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The Real Reasons for the Russian Invasion of Ukraine (Challenging the US Narrative)

With all the hyperbolic demonization of Vladimir Putin and Russia going on in the Western-dominated mainstream news media going on, I thought now would be a good time to officially set the record straight when it comes to the real (and quite understandable) as well as legitimate reasons concerning why Russia invaded Ukraine beginning on February 24th of this year. The first reason that everybody should definitely know about by now is Vladimir Putin’s concern regarding the increasingly encroachment and expansion of NATO into the former Soviet Union republics, since the fall of the Soviet Union when the primary reason for NATO’s very existence one could argue was neutralized. Why should this would be an extremely disconcerting development for the Kremlin? For those old enough to remember the delicate brinkmanship of the ABM nuclear ICBM negotiations, you know that the placement of these missile silos was and continues to remain a major geopolitical concern for the US and Russia as well as other nuclear countries around the world. Certainly, it was quite worrying to Putin when he saw NATO gaining “first strike” capability on Moscow, where the city could be hit in 5-6 minutes flat. In an article from the UK’s Daily Mail back in June of 2020, Russia reiterated it’s core security concerns in a reported policy paper that outlined how it could use nuclear weapons if its key infrastructure and state along with that of its allies was targeted by even conventional weapons deployed by the US or NATO affiliated countries, and it felt threatened by NATO ballistic missiles being launched along its border as well as “space-based weaponry” being deployed by the US in near Earth orbit. However, Putin vowed not to be caught flat-footed should such a catastrophe occur as the article reads in part:

The buildup of conventional forces near Russia’s borders and the deployment of missile defence assets and space-based weapons are among the threats identified by Moscow in the new document.

US-Russia relations are at post-Cold War lows over the Ukrainian crisis, the accusations of Russian meddling in the US 2016 presidential election and other differences.

Amid the tensions, the Kremlin has repeatedly voiced concern about the deployment of US and allied forces in the Baltics and Nato drills near Russia’s borders.

Russian officials have cast the US-led missile defence programme and its plans to put weapons in orbit as a top threat, arguing that the new capability could tempt Washington to strike Russia with impunity in the hope of fending off a retaliatory strike.

In 2018, Mr Putin revealed an array of new weapons that he said would render US missile defence useless.

They include the Avangard hypersonic vehicle capable of flying 27 times faster than the speed of sound and making sharp manoeuvres on its way to target to dodge the enemy’s missile shield.

The first unit armed with the Avangard entered duty in December.

Another doomsday weapon that Mr Putin has mentioned is the nuclear-armed and atomic-powered Poseidon underwater drone capable of causing a devastating tsunami near an enemy coast.

Another way of looking at it if you’re American is, “Suppose a major political ‘enemy’ of the US like North Korea, Iran, or now Russia were to have first strike capability with nuclear-tipped missiles by building launcher sites on the southern border of Canada.” What do you think would be America’s response to such blatant provocation? What do you think would be the US response to China building major military bases, surface-air-missile cruise missile batteries, and performing huge military exercises all along the northern border of Mexico? I maintain that the US would feel completely justified in bombing the hell out of any country that dared to do such a thing without our complete approval and active participation, which I can’t imagine us ever giving even to favored nations. Provocations have also been seen in NATO countries like the US, UK, Germany, and Finland participating in many joint military exercises-war games very often right on the Russian border in regions like the Baltic Sea and in countries such as Estonia, Romania, and Lithuania. Here’s a sampling of such NATO orchestrated military exercises just between 2014-2015 alone. NATO, on the other hand, has had designs on enfolding countries like Ukraine into its orbit for quite some time, and this has been one of the warnings that Vladimir Putin has been making if you’ve been paying attention to his talks. He reiterated this very concern with director Oliver Stone several years ago, when Stone went to Russia and interviewed him for a docu-series that was aired on Showtime called “The Putin Interviews”. Stone then went on to produce a documentary about the Russian-Ukrainian crisis entitled “Ukraine on Fire,” where he explores the historical context of what’s occurring there in far greater depth.

It’s worth taking another look at if for no better reason than to better understand Putin’s thinking about various points of contention that he’s had when it comes to Western-driven narratives that more often than not are proven to be complete fabrications once the facts finally come out.

Another major reason for the Russian invasion that you never hear anything about in the US mainstream media has to do with a statement that Putin made about Ukraine’s military leadership. In an official announcement he made on Russian Television Putin specifically said, “I’m going to De-Militarize and De-Nazify Ukraine.”

What exactly is he talking about here? If you go back and take a seriously critical look at the ideologically-driven leadership that make up the ultra-nationalists who overthrew the democratically-elected Ukrainian President Victor Yanukovych in a coup back in 2014, you’ll see that they’re made up of Fascists and Neo-Nazis. Here is a list of the most prominent fascist organizations and para-military groups operating in Ukraine along with a description of their origin and leadership as documented in this article from Max Blumenthal posted on Consortium News:

Svoboda Party: Originally called the Social-National Party of Ukraine, a Ukrainian political party with long history of anti-Semitism. Led by Oleh Tyahnybok, Svoboda played a prominent role in the 2013-2014 Maidan uprising, where Tyahnybok shared the stage with U.S. Senators John McCain (R-AZ) and Chris Murphy (D-CT). Andriy Parubiy, who had co-founded the Social-National Party of Ukraine, is now Speaker of Parliament.  

Azov Battalion: 3,000-member neo-Nazi formation in Ukraine’s National Guard. Azov began as a paramilitary, originally formed out of the Patriot of Ukraine neo-Nazi gang led by Andriy Biletsky, and is now a Ukrainian National Guard unit. The battalion’s logo incorporates the neo-Nazi Wolfsangel and black sun symbols. Biletsky is now a member of Ukrainian Parliament. Vadim Troyan, another  Azov veteran, is now Deputy Interior Minister.  

Ukrainian National Corps: Azov’s civilian arm, responsible, among other things, for coordinating with and recruiting neo-Nazis and white supremacists from around the world. The international outreach is led by Olena Semanyka, who’s been photographed with a swastika flag.  

National Druzhina: Azov’s street patrol organization, established in January 2018 with the aim of “restoring Ukrainian order” to the streets. The National Druzhina — whose members pledge personal loyalty to Biletsky — has been involved in pogroms against the Roma, LGBT, and other activists.  

Right Sector: Loose formation of neo-Nazis and football ultras, which supplied street muscle to the 2013-2014 Maidan uprising. Later involved in lethal suppression of anti-Maidan movements in places like Odessa.  

C14: Ukrainian neo-Nazi gang that receives government funding and has been responsible for some of the lethal Roma pogroms as well as anti-LGBT violence. The 14 is a reference to the Fourteen Word slogan of white supremacy. Led by Serhiy Bondar, who spoke at America House, a cultural center funded by the U.S. government.

Just to give you an example of how ultra-fascist some of these people are, one of their most popular folk heroes is Stepan Bandera, who helped murder thousands of Jews in Ukraine and Poland as part of his Adolf Hitler-aligned Organization of Ukrainian Fascists fighting in WWII.

These are the kinds of brutal white-supremacist groups that the US supported back during the Maidan Square “Color Revolution” in order to oust Yanukovych, since he was considered too close to Russia in simply not allowing Ukraine to be absorbed into the pernicious US-NATO-EU-IMF debt trap. He was subsequently replaced by the puppet Petro Poroshenko and then later of course by Zenlensky, whose Ukrainian National Guard is riddled with Nazi-Fascist groups like the Azov Battalion. He’s reported to be Jewish, as if that makes his obvious association by the Western media impossible to conceive. Where is the New York Times, the Washington Post, the Wall Street Journal, CNN, CBS, NBC, ABC, PBS, MSNBC, etc. and every major news media organization in the US in decrying how President Joe Biden is shipping hundreds of millions of dollars (not just in foreign aid money mind you) but also heavy weaponry, shoulder-fired grenade launchers, ammunition, assault rifles, artillery, etc. to hardcore Nazi fascists in Ukraine? A new aid package of $800 million is being readied after $3.4 billion has already been spent, since February 24th. Why is the potential for blowback as it was in Afghanistan or Syria when it comes to arming ideological extremists not taken into consideration here? What you’ll see if you actually begin to research what’s actually taking place on the ground from real investigative journalists like Patrick Lancaster, who’s been doing daily reports of what he’s seeing in the Donbass region of Eastern Ukraine on his Telegram account, are major atrocities being committed by these fascist Ukrainian soldiers against civilians in a part of the country that has been fighting groups like the Azov Battalion for at least 8 years now. In fact, they see themselves as Russian-speaking separatists of the Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) and the Lugansk People’s Republic (LPR) more so than Ukrainian, particularly when you understand how these Neo-Nazis have completely hijacked the government seat in the capital of Kiev.

Servicemen of the pro-Ukrainian Azov battalion attend an oath ceremony in Kiev on October 19, 2014. New members of the battalion leave Kiev after the oath to serve in the Lugansk and Donetsk regions of conflict-torn eastern Ukraine. AFP PHOTO/GENYA SAVILOV (Photo by Genya SAVILOV / AFP) (Photo by GENYA SAVILOV/AFP via Getty Images)

Once again, the US is making the proverbial pact with the Devil, and I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if it ends by biting us on the ass in the end. After all, in the late 1970s and 80s beginning with the Jimmy Carter Administration, the Secretary of National Security and longtime Russophobe, Zbigniew Brezenski, spoke about wanting to give the Soviet Union “its Vietnam.” However, after the mujahedeen did finally drive the Soviet Union out in a brutal war of attrition, what were all these radical Wahhabis jihadists that were flown in from all over the world at the CIA’s behest going to do with all their battle-hardened Fatwa skills and military hardware like stinger missiles supplied by Uncle Sam through their Pakistani ISI intermediaries? It’s amazing how “freedom fighters” as they were called back in the 80s can suddenly transform into “terrorists” when they attack Western allied countries and then back into “freedom fighters” when these same jihadists are used to overthrow a country like Libya or Syria that the US and/or Israel doesn’t like. But, I digress.

Fighters of Ukrainian volonteer Azov battalion take part in military exercises not far southeastern Ukrainian city of Mariupol, on February 27, 2015. Ukraine said three soldiers had been killed, the first fatalities in several days in the war-torn east, as a shaky truce with pro-Russian rebels appeared to gain some traction with an apparent weapons pull-back. AFP PHOTO/ GENYA SAVILOV (Photo by Genya SAVILOV / AFP) (Photo by GENYA SAVILOV/AFP via Getty Images)

And lastly, we now know that Ukraine was the home of at least 30 biological laboratories scattered throughout the country that were developing deadly pathogens as reported by several independent investigators, who have looked at this situation closely. So, for instance, as reported by the excellent Bulgarian investigative reporter, Dilyana Gaytandzhieva and many others, these “research” labs in Ukraine were being funded by the DTRA (Defense Threat Reduction Agency) which is an adjunct of the Pentagon into researching and developing highly infectious biological agents (many of which have already claimed lives in Ukraine, Georgia, and Russia) orchestrated under biotech contractors like Black and Veatch Special Projects Corp, CH2M Hill, and Metabiota. Now, previously anyone who discussed BSL-3 Labs in Ukraine were considered “crazy conspiracy theorists” by the mainstream media, since we were told that there was no evidence that any such biolabs existed. Now, of course, we know for a fact that that isn’t the case based specifically on the testimony of former President Barrack Obama’s Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland’s statements before a Congressional inquiry.

Florida Senator Marco Rubio clearly lets her off the hook by asking a very leading question to allow her to pin any possible biological weapon release on Russia rather than on the obvious culprits being the US or their Ukrainian partners, but I’m not buying it and neither are much of the rest of the civilized world.

Russian’s foreign ministry secretary to the UN clearly isn’t buying that lame argument either and for good reason. First of all, if these many biolabs in Ukraine were merely taken over by the DTRA to protect Ukrainian citizens from deadly pathogens held over from when the Soviet Union ran them, why can no actual Ukrainian Health Minister or local public health official of any kind go into these BSL-3’s and examine them in order to make a determination as to their true function and safety protocols? In other words, why has there never been an independent audit of anything with regards to these biological laboratories? From the US DoD perspective, these are considered private geopolitical strategic military assets, whose flexibility in doing “gain-of-function” work on deadly pathogens for use as biological weapons should be abundantly clear by now…especially since we now know that was what was done with SARS-CoV-2 Coronavirus via the $3.7 million given to Eco-Health Alliance working with researchers at the Wuhan Institute for Virology in China by the US National Institute of Health (NIH). So, if the NIH, CDC, NIAID, Eco-Health Alliance, and US virologists like Ralph Baric working at major universities and biolabs here in the US can farm out this dangerous research and development with their partners of the Wuhan Institute of Virology- why couldn’t these people be doing the same kind of thing in these former Soviet bloc countries like Ukraine where the geopolitical goals are even more clearly defined? I maintain that they can and they have, as certain documents that survived the great purge now attest.

Many of these documents have found their way into Russian hands since the invasion took place, and one could make a good argument that Russian forces are specifically targeting these biolabs in Ukraine for destruction before Russia herself was going to be targeted with any number of deadly released viruses made to be even more infectious as a form of untraceable covert warfare. As I documented in voluminous detail in my last article, the US has used deadly viruses and biological weapons against foreign countries and even its own citizens in various simulation “tests” in the past. Clearly, the Pentagon and their affiliated BSL-3’s and BSL-4’s in this country have no intention of abiding by the global 1972 Biological Weapons Ban Treaty passed during the Nixon Administration banning the development and use of biological weapons, which has plenty of loopholes and no enforcement mechanism to ensure compliance regardless. Other countries have tried and failed at getting the US to submit to having third party independent inspections of all of its biological “research” facilities given their obvious danger of creating a global pandemic such as we have now, but the excuse the US gives is that there is no way any would-be inspector would be able to tell the difference between a biolab developing offense biological weapons and one that was merely performing research on these same hazardous viruses for defensive purposes. Indeed. Vladimir Putin in my humble estimation saw that under the DoD umbrella, the DTRA working with the private contractors was employing very dangerous “gain-of-function” research in multiple biological labs throughout Ukraine just has they had in other countries that ring Russia’s southern border such as Georgia, Lithuania, and Estonia. The potential for an accidental leak was enormous as has happened previously, and the potential for an intentional release of a deadly pathogen that could destabilize Russia was also not nearly as far-fetched as most people think. So, while it’s obviously extremely unfortunate and sad that so many Ukrainians were forced to flee as refugees into countries like Poland and as with any war there’s always bound to be civilian casualties, you simply can’t keep poking the Russian bear with a sharp stick in his own backyard and expect that he’ll never claw or bite you back. The warning signs have been there for several years now, and yet NATO, Nazis, and the Nitwits developing biological weapons under DoD auspices continued relatively unchallenged and unchecked….until now that is.

Solving the 911 Mystery (Part 1): The Israeli Connection

“The deathly precision of the attacks and the magnitude of planning would have required years of planning. Such a sophisticated operation would require the fixed frame of a state intelligence organization, something not found in a loose group like the one led by the student Mohammed Atta in Hamburg.” -Eckehardt Werthebach (Former President of Germany’s Verfassungsschutz Intelligence Service)

As you’re no doubt well aware, this year marks the 15th Anniversary of the 911 Attacks, which claimed the lives of close to 3,000 people. During the past 15 years, America has not only been irrevocably been transformed into complete corporate fascist police state put into perpetual high alert and fear of a nebulous enemy that are almost always Arab and/or Muslim, but our country has also embarked upon the dangerous and bloody business of fighting wars abroad in the name of the oxymoron slogan “War on Terror”, wherein the US claims to be preemptively targeting “state-sponsors of terrorism”. However, what if some the biggest state-sponsors of terrorism were actually considered our closest political allies? And, what if there were credible evidence that some of the real architects of the 911 Attacks weren’t Afghani, Pakistani, or even Saudi but actually Israeli? Would you really want to know? While this evidence is considered controversial, even among many within the 911 Truth movement, I believe that it is some of the most compelling and substantial evidence there is in determining just who the guilty culprits involved in the 911 actually are. Unfortunately, you will never see a true unbiased investigation into the events of September 11th, 2001 by either the US government or the mainstream media in this country. Therefore, it is up to the alternative media like Para-Political Journal to take it up.


For a much fuller and detailed account of the Israeli Connection to 911, I highly suggest you read Christopher Bollyn’s book Solving 911: The Deception That Changed The WorldI picked up a copy from Bollyn himself, who gave an excellent talk at the recent “911 Truth Fest” in Austin, TX on the 15th Year Anniversary. You can watch the entirety of the Fest on-line that is now archived on Livestream by the host, Ron Avery, or simply start it around the     1 hr. 13 min. mark to see Christopher Bollyn’s stellar presentation. Needless to say, he’s an extremely courageous man to be writing and speaking about this little known and under investigated aspect of 911, even though it goes straight to the heart of some of the culprits in what is clearly a false-flag attack, since to broach this topic in media circles is certain career suicide along with being labeled a “Crazy Conspiracy Theorist” and (even worse in the public domain) an “Anti-Semite”. However, how many people know what the current Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu actually said the day after September 11th, 2001? As the New York Times reported:

Asked tonight what the attack meant for relations between the United States and Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu replied, “It’s very good.” Then, he edited himself: “Well, not very good, but it will generate immediate sympathy.”

Much later on, in April of 2008, the Israeli newspapers Haaretz and Ma’ariv reported on Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech at Bar Ilan university where he said:

“We are benefiting from one thing, and that is the attack on the Twin Towers and Pentagon, and the American struggle in Iraq.”


He went on to say that it was 911 attacks that swung opinion to Israel’s favor. Of course, Benjamin Netanyahu is a hardliner member of the Likud Party, which is the Israeli equivalent of the Neocon, wherein it is vehemently pro-Zionist and very hawkish in matters pertaining to the daily sufferings of the Palestinians of the West Bank and Gaza. When you consider how the Apartheid State of Israel wants to topple certain Middle Eastern regimes it considers threats to its security as well as continue its illegal territorial expansions into the Golan Heights, the Sinai, Jordan, Lebanon, and even parts of Syria– it begins to make strategic sense from a Machiavellian point of view, of course, why Israel would seek to manipulate the US into fighting proxy wars on its behalf. After all, if you can use the full power and weight of the most powerful military force on the planet to do the fighting and dying…then you can preserve your own military from undertaking such an arduous task and deflect some of the enmity of your neighbors towards your very useful tool, while getting rid of your enemies all in one fell swoop. Also, let’s not forget that among the Project for the New American Century gang that ushered in the Bush-Cheney Neocons were Zionists like Richard Perle, Paul Wolfowitz, Douglas Feith, Donald Rumsfeld, Robert Kagan, Elliot Abrams, and William Kristol, who could push the Bush Administration into a war against Iraq irregardless of their complete non-involvement with Al-Qaida and the Taliban.

In addition to a clear geo-political motive and the ideological parallels between Bush Cabinet PNAC Neocons and their Likud Zionist counterparts, there is also evidence that Israeli Intelligence (specifically Mossad) has penetrated into the deepest levels of our government, telecommunications industry, security systems, aviation industry, and high-level software and technology infrastructure to the point that it could feasibly pull off an operation as sophisticated as the 911, particularly if we consider the fact that jet fuel alone couldn’t have possibly brought down the Twin Towers. Once you’ve studied the voluminous evidence of Active Thermitic Material found in the dust debris at Ground Zero as Architects and Engineers for 911 Truth, David Ray Griffin, BYU Physics Professor Steven Jones and his team of scientists that wrote an in-depth scientific published in a peer-reviewed chemical journal did exhaustively– the natural question that arises is, “Who had the kind of lengthy access to the elevator shafts, various floors inside the building, and control over the security in order to place tons of explosive super thermitic material throughout the WTC Complex for its eventual destruction, including the 47 story building of WTC 7 that was never hit by any plane that day?” Let’s consider this crucial evidence, including that of controlled demolition of the World Trade Center buildings.

First, let’s recall that the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) began investigating a group of Israelis posing as “Art Students” back in January of 2000, who had penetrated a number of major US government facilities. While it is known that Israeli criminal gangs are some of the major traffickers of the drug Ecstasy, these spies also managed to penetrate places like Tinker Air Force Base in Oklahoma City that houses the AWACS surveillance craft and Stealth Bombers. According to various news reports once the story was leaked to the press by the DEA, some 120 Israeli nationals were apprehended and exported on VISA violations although many are thought to remain at large. The question is- “Who authorized this massive spying operation into sensitive US government facilities?” And, what (if anything) did it have to do with 911, as it was certainly ongoing up through Sept. 11th 2001?


FOX News Correspondent, Carl Cameron, broke this story in the US media with a 4 Part Report that covered not only the “Art Student” spy ring but also Israeli control over a telecommunications system called Amdocs, which was funneling practically every US phone call directly to Israel. He also spoke about the rarely mentioned scandal of a small software company called P-Tech that was raided by the FBI after it was determined to have connections with known terrorist sympathizers. P-Tech software was being run on FAA and NORAD computers and could exploit holes in their systems to in effect cause the kind of mass confusion and chaos we saw that day in communications and the delays in scrambling fighter jets, which hasn’t been officially accounted for. We’ll come back to detail P-Tech later, since it’s a crucial link in the 911 operation. Unfortunately, Carl Cameron’s groundbreaking revelations never were picked up by any other major media outlet, and FOX News even yanked the article from their website shortly after it was posted. When asked about it on C-SPAN, Carl Cameron seemed to think that FOX News was merely making room for greater news coverage of the war, but (having seen censorship operate before on sensitive stories) I’m not buying that explanation as to why it was taken out of the archives. Fortunately, another 911 researcher by the name of Rebekah Roth followed the bread crumbs to some very interesting pictures that revealed one of the most “explosive” revelations as to what some of these Mossad spies posing as “Art Students” were doing on a floor inside the World Trade Center. Check out her video on YouTube where she describes what she discovered, and make up your own mind about what exactly it means in the larger context of 911.

We also now know that Israelis were given an early warning not to come to work that day in Lower Manhattan. This is because someone using Odigo, which is one of the largest “instant messaging” companies and has its headquarters two blocks from the WTC, sent out an early warning message to at least two of its employees that there was going to be an attack in New York some two hours before it actually happened. According to a Vice President for Odigo, the messaging system has a feature that allows it send messages based on particular interests and demographics. In other words, you can specify a message to be sent based on someone’s nationality like say…Israeli.


In addition to the curious early warning to Odigo employees, the Zim-American Israeli Shipping Co. apparently also showed signs that they knew what was coming and vacated their 16th Floor offices in the WTC one week prior to the 911 attacks. The Zim Shipping Co. had announced some 6 months before that they were moving to Norfolk, VA, and there were only 10 employees out of more than 200 left in the building on 911. However, all ten managed to escape alive. The only Israeli company still left in the WTC Towers is called ClearForest that had about 18 employees, and the handful in the building that day all were able to escape in time. Interestingly, the Israeli government actually owns half of the Zim Shipping Co.

There was another shipping/trucking company that was being used as a Mossad front on 911 that is even stranger than Zim. This company is called Urban Moving Systems, and its owner is a man by the name of Dominic Suter. The FBI told ABC News that “Urban Moving Systems may have been providing cover for an Israeli intelligence operation.” The reason for their suspicions about Urban Moving Systems were raised when a woman calls police and the FBI regarding “Five Dancing Israelis”, who were seen filming the burning WTC Towers from the roof of their company’s building. The witness to this bizarre event described them as mocking of the day’s disaster with obvious expressions of happiness and joy. When the police pulled over their “Urban Moving Systems” labeled van, one man is found with $4,700 in his sock and another had two passports on his person. According to the local investigators, they found “maps of the city in the car with certain places highlighted”. As one of the officials described, “It looked like they’re hooked in with this. It looked like they knew what was going to happen.” You can now even hear the actual police dispatch voice recordings of when they found an Urban Moving Systems van painted with mural depicting a plane flying into the Twin Towers. The FBI later discovers that at least two of them, the brothers Sivan and Paul Kurzberg, are Mossad agents. Although the FBI supposedly interrogates them for weeks, they are released 71 days after their arrest on immigration violations and return to Israel. Three of them (Oded Ellner, Omer Marmari, and Yari Shmuel) even go on Israeli television to talk about the whole ordeal. Are we supposed to believe that this was simply bureaucratic snafu and slip up?


One report speculated that the “Israeli Art Student” spy ring investigated by the DEA was so sloppy and brazen that it was a diversion or decoy to the real Mossad spy ring that could accomplish its goals much more professionally undetected. This makes sense insofar as the art of spy craft goes. However, even with so many “decoys” being caught with box cutters, high-lighted maps, video tapes of sky scrappers, multiple passports, computer hard drives, abnormal amounts of cash, residue from explosive material, etc., why were they were all let go after a brief period of detention? In other words, no matter how guilty they seemed to be or actually were in their espionage, surveillance, and covert operations to bring the WTC Towers down via nano-thermite as Steven Jones, Richard Gage, David Ray Griffin, etc. have shown, they were totally immune to prosecution for their crimes. Clearly, they have friends in very high places to include the FBI, CIA, and White House. In the case of the FBI, for example, the Assistant Attorney General was Michael Chertoff. As Christopher Bollyn says, “Having a dedicated Zionist agent in the key position, as Assistant Attorney General controlling the criminal division of the Department of Justice, gave the Israelis the operational security to carry out this massive crime without fear of exposure or prosecution. It should be noted that Chertoff also played a key role in the prosecution of the 1993 false-flag terror bombing at the World Trade Center.”


Needless to say, what I’ve presented so far in this article is just the tip of a very dirty, complex, and suppressed iceberg of complicity via the Israeli Connection to the crimes of 911. And, even this is just one part of an even larger conspiracy that involves a financial coup, which if you knew the details of would stagger your imagination. However, the important thing to keep in mind when considering the huge scope of the largest single day mass murder in American history is to not fixate on any one anomaly or even several anomalies to the event (interesting though they may be) in isolation but rather to attempt to piece together all those anomalous news stories, buried in the back pages of the US media and more prominently displayed in the foreign media, in order to begin to see the real overall picture and narrative as to what took place that day.

In other words, you have to begin to think “conspiratorially” as well along the lines of-“Who was in control of the architectural, managerial, operational, and working level of the 911 attacks?” And, you have to look at the choke points of the entire operation to know how it can not only override the regular operating procedures and protocol that day such as shipping the scrap iron to particular junk yards where it can be cut up and shipped to Asian recycling plants to be melted down. These are the kinds of questions that have to not only be asked but answered correctly, if you’re ever going to get to the truth along with obvious ones like “Qui Bono?”. Much more to come in Part 2 of this series.




Is Donald Trump a Target for Political Assassination?

Target Trump

The author of such prescient classics as Animal Farm and 1984, George Orwell wrote, “Those who control the past, control the future. And, those who control the present now, control the past.” And yet, I doubt many people could have predicted the insane 3-ring political circus that is being orchestrated before our eyes not merely for our amusement but to readily capture our hearts and minds for the upcoming November elections in the battle for what will become of this once great nation that has become a corporate and consumerist caricature of its former self.

While I’m wise (and some would say cynical) enough to see the duopoly of the 2-Party System as essentially a rigged game, this doesn’t imply that there are no differences between the two candidates this year at least based on what they claim to stand for in style if not entirely in substance. Personally, I’m nauseous just thinking about Hillary Clinton as the Commander-in-Thief. Based on everything that I’ve read, researched, and heard from her- it should be obvious to everyone that she will essentially be nothing but an establishment puppet in the same vein as Barrack Obama was albeit without the swagger and charm of Obama and likely more bloodthirsty for war with Syria and Russia.

It’s known that the Clinton Foundation is a slush fund for political kickbacks and bribery. Even back when Bill was office, the Chinese were providing campaign cash for US military and technological secrets were initially investigated and then squashed. Whitewater, Mena, AR Cocaine Trafficking, Travelgate, Waco, OKC Bombing, TWA 800, Vince Foster’s Death, and the sexual assault and rapes of multiple women by Bill Clinton all occurred while Hillary Clinton (like Tammy Wynette would sing) “stood by her man” not because she particularly loved him at that point as her cussing tirades in front of aides and Secret Service agents would attest but for what I can only assume is political expediency.

Hillary in Hell

Later, her lust for political power would lead to an unsuccessful run for the presidency in 2008 given the meteoric rise of what I saw as a False Messiah and Manchurian Candidate, given his family’s CIA pedigree via the USAID. It’s rumored that Obama even told former classmates that he was “an Indonesian Prince” or “Kenyan Royalty”, which would seem to confirm my suspicions that candidates are “selected by blood” rather than elected by popular vote. Naturally, we learned much later that he was actually a distant cousin of Dick Cheney, the Dark Lord of the Neo-Con Empire that Obama was supposed to be huge reprieve from. Hillary knew she was next in line and therefore had time to stoke the flames of her rise to the top of the DNC totem pole with stint as Secretary of State, where she also had time to preside over one of the worst scandals of the Obama Administration with Benghazi, feign surprise at the fake bin Laden assassination, and gloat over the murder of Gaddafi in an invasion that cost thousands of Libyan lives.

What the American people weren’t told about the Libyan attack mainly by French forces was that in addition to securing France’s neo-colonialist position in Francophone countries of Africa and gaining a goodly share of Libyan oil reserves, Libya held 143 tons of gold and a similar amount in silver. Wikileaks released an unclassified US State Department document that was emailed to Hillary Clinton on April 2nd, 2011 from Sidney Blumenthal, which essentially spelled out how Libya was attacked not for being a threat but to loot its gold and silver reserves. These precious metal reserves were going to back a Pan-African currency based on the Libyan golden Dinar as an alternative to the French Franc. Needless to say, the mainstream snooze media never got around to reporting this.

My point to clarify once and for all (as if the disenfranchised Bernie Sanders supporters didn’t already know) is that Hillary Clinton is a lying, manipulative, greedy, power-hungry, and vicious establishment shill, who will do and say anything to get into the Oval Office. And, seeing Bernie Sanders capitulate the way he did at the DNC National Convention, where the primaries looked to be rigged in Hillary’s favor as the DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Shultz clearly favored and collaborated with Hillary to give her the nomination, was just plain sad to see. Whether or not Bernie was roughed up, threatened, or bribed to back Hillary at the convention, I can’t really say one way or another. However, his passionate and principled supporters were essentially railroaded and cheated out the nomination for Sanders, who I think stood a better chance against Trump anyway all things being equal.

Congrats Bernie Sanders

As for Donald Trump, he has said a great many things that make a lot of political analysts very angry and worried apparently. In terms of the general public, some see him as a bloated narcissist, others as the voice of disenfranchised mostly poor and middle-class white people. Some see him as a dangerous proto-fascist demagogue, others as a champion of “Making America Great Again” (whatever that entails). So far, there’s a lot of political platitudes as were in abundance at the GOP Convention and not much in the way of specifics and substance as in how he’s actually going to achieve all his lofty goals like building a wall between the US and Mexico border while getting Mexico to pay for it, being the greatest jobs president, renegotiating our financial obligation to NATO, eliminating the Trans-Pacific Partnership, getting rid of Obama Care, supporting our Vets, etc.

Whether you agree with his policy stances or are totally opposed, one thing is for sure- “Donald Trump is a big political unknown in terms what he’ll actually do if he gets into the Oval Office, and it is this question mark that I believe is scaring the shit out of the establishment right now.” There’s enough to see in his business history as a real estate mogul and entrepreneur (from what I’ve seen) to predict that Trump will do what’s good for Trump and his over-sized ego whether or not the public likes his ideas or not. His wife and kids do help to humanize his larger than life persona, but this is a double-edged sword. Recently, he made some strides towards playing ball after having completely ostracizing himself from the GOP establishment by endorsing Majority Leader Paul Ryan and Senator John McCain for their respective seats. But, his alienation from party leaders has a long way to go before he could potentially collaborate with them successfully should the GOP come to dominate the Congress.

Here’s the real question that I’ve been pondering as of late as the police shootings by angry (and mostly military-trained) black people continues…”Is Donald Trump a target for political assassination?” Former maverick governor of Minnesota, Jesse Ventura, certainly seems to think so now that Trump has picked party mainstay Pence as his running mate. There’s certainly no shortage of available patsies and willing dupes out there, especially when you consider him being painted as anti-Muslim, anti-Mexican and protests by the “Black Lives Matter” people with his very vocal support of the police. If for whatever reason it looks like Hillary Clinton can’t simply rig the swing states to give her the election the way that George W. Bush was able to do via electronic voting machines, Trump would likely be target by either a MK-Ultra styled mind-controlled assassin like Sirhan Sirhan or Mark David Chapman, who after he shot John Lennon calmly sat down outside the Dakota Building and began reading The Catcher and the Rye.

In the case of the RFK assassination, Sirhan Sirhan was essentially a programmed mind-controlled assassin but didn’t fire the fatal shots that were fired into Robert Kennedy’s head from the rear. All witnesses inside the kitchen pantry that day said that Sirhan Sirhan was always in front of Kennedy about 4 to 6 feet way. It was clear to everyone that night in Los Angeles in 1968 that Robert Kennedy was well on his way to winning the Democratic primaries to be the nominee, where he was expected to win the presidency. He had built his platform on a very sympathetic idealistic populism that couldn’t be stopped by simply manipulating the primaries and controlling the Super Delegates the way Bernie’s campaign was derailed. Therefore, the ruling Cabal decided he had to go just as JFK was killed before him.

RFK Lays Dying

In other words, the status quo was thought to be inviolate just as I’m sure it is considered to be today. Those that threaten the established order of things are considered dangerous to the ruling Cabal, who could easily target them for elimination. Let’s take it a step further, since I like to deal in hard verifiable truths. Shortly after the aforementioned politically-active John Lennon was assassinated by a mind-controlled CIA asset, Ronald Reagan barely survived an assassination attempt on his life. Previously on the campaign trail, Reagan attempted to distance himself from the Cabal and one of their front men, George H.W. Bush Sr., who was not only a former head of the CIA but a member of the secretive Skull and Bones. This is no ordinary college fraternity as some assume, but (as I detailed in a previous article of mine) has connections going back to the British East India Company’s Opium trafficking into China up through their backing of Nazis via Brown Brothers Harriman and the Union Bank that was busted under the “Trading With the Enemies Act” when Prescott Bush was a board member and on through the heroin trade during Vietnam and beyond.

Keeping all that background in mind, once Reagan allowed Bush to be his VP the stage was now set for a political coup d’etat. The would-be assassin, John Hinckley Jr., claimed he wanted to impress Jody Foster, who famously played a teenage prostitute in the movie Taxi Driver. Her loner, self-appointed defender was played by Robert DiNiro whose character, Travis Bickle, also wanted to impress an attractive campaign worker for a presidential candidate by killing the guy (who represented a kind of father figure to the country). When he failed to do that, he settled for killing the pimp (the figurative father figure) of Iris the teenage prostitute played of course by Jody Foster. Interestingly enough, John Hinckley Jr.’s older brother Scott Hinckley was planning on having dinner with one of George H.W. Bush’s sons, Neil Bush, the same day as the assassination attempt in Neil’s Denver, Colorado home. Apparently, the father, John Hinckley Sr., and the Bush family were old friends, and he contributed money to Bush’s political campaign. Bear in mind that we are supposed to think of all of this as just some odd coincidence. When John Hinkley Jr. was sentenced, he was found “not guilty” by reason of insanity and admitted to St. Elizabeth’s Hospital in Washington D.C. where he stayed until just this year when he was unexpectedly released for the first time. The question is why now?

Travis Bickle a Man of the People

This isn’t to imply that he’ll be reactivated as some sort of revived Manchurian Candidate, but the timing, at least in terms of a subtle hint, is telling when you consider Bush’s aforementioned connection here. Obviously, Bush Sr. was hoping that his other son, Jeb Bush, would continue the dynastic rule of the White House. So, Trump’s unlikely ascendancy to the top of the GOP heap where Jeb’s anemic pretensions were easily seen through must have been a source of anguish for Poppy Bush and his sinister burgeoning brood. At one point, when he was asked about Trump, he seemed to symbolically gesture a kind of throat cutting with his hands on camera that you can see for yourself pretty clearly. Coming from Bush Sr., this is indeed an ominous foreboding.

Back in 1992, Ross Perot (much like Donald Trump now) decided to put up his own considerable wealth in running for the presidency. He was brazenly outspoken, didn’t care about political correctness, and appeared to shoot from the hip in his manner of speaking that really resonated with the masses at the time. Sound familiar yet? Seemingly coming out of nowhere as an improbable 3rd Party candidate, he spoke in the kind of “plain spoken” folksy common sense language that appealed to many disenfranchised voters and scored a major coup when he was allowed into the presidential debates. However, when it looked like he was going to win…he did two things that completely sunk his campaign. The first was making a politically at least idiotic mistake in who he chose as his running mate, namely a guy that looked and sounded like he was two sandwiches short of picnic. Then, he did something that made absolutely no sense whatsoever…he dropped out of the race. By the time he came back, he had lost what momentum he had, and the vote was swung to Bill Clinton. Shortly after Clinton got into office, he passed NAFTA that led to that giant sucking sound that Perot warned everybody about, only this time it wasn’t Monica Lewinsky doing the sucking it was jobs going south of the border. So, Perot ended up splitting the GOP ticket the same way Teddy Roosevelt did with the Bull Moose Party, who ended up splitting up the sure Taft ticket that paved the way for Woodrow Wilson to get in, where he could pass the Federal Reserve Act. Motivated by his desire to defeat Bush and prevent him from serving a second term, Perot entered the race without necessarily even needing to know he was used as a ringer to get Clinton into office. After all, Bush knew that it would easier for Clinton to pass NAFTA given a majority Democratic Congress. He would have known Clinton having been to the Bilderberger Group in 1991 was one of the boys after all.

Ross Perot at the Debates

As for Ross Perot, he was a staunch advocate for the MIA/POW cause and found out that the US still had POWs in Laos and Cambodia. He also likely would have known of the heroin being flown and sailed out of the Golden Triangle had CIA fingerprints all over it. When Green Beret Col. Bo Gritz met with the major heroin kingpin warlord, Khun Sa, he fingered George H.W. Bush Sr. as being one of the major traffickers, who used his main operative Richard Armitage in Southeast Asia as a conduit for the heroin. Perot likely also knew that had he spilled the beans about Bush Sr. that he would have been killed as readily as JFK was, and I suspect feared for not just his own life but that of his family. It would certainly go a long way towards explaining his actions in the race that year. Officially, he claimed that top GOP operatives connected with Bush/Quayle were using “dirty tricks” against him such as threatening to disrupt his daughter’s wedding along with posting fake pictures of her with the media (reportedly implying that she was a “lesbian”). He was also told of a plan to tap his phones at his office in Dallas. However, as elaborated by the New York Times, he said that there were at least 7 reasons as to why he was dropping out of the race, and the ones he told 60 Minutes seemed rather small to my mind as to why he dropped out with so much invested at that point. The “unofficial” reason that was never revealed might have had something to do with the aforementioned threat to his and perhaps his family’s life. Former Black-Ops Soldier working in the clandestine Project Pegasus, Gene “Chip” Tatum, claims he was actually assigned to “neutralize” (assassinate) Ross Perot by George H.W. Bush back in 1992, but he luckily turned it down. He even wrote a letter to Ross Perot back in April of 1996 about this very contract along with what happened to him afterwards that you can read on the right side of the website by going here. Later on, Chip Tatum would be taken out in a contract hit himself based on what he knew and threatened to reveal about the Bush Cocaine/Covert Ops Crime Syndicate. After Ronald Reagan was shot back in 1981, he got the message apparently and went on to sell his soul to the Enterprise as we all learned from his involvement in Iran/Contra among other things during his presidency. As for Trump, all I can say is- “Watch your back!”

Who Runs Hollywood? 3 Celebrities Speaking About Mind-Control


English: Corey Feldman at the Sugar Cane Club ...

English: Corey Feldman at the Sugar Cane Club in Las Vegas, Nevada on January 8, 2010 – Photo by Glenn Francis of (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Tom and Jerry Cartoon Shows Who Runs Hollywood

Sometimes children’s cartoons can tell you more about reality than the so-called reality-based TV, given the latitude of action that executives have when they’re programming your children. In fact, the very word “programming” tells you just about everything that you need to know about the true function of television. And, when you consider how thoroughly brainwashed and brain dead millions of people in this country are, I would say that the greatest mind-control device (TV) the world has ever known is working quite well in this capacity.

While Disney remains the undisputed king of mind-control programming through their many movies, TV shows, and theme parks that incorporate subliminal messages throughout- I found an interesting YouTube clip of a “Tom and Jerry” cartoon that gives me the impression that maybe all this talk about the Illuminati using Hollywood and other media to subliminally program people (particularly kids) isn’t so far fetched after all. What’s striking about this short video is how brazenly open that it depicts known symbolism associated with the Illuminati/NWO such as the pyramid with the All-Seeing-Eye that acts as both an intercom system and a headdress for the soulless corporate executives in this scene.

Although I suspect that some may assume that this is just a form of artistic license, I can tell you that Hollywood insiders like Roseanne Barr, Corey Feldman, and Dave Chappelle will beg to differ on that account. Think about what these celebrities are saying first before you pass judgement. Roseanne talks about MK-ULTRA in Hollywood. This would seem to explain why people like Britney Spears, a former Mickey Mouse Club member, might have such a public meltdown given what we know about trauma-based mind-control. Corey Feldman says that the #1 problem in Hollywood is “pedophilia” and he claims that he’s going to release a book soon that names two of his childhood abusers. His close childhood actor friend Corey Haim was apparently one of its many victims, which quite possibly led to his death. Finally, Dave Chappelle famously walked away from $55 million and a 3rd season of Chappelle Show on Comedy Central skirting out to Africa.

So, perhaps (if you have any kids of your own) you might want to ask yourself- “Just what kinds of messages are my children absorbing these days from these TV shows and movies?” And, if you’re an adult, you might want to ask yourself- “Just who are these people that are really running Hollywood and TV studios these days?” You might be surprised what you find.

Joseph Barbera first worked at MGM, as one of ...

Joseph Barbera first worked at MGM, as one of the directors of the Tom and Jerry shorts. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)