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Railroaded: The Trials, Populism, Brutal Honesty, Imprisonment and Redemption of Rep. James Traficant

Traficant on the Congressional Floor

In my previous article, I wrote about reporters, insiders, researchers, and various whistle-blowers of one stripe or another, who paid the ultimate price for attempting to tell us (the American public) the truth about corruption, malfeasance, and coverups in high places. Rest assured, the powers that be (sociopaths and psychopaths that they are) have no qualms about killing someone or even large numbers of people in order to squash a bombshell truth from being released and then predictably calling it an accident or a suicide. However, there are occasions when the figure in question is simply what you could call a nuisance and outspoken “troublemaker” or radical critic of government overreach even within the corridors of power itself. And, when this occurs, there are often less deadly ways of getting rid of them.

So, for instance, if they can’t be bribed, cajoled, or blackmailed by people above them…they might simply be fired and their homes ransacked the way former NSA whistle-blower Thomas Drake was after he protested their unconstitutional domestic spying operations before the Ed Snowden leaks became common knowledge. Or, perhaps they’ll be drug through a long, arduous, and costly legal battle the way former Assistant Secretary of HUD (Housing and Urban Development), Catherine Austin Fitts, was for attempting to audit her department’s fraudulent financial statements. Fortunately, she was able to finally win her case and eventually learn about how departmental agencies such as hers were being used as slush funds for CIA black budget operations…legally!

If you’re in the US Congress, you’re expected to play the game of mindless ineptitude, corporate graft, and other partisan “business as usual” bullshit so indicative of life on Capitol Hill. You’re obviously not supposed to cause too much consternation and problems for the Pentagon, the FBI, the CIA, the IRS, or any other ingrained and entrenched bureaucracy of US imperial empire. However, a few intrepid souls do just that, and that’s when the heat comes down on their heads whether they expect it or not. For Rep. James Traficant, it was perhaps only a matter of time and opportunity as to when the Department of Justice (a misnomer if there ever was one) went after him on bogus, trumped-up charges of bribery, racketeering, and tax evasion until they had him in front of a congressional ethics committee fighting not only for his seat in the House but to remain a free man.

It was a fight that he unfortunately lost, and he was forced to serve 7 years in a federal penitentiary beginning in 2002. However, it’s what led up to his railroading out of the US Congress and imprisonment that interest me and hopefully you, since his case is very instructive in many ways. Interestingly enough, Jim Traficant gained significant notoriety for successfully representing himself in a RICO case where he was accused of taking bribes from the mob that he maintained was part of an investigatory sting operation. As the city’s tough no nonsense Sheriff of Mahoning County, Traficant was popular with his solid working-class constituents, especially when he refused to evict people from their homes after severe economic conditions created a lot home foreclosures. Jim Traficant decided to run for a US congressional seat in the Youngstown district and won. He quickly became a pariah on the Hill for his brash comments often hilariously aimed at his congressional colleagues.

Once, after being trounced on the floor of the House by fellow Congressmen for his style and manner, he walked to the podium and proclaimed- “As far as I’m concerned, you’re all a bunch of political prostitutes!” This caused a scandal that echoed through the halls of the capitol like a donkey having sex with an elephant (which has fascinating political implications all it’s own). The normally sedate House was suddenly aroused sufficiently from its intellectual slumber to stir itself into a combination of confusion as to what exactly he had said and anger over what some had actually heard. When he was corned outside by reporters, one news stringer asked him pointedly, “Tell us how you really feel, Sheriff.” He very sardonically replied, “I’d like to apologize to all the hookers of America for associating them with the US House…” So, you’ve got to the love the guy just for his sharp humorous wit, and it would be often in his career when humor alone would seem to alleviate the seriousness of the charges leveled against him.

Over the years, he would tackle some very thorny and controversial issues with his characteristic bravado, swagger, and brutal honesty. During the Clinton years, he would make a lifelong enemy of Attorney General Janet Reno and the FBI by vehemently criticizing their catastrophic debacle at Waco and Ruby Ridge (as I profiled in an earlier post). Both Ruby Ridge, where the FBI killed Randy Weaver’s wife as she held her infant in the doorway, and Waco, where the Branch Davidian compound was burned to the ground after Bradley tanks shot CS gas into the building that easily ignited, were public relations disasters for the FBI. However, for all their bluster, coverups, corruption, and now mass homicide, very little was done to actually punish the guilty parties responsible and rein in the abuse of the FBI, along with what some saw as heavy handed assaults on the US citizens’ liberty. By being one of the FBI’s staunchest critic to anyone that would listen, Traficant was no doubt “Public Enemy #1” within the US Congress and very likely targeted in a covert effort to entrap him in some kind of scandal.

Targeted- James Traficant

He also went after the hated IRS and their fraudulent wage garnishments, property leins, and home seizures, particularly since their jackboot tactics and audits were ruining peoples’ lives. According to Jim Traficant, the thing that he is most proud of is passing a bill with then Texas Congressman Bill Archer, which puts the burden of proof of tax liability on the IRS rather than on the citizen. This single piece of legislation was able to reduce the number of houses seized by the IRS from 10,073 down to 57 in one year!! Given that the IRS is really the enforcement arm of the Federal Reserve that supplies the Treasury with “notes” that it expects to receive interest on, the US government uses the IRS to collect on the debt that it creates every time it borrows money and then fleeces the public to pay back. As the late, great Aaron Russo once said about IRS (an acronym), “It Really Sucks!” So, anytime anyone in government does something to rein in the IRS besides merely protecting Wall Street crooks in hiding their money in off-shore accounts…I applaud them.

The next potentially grave enemy that Jim Traficant made was with the state of Israel and the very powerful lobby AIPAC (American Israeli Political Affairs Committee). While you might not have ever heard of AIPAC, the truth is that America’s unwavering allegiance, support, and loyalty to Israel in the face of global criticism for their treatment of the Palestinians is no accident. It is the result of powerful lobbies such as AIPAC, Mossad spy infiltration of the US, and other Zionist front groups like the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), Anti-Defamation League (ADL), and B’nai B’rith. One point of major controversy in the already contentious career of Rep. Jim Traficant came when a family approached him and asked that he look into a case that they were fighting on behalf of a man that had been charged with being a prisoner guard at one of the Nazi concentration camps during WWII.

The Israelis claimed that he worked at Treblinka and was known as “Ivan the Terrible”, based on his sadistic enjoyment of torturing the prisoners there. However, the family told Trafficant that this man, who went by the name of John Demjanjuk, was not “Ivan the Terrible” as the Israelis had claimed. According to photos that the family showed Traficant of both Demjanjuk and “Ivan the Terrible”, there was a prominent scar on the neck of the Ukrainian guard but not on Demjanjuk’s. The family of Demjanjuk had told Jim that they approached him last about it because they knew how much the Congress hated him, but they didn’t know where else to turn as everybody else in the House and Senate had turned down their request to look into the case. Traficant was sufficiently convinced of their case that he took the evidence to Tel Aviv and presented it to the Israeli Supreme Court, who finally agreed that Demjanjuk was not the right guy and (to their credit) released him from prison into Traficant’s custody on a plane back to the US. For this act of courage and justice, he was smeared by the press as someone who, to even care about the case, was thought to have “anti-Semitic blood”.

Demjanjuk in Israeli Court

I heard about all this one night while watching C-SPAN back in early 2001 before 9/11 would irrevocably change the world and political landscape. Jim Traficant recounted many stories he had had throughout his colorful career at Cleveland’s City Club, and I’ve still got most of his talk on VHS tape somewhere (see the whole hour long speech archived by C-SPAN in the hyperlink to follow). It’s still a great talk, full of interesting anecdotes, humorous asides, and emotional statements like “What happened to America? What is America? Do people still govern here? I think not. The government is coming after people, and this needs to stop.” Shortly after 9/11, he would be charged in the House with breaking the rules of the Ethics Committee by accepting money through his staffers that the House claimed he was unable to account for. These hearings were also largely televised on C-SPAN, and I recorded all the ones that I could as I knew at the time that they were really the result of what he had been talking about before.

When his case went before a judge in an Ohio criminal court, he wasn’t even allowed to cross examine the so-called witnesses against him that he later found out were pressured by the FBI to give false testimony. He also wasn’t allowed to bring in his own witnesses and evidence that would clearly have exonerated him in the eyes of the jury and was essentially convicted in a kangaroo court, where a grave miscarriage of justice served him into an 7-year prison sentence. However, now that he’s out, he continues to fight the good fight against what he sees is criminal corruption within the White House, court system, FBI, and US Congress among other usual suspects on shows like Greta van Sustern and Alex Jones. And, to top it all off, he even ran for his old congressional seat, which would have been another first. I can see the headlines now- “Ex-Felon James Traficant Wins Old Seat in the House next to Soon to Be Felons”. Now, you know just about the only guy that I would consider voting for. Traficant for President in 2016!

Traficant before Reporters





Martyred in the Name of Truth (A Short List of Para-Political Murders) Part 1

John Lennon We Live in a World

In annals of para-politics, there have been many researchers, journalists, politicians, hackers, and various whistle-blowers of governmental/corporate malfeasance and corruption that have been “suicided” (to use a CIA term). This means that, in the process of uncovering massive corruption, cover ups, or otherwise earth-shaking information, they were murdered by the powers that be (often in a black-ops style hit), and the death was summarily ruled a suicide by the subsequent investigation, which is usually the final cover up of whatever explosive information the victim was planning on revealing.

One could make a very convincing argument that for agencies like the CIA assassination has been perfected through decades of practice so extensively…that making a murder look like a suicide or at the least controlling the investigation into it has become standard operating procedure. After all, there are quite a lot of ways to kill somebody these days and make it look like an accident or suicide. You can be thrown from a high rise building the way biological scientist Frank Olsen or Secretary of the Navy James Forrestal were. You can be given cancer or a heart attack via an injection or poisonous dart the way that Oswald’s killer, Jack Ruby, or even probably musical revolutionary, Bob Marley, were quite likely killed.

Of course, the easiest way to kill someone and make it look like a suicide is simply with a gunshot to the head. The problem is when there’s more than one fatal shot or when the gun that’s claimed to be the one used during the suicide doesn’t even have any fingerprints from the victim on it and/or the ballistics don’t match as in the notoriously suspicious Vince Foster case. And, therein lies the rub (if you’ll pardon the rather mafia-like pun). For the people below, these mysterious coincidences pile up one on top of another, quite often to the point that it becomes damn near impossible to deny that they weren’t murdered for what they were about to reveal. After all, what they had already revealed was pretty juicy to the erstwhile conspiracy researcher and intolerable to the power elite.

Taken individually, they mean next to nothing…just another person dead in the obituary column of life’s long procession line to the grave. However, looked at not only in context but also the frequency at which these strange deaths invariably occur, these murders that are ruled a suicide or an accident become something that suggests something far more sinister than one lone death ever could. They serve to remind us that the corrupt architects of power are afraid of being challenged, pursued, and exposed for what they are. Their real power is in manipulating and hypnotizing the public into believing that they are powerless to challenge their authority, which resides solely in the illusionary perception of the masses. And, when their power is unmasked, challenged, or otherwise usurped by an intrepid individual that attempts to wrest power away from the evil and greedy few in order to distribute it more equitably among the masses, this brotherhood of darkness, in all its many guises, isn’t against using bribery, treachery, threats of violence, and even murder itself to achieve their ends as you’ll soon see.

But, when enough people stand up to this monster (especially the monster of fear that resides in all of us) and confronts these people head on, they will inevitably be vanquished, since we far outnumber them and most of their power exists in the fear-based victim mentality our own minds besides. We still must not forget that these people have no moral inhibitions against killing as many people as it takes to preserve their rank and power. So, while compassion and conscience are what distinguish “us” from “them” quite often, we naturally shouldn’t fool ourselves into thinking these people are wholly like ourselves, insofar as they often lack those attributes that make them feel empathy for their fellow human beings.

Nothing should be construed here as prima facie evidence, as even here there are probable murders that don’t warrant a conspiracy to explain them (as in the case of Eugene Mallove). And, neither can it always be said that every victim is a hero, insofar as they aren’t always savory characters themselves (as the case of Roberto Calvi clearly shows). However, by and large, the following list of people are worthy of our admiration, respect, and love as those, who paid the ultimate sacrifice with their lives so that “we the people” might live more conscious, rewarding, and healthy lives as a result of their courageous endeavors. What follows represents a tiny list of some of the more well-known mysterious deaths of truth-seekers, who met with an untimely end at the hands of various agencies usually in order silence their potent message of truth. May their memory serve to remind us of this as we ponder their legacy. And, in no particular order, they are:















Under Siege with the Bundy’s and the BLM: Shades of Waco, Ruby Ridge, and the Fight Against Federal Fascism of the 1990s

That Which is Tyranny by Jefferson

The latest standoff between federal agents of the Bureau of Land and Management (BLM) and Nevada cattle rancher, Cliven Bundy, is coming to a head around the same time that another standoff ended in catastrophe and bloodshed some 21 years ago on April 19th. I’m speaking of course of the splinter group of Seventh Day Adventists, known as the Branch Davidians, whose compound was raided by the ATF and FBI back in 1993 in what would end in fiery tragedy for some 76 members of the church including 23 children. Thanks to the tireless work of many investigators into the Waco tragedy…we now know that the CS gas that was shot into the compound by the Bradley tanks was highly flammable, and this (of and to itself) could have started the massive fire once it was exposed to any kerosine lamps, pilot lights, or candles inside the building.

However, there is also evidence that the FBI actually started the fire by using flash grenades in multiple parts of the compound. While this may appear to be somewhat controversial, based on what we know about the provable corruption, coverups, and criminal acts of the FBI…this should come as no surprise as I’ll clearly show. So, for instance, as the Waco compound was burning to the ground, Branch Davidians were being shot at from the back of the building by what were later determined to be Special Forces snipers, including members of the elite Delta Force. How do we know this? We know that there were shots being fired at the back of the compound as it was going up in flames because of the analysis of the FLEER video, which shows heat signatures of what can only be rifle muzzle flashes.

Waco Compound Burns

Also, it is worth noting that a subsequent investigation by the Texas Rangers on the scene showed bullet holes entering a double door in the back, but this door was seized and promptly “lost” by the FBI. Again, this is not a “conspiracy theory” but is historical fact. One of the lead investigators of the Texas Rangers at Waco was Joaquin Jackson, who later retired in disgust over the whole sordid affair. However, don’t expect the media to tell you what really transpired at Waco. There are tantalizing clues, however, if you know how and where to look.

One such clue that I came across recently was Dick Morris, who told Sean Hannity of FOX that Janet Reno blackmailed Bill Clinton to giving her a 2nd term as Attorney General or else she would “tell the truth  about Waco”. What did she know about Waco besides the fact that she and the FBI had a lot of innocent blood on their hands? The only thing that makes any sense is that Bill (and possibly Hillary) Clinton also knew and probably even ordered the compound be torched on the 51st day of the siege. Unfortunately, Morris doesn’t clarify just what Reno knew, and we’re left with a juicy clue and nothing more.

ATF Goon Squad

It’s instructive that we begin with the Clinton presidency, though, since that’s when we saw a great rise in governmental over-reach of federal power against individual citizens, who were targeted merely for being 2nd Amendment advocates, outspoken about federal centralization of power, or just plain “different” enough to draw the attention and ire of the Feds. This took on an almost maniacal and feverish pitch when the Oklahoma City bombing occurred in 1995 and was quickly blamed on so-called disenfranchised anti-governmental militia types as Timothy McVeigh was claimed to have been.

However, anyone that has studied the Oklahoma City bombing with any real depth can see that the building’s debris was blown out from the inside rather than from the outside inward with a Rider truck filled with a 1,200 lb. fertilizer bomb. There are several affidavits that attest to there being at least two other bombs “inside” the the building that day, including one by Tiffany Bible who swore that she spoke with an ATF agent that told her the Murrah building was destroyed because of retaliation for the Waco debacle. Many of the records of the Waco investigation were being housed in the Murrah building when the lead investigator moved them to Oklahoma City. However, none of the ATF personnel were in the building at the time, which strikes me as very oddly convenient. Meanwhile, the initial reports coming out of the local media describe two unexploded bombs being taken out from inside the building. So, there’s a lot more to the story than what we’ve been told, and I encourage you all to go watch the excellent documentary film “A Noble Lie” should you want to learn just what that other stuff is.

Suffice to say, McVeigh (who asked directions on how to get to the building beforehand) was clearly nothing more than a FBI/ATF stooge patsy that took the fall in order to demonize the “patriot movement” and other champions of the constitution as well as states’ rights over federal power. So, he was blamed for the thing, and Bill Clinton was able to pass the “Anti-Terrorist Act” in 1996.

Another gut-wrenching story of one man’s courageous fight against encroachments from the federal goon squad agents of the ATF and FBI occurred in the Ruby Ridge case of the Randy Weaver family of Idaho. Here again, federal agents were using an informant to entrap Randy in an “illegal weapons” charge and attempting to drag him into court over a sawed-off shotgun. They staked out his property, harassed his children (just as the BLM has with the Bundy’s), and even shot the family dog. Unfortunately, after they shot the dog, Randy’s 14-year-old son Sammy was killed, when he exchanged fire with the federal agent that killed his beloved pet.

Randy Weaver

Idaho ( much like Montana) was known to have stalwart ranchers and farmers, who distrusted their corrupt government and clearly had a “Don’t Tread on Me” attitude. That’s why the Weaver family had their community’s support from the beginning of their ordeal to the horribly tragic conclusion, when Randy Weaver’s wife was shot between the eyes by an FBI sniper as she held her infant in the doorway of their house. Even the corrupt FBI agent had to admit his heinous crime in this case and settle with Randy for $3.1 million in a subsequent lawsuit that he filed against them for the wrongful death of his wife.

However, I don’t care how much you’re able to get in a lawsuit after the fact…nothing, absolutely nothing can ever make up for losing your wife and one of your children! These are the kinds of crimes of the state that were infuriating a small but growing handful of mostly rural people in the US during the 1990s, who were dismissed by the mainstream media as crazy “conspiracy theorist”  domestic terrorists.

At one point, the infamous inventor of the “magic bullet theory” Warren Commission member, Arlen Specter, chaired a congressional hearing about the rise of militia groups in America that had grown in response to tragedies like Waco and Ruby Ridge. You can tell that he’s clearly incredulous to the outcry and claims being made by the various militia men, concerned patriots, and constitutional attorneys on the video. However, since he was a part of the coverup of the JFK assassination, this should come as no surprise. One surmises that he (along with the US congress, White House, and various alphabet soup agencies) were looking at these courageous men as “threats” to the attempt being made to slowly turn this country into a slavish, technocratic, corporate-socialist police state, which is exactly what happened and accelerated into hyper-drive post 9/11.

Under Siege

One must realize that with the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1989 and the fall of the Berlin Wall…the Military-Industrial-Complex had to find a “new enemy” to keep the money flowing into their coffers, and this meant that, even if a huge existential threat and enemy was imaginary, the important thing for the US hegemonic war machine was to have something to be able to justify their enormous Pentagon and National Security State budgets. That’s why “terrorism” was chosen as the new “existential” enemy that can and would not ever be eliminated. After all, terrorism is a strategy of fighting (largely poorly armed people against standing armies) and therefore it’s not even a legitimate external enemy as such. Also, when big powerful countries like the US invade a smaller country like Iraq (as it did in 2003) under false pretenses, there is quite naturally going to be a violent backlash from the occupied people of that country attempting to throw off the yoke of foreign domination and control. So, all the US does is create legions of terrorists around the world every time it or its Israeli client state drops a bomb or fires a missile into the dwellings of “suspected” terrorists, who just as often as not end up being innocent men, women, and children that we derisively label “collateral damage”.

Now, let’s get back to Cliven Bundy and his fight against the BLM. While it’s fairly obvious that he was pushing his luck in not paying the grazing fees for his cattle since 1993, he contends that it is “public land”, and he has more of a right to it than any federal agency. Of course, the idea of public land belonging to the public is just that…an idea and largely a false one at that. The state of Nevada, in particular, is almost all government-owned land. And, even if you think you own a piece of property, tell me this- “Why (assuming that you own it) would you need to pay property taxes on it year in and year out?” What happens when you refuse to support the psychiatric public school system and decide that you’re not going to pay? Obviously, you’re going to lose what was never really yours to begin with.

However, let’s concede that Mr. Bundy does in fact have the right to the land, since he’s the one that lives there and raises his cattle on that land. This hearkens back to the days of the great migration westward when pioneers were allowed to lay claim to a piece of real estate so long as they built a home there, tilled the soil, or raised animals on the land. And, in that respect, yes Cliven Bundy certainly does have (under those settler’s conditions) more of a right to the land than a third party governmental agency, whose dubious role in the desert Southwest has been far less than stellar. The BLM, to my mind, are nothing more than a bureaucratically meddlesome bunch of control freaks, who showed their true colors in the wild horses scandal that has been ongoing now.

One certainly has to wonder whether or not the reasons for the harassment under the approval of Clark County’s sheriff and Sen. Harry Reid is really nothing more than a land grab situation, where the Bundy ranch just so happens to sit on what some oil and gas company want to frack or a mining company wants to dig. After all, one of the largest gold mining companies in the world, Barrick, have several major operations in Nevada. And, according to investigative journalist, Greg Palast, they were able to practically steal the rights to the largest known deposits of gold in this country for a mere $10,000 and turn it into $10,000,000,000 in pure profit. That’s $10 billion dollars that went to a Canadian company and was given a big assist by George H.W. Bush Sr., who just so happened to be given a multi-million dollar consulting job after he left the White House. That’s big money, people, and I can guarantee that if the Bundy’s are sitting on what some might think is even a fraction of this kind of wealth…I wouldn’t doubt it when Harry Reid says- “It’s not over.” Interestingly enough, one of Senator Reid’s largest campaign contributors over the years has been a mining company called Newmont that are involved in a joint venture with Barrick in Nevada.


Nevada Rancher And Federal Gov't Face Off Over Land Use Battle



Were Top US Commanders Fired for Refusing to Participate in a Nuclear False-Flag Attack?

Back in September 2013, there was a major shake up taking place within the military that we have yet to fully understand the ramifications of, and given the inherent secrecy by which this government plows its wares…we may never fully know all the details. Such is the nature of the cryptocracy (or as Jim Marrs would say) “Rule by Secrecy”. So, keep in mind that, while the evidence for what I am going to assert might have happened is scant, I felt compelled to at least report it in the hopes that someone, who does have substantial evidence one way or another might come forward and provide a couple of leaks to break this mystery open once and for all. With that preface said, let’s now get into the story at hand.

In the November 2013 edition of InfoWars Magazine, Anthony Gucciardi wrote an article entitled “Top Nuke Commanders Terminated Following Missing Nuclear Warheads Report” after he had already broken the story on Alex Jones’ website in October. He goes on to relate how Navy Vice Admiral Tim Giardina and Major General Michael Carey were both fired following a secret nuclear warheads transfer that took place (off the record and without a paper trail) from Dyess Air Force Base in Texas to South Carolina. According to Gucciardi, these two top nuclear commanders suspensions and firings were not supposed to be reported by the media, but an insider was able to leak the story to the Associated Press. The AP (picked up by the UK Guardian) ended up reporting that, “An internal email obtained by the AP on Friday said the allegations against Carey stem from an inspector general probe of his behavior while on an unspecified ‘temporary duty assignment’. The email said the allegations are not related to the operational readiness of the ICBM force or recent failed inspections of ICBM units.”

Mainstream media reports would cover some of the high-level military commander firings in a way that would lead the public to believe that it was also the result of behavior problems like “gambling with counterfeit poker chips”, “making racially insensitive remarks”, and other very minor infractions, even for a low-level grunt. Are we really supposed to think that the #2 man in the nuclear command hierarchy and other very highly ranked officers were suspended and/or relieved of duty because of minor behavior problems? It seems quite absurd on its face. However, what might have been the real reason?

This is where it gets interesting but also (naturally) quite difficult to prove. Needless to say, there are some strange coincidences that become even stranger, when looked at in different perspective and in hindsight with what we know now. First, we know that the Obama Administration attempted to launch cruise missiles against Syria in an effort to topple the Assad government but was “dissuaded” in no uncertain terms by Vladimir Putin in his talks with Secretary of State, John Kerry, and his discussions with the UN Security Council about the lack of convincing evidence that the chemical weapon attacks in Eastern Ghouta were the work of Bashir Assad’s government.

We have since learned that Putin was right in asserting that the sarin gas attack that Obama was attempting to blame on the Syrian government was in all likelihood used by the Jahbat al-Nusra Al-Qaeda type rebels outside of a Damascus suburb in order to generate the necessary justification for an attack. Thanks to the work of independent investigators and reported widely by Global Research…we also know that it was Saudi intelligence agents that shipped the cylinders of deadly gas to their proxy fighters in their on-going battle against Assad. However, it took Putin to put his foot down to dispel the US from embarking on its insane attack against Syria that would have put it one step closer to its ultimate goal of Iran. How long this tenuous stalemate will last is anyone’s guess, but (at least in the short-term) what could have been a very ugly conflict that might have sparked off WWIII was averted. So, that’s a little background in order to better understand the context of what follows.

Shortly after Alex Jones’ InfoWars and Gucciardi, specifically, reported the nuclear commanders being suspended and fired- Sen. Lindsey Graham (who just so happens to head up the Senate Intelligence Subcommittee) came out and said that “a nuclear attack” could come against Charleston Harbor in the event that we did not move militarily against Syria and Iran. He never clarified what he was talking about here. Graham merely said that a South Carolina or New York port could be hit by a terrorist attack using a dirty nuclear bomb. Then, to make things even more suspicious that perhaps Senator Lindsey Graham was made privy to a false-flag nuclear attack that was going to be pinned onto Syria and/or Iran, a 4.5 quake was registered off the coast of South Carolina on October 8th.

And, there is evidence from certain military insiders that the Strategic Missile Force (SMF) has gone on the record as saying that the quake was caused by a….(drum roll) mini-nuclear explosion! Could these high-level nuclear commanders have disobeyed a direct order from the president and detonated the low yield mini-nuke underwater far from the devastating effects that would have ensued had they followed orders to ship their cargo somewhere in the populated confines of South Carolina territory? This is my nagging suspicion that (although I can’t quite prove just yet) is certainly indicative of this duplicitous administration and the reprisals that have been made against anyone that gets in their way. Let’s hope that moral courage will prevail over the devious and insane designs of those, who would orchestrate such a disastrous catastrophe on American soil and pull us into another brutal war abroad while further eviscerating civil liberties at home.

English: DOHA. With the Emir of Qatar, Sheikh ...

English: DOHA. With the Emir of Qatar, Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa al-Thani. Русский: ДОХА. С Эмиром Катара шейхом Хамадом бен Халифой аль-Тани. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Case for Lyndon B. Johnson’s Role in the Assassination of John F. Kennedy


Back in 2003, during the 40th anniversary of the JFK assassination, the History Channel aired an excellent and pretty in-depth series exploring different facets of the JFK conspiracy called “The Men Who Killed Kennedy” by Nigel Turner. Originally a 9-part series, the last 3 episodes were cut from the re-run broadcasts and are not included in the DVD box set for sale on the History Channel’s website. The last episode #9 is of particular interest in our current discussion, and it is called “The Guilty Men”. This segment details the revelations of Barr McClellan from his book Blood, Money, and Power: How LBJ Killed JFK, where he places the blame for Kennedy’s murder squarely in the lap of man who would succeed him in the presidency…Lyndon Baines Johnson. Barr McClellan had worked as an attorney with a firm headed by one of the most powerful men in Texas (at the time) named Edward Clark, who was an attorney for LBJ and also one of LBJ’s closest political cronies. I can still remember staying up very late one night and catching most the “Guilty Men” episode on the History Channel and thinking- “This is an astounding broadcast. I can’t wait for it re-air so that I can tape it.” Little did I know at the time that this episode would create a firestorm of controversy and draw the angry ire of Jack Valenti, Bill Moyers, and Lady Bird Johnson, which would cause the History Channel to never air this seminal documentary again (even with the disclaimer).

However, the burning question remains 50 years later, what role (if any) did LBJ play in the assassination of JFK. One of the first questions any professional detective asks before undertaking any investigation of a crime, is “Qui bono?” Who benefits? In the JFK assassination, this takes on even more vital urgency, since the stakes are of national significance and import. However, clearly the Warren Commission was set up to fail, and this was due in no small part to LBJ’s appointments of key Kennedy enemies, of whom Allen Dulles (whom I discussed in the previous article), was the most obvious. In other words, at no time was there to be any true investigation into the events that transpired on November 22nd, 1963 but rather (in keeping with the official coverup begun by LBJ himself shortly after he assumed office) the “lone gunman” of Lee Harvey Oswald firing 3 shots only was to be advanced as the official version of events.

When the Church Committee Hearings re-investigated the JFK assassination for the Senate back in 1974, they came to the conclusion that the FBI and the Warren Commission were deficient in their investigation into the JFK assassination. Although the Church Committee didn’t state explicitly that they thought there was a “conspiracy” in the plot to kill Kennedy, it is at least significant that there are now two “official” government versions of the assassination on the record with the later more skeptical and critical. Since we’ve already covered the lead up and Dulles’ role in the assassination, let’s now turn to Lyndon B. Johnson’s role from multiple people, who were close and/or connected to LBJ during these times.

By all accounts (including the official biography by Robert Caro), Johnson was a crude, crass, and corrupt SOB. He delighted in humiliating his aides, especially in public. He was known to spout racist remarks, which would seem to belie his appeal in the mainstream media as a champion of black people. And, he was a ruthless political animal that employed dirty tricks, blackmail, bribery, ballot stuffing (such as the infamous Box 13 scandal), and even murder of people that he viewed as political opponents of his or that he thought might threaten his carefully crafted image. According to many who knew him, he had a maniacal desire to be head honcho, and Nixon once remarked how he never liked to be #2. He also hated the Kennedy brothers, and the feeling was apparently mutual.

Having blackmailed his way onto the 1960 ticket by using evidence of JFK’s many sexual exploits supplied to him by J. Edgar Hoover, by 1963 he was facing serious criminal indictments from a two-pronged attack. The first was an explosive Senate Rules Committee investigation to be headed by RFK into LBJ’s history of taking massive bribes and kickbacks, using his protege and right-hand man Bobby Baker. According to various reports, Bobby Baker knew “where the bodies were buried” and was known to have ties to the mafia in addition to being one of the most powerful men (as assistant to the Majority leader) on Capitol Hill. And, the second was a major expose into LBJ’s long train of abuses, corruption, and murder that was set to be published in an article in Life Magazine set to be published around Nov. 26-29th, 1963. In other words, LBJ’s goose was thoroughly cooked. He was facing major criminal indictments that could net him prison time, and he was going to be unceremoniously dropped from the 1964 Democratic ticket and probably replaced by Terry Sanford of North Carolina.

Kennedy was showing signs of withdraw from Vietnam (with the aforementioned NSAM 263), and he was perceived by the Pentagon Generals, Chairman of the JCS, and Nazi-like CIA guys  as being weak on the so-called communist threat. He was roundly hated by J. Edgar Hoover, Gen. Ed Lansdale, Carlos Marcello, Santos Traficante, Clint Murchinson, and Allen Dulles. However, Lyndon Johnson was one of the good ole boys…so to speak. Granted, he was as crooked and corrupt as they come, but he could be counted on to be “tough” with the commies. And, given his millions in payoffs from Brown & Root (now a subsidiary known as Kellogg, Brown, and Root (KBR) of the huge military construction contractor Halliburton), he also knew that he stood to gain quite a bit in pushing the Vietnam War further into its bloody insanity. Bell Helicopters and General Dynamics were Texas companies, after all, and there were millions of dollars to be made on the slaughter of “slopes” as they were called by US soldiers. Certainly, LBJ didn’t have a problem with making a killing as he was literally ordering the killing.

Beyond this, however, there is plenty of evidence that points the finger squarely at LBJ for being complicit in the planning and coverup of JFK’s assassination. First up, there is the testimony of Madeleine Duncan Brown, who was the long-time mistress of LBJ. She remembers clearly going to the house of the richest Texas oil man at the time, Clint Murchinson, and witnessing some of the most powerful men (H.L. Hunt, Richard Nixon, and J. Edgar Hoover) meet behind closed doors. When LBJ came out of the meeting, he told Madeleine that “after tomorrow [November 22nd] those Kennedy SOBs will never embarrass me again. That’s no threat. That’s a promise!” While some people question her allegations, I personally see no reason for her to lie about this taking place, especially since she was in love with LBJ and wouldn’t want to surreptitiously damage his legacy for no good reason. There’s even a big clue coming from Jack Ruby, as he’s being led away by the police and followed by a reporter, who asks him about why he shot Oswald. His remarks are very telling indeed, as you can hear him saying- “This never would of happened to our beloved president if Adlai Stevenson were the Vice President.” When pressed to clarify what he means by that odd statement, he replies, “The answer is the man in office now.” LBJ!

Next, we have the confessions of infamous Watergate plumber and long-time CIA operative, E. Howard Hunt. Before Hunt died, his son Saint John Hunt, recorded what has come to be known as his “deathbed confession” into the JFK assassination plot. On the video, E. Howard Hunt talks about how he was a kind of “bench warmer” on the assassination and names guys like Morales as being apart of it. However, he says that he was part of backup team should anything go wrong with the first team of assassins. And, he puts the blame for the killing of JFK on the CIA and LBJ. Again, while Hunt isn’t exactly the most reliable of witnesses, he has nothing to gain by lying in this instance, and he gives every indication (towards the end of his days) of genuinely wanting to come clean about his past deeds in an act of personal reconciliation.

We also shouldn’t forget the testimony of one of the trauma physicians at Parkland Hospital that dark day in Dallas, who was a part of the team of doctors, nurses, and surgeons that worked on John F. Kennedy and later Lee Harvey Oswald. Dr. Charles Crenshaw wrote a book called Trauma Room One, later re-titled Conspiracy of Silence, where he describes a scene of pandemonium in the hospital. He also describes how the lower back end of Kennedy’s head was completely blown out, which would obviously indicate a shot fired from the front and exiting to the rear of the skull (as the witnesses to the Grassy Knoll shooter would seem to indicate). The book documents how Secret Service agents stole Kennedy’s body out of Parkland against the wishes of the Parkland doctors and the criminal forensic pathologist, who was supposed to perform the autopsy later done by a couple of stooges in Washington that had never performed one.

The autopsy sketches from the Bethesda Hospital have been rebuked as completely different from what the Parkland doctors witnessed that day, and it should be obvious to all that this is a crucial part of the coverup that was orchestrated. However, what I found extremely fascinating (as it pertains to our topic) is how Dr. Crenshaw states how he was asked to take a phone call in the middle of the operation that was attempting to revive Lee Harvey Oswald as he laid on a table in Trauma Room #2. According to Dr. Crenshaw, he took the phone call in the other room, and it was Lyndon Baines Johnson on the other end. LBJ then told Crenshaw that he had one of his men in the ER, and he wanted to get a “confession” out of Oswald if he could. Most of the Parkland Hospital staff have been too scared to go on the record about what they saw that day, and Dr. Crenshaw waited until after his retirement until he felt safe to tell his important story. Why would he lie about something like this? I believe that LBJ was very fearful that Ruby might not have killed Oswald with the shot and wanted to cover his ass the best way he knew how. And, what better way to do this than get a confession, even if it were a coerced deathbed confession?

Of course, one of the most damning piece of evidence against LBJ comes from his long-time partner in corruption and crime, Billie Sol Estes. Back in 1961, Estes was at the top of his shady enterprise having secured a very lucrative agricultural career in large part from his powerful connections with LBJ and was a part of an illegal cotton allotment scheme, where he was able to get the government to transfer other farmer’s cotton allotments onto his own land. He would therefore be paid millions in the extra subsidies that he would receive from the Department of Agriculture. This fraud was aided and abetted by Lyndon Johnson, and much of the slush funds for this (along with any number of other bribes, payoffs, and theft of government funds) were funneled into LBJ’s coffers. However, this began to be threatened with Henry Marshall started questioning this scam and couldn’t be bought or bribed. That’s when, according Estes, LBJ said-“Get rid of him.” The order went to LBJ’s long-time “stone cold killer” Malcolm “Mac” Wallace, who shot Henry Marshall 5 times with a bolt-action .22 rifle.

Billie Sol Estes on Life Magazine


In an investigation that boggles the mind in how criminally negligent it was, this obvious murder was originally ruled a suicide! Interestingly enough, a fingerprint matching that of “Mac” Wallace was found in the sniper’s nest of the Texas School Book Depository. This is extremely key in cracking the case against LBJ, since as Roger Stone points out in his book LBJ would want one of his own hit men in Dealey Plaza that day regardless of who else was in on the plot. It wasn’t until 1984 that Billie Sol Estes finally came clean about his dirty dealings with LBJ and the role that LBJ played in JFK’s assassination at the behest of Clint Peoples, a Texas Ranger friend of his. Unfortunately, since all the principles of the crimes were dead, his grand jury testimony only accomplished one thing…it reversed the verdict of Henry Marshall’s death from suicide to murder. However, it bears repeating what his “under oath” testimony was for history’s sake in the case against LBJ. In response to a Justice Department inquiry into Estes’ testimony in the grand jury trial, his attorney Douglas Caddy wrote a letter informing how: “Mr. Estes was a member of a four-member group, headed by Lyndon Johnson, which committed criminal acts in Texas in the 1960’s. The other two, besides Mr. Estes and LBJ, were Cliff Carter and Mac Wallace. Mr. Estes is willing to disclose his knowledge concerning the following criminal offenses:

I. Murders

1. The killing of Henry Marshall

2. The killing of George Krutilek

3. The killing of Ike Rogers and his secretary

4. The killing of Harold Orr

5. The killing of Coleman Wade

6. The killing of Josepha Johnson

7. The killing of John Kinser

8. The killing of President J.F. Kennedy

Mr. Estes is willing to testify that LBJ ordered these killings, and that he transmitted his orders through Cliff Carter and Mac Wallace, who executed the orders.”

Needless to say, #8 on this list stands out as quite a shocker upon first glance, particularly if you’re unfamiliar with LBJ’s history of ordering hits throughout his sordid political career. The letter goes on to state that: “In addition, a short time after Mr. Estes was released from prison in 1971, he met with Cliff Carter and they reminisced about what had occurred in the past, including the murders. During their conversion, Carter orally compiled a list of 17 murders which had been committed, some of which Mr. Estes was unfamiliar.”

So, there you have it folks. Check out the full two letters from the U.S. Justice Department Criminal Division and the reply from Billie Sol Estes’ attorney Douglas Caddy that I just alluded to by clicking on this link. For those of you who might want a little more visual evidence, let’s not forget the scene on board Air Force One as LBJ was being sworn in as the 36th president of the United States, while a traumatized Jackie O. stands close by in her blood-stained pink dress. Everyone is familiar with the first picture of Johnson taking the oath of office (with his right hand raised), but very few people are familiar with the second picture of Johnson looking over his right shoulder a man giving him a sly and knowing wink to what is surely a grinning LBJ. (I would especially like to thank Barr McClellan, Robert Morrow, Peter Dale Scott, Andrew Gavin Marshall, Philip Nelson, and Roger Stone for their invaluable research into LBJ and his role in the JFK Assassination.)

Wink Gives the Game Away

On the Trail of the Assassins: Means, Motive, and Opportunity in the JFK Assassination 50 Years Later

Seal of the C.I.A. - Central Intelligence Agen...

Seal of the C.I.A. – Central Intelligence Agency of the United States Government (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As you’re no doubt aware, John F. Kennedy was assassinated in Dealey Plaza exactly 50 years ago in Dallas on November 22nd, 1963. It is my belief and understanding, as well as a throng of other JFK assassination researchers, that this single act was a veritable Coup d’Etat and (in addition to the metaphoric breaking of America’s collective heart and shattering of its innocence) represented a “conspiracy” of the highest order of magnitude and significance. Whatever JFK’s flaws were (and he was obviously no saint as Seymour Hersh in The Dark Side of Camelot and others have documented), his youthful charm, magnetism, and brilliance as an orator were more than mere occupational subterfuge and slick political PR, as they gave expression to JFK’s genuine desire to steer the country in a different direction (one of hope, peace, and prosperity) from his predecessors and the imperial empire that the US would soon adopt around the world. In hindsight to what we now know, no political historian of any merit can deny this truth.

However, for those of you who might want a refresher course, let me highlight a few of the more significant actions that Kennedy took and was taking that bears witness and sets the stage to the multiple reasons posited for his untimely assassination. First, we must remember that JFK won the presidency by the narrowest of margins thanks in large part to his father, Joe Kennedy, getting the mob to drum up support and voter drives for his son. Therefore, it’s only natural that these same gangsters like Chicago boss Sam Giancana (whom JFK shared a mistress with), Miami kingpin Santos Traficante, and New Orleans mob boss Carlos Marcello (who was the closest to Dallas nightclub owner Jack Ruby and control over Texas) were shocked and extremely pissed off when Robert Kennedy used his power as Attorney General to launch a war against organized crime. However, as much as the organized crime bosses despised Kennedy, they couldn’t have pulled off a hit of this magnitude and gotten away with it. To perform the hit is one thing (and even this was a highly controlled affair), but to cover it up completely after the fact up to the current day is quite another feat…which the mob couldn’t have possibly managed. Low-level mob-connected guys like Jack Ruby played a few axillary roles of little significance and were probably used as hired assassins, particularly in the killing of the many witnesses that died mysteriously and that threatened the official coverup after the fact. However, we’ve got to go a lot deeper in the plot.

Interestingly, Kennedy made several overtures to Soviet premier Nikita Khrushchev that, according to his son, he initially rebuffed but later warmed up to. For one thing, JFK wanted a US-USSR joint space program to the moon instead of a space race that fostered aggressive unipolar competition. He was also making moves to end the Cold War and was roundly hated by his hawkish militaristic advisers, particularly men like Gen. Ed Landsdale and Gen. Curtis LeMay. He advocated for global peace with all the world’s nations at a commencement address before American University in June of 1963. And, even though he was being pushed to invade Cuba, he failed to supply the crucial air support that the CIA-trained Cuban exiles needed in the Bay of Pigs fiasco. Needless to say, all of this made him no friends within the Pentagon.

Little known to most Americans, the CFR-loaded National Security State also tried to orchestrate a false-flag attack whereby planes would be hijacked, bombings would be conducted, and even American citizens in Miami and Washington D.C. would be attacked so that they could subsequently blame Castro’s Cuba as a pretext for invasion. This was known as Operation Northwoods, and it has since been declassified and written about by NSA researcher James Bamford. Fortunately, Kennedy turned it down. We should also remember that Kennedy’s policy on Vietnam was moving toward a slow and steady withdraw as proven by his National Security Action Memorandum NSAM 263, which would have pulled some 1,000 military personnel from Vietnam by the end of 1963. This policy was diametrically opposed by the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the vultures within the NSC, and especially the CIA itself, who had a presence in Laos since at least the early 1950s. One could argue that Kennedy was at war, not only the “Military-Industrial-Complex” that Eisenhower had warned Americans about in his prescient commencement address to the nation but also, with what was perhaps the most dangerous element of the Secret Government…the CIA.

Covert operations, money laundering, assassinations, coup d’etats, and later narcotics trafficking to fund black budget clandestine wars are all part and parcel of the CIA’s dirty handiwork over the years of their bloody legacy. And, JFK wanted to put a stop to it. He even once remarked that he wanted to “break the CIA into a thousand pieces and scatter it to the winds.” He started by firing the long-time scion of covert operations Allen Dulles, who along with his brother John Foster Dulles essentially set the framework for post-WWII foreign policy. After the creation of the CIA in 1947 from the National Security Act, the US essentially created a state within a state or rather the makings of a secret government, much of which was ideologically formed from the Nazis that made up its ranks brought over through Operation Paperclip.

Allen Dulles was the consummate insider, and after he became the DCI (Director of Central Intelligence) of the CIA…he wasted no time in using this corporate-fascist agency in advancing US hegemony abroad. One of his first covert ops was in the overthrow of Arbenez in Guatemala for expropriating land for peasants from the United Fruit Company in 1956. Later, his CIA would topple Mohammed Mossedeq for having the gall to nationalize Iranian oil against the wishes of British Petroleum BP replacing him with the dictator Shah. Obviously, Dulles and Kennedy hated each other, and Kennedy replaced Dulles with John McCone. Of course, Allen Dulles was one of the key members of the Warren Commission that only advocated the ludicrous “lone nut shooter” and “magic bullet” theory. Meanwhile, Dulles should have been made a primary suspect in the actual planning of the assassination itself, given that he had what Col. L. Fletcher Prouty would say is the “means, motive, and opportunity” to do it. Given his contacts within the intelligence world of professional assassins, he certainly had the means. Having been fired from his post as head of the CIA, with many of his comrades to follow, he also clearly had a motive. Now, the only question is- “Did he have the opportunity?” I would say, “Yes”. Interestingly, Allen Dulles’ Deputy Director of the CIA, Charles Cabell, was also fired by Kennedy. And, Charles Cabell’s brother, Earle Cabell just so happened to be the mayor of Dallas at the time of the JFK assassination.

Allen Welsh Dulles

Allen Welsh Dulles (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Now, I believe that this opportunity was made all the more accessible by the addition of another very key figure, who stood to gain quite a bit by JFK’s assassination. I’m talking about Lyndon Baines Johnson. In my next blog post (within the next few days), I am going to make the case for LBJ’s pivotal role in the assassination, particularly in the all-important subsequent coverup. Stay tuned my friends. You don’t want to miss it!

Was the Washington D.C. Navy Yard Shooter, Aaron Alexis, a Target of Mind-Control?

Aaron Alexis and the StateIt’s been a long time since I’ve blogged about anything (a whole month in fact), as I’ve been busy working on a book project for a friend of mine. However, a hell of a lot has happened in just that short amount of time, and one thing in particular is literally screaming at me to write about it. Needless to say, were I to not blog about it, I would be remiss in my duties as a journalist covering para-political subject matters. I’m speaking of course of the Aaron Alexis shooting at a Washington D.C. Naval Yard, where Alexis shot and killed 13 people before finally being shot himself. To say that this case smacks of a mind-controlled MK-ULTRA-like shooter would be something of an understatement. But, I’m sure most people will believe whatever ABC, NBC, CBS, and CNN tells them to think about this 2nd largest shooting on a US military base after Ft. Hood. However, as I’ll show, even the mainstream media is having a hard time ignoring the “truth” about this particular case, even if they have usually marginalized (if not ignored) the most important facet to understanding the story.

First, we should ask ourselves- “Who was Aaron Alexis? And, more importantly, why did he go on a murderous rampage with a 12-guage Remington shotgun against fellow civilian contractors?” By most accounts, Aaron Alexis was described by those that knew him as something of a loner and a somewhat angry man, who lived in Ft. Worth prior to taking his fatal trip to Washington D.C. Although he was given an honorable discharge from the Navy in 2007 for various low-level and seemingly innocuous infractions, on the surface (at least) it didn’t appear that he was the walking time bomb that he would eventually become. After all, he was a practicing Buddhist, which is the only religion that’s never started a war. So, what could cause a 34-year-old black man, who adhered to the peaceful tenets of Buddhism to suddenly snap? As Secretary of Defense, Chuck Hagel, is now admitting…there were plenty of warning signs that weren’t acted on. And, later when Alexis was no longer a naval reservist but instead working for a computer systems contractor called “The Experts”, he still had a “Secret” level security clearance and a valid I.D. card for entering the base.

According to Alexis, he got into a verbal altercation with a strange man at the airport, and he later told the Newport, Rhode Island police that he was subsequently being attacked with an electronic beam weapon of sorts, hearing voices, feeling vibrations, etc. The people that are attacked and electronically harassed by various frequency-generating devices have come to be known in the murky world of para-politics as “Targeted Individuals” and (despite media obfuscation and denial) some form of electronic mind control has been in existence, since at least the late 1930s when Dr. Jose Delgado was experimenting with remote controlling a bull implanted with an implantable brain chip. He would go on to write the rare, early classic book on the field called Physical Control of the Mind: Toward a Psychocivilized Society, which Zbigniew Brzezinski adopted for his Machiavellian political philosophy in Between Two Ages: America’s Role in the Technetronic Era. The mind-control experiments, gleaned from the work of men like Jose Delgado and Nazis such as Joseph Mengele the infamous “Angel of Death” who ended up escaping justice to live in Paraguay, went towards training guys like Dan Mitrione and Larry Layton (both of whom were known agents for the the CIA) in brainwashing and controlling future stooges working in close connection with the CIA such as the cult leader Jim Jones.

Aaron Alexis also visited the ER of a VA hospital in Newport, Rhode Island on August 26th three weeks before the shooting at the D.C. Naval Yard ostensibly for insomnia. According to the LA Times, the Newport Police Department even warned the Navy in Newport on August 7th that Alexis was a security risk, since he was claiming to be “hearing voices” and “hallucinating”, due to unseen people following him that were using a “microwave weapon” on him. He was known to be put on psychiatric medication at the time. If you remember correctly, one of the Columbine School shooters, Eric Harris, was also on an anti-depressant drug, Zoloft, (later prescribed Luvox that was in his system at the time of his death), and it is an open secret that known side-effects from many of these anti-depressant drugs include “aggression”, “depersonalization”, “hallucination”, “mania”, and “psychosis”. So, what role did psycho-pharmaceutical drugs, Alexis was taking, play in this shooting? We might not ever know, but it certainly does add yet another twist to the story. The use of pharmaceutical drugs in brainwashing and creating unwitting accomplices in violent acts is not as far fetched as it might initially appear, given the history of psychiatry and their role in just these kinds of programs in the past such as Ewen Cameron’s mind-control brainwashing experiments on patients in a Canadian hospital under the auspices of the CIA’s MK-ULTRA program.

We might also ask- “Why was the Capital Police Containment and Emergency Response Team (CERT) that are a well-trained and heavily armed security force protecting the US Congress told they couldn’t enter the Naval Yard, when they were less than a minute away from the gate?” One would assume that during an emergency such as this, particularly one so close to the sensitive nexus of governmental power as Washington D.C., that any bureaucratic red tape of law enforcement jurisdiction wouldn’t have stood in the way of CERT being allowed to take out Alexis and potentially save numerous lives in the process. However, they were told to stand down by the Capital Police Chief. Why? Also, it was reported by the media that the communications between the various law enforcement agencies weren’t working during the time that Alexis was killing people with a shotgun. Again, we are asked to believe that this was also just a mere technical failure.

However, the “smoking gun” to me was the fact that Alexis was reported to have scrawled the words “Better off this Way!” and “My ELF” on the stock of his shotgun. And, as I’ve already alluded to in this post, ELF clearly stands for “Extremely Low Frequency”. The Obama Administration has been voraciously attacking the 2nd Amendment and pushing for more “gun control” legislation, and this gives them that much more ammunition to restrict gun ownership…if you’ll pardon the pun. So far, we’ve had a series of “shooter incidents” including the Aurora Joker shooter (a patsy for an assault by other unknown masked characters), the Sikh Temple shooting, and the Sandy Hook school shooting (that based on my investigation might not have even taken place…and certainly not in the way that we’re being told).

Also, keep in mind that this was all going on in Washington D.C. during the political backdrop of heated debate over the chemical weapons attack on civilians in the town of Ghouta near the Damascus region of Syria that Obama was quick to blame on Syrian president, Bashar al-Assad. So, what better way to divert congressional opposition (so to speak) into an attack of a sovereign nation than to stage a psy-op attack in the nation’s capital in order to garner sympathy for this idiotic unilateral attack? Looking deeper into this, however, it becomes clear that it wasn’t Assad’s government at all that attacked the civilians but rather the Al-Qaeda rebels themselves that used the sarin gas on the town, and themselves in an accident, that killed about a dozen of the jihadists. These chemical weapons were given to them by Saudi Intelligence and specifically by Prince Bandar, who acts a liaison for the the Saudi Royals and the US State Department.  Fortunately, Syria has some powerful allies…foremost of among whom is Vladamir Putin of Russia, who wrote a New York Times editorial about why the US should exercise diplomacy in regards to Syria. Sometimes, it might very well take a tough bully like Putin to put another bully like Obama and the US world police army in check. And, if there’s one thing I’ve learned over the years, it’s that you should never play chess with a Russian, especially when the geo-political stakes are this high and your reason for attacking is based on a lie.

The Crimes, Corruption, and Racially-Charged Murders of the Austin Police Department

When Did the Police Turn Into SoldiersThe United States of America has increasingly become what can be accurately described as a “police state” over the past several years, particularly since 9/11 emboldened the government to eviscerate civil liberties in the dubious name of fighting terror. Of course, metropolitan police forces across America have followed the national lead of the Nazi-like Homeland Security Department, NSA, FBI, CIA, and gestapo tactics of the TSA to fully beef up and militarize their respective forces into small para-military armies in their own right. These fully militarized police units modeled after SWAT are then foisted on a largely innocent public, where the assumption of criminality is considered the norm, rampant theft through ticketing over the most minor of non-offenses are ubiquitous, and ever increasing numbers of mostly poor black and brown people find themselves under siege from what they rightly see as an occupying gang or army of police thugs using the drug war as a pretext to arrest, imprison, beat up, and even kill those that get in their way. The irony in this scenario is that where once cops were thought to be helpful protectors of innocent citizenry against violent crime…now they are just as likely to be the cause of violence against an innocent citizenry under the guise of “the law” of course.

This issue is far too broad and vast to fully address in one little blog post. So, I’m going to narrow it down considerably and merely address one tiny sliver of this problem that I’ve come to see in my own city of Austin, Texas. I feel that what’s happening in Austin right now is perhaps akin to a microcosm of what’s happening across the country to a greater or lesser degree of severity. After all, Austin (unlike the rest of the state of Texas) prides itself on its “liberal” attitudes and is considered one of the “most liveable” cities in America. It is certainly one of the fastest growing cities, with a vibrant arts community, an extensive night life with 6th Street at the hub, the largest university in the country with UT, and a very diverse and ethnically-mixed population occupying various rungs on the economic ladder. The issue at hand and under present analysis is: “Is the Austin Police Department (APD) Guilty of Racially-Motivated Murder and the Coverup Thereof?” Recently, around the day of my last article, Detective Charles Kleinert shot and killed Larry Jackson Jr. ostensibly for the heinous crime of having a “fake I.D.” and “running away from an interrogation”.

Detective Charles Kleinert was busy investigating the scene of an earlier bank robbery that had taken place at Benchmark Bank, when the bank manager notified him of Jackson who had previously attempted to gain entrance to the bank. After a few minutes or so of speaking with Kleinert, Jackson took off running and was promptly chased after. Detective Kleinert commandeered someone’s personal car in the parking lot and agitatedly ordered them to give pursuit eventually catching up with Jackson, who was by this time walking leisurely along the street. A scuffle ensued, and Jackson was shot in the back of the neck. While it will be at least a month or longer before we learn anything else about this case, it is at least reasonable to ask a few pertinent questions that should come up later in the Internal Affairs and Citizen’s Review Panel investigations. Questions such as: “Given that surveillance video of the robbery shows that it was a white man that committed the crime, did Kleinert really think that a black man, Larry Jackson Jr., had anything to do with it? Also, why did Detective Kleinert give chase when APD policy would likely have precluded him from doing so, absent any relevant danger or extenuating circumstances?” Clearly, Larry Jackson Jr. was little more than a nuisance to the bank’s management and at most a two-bit con artist trying to pass off a fake I.D. or somebody’s ATM card as legit. So, “why not pick him up later on, especially since his face was captured by the video surveillance cameras?” Recently, Marc Ott (Austin’s City Manager) has asked the Department of Justice (DOJ) to investigate whether APD’s “tactics and practices” are consistent with departmental procedures and best national practices. This request comes on the heels of Jim Harrington’s Texas Civil Rights Project and the Austin NAACP, who had previously requested the DOJ investigate the APD back in 2004. You can now read the Custodial Death Report  of Larry Jackson Jr. out of Texas Attorney General Greg Abbot’s office.

These are the kinds of questions that ought to come up, but, if history is any indication, probably won’t (at least not publicly). Let’s look at two earlier examples of APD shootings of young black men, where the officers involved acted with reckless endangerment to other people’s lives. The first occurred on the night of May 11th, 2009, when 18-year-old Nathaniel Sanders II was shot two times (including in the head) by 9-year veteran APD officer Leonardo Quintana as Sanders and another passenger were jarringly awakened inside a car outside of Walnut Creek Apartment Complex. After arresting the driver, Michael Franklin, Quintana attempted to wake up Sanders when he claimed to see a .38 pistol in his waistband. Quintana told investigators that a tussle ensued for the gun, and that’s when he opened fire hitting Sir Lawrence Smith once in the chest (who survived) and Nathaniel Sanders twice (who didn’t survive). Of course, as Quintana’s dash cam was turned off…we’ll never know just how much of a tussle ensued over the pistol (if at all). Tellingly, there is nothing on the audio from the dash cam of the squad car that caught some of the events to suggest that there was ever a fight for a gun. APD claimed that there were a string of burglaries that had occurred at that apartment complex, and Quintana was investigating the gold Mercedes station wagon as a prime suspect. Internal Affairs exonerated Quintana of any wrongdoing based on the biased leading questions of Chris Dunn, whom even Chief Art Acevedo ended up firing. However, apparently Police Chief Art Acevedo wasn’t convinced that Quintana acted outside of APD policy, when he killed Sanders and merely suspended him for 15 days for failing to turn on his dash cam. Out of the three squad cars that were there that night, only one (apparently) had their dash cam turned on. This fact alone should be suspicious, when it comes to taking the APD at their word in this shooting case. The Citizens Review Panel, seeing the clear public backlash, recommended that an outside investigatory firm be brought in to look at it. This report, known as the Keystone Report, unlike the rubber-stamp denial by IA uniformly criticized officer Quintana for “failure to I.D. himself properly”, “making a dangerous approach on the vehicle”, “reckless endangerment to both himself, the other officers, and the victims of the shooting”, “failure to follow standard operating procedures”, etc.

Instead of releasing this report to the public and the local media, Police Chief Art Acevedo chose to hold onto it. He is, after all, a PR flunky for APD. Right away, regardless of the Keystone Report findings (the complete version can be read here), his failure to release the report publicly due to its findings and the willful coverup of Quintana’s actions in this case should tell you something. He is involved in serious criminal malfeasance, and (in any decently run city) would be thrown out on his ass! Fortunately, someone leaked the report to the Austin Chronicle that published extracts of it.

So, what exactly became of officer Quintana, who had already been charged with several complaints of spousal abuse? If the character of Nathaniel Sanders wasn’t exactly that of a choir boy given the cocaine, Zanex, and marijuana found in his system during his autopsy, one could say that the character of Leonardo Quintana was that of a violent adulterer with megalomaniac tendencies. Right after he posted a Facebook picture of himself holding a machine gun in his hand with a caption that read “Back to Work”, he was picked up in Leander on a DWI, after he left a police party drunk in order to try to chase down some sex with another officer. After this kind of continuing embarrassment to APD’s public image, Acevedo finally “fired” him…again not for murdering an 18-year-old black kid in cold blood and breaking many so-called departmental rules of engagement but for embarrassing the department’s image. In short order, an arbitrator then re-instated Quintana for work within APD saying that his being fired over a DWI arrest was completely inconsistent with what’s occurred previously with other police officers. Basically, while the average citizen will usually end up spending around $20,000 on one DWI, the average cop need not even worry about losing his/her job.

Naturally, the family of Nathaniel Sanders II filed a civil suit and won a $750,000 verdict. However, when it went to the Austin City Council to award it, the decision was summarily turned down! So much for the decisions of a jury in Austin, eh? The Austin City Council finally ended up reversing their earlier decision in 2011 and settling with the Sanders family for the full amount as well as the other passenger, Sir Smith, for $175,000. Mayor Lee Leffingwell and Council Member Mike Martinez were to the two dissenting votes. I could on and on about the corruption, high crimes, and racial targeting of the APD, Travis County Sheriff’s Department, DPS, and Texas State Troopers….to say nothing of the even worse Williamson County law enforcement that operate with brutal impunity in Round Rock, 15 miles north of Austin.

Let’s now turn to the highly-publicized shooting of yet another black kid, 20-year-old Byron Carter Jr. Back in May 2011, officers Jeffery Rodriguez and Nathan Wagner were patrolling the area around east 8th Street and IH-35 on bicycles. They saw two young black men walking down the street (whom they later said they thought were casing cars to steal) and decided to follow them. The question that remains on the minds of many, especially that of the NAACP, is “were these cops racially profiling these two?” While this is certainly an issue, it is not of greatest importance for what happened next. The bike patrol officers lost sight of the two youths momentarily, and then (at some point) saw them in a vehicle parked on the side of the street between other cars. Here’s where it gets a little fuzzy. Wagner “claims” that the driver attempted to pull out and hit a Jeep in front of it, as he and his partner approached. However, an eye-witness later testified that she never saw the car lunge forward the way that the cops described. Be that as it may, Wagner claimed that the car hit his partner, Rodriquez, and he said he thought he and his partner’s life were in danger. Rodriguez was later found to have never suffered any serious injuries, wasn’t being dragged underneath the car, and certainly wasn’t in life-threatening danger. Despite this, Wagner opened fire upon the driver and Carter (who was sitting in the passenger seat). Byron Carter Jr. was struck at least four times, including in the back of the head, and died on the spot. The driver drove away in a panic and was later seen running severely injured down MLK where he was able to survive after a trip to the hospital. The Carter family sued the APD in district court, but they were unsuccessful in convincing a jury that Byron was the victim of a “wrongful death”. Their defense attorney, Andrew Loewy, was the same defense council in the Sanders shooting interestingly enough.

Needless to say, there is a definite pattern being played out in the City of Austin these days that can be followed with a good deal of regularity. Every year or two, at least one (mostly young) black male is shot and killed by an overzealous, aggressive, APD cop, who is (at worst) fired but never prosecuted and imprisoned. Of course, that isn’t to say that Hispanics and/or whites won’t be killed, but I’m merely discussing statistical probabilities. Any shooting of anybody (no matter their race) by a cop is tragic, but your chances of being targeted and killed are (at least statistically) higher that you will be, if you’re black in Austin. The good news for Austin, these days, is that police accountability is starting to garner more attention not merely in the media but in public activists as well.

In particular, the Peaceful Streets Project is doing fantastic work in bringing police accountability to a much wider public awareness and engaging with citizens all over the country in helping to combat the excesses of police abuse, through filming them wherever a stop has occurred. Former West Point graduate and Army Ranger, Antonio Buehler, started the Peaceful Streets Project after he witnessed a cop being extremely rough with a girl merely for advising her friend in how to deal with DWI stop on New Years Eve night parked at a 7-11. The cop threw the girl to the ground and began twisting her arm behind her back when Antonio began taking pictures of the encounter. Suddenly, the cop got in his face and started threatening him for questioning the assault. Fortunately, a citizen got a video of the incident that night across the street, and it seems to completely exonerate Antonio of any wrongdoing (including ever spitting on the cop, which was used as the bogus justification to jail him that night). The Peaceful Streets Project has bravely engaged the public, media, and the police in civil non-violent cop watch programs and has been willing to go to jail (if need be) to show that the police are supposed to be civil servants that work for the people instead of the para-militaristic thugs that they often act like.

On Saturday August 17th, at the AT&T Center off of MLK Blvd., the Peaceful Streets Project will be sponsoring an all day event called the “2nd Annual Police Accountability Summit” with many wonderful speakers. The keynote speaker of this event will be none other than the co-founder of the original Black Panther Party, Bobby Seale. I strongly encourage everybody that is still committed to living free from the everyday tyranny of the “police state” to join up with citizen cop watch organizations in your city or town. And, start one of your own, if you don’t already have something like it. After all, it’s only when we stand up and stand together against police corruption, abuse, and wanton killing of the citizenry that we can begin to effectively win back the blessings of liberty that the Bill of Rights and Constitution sought to give us as sovereign citizens within a Republic, where public servants swear an oath to uphold and protect against all enemies both foreign and domestic.

We Arrest You and Shoot Your DogWhen Pigs Attack

The War Against Real Journalism and the Murder of Michael Hastings

la-me-ln-no-foul-play-suspected-in-michael-has-003According to the late Michael Hastings, who appeared on The Young Turks television program, there is a war against journalism for which he (in all likelihood) paid for with his life. Along with the war against good, old fashion, muck-raking real journalism, there is also a war the US government is waging against whistle-blowers such as the infamous NSA analyst and Prism software leaker, Edward Snowden.

In the later case, despite having a $200,000 per year job with Booz Allan Hamilton as a project manager and contract analyst with the National Security Agency in Hawaii, Mr. Snowden was so appalled at the massive and horribly invasive practices that he was involved in that he was willing to walk away from it all and spend the rest his life either on the lam or in prison for making this information known to the public. He spoke with Glenn Greenwald of the Guardian while in Hong Kong about how it doesn’t really matter if you’ve done anything wrong or not, since you can and probably are having your phone calls, e-mails, texts, tweets, etc. recorded and stored.

Prior to Ed Snowden, we had been warned about this fascist Frankenstein monster that the NSA was becoming (or rather already was) by whistle-blowers such as former NSA employees William Binney and Thomas Drake and authors like James Bamford. However, I doubt that most Americans really know the significance of their every movement, transaction, phone call, association, e-mail, etc. being recorded and stored by massive databases using “key word” algorithms to target you, and create the potential for what Snowden describes as “turn key fascism”. And yet, that is exactly where we are now with all the cellular telecommunication companies, ISPs, banks, police fusion centers, and even our automobiles tied into this Orwellian electronic surveillance grid.

On this later point, Dr. Kathleen Fisher, DARPA systems manager, gave a presentation about how our cars, that have anywhere from 30-100 computers inside them, can be hacked into from multiple ports of entry and practically every function taken over. Could this have been the means by which reporter, Michael Hastings, was murdered? Even former counter-terrorism expert and presidential adviser, Richard Clarke, has gone on the record with the Huffington Post to say that Michael Hastings’ 2013 Mercedes C250 coupe ramming into a palm tree in LA and exploding into flames was “consistent with a cyber attack” on his car, and the capabilities of the intelligence community to accelerate a car, apply the brakes, deploy the airbag all against the driver’s wishes does exist and is relatively easy to do.

Shortly before he was killed at age 33, he wrote an e-mail message to an old friend from his days embedded with an army unit in Afghanistan, where he described how he was being followed by the Feds and that they might want to get legal council before talking to anyone at BuzzFeed (another media office where he worked). He ended the e-mail by writing that he was onto a “really big story” and that he needed to “get off the radar” for a while . Fifteen hours later, he was killed in a fiery car crash, having sped through a Hollywood neighborhood at over 100 mph into a tree with some people reporting how they had heard a large explosion. Naturally, the LAPD claims that it was just an accident and suspects no foul play, and the FBI has denied that he was under investigation. But, like Michael himself, I never take these so-called official authorities at their word, since it’s very often a lie and/or coverup.

Unlike the vast majority of journalists in the mainstream media, who cow tow to the Washington consensus, Hastings believed in telling the public the truth about what was really going on and refused to be intimidated into playing their game of “don’t ask, don’t tell”. So, for that reason alone, he most certainly would have been the target of FBI, CIA, and/or NSA surveillance and harassment. Furthermore, right before he died he had gotten in contact with Wiki-Leaks’ attorney, and this certainly would have put him on the intelligence apparatus’ radar and in their cross-hairs.

The question as to whether he was murdered is certainly a very tricky one to answer, but I think that it must be foremost on the minds of any true investigator into this case, albeit one where the evidence is likely to be held as a police state secret. I believe that there is at least circumstantial evidence that he was murdered (by a remote cyber hack of his car and possible implanted bomb in his Mercedes) for the threat that he posed to certain people in positions of power as he had already proved, when his 2010 Rolling Stone article led to General Stanley McChrystal being forced to resign. We are prisoners, it seems once again, to our own debilitating and paranoid bureaucratic secrecy and the compartmentalized mechanisms that they employ against us from learning the truth about the government that proclaims transparency, while upholding strict Stalinist secrecy.

Was the USS Liberty Attacked by Israel on LBJ’s Orders as Part of a False-Flag?

English: USS Liberty (AGTR-5) receives assista...

English: USS Liberty (AGTR-5) receives assistance from units of the Sixth Fleet, after she was attacked and seriously damaged by Israeli forces off the Sinai Peninsula on 8 June 1967. An SH-3 helicopter is near her bow. Русский: Высадка спасателей на USS “Liberty”, повреждённый в инциденте 8 июня 1967 г. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In June of 1967, the American spy vessel USS Liberty was viciously attacked by Israeli Mirage fighter jets, helicopter gun ships, and torpedo boats off the coast of the Egyptian Sinai. Additionally, it has also been repeatedly marginalized by the US media as well as stonewalled in regards in to further “official” investigations. However controversial the case may be, it is important to get to the bottom of the story as to, not only what occurred that day the Liberty was attacked but, know the reason(s) as to why it was attacked in the first place.

The USS Liberty was operated by the NSA and was sailing  in international waters off the coast of the Egyptian Sinai and the Gaza strip during the “6th Day War”. The sky was perfectly clear, and the ship was also clearly flying a US flag. However, this didn’t stop Israeli fighter jets and helicopters from attempting to sink it with numerous rockets, shells, and even napalm that killed some 34 crewmen and injured around 170 others out of a total crew of 294.

Official accounts of the USS Liberty attack say that it was a horrible accident of “mistaken identity” by the Israelis, and the US generally concurs with this blase assessment. However, what if it not only wasn’t an accident but was intentionally attacked on LBJ’s orders in order to then blame it on Egypt’s then Soviet-leaning Gamel Nasser to justify US involvement in a war with Egypt?

As crazy as this may sound, Judy Morris contends that this is indeed what happened and thankfully was averted, when a clever crewman aboard the Liberty was able to rewire a damaged antennae and call for help in between radio jamming and heavy strafing by Israeli fighters. At one point when the 6th US fleet was finally contacted in a mayday signal by the Liberty during the attack, LBJ overrides the fleet commander’s desire to come the rescue by ordering him to stand down, since, in the words of LBJ, “I don’t want to embarrass our good ally.” Certainly, LBJ wasn’t the least bit adverse to pulling false-flag attacks like the non-existent one in the Gulf of Tonkin.

You may remember how LBJ claimed that the USS Maddox had been torpedoed by the North Vietnamese in international waters leading directly to the “Gulf of Tonkin Resolution” that was used to directly escalate US involvement into a full-blown ground war in Vietnam. Later on, we come to find out that it never even took place as even the History Channel has admitted. This is as good an example as any of the old saying- “Truth is the first casualty of war.” For a lot more on the real story of the USS Liberty attack, be sure to read the article linked below.