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The 9/11 Attack: 12 Years Later, What Have We Learned?

English: United Airlines Flight 175 crashes in...

English: United Airlines Flight 175 crashes into the south tower of the World Trade Center complex in New York City during the September 11 attacks (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It’s been a dozen years since the September 11th, 2001 attack of the World Trade Center complex and the Pentagon, and I think that it is therefore a good time re-visit that chaotic Tuesday in order to ask- “What (if anything) have we learned about 9/11?” Despite continual lies, cover-ups, misinformation, denials, and propaganda coming from governmental sources and parroted by the mainstream media from the beginning, we can now prove beyond a shadow of doubt using much of their own news reports (as this middle section of “Zeitgeist” shows) that the “official story” about 9/11 that the government would have us believe is complete and utter rubbish.

Unfortunately, it is this same bullshit myth that was used as the pretext to invade Afghanistan and Iraq, which had absolutely nothing to do with Al-Qaeda or 9/11. State-sponsored false-flags and media-approved myths die hard, however, and 9/11 is still the preferred means by which the US is able to wage its bogus “War on Terror”, an Orwellian term of newspeak if there ever was one, and perpetuate its ongoing assault against civil liberties at home via atrocious pieces of legislation such as the Patriot Act, the Military Commissions Act, and the Obama-signed National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) that made it legal to target and assassinate American citizens by executive fiat!

With the US fast turning into a totalitarian police state, one would assume that the foundations upon which this fascist, technocratic, surveillance culture of fear is based would be on solid footing. However, as anyone can plainly and reasonably see with the barest of investigatory acumen, nothing could be further from the truth. While I don’t have the space or time to go into all the details as it would indeed require a book or more to do so, let’s look a tiny fraction of the lies that we’ve been told about 9/11 and some of the alternative information out there in the open record that proves this assertion.

First, we were told that 19 (mostly Saudi) hijackers, armed with box cutters, were able to commandeer four passenger planes on the morning of 9/11, outsmarting the combined defense systems of 16 different US agencies, including NORAD, the FAA, and the Air Force that waited until it was too late before they finally scrambled jets to intercept. As a result, planes flew into the South and North Tower of the WTC, with another hitting the Pentagon, and the final Flight 93 crashing near Shanksville, Pennsylvania. Then, we were told that WTC 1 and 2 collapsed due to internal fires caused by Flight 11 and 175 that hit the two towers and subsequently collapsed it in a pancake-like fashion at near free-fall speed, where the buildings were turned into a pile of dust. We’re then supposed to believe that WTC 7 (that was never even hit by an airliner) somehow collapsed into its own footprint due to a few localized internal fires!

Already, we are faced with a structural impossibility, as has been voluminously documented by Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth. However, the National Institute of Safety and Technology (NIST) that was the basis of the 9/11 Commission Report continues to claim, on nothing more than an idiotic computer modelling program, that three reinforced concrete steel-structured buildings were brought down by a couple of planes (the damage of which was confined to a few floors) and jet fuel (the majority of which never burned hotter than about 1300 degrees Fahrenheit) somehow collapsed 48 steel columns at near free fall speed. Never before in the history of skyscrapers has a building come down as result of fires weakening the steel girders, and yet we are told to believe that just such a scenario occurred on September 11th three separate times, including WTC 7 that was never even hit by plane at all.

Also, what should have been the biggest crime scene in US history, with the requisite investigation of the debris studied to determine how these collapses could have occurred the way that they did, was quickly covered up when Controlled Demolition was called in to haul it all off, where what little remained of the dustified remains could be shipped to China and India to be melted down and destroyed. WTF?! Months after 9/11, clean-up crews clearing away the debris at Ground Zero were coming across molten metal that resembled a foundry, according to some reports. This kind of heat signature points to massive amounts of nano-thermite, which was actually found in three separate samples taken from the debris field and tested under rigorous scientific protocols. The report of these astounding findings were subsequently printed in a peer-reviewed physics and chemical journal and can be read in its entirety here.

The owner of the WTC Complex, a Mr. Larry Silverstein, had conveniently just taken out a multi-million dollar insurance policy on the WTC Towers. He is also on the record as saying, in reference to WTC 7, that “Maybe, the best decision was to pull it.” This is slang used in the controlled demolition field for “let’s bring the building down.” He naturally denied that that was what he meant, saying that he was referring to “pulling the first-responders out of the building.” However, even if we take Silverstein at his word, we now know that even the BBC had advanced knowledge of the collapse, since they were seen reporting on its collapse before it actually came down at 5:20pm.

In addition to all the evidence for a “controlled demolition”, there is no real evidence that a plane hit the Pentagon at all, since in all the photographs taken there isn’t one that depicts plane wreckage, not even the engine. Instead, we are expected to believe that Flight 77 was flown by Hani Hanjour (who flight instructors said couldn’t even fly a Cessna safely enough to fly solo ) somehow managed to dive a 757 into a 270 degree bank before striking the Pentagon. Interesting enough, this just so happened to be the same side of the Pentagon that was undergoing renovations and housed a Office of Naval Intelligence operation that was busy investigating the some 2.3 trillion dollars in missing money from the Department of Defense!

Speaking of money, there was certainly quite a lot to be made that day given how many “put options” were placed on United and American Airlines. A “put option” is a bet that the stock is going to go down, and there were an abnormally large amount of these bets being placed by those “in the know”, although the SEC has never released the names of those individuals. There are quite a few questions surrounding 9/11 that have yet to be satisfactorily answered. And, there are probably quite a few that haven’t even been asked, at least not by the people who should be asking them.

There are some very revealing timelines leading up to 9/11 that clearly show how rogue elements within the CIA, Pentagon, and Neo-Con Bush Administration not only knew of an impending attack but “made it happen”. To date, we have yet to have an truly independent “official” investigation into the events of 9/11, and it seems likely that we probably never will. However, much of the truth (including those that were intimately involved in orchestrating it and covering the whole thing up) is now available to the public thanks to the tireless efforts of researchers, authors, and filmmakers that are the real heroes in informing the public, where most of the media has failed.


9-11 Was an Inside Job