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How Donald Trump Can Restore the Republic in Just 5 Steps


As you’ve probably noticed by now, even though President Donald Trump has only been in office for about a month…the Neo-Liberals are still in virtual hysterics about his administration, and there appears to be something of a soft coup happening within the GOP establishment itself as his cabinet nominees face heavy opposition by both the Democrats and his own party. Of course, the mainstream media continues its own verbal assault on the airwaves of the Trump administration as people like Michael Flynn becomes the latest casualty of political warfare when he was supposedly less than forthcoming about his links with Russia while up for Secretary of National Security. So, while I’m not a huge advocate of Trump, it seems the height of absurdity to be as hyperbolically hating as the Left has been of late, particularly when you consider that he’s made a few positive moves and has barely been in office.

What kinds of people does the mainstream media (or as Donald Trump quite rightly calls them “the fake news”) go to for information about Trump and his particular brand of populist politics? One guy that I saw pop up twice in the span of a week was the Chairman of the Council on Foreign Relations, Richard Haas. First, he was on the Charlie Rose Show, and then he made an appearance on Real Time with Bill Maher. The Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) has been the primary pool from which the State Department and White House has stacked the deck in favor of “New World Order” globalists, who have pushed for American interventionism abroad and erasure of national sovereignty at home. In tracing the lineage of the CFR, we can see that it was a US offshoot of the British Royal Institute of International Affairs (RIIA), which itself was a branch of the British elitist Cecil Rhodes’ Round Table Group that sought, through secretive means, to usher in a one world government with Great Britain at its head. After WWII and the devastation wrought by the Nazis, Britain’s military power was no longer the dominant player in the world largely via its superior naval fleet, and the United States became the dominate military superpower that could be employed by elites in the City of London and bankers in Basel, Switzerland to do the dirty work of policing the world on behalf of the cabal.

We can guess with some fair degree of certainty that (like her husband Bill) had Hillary Clinton won the presidency, she would have stacked her cabinet positions with members of the CFR and pushed for greater military action against Russia, which could have very well spiraled out of control into a WWIII scenario. But, instead of being thankful that we dodged that horrible bullet, smug self-righteous “neo-liberals” like Bill Maher whines and screams about Trump’s insanity, as if he’s about to press the nuclear button any day now if the leader of foreign country so much as Tweets an insult about him. It’s enough to make you vomit, quite frankly, and that’s why I wanted to wanted to write an article of sanity and cautious faith about how Trump could theoretically help restore this nation’s Republic to its constitutional underpinnings and go a long way toward ending what some have referred to as the “Secret Government” that acts as a state within a state in this country. So here, in no particular order, are my prescriptions for ending our long national nightmare in unconstitutional government that has held the Republic hostage since the time of the Civil War.

1. Abolish the Federal Reserve System 

The Federal Reserve Banking System isn’t owned by the US government, i.e. it isn’t federal at all. It is actually a private banking cartel made up of 12 international banks, the predominate controlling interest of which is the Bank of England that’s controlled by the Rothschild Family, and it in turn completely controls this nation’s money and monetary policy. According to the US Constitution, only the US government has the right to issue the nation’s currency and determine the legal tender thereof. After all, the founding fathers were well aware of the economic disasters that would befall this country were that power to fall into private banker’s hands. However, as G. Edward Griffin wrote about in his magnum opus,¬†The Creature From Jekyll Island, that is exactly what did happen when some the world’s richest industrialists and financiers like J.P. Morgan and Paul Warburg met off the coast of Georgia on a private island in complete secrecy. Within three short years of this meeting, the Col. Mandel House controlled President Woodrow Wilson signed the Federal Reserve Act into law while most congressmen were on their Christmas vacation break none the wiser in 1913, and the international bankers have controlled this country ever since.


Now, instead of the US being able to print and coin its own money based on the intrinsic value of gold and silver, it must borrow fiat Federal Reserve Notes with interest that can never be paid back in full but for which the American people become perpetually indebted and in a sense feudal slaves to the same bankers, who gave them worthless pieces of paper backed by nothing but faith that it can continue to be an instrument of legal tender for all goods and services. Naturally, inflation is the byproduct of such a system, and crashes (like that of 1929) can be engineered by the Fed constriction of the money supply, which is exactly what happened.

Unfortunately, we can still see the heavy influence of Goldman Sachs even in the Trump administration, as we did in previous ones with former Goldman Sachs man, Steven Mnuchin, becoming the Secretary of the Treasury. And, we all know by now that the 2008 crash was largely the result of the toxic mortgage securities that Goldman Sachs was peddling on the global financial market as AAA rated when they were anything but. It has also come to light through the investigative work of Rolling Stone reporter, Matt Taibbi, that Goldman Sachs even made a killing “shorting” those same securities that they knew were worthless. In other words, they bet that the securities would tank, and they of course did. That along with the trillions in derivatives being traded brought the financial system to its knees, but the US government allowed themselves to be held hostage to the financial fraud and bailed out the “Too Big To Fail” banks to the tune of billions at tax payer expense, while the Fed kept interest rates extremely low and pumped 40 billion a month into bloated banks to keep them solvent.

All this is to say that Trump and the Congress with him should abolish the Federal Reserve System by revoking its charter, back the currency with gold and silver again, wipe out all debts to the parasitic bankers destroying peoples’ lives through predatory lending practices and negative amortization interest rates, and throw the white collar criminals that wreck financial havoc in the world in prison the way that Iceland did. Then, the American people should move back to small local branch banks that stay out of Wall Street casino-like schemes and Credit Unions that offer low interest loans to small businesses, which is ostensibly what the middle of America that voted for Trump need more than just about anything…(i.e. access to capital).

2.  Eliminate the War on Drugs

Despite the near constant propaganda that we’re fed from early primary school onward, the so-called “War on Drugs” is really just a “War on People”, particularly people of color who are trying to escape their miserable lives by getting high. And while I fully recognize that this form of escapism only leads to greater addiction, social problems, job instability, and health issues- it is merely symptomatic of the much greater societal ills plaguing impoverished communities that would largely go away were they to be addressed properly. People can become addicted to damn near anything, if they’re in enough pain and are psychologically predisposed to substance abuse. So, for instance, we’ve seen plenty of examples of people that are addicted to food, porn, shopping, television, etc. And yet, you don’t see the criminalization of people, who are addicted to maxing out their husband’s credit card on the Home Shopping Network while they scarf down boxes of powered donuts and smoke packs of Newport cigarettes even though these things are far worse health wise than doing a couple of weed bong hits.

Besides, if the government really cared about peoples’ health, it wouldn’t be dropping depleted uranium bombs, spraying chemtrails that contain toxic substances, injecting its own soldiers with vaccines that contain toxic adjuncts, allowing Aspartame, MSG, GMOs, Nitrites, etc. into the food supply and so on. Obviously, illicit drug use is a health problem, but the “War on Drugs” treats it as a criminal offense by locking people up in prison for draconian sentences that ruin their lives even worse than before. Think about this for a minute. The US makes up only 5% of the world’s population, and yet it locks far more people than any other country (many of whom we would consider to be totalitarian). There are some 2.2 million people incarcerated in this country, and about 70% are there for non-violent offenses such as mere possession of a Schedule I narcotic like cocaine, heroin, PCP, and even marijuana.

Alcohol Prohibition should have taught this country a very valuable lesson when it comes to the criminalization of any drugs and the realization that people won’t stop using a substance just because the government deems it immoral. There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that drug criminalization is used to target disenfranchised minority populations in this country, particularly black people, as a means to neutralize their ability to organize and prosper on the one hand and funnel them into a for profit prison-industrial-slave-system on the other. You can learn a lot more about how this is done even in the music industry by reading John Potash’s excellent book Drugs as Weapons Used Against Us. The British targeted Chinese wealth by addicting them to opium and the CIA did the same thing in the 1960’s to the counterculture movement using LSD in order to neutralize and finally criminalize the hippies and various musical icons of the era that burned themselves out and died prematurely. The Black Panther Party were hit especially hard during that time with the FBI Cointelpro Program to eliminate their efforts of creating self-sustainable communities within black neighborhoods and turn them into dependent wards of the state, which is largely what happened.


The strategy therefore was to dope them into utter poverty, stupidity, and dependency on the one hand and then criminalize them for becoming addicted to drugs on the other hand that were intentionally introduced into the communities for the purposes of neutralizing a potential threat of their radicalization to the status quo of the powers that be. Unfortunately, I don’t see Trump tackling this one any time soon. He has made some strong comments very much in favor of strong “law and order” policing, after the rioting that erupted on the streets of Ferguson and elsewhere, and the GOP is known to be strict when it comes to enforcing the absurd drug laws. However, Trump is likely smart enough to recognize a losing proposition when he sees one from the standpoint of the business term, “Return on Investment” (ROI). And, by any calculus, the bogus “War on Drugs” has been an abysmal failure in that regard. Meanwhile, states like Colorado and Washington are proving what a boon that marijuana legalization can have on their local economies, since these marijuana dispensaries create good paying jobs in a huge emerging market, help alleviate suffering among people with various medical conditions, and allow for greater taxation to support local infrastructure and services. In other words, it’s a win-win for everyone involved, except those handful of corrupt people like the drug cartels and private prison system administrators that profit from its criminalization. In the case of legalized pharmaceuticals that kill far more people every year than illicit drugs to the tune of about 100,000 per year, the hypocrisy of the “Drug War” is glaringly obvious as well, and I think Trump knows it. He recently appointed longtime vaccine critic, Robert Kennedy Jr., as the lead investigator of a committee investigating vaccine safety issues having met with Dr. Andrew Wakefield and others who seriously studied the dangerous links between the MMR vaccine and the huge rise in childhood autism rates. This, at least, is a very positive sign.

3. Completely Dismantle the CIA

A goodly portion of why #2 is as big of problem as it is can be directly attributed to the CIA, which is by far the world’s largest narcotics trafficker in the world. There is voluminous evidence of this from many whistle-blowers in the know, many of whom were former CIA and DEA agents themselves. So, for instance, during the Vietnam War (itself an Agency counterinsurgency war) the CIA ran their own proprietary planes called Air America with opium that was produced in the Golden Triangle area of Southeast Asia between Burma, Cambodia, and Laos. Even the bodies of returning dead US soldiers were reported to have played a part in the operation of heroin trafficking, when certain body bags were designated and filled with heroin loaded onto C-130 cargo planes bound for the US. Returning vets from Vietnam were often already addicted to heroin, and it became a scourge for much of the 1970s.

In the 1980’s, while the CIA was training Central and South American dictators in the finer points of torture at the School of the Americas that would create many of the death squads that plagued El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, and Columbia among others, the CIA-trained Contras were fighting the Marxist Sandinistas with weapons given to them by the CIA. During the Iran-Contra era, arms were being flown into Central America via Panama and cocaine flown out into the US by CIA contract pilots like Barry Seal. However, narcotics trafficking is just one of the ways the agency raises black money to fight its dirty wars and undermine democratically elected officials abroad for reasons that are largely to do with keeping them tied to the hip with certain US multinational corporations and in fealty to so-called US geopolitical interests.


As Douglas Valentine recently stated in a new book that he wrote about the agency, “The CIA is not primarily an information collection agency but is rather primarily engaged in covert action.” What is meant by the term, covert action? It means things like training foreign mercenaries, undermining elections, orchestrating coup d’etats, industrial and/or corporate sabotage, and assassination of foreign leaders. In addition to these dubious acts that aren’t necessarily in our best interests, the CIA finds time to conduct mind-control experiments on US citizens such as during MK-ULTRA, infiltrate most of the major media via Operation Mockingbird, and recruit former Nazis into its inner most ranks during the Allen Dulles initiated Operation Paperclip. And, we also shouldn’t forget that it was John F. Kennedy who attempted to “smash the CIA into a thousand pieces” and scatter it to the winds that likely was the final straw that got JFK killed by hit men either a part of the agency or recruited directly by them. However, Allen Dulles’ appointment to the Warren Commission assured that the truth about CIA involvement in the JFK assassination would never be revealed, and those that did know too much, like the late Dorothy Kilgallen, were eliminated from digging any further.

Much has been made about how the CIA doesn’t trust Donald Trump with presidential national security briefings, but I think Trump is at least savvy enough to recognize how these daily reports can be manipulated and cooked however they want to get a desired result and action. Having witnessed the bogus assumptions of Iraq having WMD’s from a distance, Trump is no doubt leery of their accuracy now that the intelligence agencies have decided to target Vladamir Putin’s Russia. The CIA represents nothing less than a rogue criminal and very dangerous fascist-oriented company, who operate in utter secrecy on behalf of a handful of elite business, political, financial, and criminal interests that runs counter to everything a free and sovereign Republic stands for. Philosophically, it is a Machiavellian death cult aligned with Nazis and members of Skull and Bones with more blood on its hands than it can ever hope to atone for and works against our true national security interests, since it is impervious to accountability and executive control. For these reasons and a whole lot more, the CIA should be completely dismantled in favor of a genuine intelligence gathering agency with executive, judicial, and congressional oversight, which could be decided upon after a lengthy moratorium and “Truth and Reconciliation” commission deliberated so as to prevent it from ever happening again. Were Trump to ever be as bold, brazen, and brave as to break apart the CIA, though, I would first recommend him as a national hero and then recommend he beef up his security detail.

4. Cut All Ties to the Saudis and the State of Israel

George Washington once admonished this newly formed country to trade with all but have foreign entanglements with none. Unfortunately, the US trades with some (and yet maintains a huge trade deficit as cheap Chinese goods flood into the country but few US manufactured goods flow the other way) and remains heavily entangled in foreign conflicts abroad. And yet, of all the foreign entanglements that the US has, none has been more disastrous for this nation than its undying allegiance to the prospering of the State of Israel. Much of our current problems in the Middle East would resolve themselves if we were to do two crucial things.

We should first eliminate our dependency on Saudi oil. The Saudis are of course Sunni Muslim, and they are also the primary funders for the most radical fundamentalist brand of Islam known as Wahabism, which is fueling groups like Al-Nusra, Al-Qaeda, and ISIS. However, we claim that these are enemy terrorist groups that need to be wiped out. So, much of the money that goes to buy weapons and fund radical Islamic groups intent on Western destruction comes from Saudi Arabia and the billionaire Sheiks that rule that country like their own brutal fiefdom, and yet the US continues to protect and shield them from prosecution for crimes against humanity because they have the largest known oil reserves in the world. The US oil companies have found many untapped oil reserves in Alaska and the northern shelf including in things like shale rock, but they can’t tap them. Of course, I’m of the belief that we could completely switch over to renewable and even free energy sources were the oil industry and their likely CIA counterparts to take their boots off the necks of various inventors, but the point is (regardless of whether you believe in these alternative technologies or only in traditional forms)…there’s absolutely no reason we should be beholden to OPEC and Saudi oil.

And yet, as bad as that is, the Israelis are controlling the US even more horribly from the inside. Israel continues to build illegal settlements in the West Bank, bulldoze Palestinian houses, erect huge concrete razer wire walls, kill innocent men, women, and children in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank, and conduct major espionage operations within the US that steal classified information from our major intelligence agencies all without penalty whatsoever. Far from being lone operators like Jonathon Pollard, there are massive spy rings like the one the DEA discovered in the lead up to 9/11 that I discussed in a previous article. The Israeli spy ring made up what were likely Israeli Mossad agents posing as art students and were seen infiltrating major military installations around Washington D.C. and other government facilities of strategic interest. Some were even found to be watching the Twin Towers collapse and cheering along with filming the event. And yet, the FBI grilled some of the more suspicious members and then let them go. Why? I maintain that they likely had diplomatic immunity from prosecution due to the very “special” relationship that the US has had with Israel, since its founding. And, it is widely known that Mossad and CIA work together on operations all the time, the inside job of 9/11 being the most notorious one to date but by no means exclusive of their longtime cooperation with one another.


As the late former Rep. James Trafficant revealed several times to no avail, the Israeli Lobby on the Hill known as AIPAC exercises near total control over the US Congress when it comes to every piece of legislation that is passed which concerns Israel. Congressmen and women that proffer their undying loyalty to Israel through word and deed are rewarded with heavy campaign contributions and media praise, while those that utter the slightest criticism usually suffer a combination of heavy character assassination and defeat at the polls in the next election cycle. Virtually everybody is so afraid of being labeled an anti-Semite that they don’t dare question the legitimacy of Israel’s bloody crimes against the Palestinian people, whose land they stole and lives they continue to destroy in their utterly racist Apartheid country.

So, when we learn of how the US gives Israel some $40 Billion a year in foreign aid money plus many millions worth in the newest armaments, it’s no wonder that it becomes an obvious sore spot to the entire Middle East that we aren’t a true neutral party to peace in the region when every action or non-action taken by the US shows it to be heavily one-sided in favor of Israel. Dumping Israel will be no easy task, since he would likely have the entire Congress up in arms along with the largely Jewish-owned major media that hates him anyway. Donald Trump’s speech before AIPAC during his campaign was extremely laudatory towards the Israelis, and he appeared to be very much a staunch ally and advocate of Israel and by extension the Zionists that run it. However, on the positive side Trump has already made a move that would appear to at least limit AIPAC’s influence in the US Congress when he passed an Executive Order that Eliminates Foreign Nation Lobbying. Time will tell if it’s ever enforced however, since the only foreign power lobby that has the ability to steer US foreign policy against even real US national interests is AIPAC as far as I can see. If his speech before AIPAC was simply political theater to garner Zionist support that he knew he’d need to win, Trump will have temporarily at least outsmarted the Israelis. However, I have my doubts that this is the case, especially given the Zionist Jewish control of much of the NYC business and political establishment and Trump’s great success within that very milieu that I doubt would have happened were he antagonistic to their interests. In the case of 911, he seems intent on targeting the Saudis and leaving the Israelis out of it.

5. Control the Border Allowing for Legal Immigration Only

The last step to restoring the Republic seems like a “no brainer”, and yet our southern border with Mexico has remained porous for as long as I can remember. There never seemed to be the political will to want to seriously address the issue the way that Trump did in his campaign, which I believe was a big reason for his grassroots popularity with conservative Americans in the Midwest and South and just as likely a big reason for the vitriol coming from the liberals on the East and West Coasts. For the latter group, his promises to build a wall and have Mexico pay for it sounded both absurd and racist. After all, it’s absurd to think that we could build a wall that long, and yet there already are walls in many places. If China could build a huge wall to keep out Mongol invaders in the 13th Century, why couldn’t the US build one in the 21st?

And yet, I maintain that an actual physical wall is largely unnecessary given all the high-tech surveillance equipment that the US employs these days to spy and control the average citizen. So, why not just point these electronic fences, cameras, and motion detectors out instead of pointing them inward towards us? The reason the Democrats never wanted to fix the border problem was because Hispanics were likely to vote Democratic in future elections as the DNC builds its platform on supposedly caring about the poor, indigent, victimized, people of color. And, the reason why the GOP never fixed the problem was because they’re the party of big business, tax cuts for the rich, and deregulation. And while I don’t expect those traditional Republican aspects to fundamentally change under the Trump administration (he is after all a wealthy white business man), Trump was supported largely because he promised to care about the interests of the common, largely working-class poor, and disgruntled white man pissed off about our open border policy that strains social services, creates crime and dissension within communities, and depresses wages when illegal immigrants are allowed to flood across the border with impunity. But, most Republican politicians would rather help their rich business cronies exploit cheap labor than address the issue of border security directly. After all, it’s not even considered politically correct according to the national pollsters…right? Wrong!

Turns out, millions of Americans were sick and tired of being sick and tired, and when the chance arrived to finally address the issue of the open southern border…they leaped at the chance from someone that at least verbally took it on rather than sugar coated the issue with political double-speak. Again, I firmly believe that in the case of good old American knowhow, where there’s a will, there’s a way. Previously, there wasn’t the political will, whereas now (at least so far as president Trump is concerned) there is. So, I hope for our sake, including all those immigrants who actually went through the long, arduous, and costly investment of coming to this country “legally”, the problem of our porous border gets fixed once and for all. After all, can anyone imagine a country that has national boundaries remaining a sovereign nation for very long with integrity, when anyone can simply come in regardless of their ideology, background, abilities, and criminal record?

Or, conversely, imagine if you wanted to immigrate to (by worldly standards) a prosperous and beautiful country like Sweden, for instance. Would you be allowed to stay there without a work or student VISA, get a driver’s license, enroll in their public school with a specially assigned Swedish as a Second Language Teacher, get free medical care and other social welfare programs meant for the Swedish people, etc.? Of course not. So, why does this country criminalize actual citizens for such ridiculous superficial pablum as smoking in bars, drinking a beer outside, and jaywalking but allows illegal immigration to tear the social fabric of neighborhoods apart until nothing much of value remains?

When you consider the social engineering at play here, it becomes fairly obvious that it was allowed to happen so as to bring the US down to a level of relative parity with other Third World countries to slowly chip away at its strong civic, cultural, and economic foundations and eventually merge it with transnational governmental organizations like what would be called the North American Union (NAU) just as Europe did with the European Union (EU). These regional so-called unions or blocks could then be administered through an unaccountable corporate bureaucratic elite that would eliminate the last vestiges of what remains of our Constitutional Republic so that it becomes just another province of the One World Government run by an international cartel of transnational corporate socialists, technocrats, and fascists. The good news, from my point of view, is that Donald Trump signed an Executive Order canceling the US involvement with the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) and fully recognizes the disaster of our open border policy with Mexico and economic damage wrought by the passage of NAFTA, GATT, and the FTAA that the TPP was a continuation of in Southeast Asia. Despite the severe push back from the controlled media, I certainly hope he continues to make good on his many campaign promises and begins the very tough but absolutely necessary promise to “Drain the Washington Swamp”. These 5 Steps to Restoring the Republic would, I believe, go a very long way toward doing that very thing.