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Mavericks Against the Medical Mafia: Censoring Vaxxed and the Trials of Dr. Burzynski

Sometimes it takes the rantings of what “polite society” would call a madman to shed light on a truth that would otherwise go largely unnoticed or ignored. That’s why one of my favorite mad prophet of the airwaves moments in a vein that would make Howard Beale of Network fame proud occurred on Late Night with David Letterman with a legendary comedic cult figure in New York named Brother Theodore. Anybody that was a steady watcher of Letterman (particularly in the early years with NBC) knows that he enjoyed some of the more bizarre, outlandish, and uniquely idiosyncratic characters that could be much more interesting than the typical canned celebrity promoting their latest movie or TV show. And, while Brother Theodore’s comments were quickly laughed off, I happen to know that he was absolutely right. Medical Science (as we usually know it in allopathic medicine) is complete bunk!

Recently, two often reoccurring stories have popped up on the radar that prompted me to want to tackle this subject matter more thoroughly. The first is Dr. Andrew Wakefield’s new documentary movie, Vaxxed. And the second, is Dr. Burzynski being dragged before the Medical Review Board in Austin by the medical mafia in an attempt to strip him of his license to practice medicine due to his amazing success with curing patients of terminally-diagnosed cancers. Let’s begin with Dr. Wakefield’s story.

Dr. Wakefield and the Autistic Surge

Most people are familiar with Dr. Andrew Wakefield by now as result of the mainstream media’s complete character assassination of him after he published an article in the British medical journal, The Lancet, suggesting a link between the MMR vaccine and childhood autism. Prior to 2000, the Measles, Mumps, and Rubella vaccine contained an adjunct Mercury-based preservative called Thimerasol. Mercury, of course, is one of the most toxic substances in the world to put into your body even in minuscule amounts, and dentists ended up having to discontinue their use in amalgam fillings due to the neurological damage they were causing people. Migraine headaches, muscle soreness, joint pain, chronic fatigue, vertigo, vision problems, and memory loss, up to and including full-blown Alzheimer’s, were not uncommon for those people, who had mercury-containing fillings in their teeth.

So, it certainly seemed reasonable to suggest that when parents began asking Dr. Wakefield to look into why their previously bright and energetic child developed the crippling neurological disorder known as autism shortly after their MMR vaccine injections, there could very well be a causal link. After all, as some researchers have pointed out, the effects of mercury toxicity and autistic symptoms are nearly identical in many respects. And, what about all the other toxic substances that are put into childhood vaccines? Reading a typical DTP vaccine medical ingredients list shows any number of potential culprits as well in what could trigger a deleterious response beyond the antibodies to fight the dead and live viruses in the vaccines. Small children with underdeveloped immune systems are particularly susceptible to injury, illness, or death.

And yet, the list of childhood vaccines required for school admission is only growing longer as the rates for autism continues to soar higher every year. According to the CDC, 1 in every 68 children has autism. Over the past 30 years, there has been a 540% increase in childhood autism, and that number is expected to climb even higher. But, what about all those numerous studies showing no correlation between vaccines (specifically MMR) and autism? Well, it turns out that much (if not all of that data) is skewed in such a way as to hide the real dangers with these vaccines, especially when it comes to the long-term effects that are never looked at as the studies aren’t done. Neither are there any comparative studies being done between vaccinated children vs. non-vaccinated children to determine the real efficacy or illegitimacy of vaccines to determine the cost-benefit ratio that we’re constantly be told about by vaccine advocates, who claim the rewards of immunity to viral outbreaks far outweighs the risk of some being harmed.

Vaxxed from Coverup to Catastrophe

However, in Dr. Wakefield’s new documentary movie, Vaxxed, he was able to get a high-level official scientist working with the CDC to go “on the record” in order to the describe how the data was cooked in the testing of vaccine safety standards. So, here we have a bona fide whistle-blower within the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) trying to clear his guilty conscience in having participated in studies which he knew to be heavily flawed and doctored, so to speak, by people in the CDC that were beholden to the pharmaceutical cartel as they’ve always been along with the FDA, NCI, and AMA. And yet, the movie Vaxxed was pulled from being shown at New York’s Tribecca Film Festival this year by the festival founder and coordinator, actor Robert DeNiro.

Robert DeNiro on Today Show

Apparently, there were protests coming in from other festival filmmakers, who I wouldn’t be surprised were being used as puppets by Big Pharma and their propaganda tools like major medical foundations such as Alfred P. Sloan Kettering in a game not of their making. Unfortunately for New York film festival goers, DeNiro ended up pulling the movie from the festival so as not to cause what he believed would be unnecessary damage to the reputation of Tribecca even though he has a son with autism and initially wanted the movie shown as he related on the Today Show. Fortunately, this kind of attack will only generate greater interest in the film as it continues to tour the country in other venues in a bid for greater theatrical release. It was put out by Libre Films, whose mission statement about the kind of films they’re interested in shows them to have the kind of high integrity one wishes Hollywood actually had.

Also on the medical mafia’s hit list is Houston, TX physician Dr. Burzynski, who has achieved miraculous results at his clinic in cases allopathic medicine considers a virtual death sentence. So, for instance, he’s been successful in curing pancreatic cancer, which oncologists consider un-curable. Even when you look at what oncologists (cancer specialists) use in their treatment protocols that typically consist of chemotherapy and/or radiation, their admitted success rate is very low with mid-range cancer patients at only about a 8% survival rate. Of course, when you consider that the treatment is often worse than the disease destroying the very white blood cells and T-Cells that help fend off infectious diseases and can end up spreading malignant tumorous cells into other organs not to mention the lymph nodes, you’ve got a recipe for aggressive morbidity and the rapid onset of infection and inflammation that leads to greater death. It’s the metaphoric equivalent of attempting to kill flies with a .50 caliber machine gun in a glass house and then wondering why you continue to bleed to death from shards of falling glass.

Dr. Burzynski on TV

Dr. Burzynski is different, though. He’s been operating for some 40 years now in Houston with great success in areas where mainstream medicine has all but given up of curing the patient. The therapy involves increasing peptides in the blood that are markedly absent from cancer patients, utilizing a proprietary blend of what are called antineoplastons. He has been quite successful in treating brain cancer along with an assortment of other cancers that his patients come to him for, often when they’ve exhausted all other options due in large part to their fear of unorthodox healing modalities.

But, as I’ve come to find out, when you operate a health clinic outside the the standard bogus medical care model that rarely cures anything in their drug, cut, and burn mad methodology, you invariably come into conflict with the AMA, NIH, NCI, and FDA, among other heavily brainwashed governmental agencies. These agencies and their academic hatchet men destroy any primary care physician or medical maverick that they deem a threat to the trillions of dollars being raked in by the major drug and medical technology companies that, in collusion with Rockefeller-funded foundations, medical universities like John Hopkins, and entire industries of death built around every disease there is, control the health care system in this country.

Aldous Huxley Quote on psycho-pharma fascism

And, in that regard, Dr. Burzynski has actually been quite fortunate in that others have either been driven into bankruptcy in the courts, thrown into prison where they’ve died like Wilhelm Reich, or simply been killed. Every time, he’s been dragged before the courts, though, many of the patients that he was able to cure have come to his defense and tearfully testified on his behalf. And, no jury (having heard such heart-wrenching testimony) could ever find it in their hearts to convict such an obviously wonderful doctor. However, the medical mafioso continues to harass and sue Dr. Burzynski every few years or so to get his license to practice medicine in the State of Texas revoked permanently.

Recently, he was again dragged before the Texas Medical Review Board in an effort by the FDA and AMA to strip him of his license. One of the bogus charges was that he wasn’t following the “standard of care” for a physician, which apparently is more important than what actually works for the dying patient. I’ve watched excerpts from the trial and it’s completely insane how the prosecutor in the case argues this ridiculous point as being more important than a patient’s life in many regards, particularly when you consider that the normal “standard of care” for people with pancreatic cancer would be telling them to “go home and die”. Fortunately, the Texas Medical Review Board wasn’t buying their idiotic arguments against Dr. Burzynski, and he has been able to keep his medical license. In Part 2 of this series, I’ll talk about some other courageous medical researchers and physicians, who were able to discover some phenomenal things about how to cure a number of diseases that have plagued humanity for centuries and were viciously attacked for their efforts. Then, we can get into more of the who, what, how, and why this is taking place. Stay tuned, and stay healthy my friends!

Vaccination is Changing the Genetic Code


Cancer Causing Virus SV40 Added to Millions of Polio Vaccines and the Long Legacy of Carnage by Big Pharma

Recently, the Center for Disease Control (CDC) finally admitted that a known cancer-causing virus known as SV40 (Simian Virus 40) was added to polio vaccines given to some 98 million Americans from 1955-1963. It is now estimated that anywhere from 10-30 million people were given the SV40 tainted Salk and Sabin polio vaccines. Once this story started to gain traction, though, the CDC promptly removed it. However, the story has been cached on their website and can be found here.

English: Preparation of measles vaccine at the...

English: Preparation of measles vaccine at the Tirana (Albania) Institute of Hygiene and Epidemiology. Two technicians, wearing surgical gowns, are making small openings in eggs. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)er it has been cached,and can be found here. One of the leading vaccine developers for Merck

Having worked extensively in the vaccine development departments of companies such as Merck Pharmaceuticals, Dr. Maurice Hilleman, openly admitted on a censored news broadcast that SV40 was imported from green rhesus monkeys from Africa and led to the beginnings of what would later become the AIDS pandemic.

Many people may also be familiar with the research of Dr. Len Horowitz, who was able to document the origins of the AIDS virus in his seminal book Emerging Viruses: AIDS and Ebola. He in turn was able to add his own take on the classic underground video on the subject known as the Strecker Memorandum, which outlined how the AIDS virus was both created in a laboratory and subsequently spread through vaccine trials conducted in the 1970s. These vaccine trials were administered by the World Health Organization (WHO) on the population of Africa beginning in the Republic of Congo and by the Center for Disease Control (CDC) on “gay” men in New York City and San Francisco from 1972-1974, which of course ballooned in the AIDS epidemic of the 1980s.

According to Joseph P. Farrell in Reich of the Black Sun, Merck Pharmaceuticals received a huge endowment of cash and gold from the Third Reich’s 2nd in Command, Martin Bormann, prior to the Nazi hierarchy’s mass exodus via the “ratlines” out of Germany at the end of WWII. The main reason for giving this money to Merck, along with some 750 companies, was to gain complete control over the pharmaceutical/chemical industries. The surviving Nazis could then use them to support Nazi para-military and criminal activities abroad as well as support their eugenics/depopulation agenda alongside the Rockefeller foundation.

Of course, it isn’t just the AIDS virus spread using Hepatitis B vaccines or tumor-creating SV40 viruses spread through the early polio vaccines that wreck such havoc on our health and immune systems. Remember the Swine Flu (H1N1) that they were blaming on some dead pigs in Mexico and claimed had infected a handful of people in the US that the CDC was hyping to push major vaccine inoculations? Having passed the Model State Emergency Health Powers Act in 2001 after the Anthrax scare, it was thought that the government could have made taking the Swine Flu vaccine mandatory or else you might very well find yourself under FEMA camp quarantine.

Turns out they tried the same thing back in 1976 and Mike Wallace actually reported on what an unmitigated disaster the vaccine campaign was in a episode of 60 Minutes that only aired once. In fact, the government ended up having to pull the vaccine from being administered, since the vaccine was crippling far more people with Guillain-Barre Syndrome (GBS) than those coming down with swine influenza.

Lately, children are being given a veritable cocktail of toxic substances (formaldehyde, MSG, aluminum hydroxide, live viruses, etc.)  injected into their arms from the time that they’re born all throughout grade school, when their immune systems are particularly fragile to this kind of bio-chemical assault.

Of course, when doctors dare question the sanity and science of vaccines like Dr. Andrew Wakefield did with an article published in the British medical journal Lancet over the probable link between autism and mercury adjuncts (thimerosal) found in the MMR vaccine, they get eviscerated by the mainstream “big pharma supported” press, kangaroo courts presided over by biased medical review boards, government stooges at the CDC, and academics that receive millions of dollars in research grants from pharmaceutical companies. Indeed, it is these very same pharmaceutical companies that I call the medical mafia like Merck, Eli Lilly, Novartis, Baxter, Glaxo-Smith Kline, and Bayer, who make a killing (both literally and monetarily) from the often crippling and sometimes lethal effects of vaccines.