Secretive Bilderberg Group Meeting at the Grove Hotel in the UK for 2013

English: Ben Bernanke leaving the 2008 Bilderb...

English: Ben Bernanke leaving the 2008 Bilderberg Conference (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Bilderberg Group, for those of you who might not have heard of them, is a very exclusive and secretive group of many of the world’s most powerful men and women in international finance, government, media, and multinational corporations, who convene once a year at a luxurious hotel. Mostly made up of plutocrats like David Rockefeller, Henry Kissinger, Queen Beatrix, and close to 200 members of what you could literally call the ruling elite– the Bilderberg Group has a strict policy of no press coverage, and members aren’t allowed to talk about the proceedings to the media afterwards. Wealth alone won’t give you access to this elite cabal of internationalists and power-brokers. You have to be invited on the recommendation of its steering committee. Originally founded in 1954 by Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands (who was also a former member of the Nazi SS), it was conceived as a group of the world’s post-WWII power elite being able to meet in secret, where they could discuss in a frank manner how to maneuver the world toward what George H. W. Bush called a “New World Order” or a one-world government. This New World Order would be one run by the super-wealthy elites like the Bilderberg Group through giant corporate entities utilizing a technocratic matrix of interlocking control complete with a world army (probably NATO) and a global currency that, according to many researchers, will eventually be digital and based on microchip implants. This year, the Bilderberg Group is meeting in Watford, England at the Grove Hotel, which definitely reminds me of that other elitist confab in the Redwoods of California known as the Bohemian Grove. Journalist and conspiracy researcher, Paul Joseph Watson, who writes for Alex Jones’ Prison is going to be reporting on the Bilderberg Group from the UK. Formerly, longtime Spotlight researcher Jim Tucker was one of the first to report on the Bilderberg Group using an insider source that would feed him information on the meetings’ talking points. However, now the best researcher into their sinister inner workings, high-profile globalists, and one world order agenda along with the elimination of national sovereignty is clearly Daniel Estulin. Check out this excellent and informative article by Stephen Lendman of Global Research into the background of the Bilderberg Group as well as related internationalist elite orders like the Council of Foreign Relations and the Trilateral Commission.

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