Roxas’ Golden Buddha, the Chiasso Affair, and the Trillion Dollar Law Suit


Hundred Million Dollar Bonds

I my previous blog post, I gave you some background to a very little known story about Imperial Japan’s looting of Asia during WWII and the subsequent burying of vast amounts of gold and other treasures of the Orient in the Philippines. This secret campaign of plunder, particularly of China, was organized by Emperor Hirohito’s brother, Prince Chichibu, and was called “Operation Golden Lily”. When the US was able to take control over the Philippines during the crucial Pacific theater under the leadership of Gen. Douglas McArthur, they heard enough rumors about hidden cached gold bullion buried in the surrounding caves, hillsides, and underground tunnels to investigate further.

Having tortured the driver of Japanese General Yamashita, a then 37-year-old Captain Ed Lansdale and Santa Romana were able to locate several sites containing billions in gold, diamonds, and priceless works of art. President Harry Truman kept this quiet, though, and this gold would end up in some 44 countries around the world in around 172 accounts to help the US and its allies fight communism, rig elections, fund political campaigns, bribe public officials, and maintain US strategic and financial hegemony.

And, this is where the story gets very interesting, since the legacy of this stolen treasure (running into the trillions) goes all the way to the present day and collectively is known as the Black Eagle Trust. After all, massive secret slush funds were created to finance various political purposes (including the infamous M-Fund). So, let’s pick up the story from there. One of the few places you are able to read about the history of “Operation Golden Lily” is in Sterling and Peggy Seagrave’s book Gold Warriors. If you’re not sure whether or not you should pick up a copy, I encourage you to read a good review of this riveting book by Counter Punch (here). The brief synopsis of the book on Amazon reads:

“In 1945, US intelligence officers in Manila discovered that the Japanese had hidden large quantities of gold bullion and other looted treasure in the Philippines. President Truman decided to recover the gold but to keep its riches secret. These, combined with Japanese treasure recovered during the US occupation, and with recovered Nazi loot, would create a worldwide American political action fund to fight communism. This ‘Black Gold’ gave Washington virtually limitless, unaccountable funds, providing an asset base to reinforce the treasuries of America’s allies, to bribe political and military leaders, and to manipulate elections in foreign countries for more than fifty years.”

Another great investigator that has written about this fascinating story, along with a lot of other deep financial skullduggery, is David Guyatt, who worked in the financial sector. If you really want to dig further into this suppressed WWII history, I recommend that you be sure to read his excellent article, The Spoils of War: The Secret Story of WWII Japanese & Nazi Gold.

Secret Gold Treaty

Roxas’ Golden Buddha

Now, during the dictatorship of the Ferdinand Marcos regime, there lived a simple, hard-working man named Rogelio “Roger” Roxas, who claimed that he was given a treasure map in 1961 by the son of a Japanese soldier. Ten years later, Roxas was able to take a small group of men to the site on the map, where he successfully unearthed a sizable cache of treasure including gold bullion. Along with this, he managed to remove a solid gold Buddha statue that he took to his house and demolished the entrance, with plans to return later once he raised the money to remove the rest of the gold. He then went about trying to find a buyer for the gold Buddha. When a prospective buyer appeared, he agreed to buy it and seemed to take an unusual interest in the neck. After he left, Roxas and his brother examined the neck area more closely and realized that the head twisted off the body. Once removed, they were astonished to see the statue was hollow and filled to the brim with diamonds, both rough and polished.

Shortly after this meeting, Ferdinand Marcos sent one of his goon squads into Roxas’ home, where they stole his gold, the Buddha, and any other valuables he had. He protested and was summarily tortured to try to get him to reveal the site of the buried treasure. After refusing to do so, he was imprisoned, escaped, and went into hiding. Afterwards, he filed series of lawsuits using the Golden Buddha Corporation (GBC) that was set up an American friend of his and later administered by his surviving family on behalf of Roxas’ estate. Unfortunately, he died under mysterious circumstances before he collect any remuneration from the law suit, which was determined to be valid. Roxas legal council, well-known LA attorney Daniel Cathcart, received a phone call from a CIA informant in Manila who reportedly told him:

“Your client is dead. He was poisoned. Imelda (Marcos, wife of Ferdinand) ordered it, and we did it.”

It took a total of eight long years of legal wrangling, but the Hawaiian Supreme Court in Honolulu finally decided in the Roxas’ family favor in 1996. They were awarded an amazing $40 billion, later reduced to $22 billion, with an additional $6 million in a separate settlement over Roxas’s false imprisonment and torture. And, for those of you that still think this story is bogus, ask yourself why (if there really wasn’t anything to it) the US 9th Circuit of Appeals would summarize the Roxas long legal battle with Ferdinand and Imelda Marcos in a statement that read:

“The Yamashita Treasure was found by Roxas and stolen from Roxas by Marcos’ men.”

Roxas’ story was even later made into an episode of Unsolved Mysteries, hosted by Robert Stack. You can watch them on Youtube #1 here and #2 here.

Roger Roxas and the BuddhaRoxas and Removed Head

The Chiasso Affair

Now, fast forward to the summer of 2009, and an extremely interesting incident occurred. Two Japanese men, named Yamagushi and Watanabe, were picked up on the Italian border in Chiasso, Switzerland. They were apparently working as a tandem on behalf of a group of international investors carrying an astounding $134.5 billion dollars in US treasury bonds! These bonds were confiscated by the Italian Financial Police after they were found hidden in a secret compartment of the two briefcases that they were carrying with them on a train traveling near the Italian/Swiss border. Hardly any news media bothered to actually cover this story, although strangely Glenn Beck picked it up briefly on his show. One of the only other American news outlets to cover (what should have been front page news all over the world) was Bloomberg. The question that never seemed to get fully answered in any of these reports (and the Italians, being good mafioso weren’t talking) was- “Were these real or counterfeit bonds?” If they were real, they represented around 1% of the US GDP and a major dumping of US bonds, and if they were counterfeit…they were obviously a very sophisticated (almost certainly government-funded) operation to manipulate the global bond market. In January of 2011, the Italian Military Police confiscated $20 billion in bonds determined to be counterfeit, and in February of 2012, after about a year of Italian/Swiss investigations into what was called “Operation Vulcanica”, at least eight people were arrested after a phenomenal $6 trillion in counterfeit bonds were seized from safe deposit boxes in Zurich. $6 Trillion represents a full 1/3rd of the US debt!!

Chiasso Incident Seized Bonds

Now, even though it is widely thought that these seized bonds were indeed counterfeit (especially the last two of $20 billion and $6 trillion respectively), a very big question remains to be answered in the Chiasso Affair. And, that would be- “If the 134.5 billion in seized bonds were fake, why were the two Japanese nationals not arrested and prosecuted by the Italian police for counterfeiting, particularly one of this sizable magnitude?” Instead, they were let go and allowed to leave the country…presumably going back to Japan. Needless to say, this is highly unusual and one that has yet to be answered to any degree of satisfaction, at least for me. After all, if the bonds were real, under EU law you would still be forced to report the importation of more than 10,000 euros, lest you face the prospect of losing 40% of your monetary assets. Another question that immediately comes to mind is- “Just who were these presumably Japanese men really working for and to what end?” This leads me to the last segment of this mystery that I believe is related, not merely to the Chiasso Incident but also, to the story of the vast stolen caches of gold bullion and other looted treasures of Asia that ended up in the Black Eagle Trust.

The Trillion Dollar Lawsuit

In November of 2011, Neil F. Keenan filed a law suit in New York federal court on behalf of the Dragon Family, which you can read in its entirety for free by going here. According to the suit, the Dragon Family is a conglomerate of very powerful Asian families that were given trillions in US bonds back in the 1930s in exchange for the “loaning” of gold to the Allied powers during WWII in order to protect it from being seized by the Japanese army during their looting of the Asian continent. The actual wording of the lawsuit as filed by Keenan reads:

“The Kuomintang appointed guardians of this gold and the securities issued by the United States who came to be known euphemistically as the Dragon Family. The Dragon Family is, in fact, a highly secretive and informal organization that operates between old families within China and Taiwan, above the political divide of the two independent Chinese governments.”

So, what exactly is the complaint? He is suing over the theft of $145.5 billion in bonds he claims were stolen from the Dragon Family as part of an elaborate scheme orchestrated two years earlier by some people in very high positions of power and influence, both within and affiliated with the Office of International Treasury Control. This little known organization is likened to a “shadow bank” that is wholly under the auspices of the United Nations. Here is a list of some of the defendants in this lawsuit:

The United Nations

Silvio Bersculoni (former Prime Minister of Italy)

Ban Ki-Moon (Secretary General of the U.N.)

Italian Republic

OITC (Office of International Treasury Control)

WEF (World Economic Forum)

Giancario Bruno (Head of the Banking industry of the WEF)

Needless to say, these are some very powerful people and institutions on the global stage, and it’s amazing to think that this suit would ever get filed…let alone go to court. However, you can verify for yourself that it’s indeed authentic by going to the PACER site, where (for a small fee) all court cases in the US are cataloged and check it out for yourself. However, I’ve provided it to you for free in the link above for your convenience. Even Court House News did a small report on this phenomenal lawsuit. Also mentioned in the text of the suit and connected with this case are “The Knights Templar”, “The Freemasons”, and “P2 (Propaganda Due)”, which is a right-wing masonic organization from Italy that have infiltrated much of high Italian society. Neil Keenan claims that the Dragon Family had entrusted him with directing this bond money into Private Placement Programs (PPPs) for unspecified global humanitarian efforts. Keep in mind as well that the $145.5 billion in bonds is what they were worth when they were originally issued back in 1934. Now, with all the accrued interest and the price of gold in today’s dollars, they’d be worth around $1.1 trillion dollars!

Another defendant in this monumental lawsuit is man named Daniele Dal Bosco, who supposedly represented the other defendants as a “trustworthy Vatican banker”. According to the wording of the suit, Dal Bosco claimed to know where the bonds were being held and was sent to Keenan to hold his bonds for “safe keeping”, where they could eventually be put into the PPPs for humanitarian causes. However, as the lawsuit alleges, “Dal Bosco sought assistance from various other sources and contacts, in order to act upon and perpetuate a fraud in connection with the sale or placement of the DFFI (bonds) in the global marketplace through stealth, conversion and bribery.” Later on, Keenan would be offered $100 million in bribe money to walk away from pressing the case any further and letting the bonds go. To his credit, however, he steadfastly refused this offer and has remained loyal to the Dragon Family.

While some have dismissed the bonds as fake, given that there are certain flaws and misspellings associated with them, true experts in the field of certification see this more as an indication of their authenticity, as it is a typical ruse used by the banks of issue as an excuse in not having to honor them. Keenan claims that there are markings on the bonds, which the Federal Reserve, UBS, and the Bank of International Settlements (the bank of all banks) in Switzerland would be able to look at and prove that they are indeed authentic. Suffice to say, this is a very nebulous, mysterious, complex, and increasingly conspiratorial case that has been covered by Benjamin Fulford and David Wilcock quite extensively and sensationally, since the story first broke back in 2011.

However, hopefully you won’t get too confused by all the conjecture and rumor-mongering from various websites and simply look at the facts of the case to make up your mind, which are quite astonishing enough. The last thing I’d like to report about this saga is that Neil Keenan has personally withdrawn the lawsuit due to “jurisdictional issues”, and he is currently in Jakarta, Indonesia working on it as you can see towards the end of this video. He also hopes to expand it further in order to facilitate a shutdown of what he sees as a global banking cabal to include the Federal Reserve Bank in the re-filing of the lawsuit, which of course he claims is coming soon but hasn’t specified exactly when. So, watch out for that one, assuming of course that he’s still alive!


Black Dragon Family Symbol



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