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The Secret Life of Barack Obama: The Making of a Manchurian Candidate for President

Obama Kissing Man*

Given what I can only assume many people will perceive as an overtly partisan attack, let me assure you (dear readers) that I am an equal opportunity offender and do attack the GOP as much as I do the DNC. However, if you are at all familiar with the philosophy of this blog, you’ll know that I consider the so-called “Left” and “Right” paradigm to be merely two sides of the same totalitarian coin. The only difference between the two major US political parties is whether you want a more Fabian-socialist style of government with the Democrats or would prefer the more corporatist-fascism style with the Republicans. However, as you’ll soon see, even those narrow ideological lines are blurring to the point of total irrelevance these days. So, with that in mind, let’s examine what Chris Hedges calls the “cult of personality” of Barack Obama. [*Note: The picture above is photo shopped, but the sentiment is not far from the mark as you’ll come to see in the course of this article.]

The first thing that comes to mind with regards to Barack Hussein Obama is how seemingly “out of nowhere” and quickly his star rose, from being a three-term Illinois State Senator to then becoming a one term US Senator of Illinois to running a hugely successful presidential campaign just a short 4 years later. Having slogged through 8 long and tortuous years of Bush W’s idiotic butchering of Iraqi citizens, constitutional liberties in the post 9/11 hysteria, and the English language (to name just a few of the many travesties that befell this nation during the dark and fearful days of the Bush Administration)- it’s perhaps wholly understandable why so many people got “Obama fever” in the waning days of 2008. However, this fanaticism and overwrought emotionalism (seen most prominently in the young and minority groups of America that could most readily identify with Obama’s inspiring optimistic oratory) should have been recognized as the bullshit political rhetoric that it most certainly was. At the very least, it should have been met with the kind of realistic suspicion and scrutiny that all campaign talk must be met with, since we ought to know all too well how much politicians lie to garner votes.

In fact, you’d be hard-pressed to find a politician that doesn’t lie to the point where it has become difficult to catch one of them actually tell any kind of truth. And yet, most Americans fell head over heels in love with their own smug sense of progress-ism in thinking that surely hokey slogans like “Hope” and “Yes, We Can” actually meant something beyond the empty, hollow sloganeering that they always were. As comic Doug Stanhope has pointed out in regards to the fact of Barack Obama being the first black president, it’s just “trivia” and nothing more. “It’s like the first midget bull rider.” However, trivia and certainly novelty are really all it takes to capture peoples’ imaginations to the point of cult-like obsession, and nobody in recent political memory has been able to mesmerize the public quite like Obama has been able to.

Nope Bumber Sticker

It’s only been within the last couple of years that some of the more starry and teary-eyed deluded “Obamanites” have begun to wake up to the fact that Obama might have promised “Change”, but his administration has only given us more of the same…and, in some cases, even worse than his predecessor. After all, despite his campaign promises to close down Guantanamo, it is still an open wound from the black bag operations of the Bush regime, where the US has embarked on the longest multiple theater war in its history. Secret courts without the need for evidence, water-boarding and other forms of torture, indefinite detentions, and covert assassinations are still being carried out with impunity and in numbers that actually far exceed those of the Bush years.

Add to this already sordid indictment a trenchant war being waged against whistle-blowers, journalists, and dissidents that (as I’ve discussed in previous articles) can even get you killed, and it should be obvious to anyone with half a brain that there is no hope with this blowhard of business-as-usual. After all, even after some of the worst trampling of constitutional rights from the Patriot Act and the Military Commission’s Act during the Bush years, the Obama regime has gone one step further in draconian fascism by making it legal for the president to assassinate an American citizen merely for being suspected of being a terrorist with the passage of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA). Furthermore, there were also a lot more killings of innocent civilians in far-flung places like Yemen and Pakistan from the use of military drones, which aren’t nearly as surgical in their devastation as the Pentagon would have us believe. I could go on and on, but I can only assume that most of you don’t need anymore of a history lesson to convince you on the duplicitous record of Barack Hussein Obama. So, let’s turn our attention to some of the more hidden aspects of his presidency.

Obama with Cabinet

Jerome Corsi of World Net Daily and others have made much noise concerning the “birth certificate” controversy. Personally, I find it hard to comprehend how Obama’s reputed birth certificate can be looked at as anything but an obvious forgery. However, assuming for a moment that it is legit, one wonders just why Obama’s team of lawyers would feel the need to spend literally millions of dollars fighting in court from ever having to release his long-form birth certificate, if (in fact) they have nothing to hide and then finally releasing something that so many experts agree is a forgery. So, we’ll simply have to wait until the final verdict is in on that one, but (were I to guess) I’d say that he was probably born in Kenya. Be that as it may, let’s move on to what I believe is a more controversial and damning evidence of his pedigree. Barack Obama might have inherited his biological father’s name (Barack Obama Sr.), but early on after his mother Stanley Ann Dunham married Lolo Soetoro…Barack was known as Barry Soetoro growing up in Indonesia and later Hawaii. It is interesting to note that both his mother and stepfather, Lolo, were in the employ of the CIA through their work with the USAID, which is an intelligence gathering front for the agency and (in the case of Lolo) as a covert operative in Indonesia.

So, Barack’s (a.k.a. Barry’s) childhood years were spent moving through the serpentine and clandestine diplomatic channels of an intelligence front, and he would later be groomed like a Manchurian Candidate by these same CIA men and other powerful players like the Chicago business elite to become president, since these men don’t just appear out of nowhere but are chosen through a prolonged vetting process that takes many years. Here is where it takes a decidedly twisted turn in my view. According to a former classmate of Barry’s when he was attending an elite private school in Honolulu, Hawaii- Obama was known throughout the school among his circle of friends and others associated with the school as being a complete fag. He could even be heard bragging about scoring bags of coke from having had sex with older white men, and this didn’t even faze this former classmate as much as the fact that he was also known as a pathological liar. So, here we have a report (that while doesn’t constitute proof is certainly telling hearsay evidence) of Obama being 1) A Homosexual and 2) A Pathological Liar. The natural question is- “Is there any corroboration to this story?” Based on my research, I would give a categorical “yes”. However, former classmates and close confidants of Barack Obama are hard to come by, as are a lot of mysteries surrounding his past, and I would argue that this opaqueness alone should be cause for concern coming from an individual that proclaims to want greater transparency in government.

One of the researchers that has looked deeply into this murky past is Webster Tarpley, who published an unauthorized biography of Barack Obama. Listen to a little of what he has to say about this man’s history and true character, and you get a much more damning indictment than anything the mainstream media is ever going to give you from their largely lapdog press. According to Tarpley, one of Obama’s mentors at Columbia University was Zbigniew Brzezinski, who was the chairman of the infamous Trilateral Commission under the financial backing of international plutocrat and psychopathic global manipulator…David Rockefeller. It was Brzezinski and the Trilateral Group that put Jimmy Carter into the White House, where he was made the National Security Adviser. And, he was a primary driver of the Afghan war against the Soviets during the 80’s using radical Islamic fundamentalists called the muhajadeen that we now claim are Al-Qaeda terrorists even though they’re a total CIA creation at best. Understand, I don’t care if he’s a mixed race black guy. And, I don’t even care that he’s a homosexual. On this latter point, however, it makes for a sensational choking point for blackmailing this black male…wouldn’t you say? The most publicized outing of Barack Obama came from Larry Sinclair, who convened a National Press Club conference back in 2008 to discuss how he performed fellatio on the then Sen. Obama back in 1999 after he snorted cocaine while Obama smoked crack!

Larry Sinclair

Since Obama was seen smoking crack, he thought it rather disingenuous for Obama to claim that he never did hardcore illicit drugs like cocaine. Of course, the MSM completely trashed Larry Sinclair through a typical character assassination effort, since he had an unrelated warrant. There have always been rumors and stories of congressmen and other high-level officials being kept in check and manipulated from dissenting against powerful interests through so-called “honey traps” that can include pictures showing an official engaged in sex outside his marriage with a prostitute, with someone of the same sex, and even with underage children as documented by the excellent suppressed documentary Conspiracy of Silence that was yanked from being aired because its investigations into pedophilia rings reached all the way to the White House and Capitol Hill. In fact, recently an investigation proved that there are many government employees and high-level bureaucrats working in the halls of the Pentagon, who were trafficking in child pornography to the point that it was thought to be imperiling our national security.

Needless to say, all of this should be “front page” news in a so-called democratic society, but it’s not. Instead, the media are largely enamored of Obama and his phony liberalism. However, ever since the corrupt failures of his banker bailouts during the crash of 2008, the fake bin Laden raid, the intrusive debacle of Obamacare, his continued coverup of the Benghazi raid, and his assault on various constitutional liberties (especially the 2nd Amendment)…we have gotten our “wake up call” as to what Obama’s real domestic agenda really is all about.

Lastly, if Obama is really a closet homosexual, he’d probably hate having to feign interest in his wife, Michelle…right? Obviously! However, this could all be averted if Michelle was really a man! Regardless of what you think of this very telling and quite thoughtful Youtube video that I think makes a cogent case, you have to at least admit that Michelle has very man-ish features. The broad manly shoulders, the bulging biceps, the longer ring finger, the clearly protruding Adam’s apple, what appears to be the outline of her dick in a dress (see picture below), etc. all point to this “she” being a “he”. If this is really a woman, she has to be one of the most masculine First Ladies ever to stroll through the Oval Office. However, on the other hand, if I’m right and Michelle should more properly be called “Michael”, then it explains quite a bit and seems to confirm what Barack’s former classmates and contemporaries have already said about him being a flaming homosexual, habitual drug user, and a pathological liar. However, don’t take my word on it. Judge for yourself by looking closely at the evidence that I’ve presented in the links provided for this article, and you can come to your own informed decision. Suffice to say, there’s a hell of a lot more than meets the eye with the president these days, and, in the case of Barack Obama, I’m sure there’s plenty of people, who would just assume to not even know the truth about his secret life.

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