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Was George Floyd’s Death an Act of Premeditated Murder? (The FBI, Somalian Criminal Network, and the Counterfeit Money Laundering Operation)

The death of George Floyd at the hands of Derek Chauvin, with his fellow police officers standing idly by and doing nothing, has sparked mass protests all over the world and focused an intense spotlight on abusive policing practices in the US, particularly in its relationship to the black community. Racial tensions are extremely high right now in a way that I haven’t personally seen since the L.A. riots back in 1992 (in that case based on video of a black man getting beat by white LAPD officers and their subsequent acquittal). It’s only gotten worse since then with a string of mostly unarmed young black men being killed by aggressively violent cops. This much is known by everyone, who hasn’t been living under a rock in the last couple of months. However, a great many questions remain about the George Floyd killing that have yet to be satisfactorily answered by the mainstream media.

With the social engineering of COVID-19 still ongoing, it started to look like the media was losing its grip on the public’s attention, who were growing tired of the same old ticker tally of supposed deaths due to Coronavirus. I say supposed, since we’ll likely never know the true numbers given the financial incentive involved in pushing them beyond what I find plausible. A Senator from Minnesota, Dr. Scott Jensen, spoke on the Laura Ingram Show about how the CDC was recommending to doctors that “suspected” or “probable” deaths of Coronavirus should still get classed as an official COVID-19 death on their death certificate, even if it wasn’t properly diagnosed as such or there were contributing factors involved. Enter the killing of George Floyd to shift gears a bit to a new exploitable narrative. Obviously, the MSM is focused on the sensational story of racist and murderous cops vs. pissed off protesters. And, while the majority of the protesters have been peaceful, like anything that involves this many people taking to the streets…there have been examples of opportunistic destruction and looting that has taken place. However, if you look at those cases carefully, you’ll see how they’re mostly cops posing as “black bloc” styled so-called “Anarchists”. In other words, they’re not really protesters or even angry agitators. They are agent provocateurs. The use of these provocateurs give the police and national guard a convenient excuse to start attacking protesters in full force with tear gas, rubber bullets, flash grenades, etc. simply for exercising their 1st Amendment Right of free speech and to peaceably assemble to petition the government for a redress of grievances.

Suffice to say, you’ll find just about every protest has been infiltrated by undercover agents and tarnished by agent provocateurs, whether it’s the Occupy Wall Street movement or the protests against the WTO in Toronto. So, that much shouldn’t come as any big surprise. However, it’s gotten even more sophisticated now, where so-called protest groups can be funded and/or taken over by certain elites for their own political agenda quite apart from what may have been the group’s original intent. It would appear that this is exactly what happened to the “Black Lives Matter” movement, if you look at where it’s getting its funding from. Just like the color revolutions in the Middle East orchestrated by Astro-turf NGO’s like Freedom House served the geo-political interests of the US, who’s to say that BLM won’t also be used by the likes of George Soros for a covert domestic agenda that serves to further “divide and conquer” Americans? This is clearly already happening. The big question is- “To what end?”

One short term end that I’m seeing is to put President Donald Trump into a Catch-22 situation that costs him the election in November this year. Neo-Liberal elites that include almost all of the mainstream media know that Donald Trump is a staunch advocate for “Law and Order” and therefore is bemoaning city mayors across America for playing it light with protesters by not seizing total control over the streets. So, at one point, Trump threatened to issue an Executive Order to institute the “Insurrection Act” that would call up the US Army to march into cities and put down whatever chaos they found. However, thankfully cooler heads prevailed, and the protests became less violent and less prone to looting. In this way, Trump dodged a political bullet that would have painted him as a dictatorial demagogue had he done so. If the protests take a turn for the worse, though, and Trump allows them to go unchecked by the mayors and governors playing patty cake with them- he could easily lose face with his base, who expect him to put his foot down. How much of this gambit will be played by unseen political elites against the Trump presidency is anyone’s guess, but it certainly appears to be one that is being played either through fortuitous circumstances or a coordinated intent by the Left and their useful idiots in the media.

Now, let’s take much closer look at the killing of George Floyd, since it certainly bears closer scrutiny than what we’ve learned so far. To my mind, there are far too many things that simply don’t add up with me. So, while I’m not necessarily going to buy into the conspiratorial tropes making the rounds on-line that the whole thing was a Masonic sacrifice or that Derek Chauvin was really Benjamin Bailey, the “Cash Cab” guy (even though I must admit there’s definitely a pretty close resemblance), I do think that this was an act of premeditated murder and not just some accidental death. Before you do anything else, go watch all of the available video footage of the George Floyd murder from the surveillance cameras and the body cam footage from a cop on the scene. Otherwise, none of what I’m going to tell you will make much sense. In other words, there are clues in the video footage that will point to what I’m about to discuss.

We’re told that the police were called on George Floyd to begin with because he was accused of passing a counterfeit $20 at Cup Foods. This is crucial, I think, to unraveling the mystery that I’ll come back to. Where was he getting counterfeit currency from? Next, we’ve since learned that George Floyd and Derek Chauvin both worked as security guards at the same nightclub and at the same time in Minneapolis at a club called El Nuevo Rodeo, which catered to Minneapolis’ Latino community. However, as incredible as that “coincidence” is, I found it even more incredible that the former manager of the club (while admitting that they both worked there at the same time in 2019) suggested that it was possible that they didn’t know each other merely because Floyd worked inside and Chauvin tended to work outside the door. I find it patently absurd to suggest that they wouldn’t have at least known of each other in a whole year’s time, and I suspect that this woman, Maya Santamaria, is very likely acting as a front person for a covert operation that was using El Nuevo Rodeo and Cantina on Lake Street to launder money to include counterfeit bills, at least one of which George Floyd was seen spending on the day he was killed. While El Nuevo Rodeo was burned to the ground during the riots following George Floyd’s death, Maya Santamaria had conveniently already sold the club a few months earlier according news reports. Ask yourself this question: “Why would a known illicit drug user and convicted felon like George Floyd be given a job as a security guard/bouncer (where they’re even more fastidious about checking your criminal background) in another state?” Remember, he moved from Houston, TX to Minneapolis, MN back in 2014, and he was offered this cushy job sometime in 2019. I maintain that he was given the job precisely because he had a criminal record and therefore could be counted on to play ball with the money laundering operation that was very likely under surveillance by the Minneapolis Police Department, Secret Service, FBI, DEA, and/or Joint Terrorism Task Force as part of an investigation into counterfeit currency coming into Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota from China and very likely making its way into the hands of not only the Latino gangs and drug dealers that frequented El Nuevo Rodeo but also criminal and subversive members within Minneapolis’ extensive Somalian community .

What is it about Somalia that would have the FBI setting up a sting operation? Well, for starters, they were very concerned about recruitment of Somalis into the al-Shabaab terrorist organization and feared that they might commit acts of terror within the US. According to US State Department data, the federal government working with the United Nations, Catholic Charities, and Lutheran Social Services imported more than 132,000 Somali refugees into dozens of US cities going all the way back to 1983. However, the largest contingent has been based in Minneapolis.

US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) had already seized about $900,000 in $1 bill denominations in counterfeit US currency at International Falls, MN that was on a railroad car headed to Minneapolis, Minnesota. Needless to say, no ordinary criminal counterfeiter would use such low denominational currency, but a state actor might if it’s trying to test another country’s interdiction enforcement procedures. Interestingly, the counterfeit currency seized by the US CBP was on a commercial freight car originating from China. But, we’re getting ahead of ourselves. The important thing to remember is that, by using counterfeit currency that could possibly be linked back to El Nuevo Rodeo where he used to work as a security guard/bouncer, he essentially signed his own death warrant. Why do I say this? Well, for one thing, he was taking and spending counterfeit money that the FBI, Secret Service, JTTF, and/or DEA wanted to trace so they could catch some big fish within the criminal underworld that they would have suspected were being covertly funded by Chinese players for purposes unknown but to possibly include financing Somalian terrorists in the US. In other words, this investigation would have involved not just big money but major players in the international criminal underworld with National Security implications, especially where domestic terrorism and China are involved. And, George Floyd would have been seen as not just a thief of the operation itself but a major liability in being able to blow the FBI and company’s cover. So, George Floyd was killed by another guy, Derek Chauvin, who also had a checkered history with the MPD and could therefore be counted on to work closely with the feds in an undercover role at the club as well as an enforcer for El Nuevo Rodeo and (in this case) for the intelligence agency(s) like the FBI.

I doubt that Derek Chauvin was even working as a real police officer at the time of the murder, however, and here’s the biggest clue to that effect. Look at the license plate of his vehicle in the video. It reads: “POLICE”. Now, what real cop car have you ever seen with vanity plates on their police cruiser? Keep in mind too that Chauvin kept his knee on Floyd’s neck for a full 8 minutes and 46 seconds, including for about 2 minutes after George Floyd had already gone limp and stopped breathing. Previously, he can be heard saying he couldn’t breathe, all while the whole thing is being filmed in broad daylight. Why the overkill after onlookers are yelling at the cop about George Floyd’s dire situation? If I’m correct, it’s because it was a premeditated hit.

Even if he was still breathing by the time the EMT got there, I maintain he would have never made it to the hospital alive. Look at the so-called EMT that show up at the end of the video and lay George Floyd’s dead body on the gurney. They don’t look or act like any EMT that I’ve ever seen. There’s no attempt at CPR, no use of a defibrillator to try to kick start his heart, no even checking to see if he’s breathing, etc. Instead, in what looks like a group of para-military styled cops or security personnel, they simply grab him off the ground and plop his lifeless body on a gurney like a sack of potatoes and then throw him into the back of the their truck. The whole thing is done as quickly and as nonchalantly as a garbageman would be doing their daily rounds. That tells me two things: 1. They weren’t true EMT/EMP and 2. If he had still been alive when they got there, he would have been killed anyway for the reasons I’ve mentioned. Also, don’t forget that what precipitated the murder to begin with was when Floyd refused to get into Chauvin’s police cruiser. Why? It’s not like Floyd had never been arrested before on multiple drug possession charges before, and the autopsy report showed that he had Fentanyl, THC and Methamphetamine in his system at the time of his death. And yet, he can be seen in the surveillance footage to intentionally fall to the ground rather than simply enter the back seat of Derek Chauvin’s police cruiser. This is circumstantial evidence again pointing to Floyd being in great fear for his life once he saw who the “arresting officer” was on the scene and believing that he would never make it to jail if he got in. In other words, he knew Chauvin wasn’t there to arrest him but rather to kill him, and he probably thought he stood a better chance of surviving if he tried to resist in public. Clearly, it didn’t save his life, but it looks like it won’t save Derek Chauvin’s life either. Someone’s got to be the fall guy, when it’s caught on video.

What clues are there that El Nuevo Rodeo Club and Cantina was even used to launder illicit money, though? The biggest clue is, Muna Sabri, who was the principal owner of El Nuevo Rodeo through an LLC called Omar Investments Inc. Now, Muna’s nephew is a man named Basim Sabri. Back in 2001, Basim Sabri was charged and convicted of bribery of a city councilman in an FBI sting operation, where he served 17 months in prison. This clearly would have been the time when the FBI, JTTF, or DEA could have used this charge against him as leverage in getting him to work as an informant. More recently, Basim maintains that he was retaliated against for not giving Somali-born Councilman Abdi Warsame a loan. I believe that an obvious target would have been elements within the Somalian community, some of whom were involved in prostitution, forged US documents, and embezzlement on behalf of a known terrorist organization al-Shabaab as I mentioned earlier. In terms of the latter charge, Alpha News reported on a story that showed how a Somalian criminal network had set up a string of daycare centers often using fraudulent certificates in order to bilk Minnesota taxpayers out of some $100 million in state allocated funds that ended up being shipped to Somalia, where it was suspected to be spent on terrorist activities. Interestingly, Basim Sabri along with the rest of the Sabri family hails from Palestine and is known to regularly raise funds for Hamas.

The Sabri’s owned a string of businesses throughout Minneapolis that centered around the large Somalian population. They were constantly being fined for various city code violations and in negotiations with the City Council for building permits, which explains the hot/cold relationship that the Sabri’s have over the years with city council members. The Somalians, however, mostly resented the Sabri’s control over their neighborhoods and the poor slumlord way they ran things like the apartment buildings they lived in. So, the relationship between the Sabri’s and Somalians was contentious to say the least, and I doubt that the Sabri’s would have had issues working with the FBI as informants against certain Somalians the FBI targeted in their investigations. After all, the Sabri’s were always looking to skirt taxes, fines, and building codes that they were liable for in their numerous businesses. And, Basim Sabri especially was already compromised due to his prior imprisonment over bribery and suspicion of funding Hamas that is also classified as a terrorist organization. In other words, he can either work as an informant or be informed on. His uncle Muna Sabri would likewise have no problems with a quid pro quo relationship with the FBI, DEA, JTTF, Secret Service, and/or MPD. After all, El Nuevo Rodeo had been targeted by the Minneapolis City Council and the police as far back as 2008 in a move that definitely appeared to be selective prosecution by a bribe-taking City Council wanting to revoke their liquor license in order to take over the property. So, I strongly suspect that businesses owned by Muna and Basim Sabri including El Nuevo Rodeo Club and Cantina were being used in part as money launder fronts for various criminal elements operating in Minneapolis, especially the Somalian population that were central to the Sabri’s commercial interests.  

However, after George Floyd lost his job when the club closed down due to the Coronavirus scare, he decided to spend some of the counterfeit cash that he likely had stolen, which was flowing through the coffers of the club. And, he very well might have gotten away with it, if he hadn’t been so careless as to spend it at Cup Foods (an ethnic grocery so close to the center of investigations). That’s when Derek Chauvin, who had to have known George Floyd and what his getting caught spending a counterfeit $20 meant to the entire operation, was sent in to “take care of the problem”, or as they say in the world of intelligence “terminate with extreme prejudice”. It didn’t even matter at the time to him whether anyone was watching, since he’s bound to have thought he had total immunity from prosecution. Whether or not the FBI pulled the old bait and switch or whether the guy in the video is the real Derek Chauvin, I’ll leave it for you to decide. I suppose we’ll never know for sure. What we do know is that: 1) He would have known who George Floyd really was having worked at the same club for a year in 2019. 2) He would have known that the spending of a counterfeit bill that could be linked back to El Nuevo Rodeo represented an existential threat to the whole sting operation of tracing these bills through the Minneapolis underworld. and 3) He would have followed out his orders to kill George Floyd as both punishment for stealing the money and to ensure that it wouldn’t be traced back to El Nuevo Rodeo and blow the entire investigation’s cover.