from 1995-2000. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

My last blog post dealt with the ultra-secret and wealthy enclave of powerful international elites meeting in the UK for their annual Bilderberg conference, which invariably decides much of what becomes global economic and geo-political policy. However, many of these same people are also involved in far darker agendas behind closed doors than merely manipulating global policy for their own greed and globalist aggrandizement. With great power comes great corruption and quite often the means to cover it up. And, one of worst aspects of these sycophants is their penchant for pedophilia as I’ve previously related in the story about Corey Feldman. Once excellent example of this was the Franklin Cover-up that was originally written about by a former Senator of Nebraska, John DeCamp. It involved members of high society in Omaha, Nebraska including the editor of the main newspaper and a rising star in the GOP named Larry King, who used children from Boys Town for sadistic sex parties. Larry King was later indicted for his role in a banking scandal, wherein he laundered money and stole millions in a botched S&L scam, but he was never brought to justice for his much more egregious sexual abuse of young boys. Later on, a British film crew working with Yorkshire was tasked with making a documentary about the whole sordid affair for eventual airing on the Discovery Channel after first airing in the UK and Ireland. Instead, after having found that there indeed existed a massive pedophile network that had links going all the way to high-ranking congressmen and possibly the White House, enough pressure was put to bear that the Discovery Channel pulled the plug on funding for the documentary and reimbursed the film crew, who never completed it. The film was actually chopped up and thrown in a trash can only to be fished out and pieced back together from someone. While a few pieces are still missing, most of it was salvaged and preserved well enough to make for a riveting hour long documentary. To date, it has never aired on network or cable television. However, it remains an important monument to this country’s suppression of harsh truths as well as an important historical document into the sick mindset of some highly-placed members of American establishment that runs all the way to the corridors of power in Washington D.C. and beyond.

Who Runs Hollywood? 3 Celebrities Speaking About Mind-Control


English: Corey Feldman at the Sugar Cane Club ...

English: Corey Feldman at the Sugar Cane Club in Las Vegas, Nevada on January 8, 2010 – Photo by Glenn Francis of (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Tom and Jerry Cartoon Shows Who Runs Hollywood

Sometimes children’s cartoons can tell you more about reality than the so-called reality-based TV, given the latitude of action that executives have when they’re programming your children. In fact, the very word “programming” tells you just about everything that you need to know about the true function of television. And, when you consider how thoroughly brainwashed and brain dead millions of people in this country are, I would say that the greatest mind-control device (TV) the world has ever known is working quite well in this capacity.

While Disney remains the undisputed king of mind-control programming through their many movies, TV shows, and theme parks that incorporate subliminal messages throughout- I found an interesting YouTube clip of a “Tom and Jerry” cartoon that gives me the impression that maybe all this talk about the Illuminati using Hollywood and other media to subliminally program people (particularly kids) isn’t so far fetched after all. What’s striking about this short video is how brazenly open that it depicts known symbolism associated with the Illuminati/NWO such as the pyramid with the All-Seeing-Eye that acts as both an intercom system and a headdress for the soulless corporate executives in this scene.

Although I suspect that some may assume that this is just a form of artistic license, I can tell you that Hollywood insiders like Roseanne Barr, Corey Feldman, and Dave Chappelle will beg to differ on that account. Think about what these celebrities are saying first before you pass judgement. Roseanne talks about MK-ULTRA in Hollywood. This would seem to explain why people like Britney Spears, a former Mickey Mouse Club member, might have such a public meltdown given what we know about trauma-based mind-control. Corey Feldman says that the #1 problem in Hollywood is “pedophilia” and he claims that he’s going to release a book soon that names two of his childhood abusers. His close childhood actor friend Corey Haim was apparently one of its many victims, which quite possibly led to his death. Finally, Dave Chappelle famously walked away from $55 million and a 3rd season of Chappelle Show on Comedy Central skirting out to Africa.

So, perhaps (if you have any kids of your own) you might want to ask yourself- “Just what kinds of messages are my children absorbing these days from these TV shows and movies?” And, if you’re an adult, you might want to ask yourself- “Just who are these people that are really running Hollywood and TV studios these days?” You might be surprised what you find.

Joseph Barbera first worked at MGM, as one of ...

Joseph Barbera first worked at MGM, as one of the directors of the Tom and Jerry shorts. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Psychopathology of Civilized Life – A Brief Primer on Native Solutions to Modern Problems

Home of the SlaveWe are, it seems, being strangled as a heterogeneous society by a rope tugged upon by the political and corporate elites of our day and made stronger by an academic and scientific establishment, who fashion the vise-like threads that bind us. Whether these nooses around our collective necks are made of steel cables as they are in fascist states or velvet ropes as they are in so-called democratic ones- it makes little difference in the long run given the restrictive lack of latitude of thought and action either way.

After all, what earthly good is it to think and envision more utopian modes of living in the US when we are under the iron rule of bureaucratic governments, who along with the economic necessities imposed by the monied cartels of banks and everyday finance enslave all to a life of wage slavery or neo-feudalism? Such is the implicit law of the urban jungle, where the fattest cats live and prosper by devouring the weaker and smaller prey beneath them in a fierce competition for finite resources. That over half the world’s population lives in abject poverty working 16 hour days very often to support the voracious appetite of the comparatively wealthy few is considered “just the way things are”, as if to say that this kind of life is not only fair but normal.

One could make a very convincing argument that “psychopathy”, which is the mental disorder whereby one has an inability to feel empathy or compassion for other people, is becoming somewhat enshrined as a value in today’s society. After all, we are taught from a very early age in fact that violence is the way to solve your problems, that the poor deserve to have nothing, that compassion is a sign of weakness, that indifference to the suffering of others is “normal”, that winning at all costs by being the most aggressive and vicious competitor in sports, jobs, dating, and life, in general, is the only way to succeed and thrive. Hollywood movies, TV shows, internet chat groups, video games, etc. all promote this kind of dog-eat-dog world, where “only the strong” survive. This isn’t to say that a certain amount of friendly competition isn’t good and healthy in games and life, but only to suggest that constantly stressing this reptilian-brain “fight or flight” mode of Darwinian existence all the time when most of the necessities for survival (at least in places like the US) have been met is not only unnecessarily stressful, it’s downright stupid and counterproductive.

Clearly, Western corporate and financial elites see little to concern themselves with this state of global affairs. The only real disputes are centered around which countries, or rather powerful elites, get the lion-share of the spoils from various wars waged against countries with rich resources to exploit, ideologies to suppress, or indigenous peoples to slaughter. This, after all, is the business of the “march of progress” made up of mostly light-skinned people against the darker races of people, and to question the foundation tenets upon which this system operates is tantamount to heresy in this civilization. It isn’t merely racism, sexism, and religious bigotry that fuels this kind of world, however, but rather these xenophobic tendencies spring from an ingrained and indoctrinated psychopathology that runs counter to our ingrained sense of “fair play” and conscience later on in life.

Children, for instance, are taught to hate..they don’t come out of the womb like that. Look at children before the age of around 5 or 6, and you’ll still be able to see the wonderment, the joy, and compassion in their eyes. Now, look at those same kids 10 years later, and it will almost certainly be completely gone…replaced usually with a look of resentment, anger, and cynicism. Where did their joy and love of life go? While the innocence of youth is usually thought of a naivety and ignorant folly in today’s neurotic society, adulthood isn’t meant to be equated with intolerance, hatred, bigotry, and psychopathy. Quite the contrary. The ego-centrism of childhood is supposed to give way to more altruistic and compassionate feelings in later adulthood, as it did for the native Americans (for instance) before the missionaries taught them shame and guilt.

Now, parents and religious strictures teach shame and guilt to children about their “dirty” bodies, about the “sinful” nature of sexuality, about their opinions, etc. Parents, claiming to love their children, are taught to beat their children…so they do. This¬† in turn creates a dichotomy of emotions within their children, who rely of mommy’s love on the one hand and fear her wrath on the other.Daddy’s wrath is, if anything, even greater and more bewildering, since it is often slow to build and irrationally unleashed with brutal consequences later in life. This doesn’t even touch on the obvious forms of child abuse that include things like torture, abandonment, and sexual abuse. However, I suspect that it is a lot more common than we have any inkling of in our “Hear No Evil, See No Evil” way of life.

Naturally, parents have been conditioned by their culture to “civilize” their children…that is to say “tame” them by making them behave a certain way that society thinks necessary for them to join the ranks of the walking wage slave dead. So, they follow the will of society’s expectations and punish little Billy for talking too loud, for getting dirty in the yard, for playing when he’s supposed to study, for not paying attention, for being rowdy and rambunctious, for saying a swear word he probably heard from dad, for jumping on the bed, for breaking a glass, for laughing about something that’s crude, for playing with his wee-wee, for not coming immediately when called to, for not keeping still at the dinner table, for belching, for acting too spontaneously, for being silly, etc.

Of course, these actions (in and of themselves) are merely the expressions of a child’s spontaneous actions, which imply no malice or evil whatsoever. However, they run counter to society’s expectations and hence parental expectations. So, they are yelled and beaten out of them. Later on, when the child becomes an adolescent, little of their true self remains intact, and their fragmented selves are fraught with neurosis, resentment, and occasionally psychosis. But, this is “normal”, right? If they continue to express themselves against societal norms, they are usually put a regimen of psychoactive drugs such as Ritalin, Prozac, Zoloft, or some other Class II pharmaceutical medication in order to modify his unruly behavior and get him to obey his/her authority figures, who know what’s best. And, if that still doesn’t work to brow-beat him/her into submission- they’re usually locked up in some psychiatric prison or sent to some penitentiary somewhere. And, yet hardly anyone questions this form of child rearing in our supposedly enlightened society, a society that is getting progressively more psychotic mind you.

And yet, question it I must as a matter of conscience and philosophic integrity as a human being. Is not there a common humanity among us? Should not we find that shared ethic as sentient creatures of a common ancestry, if not in biology at least in spirit? The civilized countries would claim they are sophisticated and benevolent in bringing their supreme culture, religions, educational institutions, medicine, and technology to the barbarous heathen native peoples, who live like ignorant savages. That is what we are taught about them, at least, and it is as much a part of our popular imagination as our own smug sense of superiority. And yet, native peoples didn’t have prisons, psychiatric wards, juvenile delinquency, drug addiction, rashes of teenage suicides, mental breakdowns, etc. that so-called “civilized” nations do, especially the US that leads the world in prisoners by far. Our solution, therefore, to problems is to make war on them…”The War on Drugs”, “The War on Terror”, “The War on Poverty”. Did we ever stop to think that perhaps it is our collective propensity to “make war” that might be one of our problems in the first place?

Naturally, it never occurs to us that our monotheistic religions are just as superstitious and certainly more pathologically hypocritical in their blood lust practiced by men claiming virtuous divine authority. Nor are we conscious of indigenous peoples’ ability to heal themselves quite readily and effectively using plants, herbs, and natural remedies devoid of the often debilitating emotional and physical side-effects that allopathic Western medicine has on man, including some 100,000 deaths per year from the recommended dosage of prescription drugs.

Our culture is driven to incessantly chase money, materialism, status, and amusements of every sort, and its inherent artificiality and hollowness of substance along with the rapidity with which it’s being foisted on us is killing us (death by a million cuts as it were). Most people at least feel that things aren’t right with us, some have even taken steps to remedy their own lives, but very few have understood what we can do to cure the greater societal ills and collective psychosis, since it is much larger and pervasive than one individual. This isn’t to say that people are homogenous..far from it. Everyone brings their own individual personalities, experiences, and enculturation to bear upon their unique circumstances in life. Clearly, some are more adaptive and versatile than others just as some are more rigid and ignorant.

However, I am interested in how homogenous environments affect different people to the extent that certain trends and patterns can be perceived and determined to exist within society. That is to say- “To the extent that our environmental context remains very similar, if not the same, and our conscious perception relatively the same given our biology and cognitive function, how does our civilized and by now highly artificial environment affect us on an emotional, physical, and psychic level?” Can we look dispassionately and detached enough from our own cultural conditioning to even begin to make an informed and observant diagnosis of homo-civilus’ pathology? Or, are we doomed to look at such a question through the collective hypnosis that this term implies?

While I am in no way free completely from the totality of my culture’s insipid programming (who is?), I often find myself radically questioning the pillars of Western civilization with a zeal and fierceness that I rarely hear reflected in others. Perhaps others are much more critical in private, but unless we openly and quite publicly question, challenge, and even rebel against these implicit assumptions of civilization- we won’t advance and evolve beyond what I see are the major obstacles to human consciousness and liberation.