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The Real Reasons for the Russian Invasion of Ukraine (Challenging the US Narrative)

With all the hyperbolic demonization of Vladimir Putin and Russia going on in the Western-dominated mainstream news media going on, I thought now would be a good time to officially set the record straight when it comes to the real (and quite understandable) as well as legitimate reasons concerning why Russia invaded Ukraine beginning on February 24th of this year. The first reason that everybody should definitely know about by now is Vladimir Putin’s concern regarding the increasingly encroachment and expansion of NATO into the former Soviet Union republics, since the fall of the Soviet Union when the primary reason for NATO’s very existence one could argue was neutralized. Why should this would be an extremely disconcerting development for the Kremlin? For those old enough to remember the delicate brinkmanship of the ABM nuclear ICBM negotiations, you know that the placement of these missile silos was and continues to remain a major geopolitical concern for the US and Russia as well as other nuclear countries around the world. Certainly, it was quite worrying to Putin when he saw NATO gaining “first strike” capability on Moscow, where the city could be hit in 5-6 minutes flat. In an article from the UK’s Daily Mail back in June of 2020, Russia reiterated it’s core security concerns in a reported policy paper that outlined how it could use nuclear weapons if its key infrastructure and state along with that of its allies was targeted by even conventional weapons deployed by the US or NATO affiliated countries, and it felt threatened by NATO ballistic missiles being launched along its border as well as “space-based weaponry” being deployed by the US in near Earth orbit. However, Putin vowed not to be caught flat-footed should such a catastrophe occur as the article reads in part:

The buildup of conventional forces near Russia’s borders and the deployment of missile defence assets and space-based weapons are among the threats identified by Moscow in the new document.

US-Russia relations are at post-Cold War lows over the Ukrainian crisis, the accusations of Russian meddling in the US 2016 presidential election and other differences.

Amid the tensions, the Kremlin has repeatedly voiced concern about the deployment of US and allied forces in the Baltics and Nato drills near Russia’s borders.

Russian officials have cast the US-led missile defence programme and its plans to put weapons in orbit as a top threat, arguing that the new capability could tempt Washington to strike Russia with impunity in the hope of fending off a retaliatory strike.

In 2018, Mr Putin revealed an array of new weapons that he said would render US missile defence useless.

They include the Avangard hypersonic vehicle capable of flying 27 times faster than the speed of sound and making sharp manoeuvres on its way to target to dodge the enemy’s missile shield.

The first unit armed with the Avangard entered duty in December.

Another doomsday weapon that Mr Putin has mentioned is the nuclear-armed and atomic-powered Poseidon underwater drone capable of causing a devastating tsunami near an enemy coast.

Another way of looking at it if you’re American is, “Suppose a major political ‘enemy’ of the US like North Korea, Iran, or now Russia were to have first strike capability with nuclear-tipped missiles by building launcher sites on the southern border of Canada.” What do you think would be America’s response to such blatant provocation? What do you think would be the US response to China building major military bases, surface-air-missile cruise missile batteries, and performing huge military exercises all along the northern border of Mexico? I maintain that the US would feel completely justified in bombing the hell out of any country that dared to do such a thing without our complete approval and active participation, which I can’t imagine us ever giving even to favored nations. Provocations have also been seen in NATO countries like the US, UK, Germany, and Finland participating in many joint military exercises-war games very often right on the Russian border in regions like the Baltic Sea and in countries such as Estonia, Romania, and Lithuania. Here’s a sampling of such NATO orchestrated military exercises just between 2014-2015 alone. NATO, on the other hand, has had designs on enfolding countries like Ukraine into its orbit for quite some time, and this has been one of the warnings that Vladimir Putin has been making if you’ve been paying attention to his talks. He reiterated this very concern with director Oliver Stone several years ago, when Stone went to Russia and interviewed him for a docu-series that was aired on Showtime called “The Putin Interviews”. Stone then went on to produce a documentary about the Russian-Ukrainian crisis entitled “Ukraine on Fire,” where he explores the historical context of what’s occurring there in far greater depth.

It’s worth taking another look at if for no better reason than to better understand Putin’s thinking about various points of contention that he’s had when it comes to Western-driven narratives that more often than not are proven to be complete fabrications once the facts finally come out.

Another major reason for the Russian invasion that you never hear anything about in the US mainstream media has to do with a statement that Putin made about Ukraine’s military leadership. In an official announcement he made on Russian Television Putin specifically said, “I’m going to De-Militarize and De-Nazify Ukraine.”

What exactly is he talking about here? If you go back and take a seriously critical look at the ideologically-driven leadership that make up the ultra-nationalists who overthrew the democratically-elected Ukrainian President Victor Yanukovych in a coup back in 2014, you’ll see that they’re made up of Fascists and Neo-Nazis. Here is a list of the most prominent fascist organizations and para-military groups operating in Ukraine along with a description of their origin and leadership as documented in this article from Max Blumenthal posted on Consortium News:

Svoboda Party: Originally called the Social-National Party of Ukraine, a Ukrainian political party with long history of anti-Semitism. Led by Oleh Tyahnybok, Svoboda played a prominent role in the 2013-2014 Maidan uprising, where Tyahnybok shared the stage with U.S. Senators John McCain (R-AZ) and Chris Murphy (D-CT). Andriy Parubiy, who had co-founded the Social-National Party of Ukraine, is now Speaker of Parliament.  

Azov Battalion: 3,000-member neo-Nazi formation in Ukraine’s National Guard. Azov began as a paramilitary, originally formed out of the Patriot of Ukraine neo-Nazi gang led by Andriy Biletsky, and is now a Ukrainian National Guard unit. The battalion’s logo incorporates the neo-Nazi Wolfsangel and black sun symbols. Biletsky is now a member of Ukrainian Parliament. Vadim Troyan, another  Azov veteran, is now Deputy Interior Minister.  

Ukrainian National Corps: Azov’s civilian arm, responsible, among other things, for coordinating with and recruiting neo-Nazis and white supremacists from around the world. The international outreach is led by Olena Semanyka, who’s been photographed with a swastika flag.  

National Druzhina: Azov’s street patrol organization, established in January 2018 with the aim of “restoring Ukrainian order” to the streets. The National Druzhina — whose members pledge personal loyalty to Biletsky — has been involved in pogroms against the Roma, LGBT, and other activists.  

Right Sector: Loose formation of neo-Nazis and football ultras, which supplied street muscle to the 2013-2014 Maidan uprising. Later involved in lethal suppression of anti-Maidan movements in places like Odessa.  

C14: Ukrainian neo-Nazi gang that receives government funding and has been responsible for some of the lethal Roma pogroms as well as anti-LGBT violence. The 14 is a reference to the Fourteen Word slogan of white supremacy. Led by Serhiy Bondar, who spoke at America House, a cultural center funded by the U.S. government.

Just to give you an example of how ultra-fascist some of these people are, one of their most popular folk heroes is Stepan Bandera, who helped murder thousands of Jews in Ukraine and Poland as part of his Adolf Hitler-aligned Organization of Ukrainian Fascists fighting in WWII.

These are the kinds of brutal white-supremacist groups that the US supported back during the Maidan Square “Color Revolution” in order to oust Yanukovych, since he was considered too close to Russia in simply not allowing Ukraine to be absorbed into the pernicious US-NATO-EU-IMF debt trap. He was subsequently replaced by the puppet Petro Poroshenko and then later of course by Zenlensky, whose Ukrainian National Guard is riddled with Nazi-Fascist groups like the Azov Battalion. He’s reported to be Jewish, as if that makes his obvious association by the Western media impossible to conceive. Where is the New York Times, the Washington Post, the Wall Street Journal, CNN, CBS, NBC, ABC, PBS, MSNBC, etc. and every major news media organization in the US in decrying how President Joe Biden is shipping hundreds of millions of dollars (not just in foreign aid money mind you) but also heavy weaponry, shoulder-fired grenade launchers, ammunition, assault rifles, artillery, etc. to hardcore Nazi fascists in Ukraine? A new aid package of $800 million is being readied after $3.4 billion has already been spent, since February 24th. Why is the potential for blowback as it was in Afghanistan or Syria when it comes to arming ideological extremists not taken into consideration here? What you’ll see if you actually begin to research what’s actually taking place on the ground from real investigative journalists like Patrick Lancaster, who’s been doing daily reports of what he’s seeing in the Donbass region of Eastern Ukraine on his Telegram account, are major atrocities being committed by these fascist Ukrainian soldiers against civilians in a part of the country that has been fighting groups like the Azov Battalion for at least 8 years now. In fact, they see themselves as Russian-speaking separatists of the Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) and the Lugansk People’s Republic (LPR) more so than Ukrainian, particularly when you understand how these Neo-Nazis have completely hijacked the government seat in the capital of Kiev.

Servicemen of the pro-Ukrainian Azov battalion attend an oath ceremony in Kiev on October 19, 2014. New members of the battalion leave Kiev after the oath to serve in the Lugansk and Donetsk regions of conflict-torn eastern Ukraine. AFP PHOTO/GENYA SAVILOV (Photo by Genya SAVILOV / AFP) (Photo by GENYA SAVILOV/AFP via Getty Images)

Once again, the US is making the proverbial pact with the Devil, and I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if it ends by biting us on the ass in the end. After all, in the late 1970s and 80s beginning with the Jimmy Carter Administration, the Secretary of National Security and longtime Russophobe, Zbigniew Brezenski, spoke about wanting to give the Soviet Union “its Vietnam.” However, after the mujahedeen did finally drive the Soviet Union out in a brutal war of attrition, what were all these radical Wahhabis jihadists that were flown in from all over the world at the CIA’s behest going to do with all their battle-hardened Fatwa skills and military hardware like stinger missiles supplied by Uncle Sam through their Pakistani ISI intermediaries? It’s amazing how “freedom fighters” as they were called back in the 80s can suddenly transform into “terrorists” when they attack Western allied countries and then back into “freedom fighters” when these same jihadists are used to overthrow a country like Libya or Syria that the US and/or Israel doesn’t like. But, I digress.

Fighters of Ukrainian volonteer Azov battalion take part in military exercises not far southeastern Ukrainian city of Mariupol, on February 27, 2015. Ukraine said three soldiers had been killed, the first fatalities in several days in the war-torn east, as a shaky truce with pro-Russian rebels appeared to gain some traction with an apparent weapons pull-back. AFP PHOTO/ GENYA SAVILOV (Photo by Genya SAVILOV / AFP) (Photo by GENYA SAVILOV/AFP via Getty Images)

And lastly, we now know that Ukraine was the home of at least 30 biological laboratories scattered throughout the country that were developing deadly pathogens as reported by several independent investigators, who have looked at this situation closely. So, for instance, as reported by the excellent Bulgarian investigative reporter, Dilyana Gaytandzhieva and many others, these “research” labs in Ukraine were being funded by the DTRA (Defense Threat Reduction Agency) which is an adjunct of the Pentagon into researching and developing highly infectious biological agents (many of which have already claimed lives in Ukraine, Georgia, and Russia) orchestrated under biotech contractors like Black and Veatch Special Projects Corp, CH2M Hill, and Metabiota. Now, previously anyone who discussed BSL-3 Labs in Ukraine were considered “crazy conspiracy theorists” by the mainstream media, since we were told that there was no evidence that any such biolabs existed. Now, of course, we know for a fact that that isn’t the case based specifically on the testimony of former President Barrack Obama’s Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland’s statements before a Congressional inquiry.

Florida Senator Marco Rubio clearly lets her off the hook by asking a very leading question to allow her to pin any possible biological weapon release on Russia rather than on the obvious culprits being the US or their Ukrainian partners, but I’m not buying it and neither are much of the rest of the civilized world.

Russian’s foreign ministry secretary to the UN clearly isn’t buying that lame argument either and for good reason. First of all, if these many biolabs in Ukraine were merely taken over by the DTRA to protect Ukrainian citizens from deadly pathogens held over from when the Soviet Union ran them, why can no actual Ukrainian Health Minister or local public health official of any kind go into these BSL-3’s and examine them in order to make a determination as to their true function and safety protocols? In other words, why has there never been an independent audit of anything with regards to these biological laboratories? From the US DoD perspective, these are considered private geopolitical strategic military assets, whose flexibility in doing “gain-of-function” work on deadly pathogens for use as biological weapons should be abundantly clear by now…especially since we now know that was what was done with SARS-CoV-2 Coronavirus via the $3.7 million given to Eco-Health Alliance working with researchers at the Wuhan Institute for Virology in China by the US National Institute of Health (NIH). So, if the NIH, CDC, NIAID, Eco-Health Alliance, and US virologists like Ralph Baric working at major universities and biolabs here in the US can farm out this dangerous research and development with their partners of the Wuhan Institute of Virology- why couldn’t these people be doing the same kind of thing in these former Soviet bloc countries like Ukraine where the geopolitical goals are even more clearly defined? I maintain that they can and they have, as certain documents that survived the great purge now attest.

Many of these documents have found their way into Russian hands since the invasion took place, and one could make a good argument that Russian forces are specifically targeting these biolabs in Ukraine for destruction before Russia herself was going to be targeted with any number of deadly released viruses made to be even more infectious as a form of untraceable covert warfare. As I documented in voluminous detail in my last article, the US has used deadly viruses and biological weapons against foreign countries and even its own citizens in various simulation “tests” in the past. Clearly, the Pentagon and their affiliated BSL-3’s and BSL-4’s in this country have no intention of abiding by the global 1972 Biological Weapons Ban Treaty passed during the Nixon Administration banning the development and use of biological weapons, which has plenty of loopholes and no enforcement mechanism to ensure compliance regardless. Other countries have tried and failed at getting the US to submit to having third party independent inspections of all of its biological “research” facilities given their obvious danger of creating a global pandemic such as we have now, but the excuse the US gives is that there is no way any would-be inspector would be able to tell the difference between a biolab developing offense biological weapons and one that was merely performing research on these same hazardous viruses for defensive purposes. Indeed. Vladimir Putin in my humble estimation saw that under the DoD umbrella, the DTRA working with the private contractors was employing very dangerous “gain-of-function” research in multiple biological labs throughout Ukraine just has they had in other countries that ring Russia’s southern border such as Georgia, Lithuania, and Estonia. The potential for an accidental leak was enormous as has happened previously, and the potential for an intentional release of a deadly pathogen that could destabilize Russia was also not nearly as far-fetched as most people think. So, while it’s obviously extremely unfortunate and sad that so many Ukrainians were forced to flee as refugees into countries like Poland and as with any war there’s always bound to be civilian casualties, you simply can’t keep poking the Russian bear with a sharp stick in his own backyard and expect that he’ll never claw or bite you back. The warning signs have been there for several years now, and yet NATO, Nazis, and the Nitwits developing biological weapons under DoD auspices continued relatively unchallenged and unchecked….until now that is.

A Brief History of US Biological Experiments and Operations on Civilian Populations

“The CDC is not an independent agency. It is a vaccine company. CDC owns over twenty vaccine patents. It sells about $4.6 billion vaccines every year.” -Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

Operation Warp Speed that went into effect back in the early part of 2020, after COVID-19 was officially recognized as a pandemic by the WHO, was essentially a militaristic biowarfare exercise operation to manufacture vaccines very quickly and could call upon the DOD for distribution of the vaccines to hospitals and health clinics if need be. From the vantage of hindsight, this is ball of wax that has been molded by the likes of DARPA, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and associated GAVI, the CDC, the NIH, and its Big Pharma mouthpiece for the National Institute of Allergies and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) Dr. Anthony Fauci as a way to not only lock down the entire global economy in preparation for a World Economic Forum (WEF) drawn up plan for a Global Reset but also to get billions of people worldwide to take a jab of an experimental and highly dangerous vaccines. Even though it’s clearly pro vaccination, Bloomberg revealed just how stunningly profitable six major pharmaceutical companies that were awarded money from the government coffers to develop SARS-CoV-2 vaccines have been in opaquely awarded contracts from Operation Warp Speed (OWS) here:

Over the next six weeks, OWS handed contracts worth more than $8 billion to back five additional vaccines—those from Johnson & Johnson, Moderna, Novavax, Pfizer, and Sanofi jointly with Glaxo. The government reluctantly released some of the contracts—heavily redacted—over the summer in response to Freedom of Information Act requests. Slaoui says the fuss is unnecessary: “They are plain-vanilla contracts. There’s nothing special about them apart from the amount of money, which relates to the cost of developing the vaccines.” In mid-October, the advocacy group Public Citizen filed a lawsuit demanding the release of coronavirus vaccine contracts. In late October, HHS released a Moderna contract, heavily redacted.

OWS deals have led to a huge payday for many pharma executives. Moderna executives netted a profit of $115.5 million from selling shares in their company from May 15 to Aug. 31, according to Accountable Pharma, a nonpartisan watchdog group. A Moderna spokesman said the share sales were done through previously scheduled programs and in accordance with insider-trading regulations. Emergent executives netted $5 million selling shares during the same period, and in September the company’s executive chairman, Fuad El-Hibri, sold an additional 80,000 shares for a net profit of $8.1 million. Emergent said in a statement that executives regularly sell stock, following all laws governing financial transactions. Emergent’s shares were up 78% this year through Oct. 23.

“It’s a perfect business,” says Eli Zupnick, a spokesman for Accountable Pharma, of the OWS companies. “Their downside is covered by taxpayers, and their upside is already in their pockets.”

Now, that millions of Americans and many millions more globally have taken these gene-therapy “vaccines” from Pfizer-BioNTech, Moderna, Astro-Zeneca, and Johnson & Johnson, we’ve already seen more severe adverse reactions as well as deaths from just the last year that they’ve been administered to people than we’ve seen from all the 70 vaccines combined from the previous 10 years according to the CDC’s VAERS own numbers. And, given that it is extremely time consuming to file all the paperwork necessary to report these adverse effects and the fact that they’re almost never filed after 48 hours along with the inherent bias of the allopathic system of medical care with regards to vaccines, you can be sure that the numbers of severe adverse effects and deaths are far higher than what’s being reported (by at least an order of magnitude of ten times but likely closer to a hundred times). However, as crazy as that obviously is, it should be remembered that the US government has a long and torturous history of performing biological experiments on its own citizens with various pathogens and agents usually without informing the citizenry beforehand. The following is a brief chronology though far from exhaustive of a handful of such biological experiments that we know of and have been documented as you can read all about in the hyperlinks I’ve included.

  • 1997: US Public Law 95-79, Title 50, Chapter 32, Section 1520 is finally modified. Prior to its modification, it read: “The use of human subjects will be allowed for the testing of chemical and biological agents by the US Department of Defense.”

In summation, allow me to quote Catherine O’Driscoll from an article entitled “Vaccines, Biowarfare, and Betrayal” published in Nexus Magazine, Vol. 24, No. 3, May-June 2017:

“Government agencies, including the US National Institutes of Health (NIH), the National Cancer Institute (NCI), the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the Department of Defense, the US Public Health Service as well as the Pasteur Institute and the International Agency for Research on Cancer in France, Porton Down in England, the Ivanovsky Institute in Russia, and others- scientists around the world in government departments and pharmaceutical companies- were (and still are) messing around with viruses in labs, splicing together different viruses from different species and creating super viruses under the guise of preventive health care while also delivering powerful biological weapons- and sharing them with one another!”

Dark Secrets of Hollywood

Micky Mouse Casts a Spell

One apt definition of “occult magic,” not to be confused with stage magic and sleight of hand, is “the ability to effect change at a distance.” In other words, the magician or sorcerer is able to alter peoples’ behavior (not through physical means) but by means wherein the individuals have their perceptions altered. By that definition, the most sophisticated occult magicians on the planet reside in Hollywood. Even the etymology of “Hollywood” gives you a big clue as to what they intend to do to the masses. After all, in ancient Celtic lore, we learn that Druidic priests used the wood from a holly bush to make their magical wands. These wands were then used to direct lifeforce or etheric energy during ceremonial rituals to presumably perform divination, direct elemental spirits for the benefit of crops, ward off evil spirits, and perhaps even raise large stones as we seen with Stonehenge and other archeo-astrological stone circles as seen in England, Scotland, Ireland, and Wales. These shamanic priests of ancient antiquity were using their powers mostly for good, whereas the black magicians of modern Hollywood certainly have far different designs on the consciousness of their followers. 

The major studios that make up Hollywood use symbolism and archetypes derived from the ancient mystery school traditions, but they invariably pervert and twist them to serve the Babylonian Cult goals of idol-worship, greed, materialism, blood sacrifice, and even pedophilia as we’ll see. This is the modern incarnation of a specific form of demonology, which comes disguised as the trifold circles of Micky Mouse oftentimes. It’s rumored that good ole Walt Disney himself was a pedophile, and he certainly had a rather odd infatuation with young boys the way Michael Jackson did (who played Captain EO in a 3D movie screened at Disney’s EPCOT Center back in the 1980’s). Besides the slave-like conditions he forced his animators to work, his hypocrisy by being an alcoholic, his vicious attacks against the counter-culture along with his own animators, and his promotion of SS Nazi Werner von Braun, who was also the man primarily responsible for NASA’s Apollo program, his films, amusement parks, TV shows, and toys would essentially steer generations of children into his way of thinking and behaving.

Disney and von Braun

Boys could be made into the perpetual adolescents many have now become with Disney’s blessing in what’s known as the Peter Pan Syndrome. And, girls could be made into the vain, shallow, materialists that most all of Disney’s heroines are in every reiteration of the “Princess” archetype that is spun out practically every year beginning with Snow White and Cinderella. How many prepubescent tweens flaunting an underage sexuality that went on to musical superstardom started out as Mouseketeers? Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Justin Timberlake, etc. were essentially launched by the Disney image-makers. Certainly, talent has got absolutely nothing to do with their careers as all that’s needed is a pretty young face, a willingness to lip-synch insipidly idiotic songs, and the ability to exploit their tween sexuality for money, fame, and the mimicry of impressionable little boys and girls everywhere. This is the stuff that “dreams are made of,” if you’re a sleazy corporate executive working for Disney Inc. and cashing in on what passes for children’s entertainment. In terms of what dark secrets lurk within the catacombs of Disneyworld barred from public view, alas we’ll never know and have only learned a few tidbits that make it worth pursuing. One such tidbit involves the onsite “33 Club” that from a numerological point of view hints at Freemasonry. After all, the highest official degree in Scottish Rite Masonry is 33 degrees, which is considered an honorary degree that very few people attain. Presidents Harry Truman and Gerald Ford were both 33rd level Freemasons as were Apollo astronauts Neil Armstrong and “Buzz” Aldrin. Might Walt Disney have been one as well? All that we know for sure is that, as a youth, Walt was one of the original members of the masonic DeMolay Order, which is named after Jacques DeMolay (the Grand Master of the Knights Templar who was burned at the stake after the Templars were abolished by King Phillip of France and Pope Clement V). It’s widely believed that the remnants of the Knights Templars went on to form Freemasonic lodges in Scotland, Portugal, Switzerland, England, and America. Just as Freemasons are adept at slipping hand gestures, numbers, and symbols into the corporations that they control- you can be sure you’ll find plenty of subliminal symbols embedded within Disney’s films and television shows. Clearly, their Imagineers understand mind-control as well or better than any Freemason ever will. 

Disney 33 Club Logo

Let’s not forget that Disney Inc. is the umbrella company for many familiar names in the entertainment industry. This includes ABC television, ESPN, the entire MARVEL franchise, the entire STAR WARS franchise, and studios like MIRAMAX. And, who was the long-time producer of MIRAMAX? Why it was Harvey Weinstein, who has recently been sent to prison after decades of sexual abuse was covered up by enablers within the company itself. Fortunately, Ronan Farrow wrote a “tell all” book about the whole sordid Harvey Weinstein affair that he initially tried to get NBC to move on before they pulled the plug on it, and he ended up releasing it in The New Yorker. One of the rides at Disneyworld is actually sponsored by GE (General Electric) that in turn owns NBC. Might this have been just one example of how close Disney was to NBC and its president Noah Oppenheim? We’ll likely never know given that these episodes tend to be cloaked in non-disclosure agreements drawn up by armies of attorneys. However, one can take comfort that, however long overdue, at least Harvey Weinstein won’t continue to use his Hollywood clout to get wannabe actresses to give him naked massages with “happy endings” in what must have been like being sexually assaulted by Jabba the Hut. Ronan Farrow is a lot closer to the workings of pedophilia than you might realize given his own family. He’s ostensibly the son of mother Mia Farrow and Woody Allen, although I tend to think he’s more the product of an affair Mia had with Frank Sinatra as he looks nothing like Woody. Recently, Dylan Farrow (Woody Allen’s daughter with Mia Farrow) has publicly accused him of sexual molestation. Mia Farrow is perhaps best known for her role as an expectant mother in the movie “Rosemary’s Baby,” where she was courted by a Satanic cult that were attempting to use her as a surrogate mother for giving birth to the Antichrist. And, “Rosemary’s Baby” was, of course, directed by convicted pedophile, Roman Polanski, whose own pregnant wife (Sharon Tate) would be brutally murdered just one year after the release of the movie by the infamous Manson Family in 1969. As if that wasn’t bizarre enough, Polanski clearly was interested in the dark side of the occult as seen in the kinds of films he made, including one starring Sharon Tate herself, and in the choice of where he shot “Rosemary’s Baby”…namely the Dakota Building in New York City. Another murder would take place right outside the Dakota in 1980. This time, it was legendary Beatles musician, John Lennon, who was slain by what appeared to be yet another Manchurian candidate (Mark David Chapman). Polanski would flee to France, Mia would divorce Woody, and Woody would marry their adopted daughter Soon-Yi Prevan.

Rosemary's Baby Fan Art

It’s been said that the fictional relationship that Woody Allen has with an underage girl played by Mariel Hemmingway in his movie, “Manhattan,” was likely based on the real relationship he was having at the time with 16-year-old model, Christina Engelhardt, that would make it statutory rape. As the old saying goes, “Birds of a feather flock together.” And, two dirty Jewish birds that flocked together often were Woody Allen and Jeffrey Epstein. In fact, prior to Epstein’s death (that as I’ve covered in a previous post I have reason to believe was murdered to prevent him from talking at trial), Woody and Jeffrey used to pal around New York together. They’d also have dinner at places like Epstein’s luxury townhome on the Upper East side that he was given in part for his “sexual blackmail” schemes by the billionaire owner of L Brands, Leslie Wexner. Besides long-time guests on the Lolita Express like Bill Clinton and Prince Andrew, however, Hollywood A-Listers were frequent guests at Epstein’s mansion in Palm Springs, New York townhome, private island, and aboard his private jet as subsequent records attest. The web that Jeffrey Epstein cast was certainly a wide one, and it no doubt caught a lot of rich, famous, and powerful people in its sticky netting. One can only hope that we’ll learn more once Epstein’s primary procurer, Ghislaine Maxwell, goes to trial sometime in July of this year…assuming of course that she makes it there alive. The people that run and control these sex trafficking rings really don’t care about killing people like Jeffrey Epstein or Ghislaine Maxwell, especially if doing so shuts down further scrutiny into exactly who all was involved. 

Epstein and Allen

Recently, a documentary series has been put out that examines in detail some of what Corey Feldman was talking about when he quipped, “I can tell you that the number one problem in Hollywood was, and is, and always will be pedophilia. That’s the biggest problem for children in this industry.” Needless to say, Feldman was extremely apprehensive about releasing any big names. All he’d say is, “They knew who they are, and when the time is right I’ll tell people who they are.” Well, there’s no time quite like the present. So, do tell I say. Since his documentary movie “My Truth: The Rape of the Two Coreys” livestream was hacked, he has come out with some of the names of those he claims were sexually abusing him and Corey Haim…the biggest one so far (and presumably the only one you’ll recognize) is Charlie Sheen, who Feldman accused of raping Haim when both were actors in the movie Lucas. At the time, Charlie Sheen was 19 and Corey Haim was 13. Suffice to say, Charlie Sheen adamantly denies the charge.

The Two Coreys

The aforementioned documentary series called “Pedogate 2020” does name a biggie in Hollywood that hardly anyone would have suspected unless you knew what to look for. That big name in Hollywood is A-List actor, Tom Hanks. Watch Part 2 of the series to see that part of it for yourself before you completely dismiss the idea as nonsense. It was apparently so telling that YouTube yanked the entire channel down along with all the videos, but you can still watch them on Bitchute thankfully. Just in case they yank the videos down from Bitchute, I’ll relay in words what the poster discovered. On a the talk show “Late Night with Conan O’Brien”, Tom Hanks talked about how he has something of an obsession for finding and taking pictures of single lost gloves lying in the street. Several pictures of presumably random gloves were shown, while he discussed his fascination and curiosity about them. Next to one of the many gloves he posted to his Instagram, you could make out six letters etched into the grime of a sidewalk concrete. The top three letters were “SRC”, and the bottom three letters were “USA”.

Tom Hanks Pedocode

What’s the significance of these letters? Well, typing them into a US search engine like Google, Bing, or Duckduckgo won’t get you anything suspicious. However, when you type them into the one of the biggest Dutch-Russian search engine, Yandex, something very curious happens. Hundreds of underage and sexually provocative poses of children pop up on all kinds of websites on the open web. So, apparently those letters act as a kind of key to unlock those pictures but only on Yandex. What are the odds? That’s not all. Two days before actor Isaac Kappy was said to have jumped off a bridge to his death, he posted a video up on the web where he was asked if he was suicidal. He said “I’m absolutely not suicidal.” Posters thought perhaps he might be given all that he’d described before, including the bombshell confession that Tom Hanks was a pedophile. His video confessionals have become the stuff of legend, since they appear to be simply one man under great psychological stress at having to call out certain powerful Hollywood moguls and actors as being pedophiles. So, what are we to make of it all? Naturally, you’ve got to decide ultimately what is true for yourself. One thing is for sure, more is being revealed about the dark underbelly of Hollywood and the entertainment industry in general than we’ve seen in a long time, and I fully expect that it will continue into the future as we press forward into the darkness that is Hollywood Babylon

Hollywood Sign in the Hills

V is for “Vote Fraud”, V is for the “Vigano Letter”, and V is for “Vaccine Death” (Part 2)

Greetings fellow Americans, and welcome to Part 2 of this series, where I will illuminate some of the darker shadows that have been cast since last we spoke. As you’re no doubt aware, Donald J. Trump was the first president in history to go through two separate impeachment trials. The first one, as you may recall, was for what was later determined to be a bogus charge of collusion with Russia that the Democrats were claiming that he used to finagle his way into the White House, and the last one, for which he was recently acquitted in the US Senate, was for charges that he was responsible for the incitement to insurrection at the US Capitol breach on January 6th. While opinions vary tremendously on this issue of “incitement”, I have yet to see any verifiable video proof of Trump advocating for storming the capitol dome as was done by a handful of his supporters during the “election” certification process. Rather, he merely asked that his followers be there in Washington D.C. to lend their support over charges that the election was rigged in Joe Biden’s favor. So, the inevitable question remains: “Is there any evidence of election fraud that swung the votes to Biden or not?” Actually, there’s quite a bit of evidence to suggest that the election was stolen. In fact, Joe Biden himself alluded to being prepared to do just that as you can see when he says that- “We have put together the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics.”

You might want to cache the video now before Google that owns YouTube yanks it down in their ongoing campaign to censor videos that give you a piece of the truth instead of the typical mainstream media talking points and bullshit propaganda. But, I digress. The way that the Joseph Biden campaign pulled off their massive voter fraud was essentially by targeting key votes in swing states like Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Ohio, Michigan, and Georgia, where predominately Republican-dominated counties suddenly became majority blue when the mail-in ballots started coming in days later. According to one online commentator, who studied the election odds and numbers being reported like a seasoned Las Vegas gambler, the turning point in the election came when Arizona was suddenly called for Biden by FOX News way before even the other networks called it. At that point, “the fix was in” as they say, and Biden’s numbers began to shoot through the roof in completely absurd and rather obvious ways in states that Trump led by a mile such as Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Michigan. There is overwhelming evidence of clear voter fraud in the 2020 Election if anyone cares to look. Some of what’s been discovered so far includes election workers back-dating ballots, falsifying mail-in ballots for Biden, dumping tens of thousands of Trump mail-in ballots in the trash, surreptitiously hijacking registered voters identities in order to cast a ballot they were never allowed to have, pre-emptively registering homeless people, the elderly in nursing homes, or illegal aliens in order to use their identities to cast votes for Biden, and any number of other devious tactics that undermined Trump’s final count and pushed Biden’s over the threshold of securing crucial electoral college votes from key swing states. So, for instance, in one county in Georgia they claimed that 96% of all mail-in votes were for Joe Biden. Other counties were showing more votes cast than there were even people that lived in the county along with other obvious voting irregularities all of which should have made people extremely skeptical of the results. Republican poll watchers were also routinely kept far away from the counts and were effectively shut out from their legal right to observe the ballots being counted, which is yet more evidence of coverup and fraud. Of course, one the biggest problems in any modern election is the fact that votes are ostensibly “counted”, “not counted”, or “gone missing” via the advent of electronic voting machines using proprietary software, which even the county elections officials aren’t allow to examine fully. Essentially, there’s no way to even perform a proper audit when there’s often no paper trail.

Another very astute investigator and researcher named Jovan Hutton Pulitzer, whose many patents include the QR code reader, pointed out that even the mail in ballots differed in terms of whether or not they were mailed to predominately Democratic controlled counties or predominately Republican controlled counties insofar as some ballots had a barcode and some ballots didn’t, which would imply that they were being scanned into a machine where the ballot was either read and counted or wasn’t read and labelled as needing “adjudication.” The rates at which mail-in ballots were being sent for adjudication, where an elections official essentially determines the intent of the voter, was way higher in the 2020 election than anything that occurred in previous elections and still allowed to be certified (shown in Fulton County Georgia to be as high as 93% of all the ballots). Unfortunately, Donald Trump’s lawyers never could make any headway in the US Circuit Courts that threw out every lawsuit presented as “unsubstantiated” and/or “frivolous” without ever having taken a serious look at the evidence they might very well have had, and the Supreme Court never did take up the case on a final appeal. Suffice to say, we’ll never know what the highest court in the land would have said about the voluminous evidence pointing to election fraud and what might be done going forward to instill greater safeguards and transparency to a system that is so rife with hackable exploits and corruption. Besides the obvious ways that I’ve pointed out how the massive use of mail-in ballots (due to peoples’ fears over COVID-19) were exploited for egregious examples of election fraud, another example of the way in which this particular election fraud was pulled off was the use of a sophisticated software exploit or backdoor loaded especially onto the Dominion voting machines that investigators have called “Hammer” and “Scorecard”. These same kinds of programs have been used by the CIA to rig foreign elections in order to overturn candidates that the corporatocracy doesn’t like and to install political puppets that they do like for usually Neo-Imperialist reasons. In the case of Dominion Voting Systems, it’s interesting to note that about a month prior to the election their parent company, which is private equity firm called Staple Street Capital Group was able to raise more than $400 million from UBS Securities LLC that is a subsidiary of the giant Swiss bank based in New York. UBS Securities LLC owns a quarter share of UBS Co LTD, which in turn is about half owned by the Chinese government itself. In fact, 3 out of the 4 board members of UBS Co LTD are Chinese nationals, who are required (if asked) to aid the CCP and PLA in any way they can including presumably rigging a US election in Biden’s favor as obviously Trump was no friend of Beijing and were Biden to get in with their help…he would be in the pocket of China.

The US is no stranger to election fraud at the presidential level as was clearly evident in George W. Bush Jr.’s two stolen terms. The first was orchestrated by a GOP political operative named Katherine Harris, the Governor of Florida at the time Jeb Bush (George’s brother), and the Supreme Court that handed him the election rather than demand a full recount of all the “hanging chad” ballots in Florida’s county precincts. By Bush’s second run in 2004, paper ballots were out altogether and electronic voting machines replaced the ability to even perform a hand-counted recount. The key swing state then was Ohio, and the voting machines owned by Diebold made sure that predominately Democratic counties like Cuyahoga in Ohio swung the other way when all was said and done. Naturally, any pretense that there was a real choice in the two candidates should have gone right out the window when you consider that George W. Bush and John Kerry are both members of the crypto-fascist Yale-based secret society Skull and Bones that I’ve written about on this website before.

Of course, Al Gore and John Kerry kept their mouths shut about the election fraud they witnessed largely because they’re both nothing but Deep State puppets willing to play along with the rigged game. Donald Trump, on the other hand, wasn’t one to stay quiet about it, and that’s part of the reason why the Deep State operatives to include high-level intelligence figures wanted him gone for good. After all, it’s clear to anyone that has taken a serious look at Joe Biden’s long political history that he’ll do exactly as he’s told, and I expect his administration will likely be a repeat of the Obama years in many respects. There’s even evidence coming out that Biden could be in the pocket of the Chinese based on how much money his campaign has accepted from the CCP, which is all the more troubling when you consider how derelict they’ve proven themselves to be with the release of the corona virus from a bioweapons facility in Wuhan, where it originated in all likelihood. One story I found showed that, between 2013 and 2019, the Biden Center for Global Diplomacy and Engagement located at the University of Pennsylvania received more than $22 million from anonymous Chinese donors that the school continues to refuse to disclose in an official inquiry.

The recent investigation by the World Health Organization (WHO) into the origin of the coronavirus is clearly nothing more than window dressing in covering up their own willful negligence and corruption in regards to the pandemic. After all, does anyone seriously think that they’ll be able to find anything of substance a full year after the virus was released? As I’ve mentioned in previous reports about the coronavirus, it wasn’t simply Chinese virologists developing new and novel genetically-manipulated viruses in the Level 4 Wuhan Biolab outside the city’s wet market without any help. The Wuhan Biological facility was given $3.4 million by the NIH in their efforts to develop SARS-CoV-2 and major US universities have been working with various Chinese virologists both in the US and in China to achieve the medical-fascist-surveillance-state that we’re seeing unfold before our very eyes. After SARS plagued China in 2000 and 2003, the government wanted to be at the forefront of studying deadly infectious pathogens the way the US and Europe already were. So, after approval for the Wuhan Level 4 Biolab came in 2003, it still took until 2014 before the facility was built and until 2017 before it was operable as Nature Magazine reports in this article. While they’re quick to update the article as dismissing any theories that COVID-19 came out of the Biolab, a scientist working at Rutgers University clearly has misgivings about China’s ability to prevent dangerous pathogens from escaping such facilities or be transparent enough with their research to communicate to the world when a virus does leak out. An excerpt from the article reads:

But worries surround the Chinese lab, too. The SARS virus has escaped from high-level containment facilities in Beijing multiple times, notes Richard Ebright, a molecular biologist at Rutgers University in Piscataway, New Jersey. Tim Trevan, founder of CHROME Biosafety and Biosecurity Consulting in Damascus, Maryland, says that an open culture is important to keeping BSL-4 labs safe, and he questions how easy this will be in China, where society emphasizes hierarchy. “Diversity of viewpoint, flat structures where everyone feels free to speak up and openness of information are important,” he says.

Virus pandemic simulations like Dark Winter, Contagion, and of course Event 201 the latter of which was sponsored by the World Economic Forum in league with the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation that have been pushing for global mass vaccination campaigns to reduce the world’s population through vaccine-propaganda arms like GAVI foreshadowed exactly what was to follow in the coming months ahead as the world was essentially put on lockdown. While Donald Trump was still in office, Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano wrote a series of very poignant and powerful letters to him warning him of the globalist “children of darkness” arrayed against the entirety of Western Civilization. His last letter addressed to him in the latter part of October was his most in depth about the plans of the Deep State and the Global Forces of Darkness in using the “Great Reset” as a means to implement a worldwide medical fascist tyranny in conjunction with the pharmaceutical companies and leaders within government and even his own papacy that have sold their souls for temporal power and control. Although I’m not a religious person nor especially Catholic, this letter goes right to the heart with what is going on and with what these thoroughly corrupt elitists want to accomplish with the mandatory shutdowns, mass vaccinations, forced social distancing rules, and the so-called “Great Reset” being pushed by people like Klaus Schwab and the soulless cretins of the World Economic Forum, the World Bank, and the IMF.

Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano (Former Apostolic Nuncio to the US)

Catherine Austin Fitts, the former Assistant Secretary of HUD under Bush Sr., wrote an excellent piece about what’s going on called “The Injection Fraud”. She also discusses how part of the controlled release of the virus, which in spite of the CDC hysteria and number inflation due to at least 80% false positives from the RT-PCR tests, only has a mortality rate of 0.1% of almost all seniors citizens over 60 with comorbidities and compromised immune systems. With the RT-PCR tests, case numbers are essentially worthless, particularly when you consider that a lot of people are testing “positive” for a virus that isn’t even isolated and don’t even have any symptoms. How can that be? Either they got COVID-19 and developed an immunity to it on their own or more than likely the RT-PCR test gave a false positive in that by cranking up the sensitivity to 35-40 cycles…it’s merely detecting any number of single pair nucleotide fragments in your nasal cavity that aren’t causing any significant harm whatsoever. If you think I’m making this up, you should be aware that even the Nobel Prize winning inventor of the RT-PCR test, Kary Mullis, has admitted that his device was never meant as an accurate test for any specific virus, especially at the very high cycles it’s being run at prior to his untimely death.

Naturally, this isn’t stopping the pharmaceutical cartel from pushing their very dangerous and provably deadly vaccines down peoples’ throats. Since “Operation Warp Speed” allowed for major pharmaceutical companies to fast-track their coronavirus vaccines through what would ordinarily be a long and costly testing protocol, two main companies have emerged in the US as already having won approval under the Emergency Authorization Bill, Pfizer and Moderna. Both with the two-shot mRNA Pfizer and Moderna vaccines, “Severe Adverse Reactions” including “Death” are now coming in to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS). And yet, despite the obvious dangers associated with these vaccines, including with the mRNA altering the human DNA that’s never been done before with any previous vaccine, people are still lining up like brainwashed lemmings ready to be experimental guinea pigs to Big Pharma and the Medical Dictatorship. As of January 29th of 2021, VAERS reported that there have been 11,249 Adverse Reactions including 501 Deaths from a total of about 35 million doses administered. However, as Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and Children’s Health Defense know all too well, these numbers are but a tiny sliver of what the true adverse reactions and deaths are for several reasons. First of all, VAERS is a passive surveillance system meaning that your health care provider has to fill out the necessary forms and submit them to the system, if he or she believes that you suffered adversely after immediately administering the vaccine. Secondly, a doctor or nurse has to do it within a very limited time frame. Anyone who has an adverse reaction past 24 hours and certainly past 48 hours won’t be reported as a vaccine-related injury. Even when there is a severe reaction shortly after receiving a shot, VAERS doesn’t ascribe causality in terms of applicable criminal liability. In fact, the system we have in the US is specifically designed to protect the pharmaceutical companies from being sued, which is the only reason vaccines can continue to be administered in the first place. They’re essentially under the immunity protection of the federal government and subsidized by the American taxpayer to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars. Suffice to say, VAERS is woefully inadequate as an accurate and accountable system. By some estimates, VAERS only accounts for about 1% of the total vaccine adverse events, which is nothing in terms of being an effective barometer as to how safe or unsafe a particular vaccine is. Given that both the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines were both fast-tracked via the Emergency Authorization Process, neither of them has even been approved by the FDA as they’re still considered technically experimental. Of course, as I’ve shown in previous articles, the FDA is nowhere near the watchdog that it’s supposed to be but rather rubber stamps what Big Pharma wants practically every time as their ranks are filled with people who come from these companies and who usually return in lucrative cushy positions once they’ve served their purpose in allowing those companies to escape proper regulatory oversight.

“I’ve said all that ought need be necessary to say to make my case for now. To sum up, you are being turned into genetically-manipulated zombies by the Pharmaceutical Cartel, Tech Giants, and the Fear-Mongering Major Media and falsely led into a medical-surveillance-tyranny by deranged sociopaths like Bill Gates, Anthony Fauci, Joe Biden, and any number of other corrupt sycophants in various governments as well as the Deep State corporate cryptocracy that rules your lives. The only question that remains is- What are you going to do about it? Perhaps one of my country’s greatest poets, Percy Bysshe Shelley, can point the way to Victory when he writes in The Masque of Anarchy: Written on Occasion of the Massacre at Manchester

“Rise like Lions after slumber,

In unvanquishable number-

Shake your chains to the earth like dew

Which in sleep hath fallen on you

Ye are many, they are few.”

V is for Virus, V is for Vaccination, and V is for Vendetta Against the Global Psychopaths Pushing Their Genocidal Agenda (Part 1)

“Greetings people of the world! Although I originally hail from England, I consider myself a denizen of the Earth, and it is to the benefit of all that I speak to you now about matters of utmost urgency. My sincere apologies if this speech comes across as too harsh or pointed to those used to more leisurely and trivial discussions, but we are living in the midst of serious upheaval and critically important times. Therefore, it’s necessary that I speak with the succinct and direct honesty that it deserves.

As you all know, the entire globe has been experiencing major social, medical, and economic upheavals since at least March of 2020, when the Coronavirus pandemic was declared by the World Health Organization. However, there is now a lot of evidence that what we originally thought was a freak accident of nature or the result of poor sanitary conditions in Wuhan, China was actually quite man-made. And, although Chinese scientists certainly played the major part in the release of this novel SARS-CoV-2 virus from the Level 4 Biolab in Wuhan, the truth of the matter is that they clearly had help from certain “players”, let’s just call them, in the United States. So, for instance, the Chinese Wuhan Institute of Virology received $3.7 million from the US National Institute of Health (NIH) after the US government temporarily banned Gain-of-Function research into the weaponization of certain viruses such as influenza, Middle Eastern Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) , and SARS in October of 2014 due to concerns the CDC had over previous dangerous microbes that had leaked out of various US bioweapon laboratories. Let’s take a closer look at some of these key players and what their motives might be…shall we?


Bill Gates, having founded Microsoft, is not only one of the richest individuals in the world…he’s also one the strongest financial backers and most vocal proponents of vaccinations. So, for instance, next to the US and UK government itself, he is the largest donor to the WHO through the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, which in turn heavily promotes vaccines (often engaging in massive inoculation programs in Sub-Sahara Africa). However, these vaccines have had serious injurious and deadly effects on hundreds of thousands of people, especially among babies and children whose immune system isn’t as maturely developed. Even in the US, vaccines are far from proven safe containing as they do such neuro-toxic substances as aluminum, tungsten, and mercury. Perhaps, that’s why we’ve seen an epidemic surge of autism in the US, since more dangerous shots like the MMR vaccine were added to the childhood schedule without proper long-term testing. Although many people assume that Bill Gates is a humanitarian in his philanthropy of giving billions to provide vaccines to the world’s poor free of charge, his motives for doing so are actually quite evil indeed when you consider that these vaccines are being used on the Third World’s poor to cull their population on behalf of the global elite, who covet their natural resources. So, for instance, the WHO was accused of adding “sterilants” to the tetanus vaccines they distributed to Kenya in 2014. It was later confirmed that this had been going on for at least a decade under the auspices of the WHO, and you can be certain that this is by no means an isolated incident. In fact, Bill Gates is even on record as admitting that mass vaccination will help reduce the world’s population at a talk he gave on TED several years ago.

He also spoke at a TED Talk back in 2015 about “Pandemic Preparedness”, where some of his “solutions” involved running more germ outbreak drills and of course making sure that everyone (especially children) have plenty of vaccines delivered by military-medical personnel if need be. When it comes to the Third World, in particular, mass vaccinations are used kill outright what sociopaths like Henry Kissinger used to call “useless eaters” that were thought to be a potential threat to the greedy multinational corporations looting the countries’ natural mineral, gas, and oil resources. Also, let’s not forget that the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation were one of the sponsors of Event 201 in October 2019, which simulated the outbreak of a “novel zoonotic coronavirus” transmitted from bats to pigs to people that eventually leads to a global pandemic. Sound familiar? Some of the other participants in this “simulation” were John Hopkins Center for Health Security, the World Economic Forum, the CDC, the Chinese CDC, the CIA, Big Pharma, and the Big Banks.

However, this wasn’t the only suspicious “simulated exercise” you could say that ended up being uncannily accurate. Earlier in 2019, you had Crimson Contagion that simulated a severe influenza pandemic originating in China that was administered by Health and Human Services, a dozen states, 87 hospitals, 24 Indian reservations, NGO’s, and 19 federal agencies including the Pentagon and National Security Council. Bear in mind, that this “simulation” took place from January to August 2019. Their findings concluded that:

  • Federal government lacks sufficient funding to respond to a severe influenza pandemic.
  • Exercise participants lacked clarity on the roles of different federal agencies, and what information was important to pass on to federal partners.
  • HHS had issues providing accurate and relevant information to hospitals and other public health organizations.
  • Confusion between HHS, FEMA, and the Department of Homeland Security on which federal agency would take the lead in the crisis.
  • The United States lacks the production capacity to meet the demands for protective equipment and medical devices such as masks and ventilators imposed by a pandemic.
  • States were unable to efficiently request resources due to the lack of a standardized request process.

So, right after all of these federal agencies determine that they’re too inept and unprepared to handle a respiratory-affecting virus, the US gets hit with that exact thing some four months later (three if you count it really occurring in December 2019), and we’re supposed to believe this is all just a crazy coincidence? You also had yet another earlier global pandemic simulation that studied its effects on the world, the US in particular, wherein it described the people being put in what it called Lock Step. And, this is the most accurate couple of words I’ve heard to describe what they’ve been able to get the US and most of the rest of the world to do to the marching orders of technocrats, politicians, and pseudo-medical “authorities” tied in heavily to the Pharmaceutical Cartel they’ve been invested in from the very beginning like Dr. Anthony Fauci. More on him a bit later. This can be found in the 2010 Rockefeller Foundation produced a white paper entitled “Scenarios for the Future of Technology and International Development” that predicted what we’re seeing play with COVID-19 with uncanny accuracy.

In the paper’s pandemic scenario, they also write:

“Even the most pandemic prepared nations were quickly overwhelmed when the virus streaked across the world, infecting nearly 20% of the global population and killing 8 million in just seven months, the majority of them healthy young adults. The pandemic also had a deadly effect on economies: international mobility of both people and goods screeched to a halt, debilitating industries like tourism and breaking global supply chains. Even locally, normally bustling shops and office buildings sat empty for months, devoid of both employees and customers.”

Fortunately, they were wrong about the lethality of the virus among young healthy adults, who hardly ever die from COVID-19 despite what the propaganda from the media would have you believe. In fact, the number of actual deaths, when you rule out those with co-morbidities of those who test positive for the virus, for those 50-years-old and younger is just 1 in 33,000 according to the latest numbers. And, the hyper-oversensitivity of the PCR tests means that the number of cases and deaths is obviously extremely overinflated by anywhere from 40-90% that even the New York Times admits to now. Furthermore, the PCR doesn’t even test for a strict isolate of the COVID-19 virus itself but rather for any number of corona viruses (including harmless viral fragments) like influenza regardless of any contagiousness. And, this is supposed to be the “Gold Standard” for COVID-19 testing these days? In the book Controlled Demolition of the American Empire, authors Jeff Berwick and Charlie Robinson write:

“With billions of dollars in revenue each year from the patents they own on vaccines, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) just could not manage to get their act together and provide adequate Coronavirus testing kits to the hospitals early and in large enough supply to make a dent in testing the public. When they did finally send test kits to the hospitals, the kits were tainted with the Coronavirus through either the manufacturing or shipping process, creating false-positive results that were pointed to as the justification for closing down society, along with faulty infection models pushed by Gates Foundation Board Member, Dr. Fauci.”

The one control against the rest of world’s insanity that comes to mind is Sweden that refused to force their citizens and their respective businesses into such Psy-Op bullshit rules like “socially distancing”, “wearing of masks”, “track and tracing”, “percentage allowance in dine-in restaurants”, and “sheltering at home” for those not engaged in “essential services” however it’s defined by governors and mayors by authoritarian fiat, as it is in the US. Sweden freely admits that they should have protected their elderly in nursing homes better at the start of the pandemic, but other than that…the number of deaths they had relative to the rest of Europe was fairly mediocre. And, they were able to reach a level of herd immunity a lot quicker than those countries that locked down their society and essentially bankrupted their small business owners for what would have amounted to the equivalent of strong flu season. According to the latest scientific statistics, herd immunity is reached when around 15-20% become infected and not the 60-70% that is commonly touted in the mainstream media.

Economies, livelihoods, and entire social norms as we’ve seen are like dominoes lined up in rows. All it takes is a flick of the finger by those in authority to knock them down.

We the people must hold the local and federal governments’ feet to the fire of their own making. But, before we do that, we must first free ourselves from this manufactured “Plandemic” that has imprisoned us in a state of paralysis and media-driven fear. And, while we’re at it, people everywhere need to unify around their shared common humanity and values-driven life, instead of allowing themselves to be driven by the racially-charged division being manipulated by a handful of wealthy provocateurs in order to keep the masses at each others’ throats rather than where our hands ought to be….around the necks of the elitist wolves and pigs like Bill Gates, Nancy Pelosi, and George Soros! I rest my case for now. “Remember, remember the 5th of November and the treasonous vaccine plot. I see no reason why the vaccine plot should ever be forgot.” To be continued in our next segment that will discuss how “V is also for Vote Fraud”. Stay tuned, stay vigilant, and don’t let the bastards keep you down.

Think of my hands as doing essentially what you’ve already done to entire nations’ economies, Mr. Soros. And, as for you Mr. Gates, it’s about time you get a shot of your own poisonous medicine.

Was George Floyd’s Death an Act of Premeditated Murder? (The FBI, Somalian Criminal Network, and the Counterfeit Money Laundering Operation)

The death of George Floyd at the hands of Derek Chauvin, with his fellow police officers standing idly by and doing nothing, has sparked mass protests all over the world and focused an intense spotlight on abusive policing practices in the US, particularly in its relationship to the black community. Racial tensions are extremely high right now in a way that I haven’t personally seen since the L.A. riots back in 1992 (in that case based on video of a black man getting beat by white LAPD officers and their subsequent acquittal). It’s only gotten worse since then with a string of mostly unarmed young black men being killed by aggressively violent cops. This much is known by everyone, who hasn’t been living under a rock in the last couple of months. However, a great many questions remain about the George Floyd killing that have yet to be satisfactorily answered by the mainstream media.

With the social engineering of COVID-19 still ongoing, it started to look like the media was losing its grip on the public’s attention, who were growing tired of the same old ticker tally of supposed deaths due to Coronavirus. I say supposed, since we’ll likely never know the true numbers given the financial incentive involved in pushing them beyond what I find plausible. A Senator from Minnesota, Dr. Scott Jensen, spoke on the Laura Ingram Show about how the CDC was recommending to doctors that “suspected” or “probable” deaths of Coronavirus should still get classed as an official COVID-19 death on their death certificate, even if it wasn’t properly diagnosed as such or there were contributing factors involved. Enter the killing of George Floyd to shift gears a bit to a new exploitable narrative. Obviously, the MSM is focused on the sensational story of racist and murderous cops vs. pissed off protesters. And, while the majority of the protesters have been peaceful, like anything that involves this many people taking to the streets…there have been examples of opportunistic destruction and looting that has taken place. However, if you look at those cases carefully, you’ll see how they’re mostly cops posing as “black bloc” styled so-called “Anarchists”. In other words, they’re not really protesters or even angry agitators. They are agent provocateurs. The use of these provocateurs give the police and national guard a convenient excuse to start attacking protesters in full force with tear gas, rubber bullets, flash grenades, etc. simply for exercising their 1st Amendment Right of free speech and to peaceably assemble to petition the government for a redress of grievances.

Suffice to say, you’ll find just about every protest has been infiltrated by undercover agents and tarnished by agent provocateurs, whether it’s the Occupy Wall Street movement or the protests against the WTO in Toronto. So, that much shouldn’t come as any big surprise. However, it’s gotten even more sophisticated now, where so-called protest groups can be funded and/or taken over by certain elites for their own political agenda quite apart from what may have been the group’s original intent. It would appear that this is exactly what happened to the “Black Lives Matter” movement, if you look at where it’s getting its funding from. Just like the color revolutions in the Middle East orchestrated by Astro-turf NGO’s like Freedom House served the geo-political interests of the US, who’s to say that BLM won’t also be used by the likes of George Soros for a covert domestic agenda that serves to further “divide and conquer” Americans? This is clearly already happening. The big question is- “To what end?”

One short term end that I’m seeing is to put President Donald Trump into a Catch-22 situation that costs him the election in November this year. Neo-Liberal elites that include almost all of the mainstream media know that Donald Trump is a staunch advocate for “Law and Order” and therefore is bemoaning city mayors across America for playing it light with protesters by not seizing total control over the streets. So, at one point, Trump threatened to issue an Executive Order to institute the “Insurrection Act” that would call up the US Army to march into cities and put down whatever chaos they found. However, thankfully cooler heads prevailed, and the protests became less violent and less prone to looting. In this way, Trump dodged a political bullet that would have painted him as a dictatorial demagogue had he done so. If the protests take a turn for the worse, though, and Trump allows them to go unchecked by the mayors and governors playing patty cake with them- he could easily lose face with his base, who expect him to put his foot down. How much of this gambit will be played by unseen political elites against the Trump presidency is anyone’s guess, but it certainly appears to be one that is being played either through fortuitous circumstances or a coordinated intent by the Left and their useful idiots in the media.

Now, let’s take much closer look at the killing of George Floyd, since it certainly bears closer scrutiny than what we’ve learned so far. To my mind, there are far too many things that simply don’t add up with me. So, while I’m not necessarily going to buy into the conspiratorial tropes making the rounds on-line that the whole thing was a Masonic sacrifice or that Derek Chauvin was really Benjamin Bailey, the “Cash Cab” guy (even though I must admit there’s definitely a pretty close resemblance), I do think that this was an act of premeditated murder and not just some accidental death. Before you do anything else, go watch all of the available video footage of the George Floyd murder from the surveillance cameras and the body cam footage from a cop on the scene. Otherwise, none of what I’m going to tell you will make much sense. In other words, there are clues in the video footage that will point to what I’m about to discuss.

We’re told that the police were called on George Floyd to begin with because he was accused of passing a counterfeit $20 at Cup Foods. This is crucial, I think, to unraveling the mystery that I’ll come back to. Where was he getting counterfeit currency from? Next, we’ve since learned that George Floyd and Derek Chauvin both worked as security guards at the same nightclub and at the same time in Minneapolis at a club called El Nuevo Rodeo, which catered to Minneapolis’ Latino community. However, as incredible as that “coincidence” is, I found it even more incredible that the former manager of the club (while admitting that they both worked there at the same time in 2019) suggested that it was possible that they didn’t know each other merely because Floyd worked inside and Chauvin tended to work outside the door. I find it patently absurd to suggest that they wouldn’t have at least known of each other in a whole year’s time, and I suspect that this woman, Maya Santamaria, is very likely acting as a front person for a covert operation that was using El Nuevo Rodeo and Cantina on Lake Street to launder money to include counterfeit bills, at least one of which George Floyd was seen spending on the day he was killed. While El Nuevo Rodeo was burned to the ground during the riots following George Floyd’s death, Maya Santamaria had conveniently already sold the club a few months earlier according news reports. Ask yourself this question: “Why would a known illicit drug user and convicted felon like George Floyd be given a job as a security guard/bouncer (where they’re even more fastidious about checking your criminal background) in another state?” Remember, he moved from Houston, TX to Minneapolis, MN back in 2014, and he was offered this cushy job sometime in 2019. I maintain that he was given the job precisely because he had a criminal record and therefore could be counted on to play ball with the money laundering operation that was very likely under surveillance by the Minneapolis Police Department, Secret Service, FBI, DEA, and/or Joint Terrorism Task Force as part of an investigation into counterfeit currency coming into Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota from China and very likely making its way into the hands of not only the Latino gangs and drug dealers that frequented El Nuevo Rodeo but also criminal and subversive members within Minneapolis’ extensive Somalian community .

What is it about Somalia that would have the FBI setting up a sting operation? Well, for starters, they were very concerned about recruitment of Somalis into the al-Shabaab terrorist organization and feared that they might commit acts of terror within the US. According to US State Department data, the federal government working with the United Nations, Catholic Charities, and Lutheran Social Services imported more than 132,000 Somali refugees into dozens of US cities going all the way back to 1983. However, the largest contingent has been based in Minneapolis.

US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) had already seized about $900,000 in $1 bill denominations in counterfeit US currency at International Falls, MN that was on a railroad car headed to Minneapolis, Minnesota. Needless to say, no ordinary criminal counterfeiter would use such low denominational currency, but a state actor might if it’s trying to test another country’s interdiction enforcement procedures. Interestingly, the counterfeit currency seized by the US CBP was on a commercial freight car originating from China. But, we’re getting ahead of ourselves. The important thing to remember is that, by using counterfeit currency that could possibly be linked back to El Nuevo Rodeo where he used to work as a security guard/bouncer, he essentially signed his own death warrant. Why do I say this? Well, for one thing, he was taking and spending counterfeit money that the FBI, Secret Service, JTTF, and/or DEA wanted to trace so they could catch some big fish within the criminal underworld that they would have suspected were being covertly funded by Chinese players for purposes unknown but to possibly include financing Somalian terrorists in the US. In other words, this investigation would have involved not just big money but major players in the international criminal underworld with National Security implications, especially where domestic terrorism and China are involved. And, George Floyd would have been seen as not just a thief of the operation itself but a major liability in being able to blow the FBI and company’s cover. So, George Floyd was killed by another guy, Derek Chauvin, who also had a checkered history with the MPD and could therefore be counted on to work closely with the feds in an undercover role at the club as well as an enforcer for El Nuevo Rodeo and (in this case) for the intelligence agency(s) like the FBI.

I doubt that Derek Chauvin was even working as a real police officer at the time of the murder, however, and here’s the biggest clue to that effect. Look at the license plate of his vehicle in the video. It reads: “POLICE”. Now, what real cop car have you ever seen with vanity plates on their police cruiser? Keep in mind too that Chauvin kept his knee on Floyd’s neck for a full 8 minutes and 46 seconds, including for about 2 minutes after George Floyd had already gone limp and stopped breathing. Previously, he can be heard saying he couldn’t breathe, all while the whole thing is being filmed in broad daylight. Why the overkill after onlookers are yelling at the cop about George Floyd’s dire situation? If I’m correct, it’s because it was a premeditated hit.

Even if he was still breathing by the time the EMT got there, I maintain he would have never made it to the hospital alive. Look at the so-called EMT that show up at the end of the video and lay George Floyd’s dead body on the gurney. They don’t look or act like any EMT that I’ve ever seen. There’s no attempt at CPR, no use of a defibrillator to try to kick start his heart, no even checking to see if he’s breathing, etc. Instead, in what looks like a group of para-military styled cops or security personnel, they simply grab him off the ground and plop his lifeless body on a gurney like a sack of potatoes and then throw him into the back of the their truck. The whole thing is done as quickly and as nonchalantly as a garbageman would be doing their daily rounds. That tells me two things: 1. They weren’t true EMT/EMP and 2. If he had still been alive when they got there, he would have been killed anyway for the reasons I’ve mentioned. Also, don’t forget that what precipitated the murder to begin with was when Floyd refused to get into Chauvin’s police cruiser. Why? It’s not like Floyd had never been arrested before on multiple drug possession charges before, and the autopsy report showed that he had Fentanyl, THC and Methamphetamine in his system at the time of his death. And yet, he can be seen in the surveillance footage to intentionally fall to the ground rather than simply enter the back seat of Derek Chauvin’s police cruiser. This is circumstantial evidence again pointing to Floyd being in great fear for his life once he saw who the “arresting officer” was on the scene and believing that he would never make it to jail if he got in. In other words, he knew Chauvin wasn’t there to arrest him but rather to kill him, and he probably thought he stood a better chance of surviving if he tried to resist in public. Clearly, it didn’t save his life, but it looks like it won’t save Derek Chauvin’s life either. Someone’s got to be the fall guy, when it’s caught on video.

What clues are there that El Nuevo Rodeo Club and Cantina was even used to launder illicit money, though? The biggest clue is, Muna Sabri, who was the principal owner of El Nuevo Rodeo through an LLC called Omar Investments Inc. Now, Muna’s nephew is a man named Basim Sabri. Back in 2001, Basim Sabri was charged and convicted of bribery of a city councilman in an FBI sting operation, where he served 17 months in prison. This clearly would have been the time when the FBI, JTTF, or DEA could have used this charge against him as leverage in getting him to work as an informant. More recently, Basim maintains that he was retaliated against for not giving Somali-born Councilman Abdi Warsame a loan. I believe that an obvious target would have been elements within the Somalian community, some of whom were involved in prostitution, forged US documents, and embezzlement on behalf of a known terrorist organization al-Shabaab as I mentioned earlier. In terms of the latter charge, Alpha News reported on a story that showed how a Somalian criminal network had set up a string of daycare centers often using fraudulent certificates in order to bilk Minnesota taxpayers out of some $100 million in state allocated funds that ended up being shipped to Somalia, where it was suspected to be spent on terrorist activities. Interestingly, Basim Sabri along with the rest of the Sabri family hails from Palestine and is known to regularly raise funds for Hamas.

The Sabri’s owned a string of businesses throughout Minneapolis that centered around the large Somalian population. They were constantly being fined for various city code violations and in negotiations with the City Council for building permits, which explains the hot/cold relationship that the Sabri’s have over the years with city council members. The Somalians, however, mostly resented the Sabri’s control over their neighborhoods and the poor slumlord way they ran things like the apartment buildings they lived in. So, the relationship between the Sabri’s and Somalians was contentious to say the least, and I doubt that the Sabri’s would have had issues working with the FBI as informants against certain Somalians the FBI targeted in their investigations. After all, the Sabri’s were always looking to skirt taxes, fines, and building codes that they were liable for in their numerous businesses. And, Basim Sabri especially was already compromised due to his prior imprisonment over bribery and suspicion of funding Hamas that is also classified as a terrorist organization. In other words, he can either work as an informant or be informed on. His uncle Muna Sabri would likewise have no problems with a quid pro quo relationship with the FBI, DEA, JTTF, Secret Service, and/or MPD. After all, El Nuevo Rodeo had been targeted by the Minneapolis City Council and the police as far back as 2008 in a move that definitely appeared to be selective prosecution by a bribe-taking City Council wanting to revoke their liquor license in order to take over the property. So, I strongly suspect that businesses owned by Muna and Basim Sabri including El Nuevo Rodeo Club and Cantina were being used in part as money launder fronts for various criminal elements operating in Minneapolis, especially the Somalian population that were central to the Sabri’s commercial interests.  

However, after George Floyd lost his job when the club closed down due to the Coronavirus scare, he decided to spend some of the counterfeit cash that he likely had stolen, which was flowing through the coffers of the club. And, he very well might have gotten away with it, if he hadn’t been so careless as to spend it at Cup Foods (an ethnic grocery so close to the center of investigations). That’s when Derek Chauvin, who had to have known George Floyd and what his getting caught spending a counterfeit $20 meant to the entire operation, was sent in to “take care of the problem”, or as they say in the world of intelligence “terminate with extreme prejudice”. It didn’t even matter at the time to him whether anyone was watching, since he’s bound to have thought he had total immunity from prosecution. Whether or not the FBI pulled the old bait and switch or whether the guy in the video is the real Derek Chauvin, I’ll leave it for you to decide. I suppose we’ll never know for sure. What we do know is that: 1) He would have known who George Floyd really was having worked at the same club for a year in 2019. 2) He would have known that the spending of a counterfeit bill that could be linked back to El Nuevo Rodeo represented an existential threat to the whole sting operation of tracing these bills through the Minneapolis underworld. and 3) He would have followed out his orders to kill George Floyd as both punishment for stealing the money and to ensure that it wouldn’t be traced back to El Nuevo Rodeo and blow the entire investigation’s cover.








The Coronavirus Conspiracy- A Special Report

“Any method which appears to offer advantages to a nation at war will be vigorously employed by that nation. There is but one logical course to pursue, namely, to study the possibilities of such warfare from every angle…” -George W. Merck (President Merck Pharmaceutical Company in his report on biological warfare to the U.S. Secretary of War in 1942)

As most everyone knows, the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic has completely transformed the entire world as we know it. Physically, we’re engaged in either self-quarantine or the CDC recommended “social distancing” to stop the spread of the virus. Given the major media’s 24/7 coverage of “All-Things-Corona-Virus”, it’s no wonder that people in the US (not to mention the rest of the world where infection and death rates are sometimes orders of magnitude higher like Italy) are psychologically panicking to the point of emptying grocery store shelves of eggs, milk, soap, and of course toilet paper. Here in Austin, TX where I live, as elsewhere in the country, restaurants are only allowed to provide for carry-out orders, most non-essential businesses are closed indefinitely, and major concert, recreational, and sporting events have been cancelled and/or postponed until further notice. Besides college basketball’s March Madness, the NBA, Major League Baseball, giant music/film/interactive festivals like SXSW being cancelled, Japan is postponing their hosting of the 2020 Summer Olympic Games until further notice. Needless to say, the economic upheavals from this global pandemic shutdown are likely to have far greater long-term ramifications to peoples’ deteriorating health, safety, and sanity than the virus ever could.

And while I’m certainly not trying to minimize the threat that this novel virus on the world stage is, I’d like to focus your attention for a bit onto something other than the incessant blandishments to “wash your hands for 20 seconds”, “keep your hands off your face”, “practice social distancing”, “never sneeze into your hand”, etc. Where exactly did this virus come from? The US government and major media outlets have essentially blamed China, specifically the city of Wuhan in Hubei province, for causing the viral outbreak from what’s medically termed a “zoonotic” source (i.e. an animal source like bats). However, the question we have to ask ourselves is: “If the Chinese public have been consuming bats, snakes, chicken, pigs, and other animals in Wuhan markets for many years now, how was this virus not only able to leap across species to infect humans but also able to mutate within a human host beyond what it was able to do before?” One theory is that COVID-19 escaped from a Wuhan Level 4 Bio-lab that is only a short distance away from the epicenter of the viral outbreak in the Huanan Seafood Market in Wuhan or so we’ve been told. As we’ve learned, COVID-19 can often remain dormant in the body for upwards of two weeks before any infectious symptoms become apparent, which means it’s difficult to know for sure if someone’s a carrier especially in the beginning stages of infection. However, while the virus is extremely contagious in person-to-person contact, it’s morbidity rate among “confirmed cases” as reported by the World Health Organization (WHO) as of March 25th is still quite low (running between 1-4%). Prior to the virus really becoming known as a “novel human strain” in the Corona family that mostly infects animals, it would have easily been assumed to be a common case of influenza among those experiencing symptoms.

A Chinese worker wears a protective suit as he stands outside an office building in Beijing while checking people entering on Feb. 10. Kevin Frayer/Getty Images

There are several indications in the months proceeding the “official” announcement by the Chinese government on December 31, 2019 to WHO that has led me to conclude that the Coronavirus (COVID-19) a.k.a. SARS-CoV-2 was bio-engineered by the U.S. in a military biological weapons laboratory and then released into Wuhan, China, especially when you consider how global virologists are now discovering an HIV-like mutation in the genome of the virus itself that makes it upwards of 1,000 times as infectious as SARS. From a strategic point of view, due to Wuhan’s heavy population within a major transit hub of China in combination with unsanitary conditions in the Huanan Seafood Market the virus would easily spread from there as part of a covert bio-war against the Chinese PRC and particularly against China’s economy. Obviously, the U.S. can’t attack China directly in any traditional way the way it did Iraq, for instance, since China is far too massive, technologically sophisticated, and has more soldiers than we have citizens. Plus, China has a nuclear arsenal to boot. However, that doesn’t mean that there isn’t a Cold War afoot or what you could call a “Covert War” being played out between US and a handful of Western allies among NATO nations on the one hand vying for the continued domination of the petro-dollar system and China along with a handful of Eastern allies vying for a new hegemony directed by ruling Party officials in Beijing and powered by the Yuan as the world’s reserve currency. Certainly, the U.S. has in no way disavowed the use of biological weapons against a potential adversary regardless of what the government tells you publicly. One clear indication of thinking can be found in the PNAC document “Rebuilding America’s Defenses” that of course received a lot of notoriety initially after it seemed to predict the events of 9/11 a full year prior to it occurring with its passage about Americans being largely ambivalent to US military transformation absent a “new Pearl Harbor”. However, there’s another excerpt that applies just as well to what we’re facing now in the midst of this current pandemic with regards to the use of bio-warfare as you can read here:

“Although it may take several decades
for the process of transformation to unfold,
in time, the art of warfare on air, land, and
sea will be vastly different than it is today,
and “combat” likely will take place in new
dimensions: in space, cyber-space, and
perhaps the world of microbes….

….And advanced forms of biological warfare
that can “target” specific genotypes may
transform biological warfare from the realm
of terror to a politically useful tool.” (Bold Emphasis Mine)

And, yes, there is actually evidence that the U.S. has embarked on a program to develop “ethnic viruses” in order to “target” specific genotypes as the Neocon document describes. One example that I was able to find in the open literature dealt with programs back in the 1990’s that involved Harvard geneticists, who went to rural provinces in China in order to take Chinese farmers’ DNA back to the United States without informed consent. Harvard and other Ivy League Universities are known to be heavily infiltrated by intelligence agencies like the CIA, who use the schools’ academic standing to conduct strategically useful research projects and as cover for covert operations abroad on occasion. Where did all this Chinese DNA eventually end up? One article in Global Research reports that the Chinese genetic material was subsequently owned and patented ostensibly in order to design drugs and/or vaccines that were tailored to the Chinese genotype. The company that partnered with Harvard and later the National Institutes of Health and were able to very profitably patent the Chinese DNA material collected is Millennium Pharmaceuticals Inc. However, just as you can design medicine tailored to aid a particular genotype, you can also design a bio-weapon to target a certain genotype, which is exactly what I think the U.S. did with the Chinese and probably many others as well. The following are some of the more relevant passages from a revealing article I found on-line about these Harvard genetic collections performed under the auspices of “health screenings” for mostly poor farmers in Central China:

“What is clear is that for almost ten years, in the 1990s, before SARS, Harvard ran amok in Central China, collecting DNA samples from unwitting rural folk and there were no controls in place to keep it from all being sent back to the United States. One Harvard study alone in 1993 screened 200,000 Chinese. It’s easy to get DNA via skin scrapes or throat swabs from trusting volunteers, and a shipping box can hold tens of thousands of tissue samples at a time.”

“Their family all said very positively that no one had seen or read the informed consent form, nor did they know about the cooperation with Harvard.”

“We asked the professor who funded the survey. He said that the money was given by the Ministry of Health and the World Bank for a rural health talent training project. I told him that the World Bank’s projects are documented. The professor immediately changed his mind and said that he did not remember where the money came from, because “it did not cost much.” How much is “not much spent”? He said, “I don’t remember”.”

“Back in Beijing, we asked the Beijing Representative Office of the World Bank. The answer is that the World Bank has never funded health projects in China that require blood tests.”

“According to internationally accepted bioethical guidelines, participation in human biomedical research must be approved by the individual, and consent is based on knowledge. Informed content includes both the research purpose, method, and research project, such as who funds and benefits the research-related situation, as well as the interests and rights of the participants.”

“But Harvard’s genetic project in Anhui completely ignored these principles.”

“On May 14, 2002, when Harvard University President Summers gave a speech at Peking University to answer students’ questions, he publicly acknowledged that the human body research conducted by Harvard University in rural China in Anhui was “not only wrong but also extremely wrong”.”

“The fourth issue of the American Journal of Bioethics in 2004 published a letter from an internationally renowned biological and medical ethicist to the editor of the journal, condemning Harvard’s human genetic research project in Anhui as contrary to bioethical principles. The seven well-known ethicists from Australia, Brazil, Mexico, South Africa and Switzerland said in their letter that Harvard’s research in rural Anhui involves environmental and occupational diseases, genetic-environment interactions, genetic diseases, population genetics, reproduction Health, asthma, and chronic respiratory disorders. These studies have not been approved by ethical review, informed consent has not been obtained, and Chinese genetic sample providers are unlikely to benefit. They expressed deep concern that such a well-known institution and research of this nature, with funding from the National Institutes of Health, could escape rigorous ethical review … A German ethicist told me that this is the first time that the international ethics community has expressed public concern about (such) the matter and condemned the relevant institutions.”

“After SARS, Tong Zeng published a book in October 2003: The Last Line of Defense: Thoughts on the Loss of Chinese Genes. Based on the fact that some US scientific research institutions have hunted Chinese genetic samples since the 1990s, and combined with the phenomenon that Chinese are particularly susceptible to SARS virus [note: 96% of all global SARS deaths were ethnic Chinese], he put forward a hypothesis: SARS may be a genetic weapon against the Chinese. As a result, he was verbally abused. In response, Tong Zeng said: “I just proposed a possibility. I have the right to doubt”.”

Granted, President Donald Trump has ratcheted up tensions with China ever since he took office over our enormous trade deficit, and this is completely understandable when you consider the horrendous outsourcing of American factory jobs to China post NAFTA in what amounts to slave-like working conditions for the Chinese people in a totalitarian technocratic state. However, it really isn’t necessary for U.S. intelligence agencies like the CIA to inform Trump of their plans to attack China with a bio-weapon, and given his designation as a “loose cannon” within the intelligence community…it’s extremely doubtful that he would be told. Be that as it may, let’s look at the series of events that led up to Coronavirus outbreak and see if we can’t see an emerging agenda from the public record.

Eyes of Darkness

In looking at a potential CIA or rogue intelligence agency playbook on attacking China with a bio-weapon that could also act as a domestic psy-op and turn into quite a profitable pandemic for those “in the know”, take a look at the novel, The Eyes of Darkness, written by author Dean Koontz in 1981. He even specifically named Wuhan as the area where the pandemic would originate from as you can clearly see from excerpts of his book. Incidences of predictive programming are used all the time in order to seed a psy-op on the public as was clearly done with other “deep events” like 9/11. If the Coronavirus came out of a U.S. biological weapons laboratory, I wouldn’t be surprised if the bio-lab was Ft. Detrick in Maryland that is the premiere germ/bacteria/virus military research, development, and storage installation in the country. Back in August of 2019, the New York Times reported that Ft. Detrick was forced to close down until further notice due to potentially unsafe conditions found in the facility by the CDC. When asked what the rationale for their decision was, the CDC claimed that they couldn’t comment because of “national security reasons”. So, here we have the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) that is the government agency disseminating information about the Coronavirus telling the US newspaper of record, New York Times, that we can’t really tell you why we shut down Ft. Detrick because it would violate national security. Meanwhile, as we all know, “National Security” is a euphemism for “Secret Covert Operation and/or Cover-up” being performed that we’d rather the public not know about. In November 15th of 2019, the CDC posted on their “Jobs Link Page” that they were hiring “Public Health Advisor Quarantine Specialists” in over a dozen different cities across America whose job it would be to prevent and stop the spread of communicable diseases. Obviously, the timing of this jobs posting is uncannily prescient and leads me to ask- “Why would the CDC have been looking to hire so many Quarantine Specialists unless they knew a pandemic was coming soon?”

Even before that, in October of 2019, there was actually a mock preparedness panel called “Event 201” that discussed in detail how we might be able to deal effectively with a global pandemic where they specifically used a Coronavirus as the example of what was infecting people worldwide. Event 201 was sponsored by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, John Hopkins University (one of the leading medical schools in the country), and the World Economic Forum. The following are a list of the participants in this so-called “fictional” pandemic scenario as reported in Global Research:

“Among the selected ‘players’ as they were called, was George Fu Gao. Notably, Prof. Gao is director of the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention since 2017. His specialization includes research on ‘influenza virus interspecies transmission (host jump)… He is also interested in virus ecology, especially the relationship between influenza virus and migratory birds or live poultry markets and the bat-derived virus ecology and molecular biology.’ Bat-derived virus ecology…

Prof. Gao was joined among others at the panel by the former Deputy Director of the CIA during the Obama term, Avril Haines. She also served as Obama’s Assistant to the President and Principal Deputy National Security Advisor. Another of the players at the Gates event was Rear Admiral Stephen C. Redd, Director of the Office of Public Health Preparedness and Response at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The same CDC is at the center of a huge scandal for not having adequate functioning tests available for testing cases of COVID-19 in the USA. Their preparedness was anything but laudable.

Rounding out the group was Adrian Thomas, the Vice President of scandal-ridden Johnson & Johnson, the giant medical and pharmaceutical company. Thomas is responsible for pandemic preparedness at J&J including developing vaccines for Ebola, Dengue Fever, HIV. And there was Martin Knuchel, Head of Crisis, Emergency & Business Continuity Management, for Lufthansa Group Airlines. Lufthansa has been one of the major airlines dramatically cutting flights during the COVID-19 pandemic crisis.

All this shows that Bill Gates has had a remarkable preoccupation with the possibility of a global pandemic outbreak he said could be even larger than the alleged deaths from the mysterious 1918 Spanish Flu, and has been warning for at least the past five years or more. What the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation also has been involved in is funding development of new vaccines using bleeding-edge CRISPR gene-editing and other technologies.”

Bill Gates is the key public figure at the center of the Medical Mafia web mainly through his powerful foundation that interlocks with International “Relief” and “Medical” NGO’s, Big Pharma (for whom he channels millions of dollars to every year), Medical Universities like John Hopkins, and Biotech Companies like Bayer Co. that bought Monsanto to help institute the Machiavellian policy objectives of people like Henry Kissinger, who once quipped “You control oil, you control nations, and you control food, you control populations.” Given that Bill Gates is one of the most vocal advocates in the world for vaccines, you can bet that he’s putting millions of dollars of his own money as well as tax payers’ money into the coffers of pharmaceutical companies that are all competing to the be the first to come out with a Coronavirus vaccine. However, as I’ve covered in this blog and as you can read about in thousands of articles, studies, and books elsewhere, most vaccines have proven ineffective at best and downright deadly at worst given all the many toxic substances they taint them with, including known carcinogens and neurological toxins. Another “wonder” technology Bill Gates heavily promotes in his war on poor, undeveloped countries like those in Sub-Sahara Africa is genetic-engineered foodstuff like what was put out by Monsanto before it was bought out by the Bayer Company. Now that Bayer is being sued for billions of dollars in courts over people getting non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma from Glyphosate and India’s farming community is in ruins from using GMO’s, you’ll have to excuse me for not ever believing a damn word Bill Gates says.

Interestingly around the same time in October that “Event 201” was going on in New York under the convenient auspices of vaccine/GMO pusher Bill Gates, the military-medical-academic propagandists at John Hopkins University, and the technocratic elitists of the World Economic Forum- China was hosting a giant sporting event called the Military Games, where close to 10,000 soldiers from around the world attended including 153 US soldiers. This would have been the perfect opportunity to infect Wuhan, China. After all, it was shortly after this exercise that we began to see the first case of Coronavirus in China. While Wikipedia is notoriously dismissive of conspiracies of any type, there was still enough public suspicion about the timing of the China Military Games in Wuhan and COVID-19’s first appearance to say:

“After the 2019–20 coronavirus outbreakconspiracy theories about COVID-19 attributing the virus’ creation to the CIA emerged[27]. Some articles on popular sites in Chinese have accused American athletes participating in the Wuhan Military World Games to have deployed the virus. They claim the inattentive attitude and disproportionately below average results of American athletes in the game indicate they might have been in for other purposes and they might actually be bio-warfare operatives, and that their place of residence during their stay in Wuhan was also close to the Huanan Seafood Wholesale Market, where the first known cluster of cases occurred.[28][29]”

This could very well be a multi-pronged asymmetric bio-war aimed at ends that exceed those specifically designed to cripple China economically by shutting down the major shipping lines of China’s vast distribution network. Alas, the infection rate has spread so rapidly and in such a disruptive manner that we’ll perhaps never learn all the details. However, we do have a patent on SARS-CoV or Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus that was filed back in April of 2004 and issued in May of 2007, and we know that bio-weapons facilities like Ft. Detrick can and do develop novel infectious agents for offensive purposes. Couple this with “Event 201” running parallel to the Chinese Military Games with 110 participating countries and the covert (espionage, cyber, psychotronic, and now biological) war being played out between China and the US for economic hegemony and reserve currency supremacy. Now, it should be pretty easy to see why Chinese President Xi Jingping is calling this “an act of war” and why a diplomat in China said he thought the virus had probably originated out of the US. The question that remains is- “How will the Chinese leadership respond?” And, perhaps just as importantly for American interests, “Will the US be able to withstand an attack when they do?”

We need to start asking some hard questions of our so-called leaders and health experts right now as this virus continues to spread across the globe causing huge sectors of the world’s economy and human mobility in general to shut down. During the course of this extensive article, I’ve raised the very real likelihood that this pandemic is not an accident of nature but rather an orchestrated bio-attack by US intelligence operatives such as the CIA via having demonstrated the aforementioned “Means, Motive, and Opportunity”. However, this doesn’t by itself constitute absolute proof, as would be required in a court of law. And, I make no claims to having the “smoking gun”, since that would be damn near impossible given the highly classified nature of such a covert operation as I am suggesting. For anyone to have the definitive proof, you would have to have direct access, knowledge, and documentation of the conspiracy itself upon penalty of death should you ever reveal it to the public. However, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t a lot bread crumbs that have been spread throughout the public domain in order to lead the diligent and thoughtful researcher a good distance towards the end of the maze of the “Great Coronavirus Mystery”. Taken in isolation, these crumbs are relatively meaningless and coincidental. Taken in their cumulative totality, however, these crumbs represent meaningful pieces to a much grander puzzle that will help you fill out the larger picture of what this pandemic is really all about beyond the obvious health concerns. Beyond the covert warfare being played out between the US and China, Western elites and Eastern factions, and the billions to be made by elements within the Pharmaceutical Cartel, Medical Research Universities, and government agencies like the CDC, NIH, and WHO- there are great strides being made in socially engineering populations around the world through fear, surveillance, control, and the relinquishment of civil liberties in times of “crisis”. Obviously, we need to be conscious of our need to protect others from further infection, but how much is too much? Or, perhaps a better question would be- “Assuming there is a nefarious agenda afoot, what is their end game?” Personally, I see their “End Game” as getting the entire global population micro-chipped beginning at birth. This bio-chip will not only have all of your personal information encoded within it for identification purposes, it will also store your entire medical history, be tracked in real time by GPS for total surveillance purposes, and eventually be the sole means by which humanity is allowed to buy and sell. In other words, it will be the Biblical “Mark of the Beast” that will resign humanity to perpetual slavery identified, tracked, electronically controlled, and (when too obstinate) biochemically neutralized from a bio-chip linked to an AI computer. Before Libertarian producer, Aaron Russo, died he warned us having befriended Nicholas Rockefeller that this was the plan. And now, Bill Gates and other technocratic elites are pushing for this very plan through something called ID 2020. Coronavirus gives them an opening as well into pushing for medically invasive procedures wherein things like bio-chips suddenly looks good to people, who are ignorant as to what they’re really submitting to. So, think about this for minute. The Hegelian Dialectic, otherwise known as “Problem-Reaction-Solution”. The “Problem” (the Coronavirus Pandemic is created through a form of covert bio-warfare). The “Reaction”, especially once the virus spreads to the rest of the world, is panic, mass hoarding, and a greater willingness to relinquish one’s sovereignty to the medical authorities. And finally, the “Solution”, funded in large part by billionaire Bill Gates, is to submit to getting vaccinated (and all the questionable toxic cancer-causing garbage that comes with it) and, through the vaccine programs, micro-chipped with the aforementioned ID 2020. Hopefully, we’re all smart enough to see through the fear-induced propaganda BS of what’s going on here, but if you need anymore convincing about this program be sure to read up on it here.

Like I mentioned earlier, Big Pharma that is heavily connected with all the major “health” agencies like the NIH, AMA, CDC, and WHO among others are sure to make a killing, literally and figuratively, in selling billions of dollars worth of government-subsidized vaccines and drugs from this virus. However, rather than falling for their fear-mongering propaganda tactics in subjecting yourself to something that could end up being far worse than a virus that more than 80% completely recover from, I would suggest stocking up on immune boosting mushroom supplements, Vitamin C, Olive Leaf Extract, Zinc Lounges, Colloidal Silver, Grapefruit Seed Extract, and getting plenty of sleep and Vitamin D 3 from natural sunlight as you can to naturally aid your body’s innate abilities to fight infections. And, if you’re still too worried about your body not being able to fully recognize the virus enough to build antibodies, you can at least stop it from proliferating further by heating up your sinus cavity above 133 degrees Fahrenheit through dry saunas, hair dryers with spray bottles, and heat lamps. Times are stressful enough as it is without adding the further burden of poor nutrition, prescription drugs that weaken your immunity, and saturating your psyche with the absurd hysterics of mass media. So, take care of yourselves, take sane precautions against becoming infected, use holistic approaches to boosting your immune system as I’ve described, and don’t let “social distancing” prevent you from caring for friends, family, and the elderly, who are most in need right now. Times are tough and uncertain these days to be sure, but we’ve been through worse as a nation and people. Always remember, it’s often the worst of times that bring out the best in people. The greater the challenge, the greater the people have to be to meet it head on. Let us therefore meet this challenge with courage, wisdom, compassion, and a resolve to evolve.



Presidential Pedophilia, Homosexuality, and Rape from George H.W. Bush to Donald Trump (Part 1)

It’s a new year (2020), and a lot has happened in the world since I last blogged about the Epstein scandal back in late August of 2019. However, as promised, rather than focusing on the impeachment hearings slogging their way through the Senate in what I’m sure will be an acquittal of President Trump…I wanted to show how the elite pedophile sex trafficking by the likes of Jeffrey Epstein to high-level government officials as part of an intelligence backed blackmail scheme is nothing new. In fact, it’s been going on for quite a long time including by those, who have occupied the White House for decades now.

Practically everyone with any familiarity with sexual politics knows about John F. Kennedy’s philandering that is legendary for both the frequency of his trysts and the notoriety of the women he bedded that included Marilyn Monroe (who was also having an affair with his brother Bobby), Judith Campbell Exner (who was also the mistress of Chicago mafia boss Sam Giancana), and Mary Pinchot Meyer (ex-wife of CIA agent Cord Meyer). Interestingly, Mary Meyer was turning JFK onto LSD and a global peace initiative that would eventually cost her dearly, when she was murdered as recounted in the book, Mary’s Mosiac by Peter Janney.

Then, there was Lyndon Baines Johnson, who was also known to be a serial philandering cheater. He would meet his mistresses (like Madeleine Brown) at places like the Driskill Hotel in Austin, TX for a fling, while his wife Lady Bird was preoccupied somewhere else. Many stories about LBJ paint him out to be a particularly intimidating, crude and vulgar man, for whom acts of sexual predation wouldn’t come a surprise to me. After all, we’re talking about someone, who was known to whip out his sizable dick in negotiations with foreign leaders and hold meetings with members of his staff while he defecated on the toilet. That he was likely privy to as well as a party of the conspiracy to kill JFK, as reported by his former mistress Madeleine Brown and hinted at by none other than Oswald’s killer, Jack Ruby, makes Lyndon Johnson look even worse in my view as I’ve documented in previous blog post.

White House Call Girl Watergate Story (Book Cover)

What about tricky Dick? I would assume that most biographers would take it for granted that Richard Nixon was as conservative with his sexual proclivities as he was with his politics. After all, he was reportedly aghast at the deviant homosexuality that he saw when he visited the infamous Bohemian Grove that hold strange occult rituals at an exclusive club every summer in the Redwoods of Sonoma, California. However, there have been rumors of a White House call girl ring that has circulated even in the seemingly austere Nixon camp for years. One book even makes the claim that the real reason for the White House plumbers’ break-in at the Watergate Hotel, that would eventually lead to a scandal so enormous that Nixon would resign from office, was committed to see if the Democratic National Committee had evidence about the White House call girl ring that they could use against him either in the upcoming election or in a blackmail scheme against him. So, who really knows what Nixon was really up to? We’ll skip over Gerald Ford, Jimmy Carter, and Ronald Reagan, whose terms were by all credible accounts pretty uneventful in the arena that we’re discussing here. After Ronald Reagan’s two terms in office, his Vice President, George Herbert Walker Bush Sr., was elected in 1988, and his presidency is actually very germane to our investigation.

George H. W. Bush

In a previous article that I wrote for this website, I covered a sex trafficking pedophile ring being run out of Omaha, Nebraska by a known member of the GOP establishment named Lawrence King. You can see Larry King singing the National Anthem at the 1984 Republican National Convention. Before it was raided for financial fraud and corruption, Lawrence King also ran a Savings and Loan bank called the Franklin Community Federal Credit Union. However, as Senator John DeCamp and journalist Nick Bryant document in their respective books (The Franklin Cover Up) and (The Franklin Scandal), Lawrence King was a vicious serial pedophile, who would often fly his children victims to Washington D.C. on behalf of a high-level sex trafficking ring that included various politicos (some of whom were being ensnared in a blackmail scheme being run by Craig Spence).


As I discussed in the aforementioned article, a British film crew had come to Omaha to investigate this pedophile network for a documentary they were making that was scheduled to air on the Discovery Channel, who had agreed to run the documentary in a prime-time slot. Unfortunately, right before it was to air on national television, the program was yanked, and the film thrown in the trash. Fortunately, someone was savvy and smart enough to piece back together the original negatives as best as he could, and you can now watch most of the footage of the “Conspiracy of Silence” documentary on YouTube. The lingering impression that you get at the conclusion of the documentary is that the pedophile network, that had clearly infected certain elite members of Omaha society and that was procuring children in part from the famous orphanage at Boys Town, had tentacles that stretched all the way to Washington. And, someone with high-level political connections in Washington did not want this documentary to air, where people might start asking uncomfortable questions. I maintain one of those individuals was none other than George H.W. Bush Sr., who I believe was involved. This pedophile network was operational throughout the 1980’s, and there have been several victims that have come forward in spite of the brutal treatment by the courts and mainstream media. In his book, Jeb! and the Bush Crime Family by Roger Stone and Saint John Hunt, we learn about George H.W. Bush’s involvement with the following passage on page 264:

“In March of 1986, a Boys Town youth worker interviewed Eulice Washington and penned a very detailed report about her allegations regarding Boys Town students, Lawrence King, and the pedophilic orgies she had attended. She also told the youth worker that she had seen George H.W. Bush at one of the pedophilic orgies. Boys Town allegedly informed the NSP [Nebraska State Police] and FBI about Eulice Washington’s allegations, but no follow-up actions were taken by either law enforcement entity.

Approximately two years after Eulice Washinton unfurled her revelations regarding King and Bush, the Omaha Police Department (OPD) investigated Lawrence King and a photographer associated with King for ‘child pornography’. But, despite the OPD uncovering leads and filing multiple crime reports, the investigation was inexplicably discontinued.”

Who was quashing these investigations? Suspiciously, just four days prior to the election of George H.W. Bush on November 4th, 1988, the Franklin Federal Credit Union was raided by federal agents. Nebraska State Senators decided to conduct a thorough investigation of the many allegations of missing millions, crooked accounting, and cooked books by forming the “Franklin Committee”. Shortly after the committee was formed, it started hearing numerous allegations about interstate child trafficking that was being orchestrated out of the foster care system in Nebraska. This prompted the Franklin Committee to assign an independent investigator to look into these allegations in depth and report back once it had been fully looked into. The Franklin Committee chose Lincoln, Nebraska private investigator Gary Caradori to look into these child abuse allegations. By 1990, Caradori had been immersed in the investigation for nearly a year, had seen numerous instances of law enforcement suppression and media sabotage, and was informed by two people that he was being set up to be framed in order to make it look like he had scripted the whole child sex abuse scandal himself. He was convinced, as he once told someone, that the pedophile network extended “to the highest levels of government.” Caradori decided that he needed tangible proof that the victims’ testimony of being used in child pornography was real. So, he intentionally set out to get pictures to prove it. Two of the victims named a photographer that Lawrence King used, Rusty Nelson, who Gary was able to track down in New Mexico through a family member. Nelson, in turn, agreed to meet up with Caradori in Chicago and slip him some incriminating evidence. While in Chicago, Caradori took in the Major League Baseball All-Star Game with his son, Andrew James, who was with him on the trip.

By all accounts from those Caradori spoke to at Chicago’s Midway Airport, the meeting with Nelson had been a tremendous success in acquiring very useful and highly incriminating evidence to back up what the victims had been telling him. So, for instance, he told Nebraskan Senator Loran Schmit (who chaired the state senate’s Banking Committee)- “Loran, we got them by the short hairs.” In the early morning hours of July 11th, Gary Caradori and his son flew out of Chicago’s Midway Airport on a private plane. Shortly thereafter, the plane crashed in a Lee County, Illinois cornfield, where debris was scattered as far away as 1,800 feet from the fuselage. Investigators for the National Transportation and Safety Board (NTSB) concluded that the plane broke up shortly after takeoff, but the “exact mechanism” for the breakup was never determined. However, there was at least one key eye-witness, a farmer, who reported that he saw a flash followed by a loud explosion, and then he saw the plane take a nose-dive into the ground. Could this have been a carefully orchestrated sabotage conducted by intelligence agents like the FBI or CIA to destroy any evidence of Bush’s involvement with the pedophile ring from ever coming to light? It certainly appears that way to my eyes, particularly given that George H.W. Bush was a former director of the CIA in the 1970’s and maintained very close ties with the agency throughout his entire adult life.

The Washington Times, the paper that first broke the story on Craig Spence’s “Call Boy Ring Used in a Blackmail Scheme”, spoke about how Spence would take male prostitutes to the White House on multiple late night “tours”. White House security officials reported that this was all going on, while George Bush Sr. and Barbara Bush were supposedly sound asleep and that it didn’t raise any alarm bells. Yeah sure, I believed that about as much as I did his promise of “No New Taxes”. These late night “tours” by call boys was facilitated by Donald Gregg, according to Craig Spence. In his explicitly candid book entitled Confessions of a D.C. Madam: The Politics of Sex, Lies, and Blackmail, Henry Vinson says that Craig Spence spent around $20,000 a month on male prostitutes from an escort service that Vinson owned. According to Vinson, Spence and King tried to coerce him into providing them with children, which he thankfully never did. Meanwhile, Vinson names Donald Gregg was a very frequent flyer of one of his gay escort services even using his government-issued MasterCard for his homosexual appetites.

Donald Gregg had been working for the the CIA for at least 31 years, was one of the architects (along with George Bush Sr.) of Iran-Contra, and was appointed by Bush Sr. to be the ambassador of South Korea. So, we’re not talking about a light weight in Bush’s political orbit. What we have to realize about George H.W. Bush is that (unlike some past presidents) he knows how to keep a secret…a lot of secrets. In fact, one of the definitive books about the Bush family is called Family of Secrets by Russ Baker. One secret he kept was his being in Dallas as a CIA agent the day JFK was assassinated, another secret he kept was his being in on the “October Surprise”, yet another secret he kept was his involvement with major narcotics trafficking, and lastly, as I firmly believe, was his participation and subsequent cover-up of the King-Spence pedophile/homosexual ring. And, this doesn’t even touch on the many more allegations against George H.W. Bush and George Bush Jr. by reported mind-controlled sex slave, Cathy O’Brien in her book Transformation of America. Next, let’s look at Bill Clinton.

Bill Clinton

William Jefferson Clinton became president in 1992, after he edged out George Bush in a hotly contested election that featured third party iconoclast, Ross Perot. During the campaign, Perot warned that if NAFTA was passed…you would hear a giant sucking sound of jobs moving to Mexico, where labor could be had far cheaper than in the US. He was certainly proven right about that, but he probably didn’t count on the other giant sucking sound to be heard underneath Clinton’s desk in the Oval Office from the blowjob heard around the world, after the Monica Lewinsky scandal erupted into impeachment level proceedings. Unfortunately, the majority of Americas have largely ignored the far more heinous crimes that Bill Clinton committed, while in the White House. There is also a far larger history of predatory sexual behavior that he exhibited as the Governor of Arkansas.

What we know now from numerous women, who have since come forward with their own independent stories, is that Bill Clinton isn’t simply a down-home southerner that enjoys a little consensual sex with infatuated White House interns and Arkansas beauty queens. In addition to all that, he’s a serial rapist. Based on what we’ve learned thus far, he’s been sexually assaulting women since at least his college days at Oxford and Yale. And, adding additional insult to injury in so many of these cases is how these women have had their characters smeared by the sycophant mainstream media (largely enamored by Slick Willie’s charm). A couple of Arkansas State Troopers have even gone on the record as whistle-blowers about Bill Clinton’s sneaky infidelities. However, Hillary Clinton by all accounts knew much of what was going on, but, rather than ridding herself of her adulterous/rapist of a husband, she stood by him out of sheer political expediency and her own disgusting moral degeneracy.

Clintons War Against Women Book

So, for instance, Bill Clinton raped Jaunita Broaddrick after she invited him up to her hotel room at a convention she was attending to discuss (she thought) her ideas. She recounts the whole sordid story on a video you can watch on YouTube here. Then, there’s Kathleen Willey, who also insists she was sexually assaulted by Bill Clinton. According to the book, The Clinton’s War Against Women by Roger Stone and Robert Morrow, he fathered an illegitimate child with a black woman, who he refuses to so much as acknowledge let alone take care of. In the same book, they also assert that Chelsea Clinton is really the daughter of White House Chief Council Webster Hubbell and Hillary Clinton, and I must admit that Chelsea certainly resembles Webster more than she does Bill. And, yet the mulatto boy that is claimed to be the offspring of Bill and the boy’s black mother looks just like him. Gee, I wonder how many people in the press know how to play “Match Game”. Again, I’m not making this all up whole cloth. There have been plenty of news articles (almost always in the alternative media and small local press) as well as many books like The Secret Life of Bill Clinton-The Unreported Stories by respected British journalist Ambrose Evans-Pritchard that have documented Clinton’s cruel treatment of the many women he’s sexually abused and raped over the years.

Then, of course, there’s the latest allegations concerning the elite sex trafficker and serial pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, who died mysteriously in what I believe was a murder to keep him from ever divulging what he knew about the sexual habits of people like his good buddy Bill. It’s like the title of a book that was recently released about the Epstein scandal called Dead Men Tell No Tales. Read my previous posted article about my thoughts about the Epstein murder and who was actually running him as an intelligence agent that prevented Alex Acosta from being able to fully prosecute him as a serial pedophile back in 2008. Let’s focus on Bill Clinton for now. We do know for a fact that Bill Clinton was very good friends with Jeffrey Epstein, and he flew on Epstein’s private jet nicknamed the “Lolita Express” many times in the past. Again, for anyone familiar with Bill Clinton’s sex addiction, it shouldn’t come as any sort of surprise that he would fly around to elite confabs with a man, who is a procurer of underage girls for the rich, famous, and politically well-connected. In fact, I’d actually be more surprised if Clinton wasn’t taking advantage of Epstein’s services at his exclusive palatial estate in Florida, his private island, and aboard his “Lolita Express” airplane. And, naturally, given Epstein was also working in a sexual blackmail capacity on behalf of what I believe was Israeli Mossad- capturing Bill Clinton on video engaged in sexual intercourse with numerous girls that included some under 18 would be a very valuable coup for any intelligence agency to have (even if he’s no longer the president) given how much you could then manipulate him to do your will lest the video leak out.







To Be Continued….

Was Jeffrey Epstein Killed? Sexual Blackmail, Israeli Mossad, and the Mega Group Connection

Earlier this week, victims of Jeffrey Epstein spoke at a court hearing in New York about their sexual abuse. Unfortunately for them, however, their long and arduous journey towards some kind of acknowledgement and justice against Epstein and the circle of elite pedophiles that he trafficked girls to was abruptly cut short when Epstein was found dead in his jail cell on August 10th. The major media is ruling it “an apparent suicide”, but it looks far too suspicious to me to rule out a “homicide”. After all, how is that the #1 criminal defendant at the New York Metropolitan Corrections Center (that houses Bernie Madoff, Paul Manafort, and even the notorious drug trafficker Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman) is allowed to simply hang himself? Did a six foot tall man really hang himself from the top bunk with a bed sheet in the kneeling position? I’m now hearing reports that one of the guards was a “substitute”. Other guards were said to be working multiple overtime shifts and took Epstein off “suicide watch” even though he was thought to be a suicide risk based on what was said as a previous attempt two weeks earlier. If Epstein was in the Special Housing Unit (SHU) #9 as reported, he would have been videotaped 24/7. Where is the video now? Which individuals at the MCC ordered him to be taken off suicide watch? These are the kinds of questions the news media needs to be demanding from officials at the MCC and the Justice Department to answer in order to get to the bottom of Jeffrey Epstein’s death, but given the pathetic and obsequious state of investigative journalism in this country…I’m not holding my breath that they will.

One independent investigator, who runs his own paid subscriber news website (Wayne Madsen Report), predicted Epstein’s death in a couple reports from back in July when Epstein was found with bruises on his neck, which authorities ascribed to either hanging or strangulation. However, as the Justice Integrity Project relates, Wayne Madsen “noted the odd presence in Epstein’s company of a muscular former New York City policeman, Nicholas Tartaglione, who reportedly said he helped rescue Epstein after a suicide attempt. Tartaglione is a former policeman in Otisville, NY, among other Hudson Valley locales. He is facing trial on charges of murdering four Columbian drug-runners in an alleged murder-for-hire killing. Madsen noted the suspicious circumstance of the former policeman possessing a cellphone in a supposedly secure prison, thereby enabling communications with the outside world. Also, Epstein purportedly complained that his injuries came from an assault.” So, if the US Attorney for the Southern District of New York is serious about solving what appears to be a probable homicide of Jeffrey Epstein, there’s one guy (Nicholas Tartaglione) that definitely needs to be interrogated and in all likelihood indicted in his killing. He, along with whoever actually ordered the hit, made sure that Jeffrey Epstein would never be allowed to go to trial where he could potentially name some of the very high-profile people, who had sex with underage girls at one of the many luxurious properties that Epstein owned in South Florida, New York, and New Mexico.

We’re already familiar with some of those names based on the testimony of victims such as Virginia Roberts Guiffre, who said she was sexually trafficked to numerous high-profile politicians, celebrities, and business moguls. She names Prince Andrew “Duke of York”, former Governor of New Mexico Bill Richardson, Senate Majority Leader George Mitchell and former Epstein attorney Alan Dershowitz among them. Naturally, they all denied the charges, but I’m sure her testimony could be corroborated by other victims should future charges be brought. Julie K. Brown of the Miami Herald, after all, was able to find some 80 girls (at the time of the sexual abuse as young as 13, 14, 15, and 16 years old) in her investigation into the Epstein’s pedophilia “Perversion of Justice” series. In fact, the one bright and notable exception to journalistic abandonment of standards, is Julie K. Brown and other journalists at the Miami Herald, who were pushing the Epstein pedophile case into the spotlight long before the mainstream latched onto the case.

If you recall, Jeffrey Epstein was able to cut a very sweetheart “plea agreement” with the US Attorney’s office back in 2008, where instead of 45 years to life he only served 13 months in a minimal security wing of a Palm Springs, Florida jail. He could even leave 12 hours of the day to conduct personal business at his mansion in Palm Springs or private island nearby. The US Attorney’s Office of Miami at that time was being run by Alex Acosta, who was later named Secretary of Labor under Donald Trump. When Epstein was finally re-arrested in New York and his luxury condo raided by the FBI, Acosta resigned from Trump’s cabinet sensing the fallout from the bad publicity he was sure to get about the dirty “plea agreement”. However, Acosta would say that he was told to “back off” of Epstein, since he was “connected to intelligence”. Unfortunately, he didn’t elaborate any further than that, but I think I can elaborate a little about just what kinds of intelligence we’re talking about here.

First, let’s look at a little background history to the Epstein case. In an Executive Intelligence Review (EIR) article published on August 31st, 2001 entitled “Israeli Spies: ‘Mega Was Not An Agent- Mega Was the Boss'”, we might have a small clue as to how Jeffrey Epstein was somehow able to go from being a math teacher at the Dalton School, to being employed as a high-level broker at the Wall Street firm Bear Stearns, to then being “the financial money manager” of billionaire Leslie Wexner, who owns L Brands, Inc. From there, as we learn in a Vanity Fair article from 2002, Epstein had the kind of imprimatur to be considered a financial genius hedge fund manager, who only took on elite money portfolios of a billion dollars or more. He threw lavish parties (no doubt with pretty young girls), had extensive real estate holdings, and ingratiated himself with some of the wealthiest and most powerful people in the world…including Donald Trump at his renown Mar-a-Lago resort, as you can see from a video that has since surfaced of the two of them back in 1992.

But, let’s get back to Leslie Wexner, who I think is one of the key individuals to understanding Jeffrey Epstein’s ties to Israeli Mossad. Turns out, in addition to being worth about $6 billion in 1990’s dollars as the owner of Limited Inc., he was also the co-founder (along with Charles Bronfman) of the “Mega Group”. According the Wall Street Journal, the Mega Group was founded in 1991 by Wexner and Bronfman, to “add greater clout to the Israeli lobby, by establishing an informal, but all-powerful policy making group, able to deploy billions of dollars in ‘charitable’ funds for the maximum effect on U.S. policy toward Israel, the Mideast, and other issues of paramount importance to the Jewish mega-billionaires. The Mega Group convenes twice a year, for two-day sessions, where, behind closed doors, the members make life-and-death decisions, affecting U.S. policy. Membership is by invitation only; the meetings are secret (the Wall Street Journal story was the only coverage to ever appear in the U.S. media about the existence of the Mega Group prior to the aforementioned EIR article); and the members each kick in $30,000 in annual dues, to cover ‘operating expenses’ for the twice-yearly sessions.” Charles Bronfman and his nephew Edgar Bronfman Jr. were the billionaire heirs to the Canadian liquor company Seagram’s that they sold to Vivendi in 2000 according to Forbes for $34 billion dollars.

Needless to say, the 20-50 Jewish billionaires that comprise the Mega Group aren’t interested in charity or peace in the Middle East for that matter. According to a dispatch from the Jewish Telegraph Agency from March 13th, 2001, the Mega Group was expected to kick in $7 million along with the Israeli Foreign Ministry’s $1 million to an Orwellian-named think tank called Emet (Hebrew for “Truth”) that they hoped would “generate long-term strategies for presenting Israel in a favorable light”. The need for attempting to portray Israel in a favorable light was thought necessary by the then newly-installed Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, who sought to launch a two-pronged propaganda offensive in the U.S. aimed at winning American support for his plans to overturn the Mideast peace process.

In retrospect, the events of 9/11 provided all the propaganda necessary to overturn the Middle East peace process for decades to come as the US launched a war first in Afghanistan in 2001 and another one against Iraq in 2003. The hawkish Neocons that made up the George W. Bush administration and the Zionist Lukudniks of the Ariel Sharon and the subsequent Benjamin Netanyahu administrations in Israel obviously had common cause as spelled out by the Neocon Project for the New American Century, thereby desiring a “Pearl Harbor like event” to justify their war-mongering blood lust. So, where does Jeffrey Epstein fit into all of this? In my view, he would have been seen by Wexner, the Mega Group, and certainly Israeli Mossad as a valuable asset based on his ability to tap extremely wealthy and powerful business clients on the one hand on the overt side and corrupt as many as he could through video sexual blackmail within his pedophilia web of hidden cameras on the covert side to be used (if need be) to coerce support for Zionist aspirations. In an excellent article by Whitney Webb that details better than any I’ve seen the role that Mossad, Mega Group, and organized crime figures have played in the Jeffrey Epstein scandal- she discusses how Epstein was given Wexner’s luxury New York townhouse tricked out with hidden cameras that was tailor made for sexual blackmail:

“[Leslie] Wexner’s ties to Jeffrey Epstein have come under scrutiny following the latter’s recent arrest, as Wexner was the only publicly acknowledged client of Epstein’s suspicious hedge fund, the source of much of this wealth, and the previous owner of Epstein’s $56 million Manhattan townhouse, which Wexner transferred to an Epstein-controlled entity for free.

Before Epstein received the townhouse, Wexner appears to have used the residence for some unconventional purposes, noted in a 1996 New York Times article on the then-Wexner-owned residence, which included a bathroom reminiscent of James Bond movies: hidden beneath a stairway, lined with lead to provide shelter from attack and supplied with closed-circuit television screens and a telephone, both concealed in a cabinet beneath the sink. The Times article does not speculate as to the purpose of this equipment, though the allusion to famous fictional super spy James Bond suggests that it may have been used to snoop on guests or conduct electronic surveillance.

The 1996 Times article also noted that, after Wexner bought the residence for $13.2 million in 1989, he spent millions more decorating and furnishing the home, including the addition of the electronic equipment in the ‘James Bond’ bathroom, only to apparently never live in it. The Times, which interviewed Epstein for the piece, quoted him as saying that ‘Les never spent more than two months there.’ Epstein told the Times, which identified Epstein as Wexner’s ‘protege and one of his financial advisers,’ that the house, by that time, already belonged to him.”

All intelligence agencies use foreign “assets” (Israelis call them sayanims), people who aren’t agents but can nonetheless provide valuable expertise and/or intelligence on something or someone. They also provide “plausible deniability” for an intelligence agency like the CIA, DIA, or NSA. So, they’re often used to cover for an agent(s) that acts as handler(s) of the asset. In Jeffrey Epstein’s case, his black book of contacts shows that he personally knew several very high-ranking Jews connected to furthering Zionist (and by extension Mossad) goals such as Ehud Olmert (12th Prime Minister of Israel 2006-2009), Mort Zuckerman (Editor and Chief of U.S. News and World Report), Evelyn de Rothschild (Heir to the Rothschild Banking Dynasty), and Ehud Barak (10th Prime Minister of Israel 1999-2001). So, for example, Ehud Barak helped to found and lead the elite Sayeret Matkal covert operations commando unit prior to serving as the head of Israeli Intelligence and Central Command during the 1980’s. He was then appointed IDF Chief of Staff in 1991 and was the Minister of Defense during the 2008-2009 assault on the Gaza Strip. At the same time Sharon came to power in Israel, Barak came to the US ostensibly as an adviser to Electronic Data Systems and as a partner with SCP Partners, which is a Mossad-related private equity company that focuses on “security related” work. Christopher Bollyn, who wrote Solving 9-11: The Deception that Changed the World, believes that these positions were merely cover for his real operation of overseeing the terror attacks of 9-11. For more on that story, I urge you to check out my Para-Political article on the Israeli Connection to 9-11 that I wrote about. Suffice to say, Ehud Barak was one of the first people on TV already promoting the “War on Terror” and naming Iraq, Iran, and North Korea as “rogue states” on BBC World Television just a few hours after the Twin Towers came down. Shortly thereafter, these same three countries were being called an “Axis of Evil” by George W. Bush. Coincidence?

Another key figure in the “Epstein Pedophile Scandal” is of course his right hand procurer of young girls, Ghislaine Maxwell. Most people don’t realize that Ghislaine Maxwell loved Jeffrey Epstein to the point where she was supplying him with upwards of five new girls every day given his insatiable appetite, according to those being trafficked as sex slaves in his circle. Previously, Ghislaine was Jeffrey’s girlfriend trying to marry him and would do anything to be close to him, even if it meant being the madam to his pedophile perversions. However, let’s not forget that her father was Robert Maxwell, who prior to his death was a long-time British asset for Mossad. In his books By Way of Deception and Other Side of Deception, former Mossad officer Colonel Victor Ostrovsky explains how Robert Maxwell was killed by an Israeli assassination team called a Kidon. As summarized in the superb book, Defrauding America: Encyclopedia of Secret Operations by the CIA, DEA, and Other Covert Agencies, by Rodney Stich:

“Maxwell had threatened to expose the Mossad’s attempts to halt the democratization of the Soviet Union. Israel and the Mossad felt that removal of the Soviet threat would lessen Israel’s strategic value to the United States, resulting in a major reduction in financial aid and military equipment. Maxwell had financially funded many prior Mossad activities, and was now in need of immediate financial help himself. Maxwell warned that if Israel did not provide this help, he would publicize Israel’s attempt to prevent the end of the Cold War. While preparing to assassinate Maxwell, the Mossad instructed Maxwell to meet them in Los Cristos on the island of Grand Canary, and to get there via his yacht. A Kidon team was then dispatched by boat, and during the evening of November 4, 1991, while Maxwell was on his boat, the Kidon team climbed on board the yacht, killing Maxwell and throwing his body into the ocean. Later, in a typical snow-job, Maxwell was buried on the Mount of Olives in Jerusalem, while Israel’s Prime Minister Yitzhak Shamir eulogized the man that Israel Mossad had killed.”

While we don’t know the extent of Ghislaine’s knowledge of her father’s early life working with Mossad up until his assassination by them, we do know that given the history of intelligence connections within the Maxwell family…she certainly would have popped up on Mossad’s radar as someone to be used and (as with her British father perhaps) just as easily discarded when she no longer served the purpose for which she was intended. Now that Epstein is dead in an apparent homicide to silence him from spilling the beans about his “intelligence connections” and elite friends in high places, Ghislaine Maxwell is understandably trying to keep a very low profile and staying away from any media attention. As the Washington Post reported:

“It was through a 2015 defamation lawsuit filed against Maxwell by one of Epstein’s alleged victims, Virginia Roberts Giuffre, that thousands of pages of documents containing detailed accounts of Epstein’s alleged abuses became public last week. Johanna Sjoberg, a student at Palm Beach Atlantic University when she said Maxwell hired her as an assistant, said in a 2015 deposition that was released Friday said that it was Maxwell’s job to ensure that three girls a day were made available to Epstein for his sexual pleasure.”

The next phase of unraveling the Epstein sexual blackmail web will no doubt involve one or more lawsuits against Ghislaine Maxwell, since she was intimately involved with recruiting underage girls for Jeffrey Epstein and other friends of his like Bill Clinton flying high on his plane nicknamed the “Lolita Express”. Should she be arrested and locked up at MCC or any other federal corrections holding facility, I fully expect she’ll be a likely candidate to be “suicided” as well to keep her from talking in open court. Now that some 2,000 documents have been unsealed by a judge documenting many other wealthy and powerful pedophile sex offenders in Epstein’s orbit, there definitely needs to be either a House or Senate Congressional Committee investigation in order to look deeply into the Jeffrey Epstein sex trafficking scandal. The stakes are indeed higher now that Epstein is dead, but the public demand is certainly still present that if a proper and thorough investigation were conducted the truth would eventually come out. The next article will focus on a brief history of sexual impropriety and misconduct among US presidents in the White House up to the present day. For now, though, stay tuned for more as this sordid story develops.



Vaccinations and the Pharmaceutical Cartel: A Chronology of the Silent Holocaust (1976-1994) Part 3

This is the final article in this vaccination trilogy, which is long overdue. You may be wondering why I’m not taking the chronology all the way up into current times. Obviously I would like to, but the timeline I’m using is a part of book that ends in the year 1994. Be that as it may, you can be sure that the history would be a lot more of the same lies, obfuscations, corruption, and needless injuries and deaths easily in the hundreds of thousands of people every year in the US from what is one of the biggest and most dangerous hoaxes ever perpetrated on public. It has caused enormous pain and suffering in the world not only for those afflicted with the aftereffects of vaccine injury but also for the friends and family members of those so afflicted. Just to give one such example in honor of this Memorial Day weekend, consider the US service personnel, who’ve suffered from what has come to be known as “Gulf War Syndrome” after returning home from the first (and likely second as well) Iraqi War.

According to Randall Neustaedter, OMD from his book The Vaccine Guide, “Between 130,000 and 150,000 US military personnel received the anthrax vaccine during the 1991 Persian Gulf War (Desert Storm). At least 15,000 Gulf War veterans have reported a long-term disease, subsequently named Gulf War Syndrome (GWS), characterized by fatigue, muscle and joint pains, neurological abnormalities, autoimmune thyroid disease, headaches, memory loss, skin rash, diarrhea, and sleep disturbances (Fukuda et al., 1998). Three studies of GWS in veterans have found an association between the disease and exposure to bioweapons vaccines, as well as other toxic exposures during the war. The United Kingdom deployed over 53,000 military personnel to the Persian Gulf War. The rates of symptoms associated with GWS occurring in more than 4,000 British service personnel participating in the Bosnia conflict, and a similar number of personnel serving at the same time but not deployed. The UK veterans of the Gulf War were about three times more likely to experience the symptoms of GWS and chronic fatigue than the control groups.”

Keep in mind that the DOD and VA continue to dismiss veterans complaints regarding a battery of symptoms associated with GWS as psychosomatic. In other words, they reject them as being merely “all in their head”. Needless to say, this only adds insult to injury. An interesting comparative analysis can be done if you look at the French soldiers sent to the Persian Gulf. As Neustaedter points out, “French troops participating in the Gulf War conflict did not receive anthrax vaccine or other protective vaccines and drugs for biological warfare. According to a report delivered to the British subcommittee on national security, only 140 of the 25,000 French veterans of the Gulf War reported illnesses related to their service in the Gulf, compared to approximately 10% of US and British troops when received vaccines (Guardian, 2002). A clue to the possible mechanism involved in the production of GWS symptoms appeared in studies conducted on Gulf War veterans. Antibodies to a dangerous vaccine additive were found in those veterans with the disease. Squalene is a synthetic polymer added to vaccines to improve absorption and immune response. It is not approved for use in human vaccines, but it has been used in animal trials of the anthrax vaccine and several human vaccine experiments (GAO Report, 1999). However, one study has found evidence of antibodies to squalene in affected Gulf War veterans. Of those veterans in the study suffering from GWS who were deployed to the Gulf, 95% had serum antibodies to squalene. One hundred percent of those with GWS who were not deployed but received vaccine exhibited squalene antibodies.”

Unfortunately, US military service personnel have virtually no right to refuse the shots given to them and can be punished for not taking them. When hundreds of pilots in the National Guard refused to take the anthrax vaccine, they were forced to resign their commissions. Even the production facilities where the anthrax vaccine was manufactured has been plagued with problems. As The Vaccine Guide notes, “In 1998 a company known as Bioport took over the production facilities previously operated by the state of Michigan in Lansing. The anthrax vaccine was approved for use in 1970, two years before efficacy data were required for FDA approval of vaccines. The vaccines produced at the state-operated facility were never approved for human use. No safety and efficacy studies were conducted, and a 1997 FDA report found the facility had significant lapses in quality and safety standards. The Bioport facility also failed FDA inspections in both 1999 and 2000, and was unable to produce more vaccine despite the government’s investment of $126 million in this facility over a ten-year period beginning in 1991. The 1999 FDA report listed 30 areas of manufacturing problems and deficiencies at the Bioport plant. To make matters worse, conflict of interest issues have surfaced. Bioport was founded by former Joint Chief of Staff member Admiral William Crowe, who holds 19% of Bioport’s stock.” My investigations into Bioport revealed that former Secretary of State under George H.W. Bush Sr., James Baker III, was also an investor and on the advisory board of Bioport. As you’ll see, though, these kinds of conflicts of interest are legion when it comes to vaccine manufacturers, especially those with exclusive contracts with the government. So, let’s look at the last chapter of this sordid chronology beginning in the crucially important year of 1976.

1976 FDA Pertussis vaccine specialist Charles Manclark comments, “Pertussis vaccine is one of the most troublesome products to produce and assay. It has one of the highest failure rates of all products submitted to the Bureau of Biologics for testing and release. Approximately 15-20% of all lots which pass manufacturer tests fail to pass the tests of the Bureau.”

1976 Scientists “discover viral cause” of multiple sclerosis.

1976 HIV virus discovered in African blood banks.

1976 According to a letter from the British Association for Parents of Vaccine Damaged Children, published in the British Medical Journal of February 1976, “two years ago we started to collect details from parents of serious reactions suffered by their children to immunizations of all kinds. In 65% of all cases referred to us, reactions followed ‘triple’ vaccinations. The children in this group total 182 to date. All are severely brain damaged, some are paralyzed, and 5 have died during the past 18 months. Approximately 60% of reactions (major convulsions, collapse, screaming) happened within 3 days and all within 12 days.”

1976 The “swine flu” scare and Legionnaires disease.

1976 Dr. Robert Simpson of Rutgers University addresses science writers at a seminar of the American Cancer Society, pointing out, “…immunization programs against flu, measles, mumps, polio, etc. may actually be seeding humans with RNA to form latent proviruses in cells throughout the body. These latent proviruses could be molecules in search of diseases, including rheumatoid arthritis, MS, systemic lupus erythematosis, Parkinson’s disease, and perhaps cancer.”

1976 Dr. Jonas Salk, creator of the polio vaccine, says that analysis indicates that live virus vaccine in use since the 1960’s is the principle, if not the sole cause of all polio cases since 1961.

1976 More than 500 people receiving swine flu vaccinations become paralyzed with Guillain-Barre Syndrome.

1976 After steadily declining since 1922, cases of Pertussis (whooping cough) suddenly begin to rise significantly between 1976 and 1980, during the same time vaccination for Pertussis was increased. The number of reported cases has risen each year since 1977.

1976 West Germany ends its mass Pertussis immunization program.

1977 Cancer Blackout. Otto Warburg, Nobel Laureate in Medicine: “Cancer…there is no disease whose prime cause is better known…in the meantime millions of men must die unnecessarily.”

1977 Ray Ravenhott, director of the population program for the U.S. Agency for International Development, publicly announces his agency’s goal was to sterilize 25% of the females on the planet in order to “protect U.S. corporate interests from threat of revolutions spawned by chronic unemployment.”

1977 The British government is pressured by the publicity following the new data about Pertussis and DPT vaccinations.

1977 The University of Glasgow in Scotland, Department of Community Medicine, Dr. Gordon Stuart, publishes a study analyzing 160 cases of adverse reaction and neurotoxicity following DPT vaccination. In 65 of those cases, reactions to DPT shots included convulsions, hyperactivity, and severe mental defect. In a stern statement, Stuart says, “it seems likely that most adverse reactions are unreported and/or overlooked.”

1977 The British government conducts the National Childhood Encephalopathy Study (NCES) which tests the connection between vaccinations and neurological disease.

1977 (Mar) Jonas and Darrell Salk warn live virus vaccines produce same disease.

1980 WHO announces worldwide eradication of smallpox.

1980 U.S. Supreme Court rules that microbes can be patented.

1980 Conference of the National Society for Autistic Children. A speaker at the conference noted, “Autism is not a specific disorder. We are really talking about a spectrum.”

1980 Estimated 2 million American children with vaccine-caused disabilities.

1980 Issue of Mutation Research shows that children re-vaccinated against smallpox had “chromosomal aberrations in their white blood cells,” leading to the conclusion that smallpox vaccination is mutagenic.

1981 Dr. John Emsley and co-workers at King’s College in London find that fluoride reacts strongly with the bonds which maintain the normal shapes of proteins in the body. The work is subsequently confirmed by Dr. Steven Edwards and co-workers from the University of California in San Diego, and Drs. Froede and Wilson from the University of Colorado at Boulder. By distorting the configuration of the body’s own protein, the immune system attacks its own protein, resulting in an autoimmune or allergic response. Fluorides contribute to the development of an Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome, which is covered up by the media and medical community, which maintains a public focus on a viral cause for the problem, promoting the harmless HIV virus as the “cause” for “AIDS”, covering up the pharmo-chemical sensitization of the population which has complex legal ramifications.

1981 At the headquarters of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), the director of the OSHA office of carcinogenic identification, Dr. Peter Infante, pointed out that a Current Intelligence Bulletin on formaldehyde was “an important document assessing formaldehyde’s cancer causing potential.” The top bureaucracy at OSHA were embarrassed at the release of the truth and tried to dismiss Infante. On July 27th, Infante writes Dr. John Higginson, director of the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), disagreeing with the IARC decision to conceal the carcinogenic nature of the substance. Formaldehyde is a common component of vaccines.

1981 Britain conducts the National Childhood Encephalopathy Study and finds that there exists a significant correlation between serious neurological illness and Pertussis vaccination occurring within 7 days of the shot. In the US, the FDA limits statistical data to 48 hours in order to conceal damaging data and eliminate data on deaths and damage occurring after that period of time.

1981 Japan begins use of a new childhood Pertussis vaccine, recommended to be given as 4th and 5th dose. US vaccine used for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd doses.

1981 New England Journal of Medicine (11/26/81) publishes a study showing that tetanus vaccines cause T-cell ratios to drop below normal, with the greatest decrease after two weeks. The altered ratios were found to be similar to those found in AIDS victims.

1982 A reporter at WRC-TV in Washington, D.C. breaks a story on Pertussis vaccine reactions in the documentary “DPT: Vaccine Roulette,” which generally informs the American public that their children are at risk from Pertussis vaccinations.

1982 Israeli researchers find that autistic children have a “cell-mediated immune response to brain tissue,” suggesting that an “undetectable brain lesion associated with autoimmunity may play a role in the pathogenesis of autism.”

1982 The 34th Meeting of the American Academy of Neurology releases a study which is published in Neurology Magazine indicating that out of 103 infants who die of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS), 66% had been vaccinated with DPT prior to death. Of these, 6.5% died within 12 hours of vaccination, 13% within 24 hours, 26% within 3 days, 37% died within 1 week, 61% died within 2 weeks, and 70% had died within 3 weeks. It was also found that SIDS frequencies have a bimodal peak occurrence at 2 and 4 months of age- the same ages when initial does of DPT are administered to infants. Study done at the University School of Medicine at Reno, Nevada by Dr. William Torch.

1982 First cases of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/ Epstein Barr reported.

1982 E.M. Taylor and J.L. Emery write, “in our experience, most unexpectant infant deaths have a multifactorial nature. We cannot exclude the possibility of recent vaccination/immunization being one of several contributory factors in an ‘occassional’ unexpectant infant death (SIDS).”

1982 Study by Geschwind and Behan on Autism reveals the finding of an association between autism, celiac disease, dyslexia, stuttering, migraine headaches, developmental disabilities and left-handedness (all features of post encephalatic syndrome). The study caused a sensation because of scientific inability to imagine the connecting thread among the disparate conditions. The connecting thread is the childhood vaccination program.

1982 The Pakistani government expels a US physician working at the Lahore US chemical biological warfare lab after Soviets charge that experiments are being done there to infect mosquitoes with yellow fever and dengue for use in neighboring Afghanistan or Cuba. The doctor was a professor at the University of Maryland, an institutional co-sponsor of the lab and frequent collaborator with Fort Detrick on CBW projects.

1987 The General Accounting Office (GAO) completes a two-year study of cancer statistics. According to the GAO, $2 billion per year was spent on cancer research (more than 50% of it government funds). Despite this enormous expense, “only slight improvement in cancer patient survival was indicated for the 30-year period 1950-1982. The GAO study was shelved to protect the cancer industry.

1987 Centers for Disease Control (CDC) releases a study indicating that the Hib vaccine shows an efficacy rate of 41%. Children were found to be five times more likely to contract the disease than those not vaccinated.

1987 The CDC now refuses to give out figures relative to hepatitis vaccinations and HIV+ to justify their claims.

1987 Sixty-six Japanese victims of Pertussis vaccine receive huge damage awards from the Japanese government.

1987 The AMA is found guilty of conspiring for 20 years to destroy chiropractic. The court concludes that “under the Sherman Act, every combination or conspiracy in restraint of trade is illegal.”

1988 An article in Medical Hypothesis, Vol. 25, p. 151-62, by Eleni Eleopoulous notes that about 25% of the population of Southern Japan has antibodies against the HIV virus, compared with 1% of the population of the United States; there were only 14 cases of AIDS reported in Japan (a figure that has not significantly increased).

1988 Lederle Laboratories package insert for DPT vaccine reads, “Pertussis vaccine has been associated with a greater proportion of adverse reactions than many other childhood vaccinations. Local reactions are common after administration of DPT, occurring in 35-50% of recipients. Febrile reactions are more likely to occur in those who have experienced such responses after prior doses.”

1988 The U.S. Agency for International Development commits $88 million to a five year plan to sterilize non-whites in foreign countries.

1988 Strecker Report on AIDS as artificial creation released. Strecker’s brother Ted found dead of “self-inflicted gunshot wound.” Illinois State Representative Douglas Huff, who beat the drum about an AIDS cover-up, found dead in his home of an overdose of heroin and cocaine.

1988 Two scientific studies find that the new rubella vaccine introduced in 1979 was found to be the cause of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (Epstein-Barr virus), an immune disorder first reported in 1982.

1988 Robert S. Mendelsohn M.D. publishes material indicating that Dr. John Seal of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease believes that “any and all flu vaccines are capable of causing Guillane-Barre.”

1988 New “conjugated” Hib vaccine approved for use in children at least 18 months old in the US.

1988 Research indicates that 25% of those vaccinated against rubella show no evidence of immunity within 5 years. In Wyoming, 73% of rubella cases occur in vaccinated children.

1988 The Washington Post announces that all polio since 1979 was caused by vaccine.

1989 French co-discoverer of the HIV virus, Luc Montagnier, admits “HIV is not capable of causing the destruction to the immune system which is seen in people with AIDS.”

1990 Health Consciousness Magazine features article entitled “Live Virus Vaccines and Genetic Mutation” by H.E. Buttram, M.D., in which it is determined that “the physical invasion of the human body by foreign genetic material may have the immediate effect of permanently weakening the immune system, setting in motion a new era of autoimmune diseases.”

1990 The Lancet, the Journal of the British Medical Association, admits that Karposi Sarcoma is not caused directly or indirectly by HIV.

1990 The US Public Health Service Immunization Practices Advisory Committee (ACIP) and the American Academy of Pediatrics considers high-pitched screaming after a Pertussis (DPT) vaccination an absolute contraindication to further Pertussis vaccine.

1990 Pediatric neurologist, Dr. John H. Menkes, professor emeritus at UCLA, reports on 46 children experiencing neurological adverse reaction within 72 hours of DPT shot. Over 87% of the children reacted with a seizure, 2 children died, and most surviving children became retarded with 72% having uncontrollable seizure disorders. Menkes concludes, “Pertussis encephalopathy (brain damage) is not a myth but rather a serious complication of immunization.”

1990 U.S. Claims Court, as of October 31st, 1990, indicates that “several thousand claims for compensation from injuries or death caused by vaccines have already been filed.”

1990 Estimated 3 million in U.S. with vaccine-caused disabilities.

1990 In December of 1990, a federal regulation was adopted permitting the FDA to circumvent U.S. and International laws forbidding medical experimentation on unwilling subjects. This regulation permits the FDA to inject American military with unapproved experimental drugs or vaccines without informed consent. The FDA merely needs to deem it “not feasible” to obtain the soldiers’ permission. (See Health Letter, Washington, D.C. Public Citizens Health Research Group “400,000 Human Guinea Pigs in the Persian Gulf,” Feb. 12, 1991).

1991 Operation Desert Storm. American troops are given experimental vaccines against biological agents. Within months thousands of troops sicken with communicable cancer causing virus. Disease is deemed “Gulf War Syndrome” (See Introduction). Government denies responsibility. Over 8,000 troops were vaccinated with Botulism, over 150,000 troops were given anthrax vaccine, and all 500,000 troops were given Pyristigimine, an experimental nerve agent. All drugs were experimental.

1991 New York Times, Mar. 17th, 1991 “U.S. Vaccine Plan Uses Welfare Offices” indicates the federal government has considered denying welfare and nutritional benefits to families who refuse vaccinations.

1991 The “conjugated” Hib vaccine introduced in 1988 is extended for use in infants as young as two months old. It becomes mandated in 44 states in the US.

1991 The CDC begins the process of mandating Hepatitis B vaccinations for all infants in the United States. Many infants receive multiple doses from birth.

1991 The United Nations Population Fund, managed by William Draper III, asserts that 254 million couples will be surgically sterilized in the course of the 1990’s, and that if present trends continue, 80% of women in Puerto Rico and Panama will be sterilized. Mexico is high on the list of targeted nations for population control.

1991 At the Second Immunization Conference in Canberra, Australia, Dr. Viera Scheibnerova reports that “vaccination is the single most prevalent and most preventable cause of infant deaths.”

1991 The U.S. Public Health Service recommends a child receive the first DPT shot at two months of age, with subsequent shots given at 4, 6, and 18 months, and between the ages of 4 and 6. At the same time, Sweden and several other countries in Europe routinely “wait” until after 6 months of age “because of the improved antibody response in babies whose immune systems are more developed.”

1992 The Lancet, Journal of the British Medical Association, reports (3/7/92) that the oral polio vaccine used in the mid 1970’s to treat recurrent herpes was contaminated with a number of potentially dangerous retroviruses, and may have seeded HIV among Americans.

1992 In Britain, molecular biologist Peter Duesberg publishes a 76 page article in Pharmacology and Therapeutics (Vol. 55), in which he systematically takes apart the theory that AIDS is caused “by an infectious virus” and that “HIV” is capable of the wholesale destruction claimed. Robert Gallo and others base their theory of the HIV-AIDS link on purely circumstantial evidence: that this virus is present in some people who have a general immune dysfunction. Duesberg quotes statistics presented by the Institute of Medicine which shows that no more than 50% of American AIDS patients have antibodies against HIV present in their systems. According to Duesberg, “twenty-five previously unknown and in part unrelated diseases have been redefined as ‘AIDS’, provided they occur in the presence of HIV.”

1992 The U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) admits cases exist where there is T-Cell depletion in persons without the presence of the “HIV” virus. The admission is in the September 9, 1992 issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA).

1992 American Journal of Epidemiology reports that children die at a rate 8 times greater than normal within three days of receiving a DPT shot.

1992 Article in the Washington Post, Nov. 2nd, “On Vaccinating Safely” and Dec. 14th press release by the National Vaccine Information Center about a FDA report acknowledging more than 17,000 adverse events- including more than 350 deaths following vaccination, all in a 20-month period ending July 31st, 1992. Reported events are notoriously far lower than actual events usually by a factor of at least ten. So the actual number is likely closer to 170,000 adverse reaction events.

1992 From 1988 to 1992, over $249 million has already been awarded due to hundreds of deaths and injuries caused by mandated vaccines. Thousands of cases are still pending. The permanent injuries from vaccines include, but are not limited to, learning disabilities, seizure disorders, mental retardation, and paralysis. Many of the awards for the pertussis vaccine deaths were initially (and wrongfully) classified as Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).

1992 The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) reports that 87% of all cases of polio in the US between 1973 and 1983 were caused by the vaccine. The CDC also said that every case from 1980 to 1989 was caused by the vaccine.

1993 More than 25% of all measles cases are occurring in babies under a year old. CDC attributes this to a growing number of mothers vaccinated between 1960 and 1980. When natural immunity is denied by vaccination, measles immunity cannot be passed on their offspring.

1993 Dr. Robert Gallo, “co-discoverer of HIV” reveals in the June issue of Bio Tech that the protein “p24” which is generally accepted to be the proof of HIV existence, is in fact found in all retroviruses that live in the body and do no harm. It is not unique to “HIV” retrovirus. The detection of “p24” is the basis for the ELISA test. A study published in the New England Journal of Medicine revealed that antibodies to p24 were detected in one out of every 150 people.

1993 Epidemic of Pertussis in Massachusetts, 218 students, 96% of whom were vaccinated against Pertussis (whooping cough).

1993 The Clinton administration announces plans for a National Childhood Vaccination Program. 103rd Congress introduces SB732, SB733, and HR1460, legislation that would attempt to vaccinate all children in the US, while severely limiting exemptions parents could claim. The bills also seek to set up a national vaccine registry to track down parents who resist.

1993 The Seattle Times reports that all polio in the US is caused by vaccines (6/10/93).

1993 CNN reports that a couple won $2.9 million in a vaccination lawsuit.

1993 The Associated Press (9/1/93) announces that five volunteers at the National Institutes of Health have died from an experimental drug touted as a “miracle cure” for hepatitis B. The drug is called Fialuridine (FIAU). NIH Dr. Jay Hoofnagle “fears other toxic antiviral drugs like AZT and DDL may attack patients the way FIAU did.”

1993 The U.S. Army directs Walter Reed Army Institute of Research to sign an agreement with Micro-GeneSys in Meridan, Connecticut, for a “large scale clinical evaluation” of an AIDS vaccine designed to block destruction of the immune system. The VaxSyn vaccine uses a genetically engineered protein that matches a protein called (gp160), which covers the surface of the HIV virus.

1993 Senator Edward Kennedy introduces a bill S.732, calling for a national computerized registry of U.S. children under six years of age, together with at least one parent, “Childhood Immunization Bill”. The legislation calls for children to receive “smart cards” at birth followed by vaccination tracking and surveillance. Clinton proposes a “National Medical ID Card”.

1994 The London Times reports that Russia has a new superplague powder that is so powerful 400 pounds discharged in air burst bombs over major cities could kill 500,000 people. According to the report, it is thought that the West has no antidote.

1994 The Sunday Times of London (May 22, 1994) reports that the Western Blot “HIV” test gave a positive result to some 85% of African patients found to be “HIV” negative. Proteins from the leprosy germ, which infects millions in Africa, can show up as a false positive for “HIV” (detected by p24 protein presence).